120214 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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173 thoughts on “120214 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

      • Me too nikha……

        I have to release my hidden desire for my Tod Junsu. His hotness and fierce face has my instinct moved. An instinct to immediately jump at him and land successfully on his lap and do things to him….
        I will be back to JJ after that….or having JJ while doing that….*winks*

        Darling VieVIP…..I am obviously oblivious with your presence….

      • Jagh….nikha!!! Don’t say pretty! JJ is handsome not pretty!…..

        I know why Tod Junsu is dragging us….because he looks like JJ lately, especially in NII adv, so scared with the similarity.
        Both are so darn hot!

        But I am not wavering away. JJ is my ever and forever love *with dramatic music as back-sound*

  1. I love Junsu’s musical pics; it’s like he leaves the cut…e world behind for a time and becomes someone else; someone darker and more fierce. These differing looks and moods will allow him to become a top musical star.

  2. hey guys i just wondering
    for past of these two days i must try several time for open our site and sometimes i need 3-4 times tries to posting my comments, is it only me or you guys also have same problem with me ?

    • @ miaw

      It did happen to me, since Wednesday(?). I can’t open JYJ3 right away. I have to wait patiently before it opens. But…since I have no problem opening JYJ3 from my android, I think it is my mozilla and IE to be blamed, or my awful connection.

      But I have to admit, that opening JYJ3 takes more time lately….^__^

      • i also use firefox but if in your place it’s work very well then maybe you right
        the problem is in my connection

  3. The sheer will and confidence it takes to deliver the impact of that third gif. – I just can’t tell you. Junsu deserves all our praise and all our love.

    • @LILI

      Hello dearest, yes I was thinking and analyzing that precisely. His role as “Death” is a total challenge to his masculinity, his strenght, his acting skills and his voice skills. He’s doing a huge effort to raise the potency he needs in his voice; and our “cutie and sweet boy” has to look fierce, seductive, passionate, evil, insidious, and even innocent sometimes to play “Death’s” role, and he can’t make differences between men and women because at the end they are only souls to his kingdom. I bow before him and I admire him for his huge efforts and his strong will to perfom “Death” with excellency 🙂

      • Just take a look at Uwe Kroeger’s performance in the introduction of “Eisabeth” at the end of “Mozart”. His strenght and his agressive personality speaks for “Death’s” role. ¡Hooray for Junsu! He has a steel like will indeed,

  4. Mmm I’ve been wondering, has the full song from JYJs “do it now campaign” cf ever release the song they recorded??

    And i wasn’t able to rejoice with everyone when the news of chunnies drama came out but I’m very excited like the rest of you! If I had to name my top sageuk dramas that I’ve watched they would be:

    1. Skks (of course! That’s where my interest in sageuks began)
    2. The princess’ man (was bummed moon char won wasn’t gonna lead with yoochun but cast still looks promising)
    3. Ja myung go ( surprisingly! Was weary to watch from reviews, but Skipped the first couple ep cause of slowness, but the adult cast were magnificent!! Sad it didn’t get ratings it deserved like skks. Guess you can’t judge book by its cover)

    In the midst of watching moon and sun, and it will be added to my top list along with chuns drama hopefully?? 😉

    • @Ali
      “3. Ja myung go ( surprisingly! Was weary to watch from reviews, but Skipped the first couple ep cause of slowness, but the adult cast were magnificent!! Sad it didn’t get ratings it deserved like skks.”

      Well it did with ME. 🙂 I loved it and I bought it. Fell madly in love with Ja Myung’s brother–every time he’d appear on screen I would go “aaaggggghhhh….” lol

  5. Happy Valentine’s to all JYJ fans, JYJ3 Admin, and certainly for the three handsome men Kim jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and XiahTod.
    “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love isn’t jealous. It doesn’t sing its own praises. It isn’t arrogant.”

  6. I’m so happy with this : from Yonhap News ( http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2012/02/14/0200000000AEN20120214009900315.HTML )

    JYJ’s documentary film to open at cinemas next week
    SEOUL, Feb. 14 (Yonhap) — A documentary film featuring the daily lives and dreams of three members of K-pop boy band “JYJ” will open at local theaters next week, the group’s entertainment agency said Tuesday.

    The 90-minute film titled “The Day” will be shown at Lotte Cinema’s 17 major chain theaters across the country starting Feb. 23, C-JeS Entertainment Co. said.

  7. NOTE: Please don’t misinterpret my comment, I don’t mean to offend.

    I just finished reading the comments on a post about Jaejoong’s twit a while ago and I found my self laughing because of the responses some comments received. I read an innocent question interpreted as a critique, a simple greeting viewed as malicious, and another seen as a troll. It was like mini-bickering among fans… given that misunderstanding can also be due to language barrier among international fans and also use of words but still it was a fascinating look on women’s psyche when they are on edge. Emotion can really over ride logic sometimes… (Again, read my note above if you got offended by my comment. Some might say I’m being sexist)

    • @jyjfanboy is brave to say in house full of ladies,I haven’t read comments these days.one human tweet is not need to put under microscope & analyze, he is human like us we feel depress time to time if we voice out all our emotion,we will be label as crazy. But fans love jae very very much,women can get crazy when it come to their lover.:) even our gapp turned out to be oh my gapp bec jae someday.

    • MTE ! I really want to say this too but afraid others gonna attack me >_<
      I understand that some YJ fans really annoying, but lately JYJ fans on this site became so hostile ? (dunno if I use the right word), sensitive, and defensive towards all comments that slightly have hints to YJ ^^;

      Also the rules said not to mention HM or YJ but some fans keep mentioning them in negative way, thats way people keep saying that jyj3 are hypocrites.
      I really dont want to offend someone, just want to suggest maybe admins can fix the rules or something ^^;

      • @Ivony
        “I understand that some YJ fans really annoying, but lately JYJ fans on this site became so hostile ? (dunno if I use the right word), sensitive, and defensive towards all comments that slightly have hints to YJ ^^;

        The problem is that we are all imperfect human beings, some with short fuses, some shorter than others. Occasionally all of us can err and misspeak or over-react. I know I have in the past. Perhaps I can explain why: it becomes exhausting after a while to keep going over and over the same stuff with newcomers who come here and either act out and flee or rudely demand to be educated by us. Many of us can spot these people a mile away by now – it’s very obvious that they either have come to cause trouble or are just really in the WRONG place for their particular bias. I try to be civil and rational, but occasionally I fail and I think we all have at one time or another — this is normal — we’re human. The people who hate us will not ever give us permission to be normal human beings, to make mistakes and to write things in the heat of the moment. When they see that we have, they act like they’ve won the lottery and spread the news far and wide. Well, that’s fine. What they say about us says everything about THEM and very little if anything about US because we are all individuals here and none of us are perfect.

        I will further admit to one other flaw in my manners: I do not particularly wish to make it any too comfortable for trolls and trouble-makers who come here to stir the pot. I do not see any percentage in wasting a lot of time with them. The people who regularly post here are smart and funny and insightful and are a joy to read every day. I have NO time for people who come here to lecture us, generalize about us and call us names.

      • @Lili…sis, did i say i love you?..I dont mind say it again ^____^…yes, we have to explain same thing over and over again …now just become too sensitive!

      • @anva
        “Lili…sis, did i say i love you?..I dont mind say it again ^____^…yes, we have to explain same thing over and over again …now just become too sensitive!”

        Awwww…. 🙂 All love to you too, anva. I’m working on controlling my temper though. It’s… er….. a work-in-progress.


    • Well said there our fanboy! Love you more for being so brave saying this in a place where the Jaeharems live, with crazies like me around too….LOL

      I missed reading your post due to Twitter’s hectic…

      I looked at the post (JJ’s twitter) just today, like Indonesian today. I think admins should have it removed before it attracted lots of responses. Especially since the girl was so HoMin biased. She claimed to be JYJ biased too, but since I also love Changmin, I know pretty well where she stood.
      I have no say for leader Y for I was never for him, but I love Changmin and I know I was once had a greatest desire to strangle him to death for badmouthing JYJ.
      Unfortunately, that girl did not provide herself with enough information before entering the fortress. Silly her. Poor her.
      I had no idea why admins let the posting to be some sort of ‘attacking zone’ instead of removing it.

      I love reading your comment. Will take better look at the next ones….^__^

      • @Jae-is-Mine

        It’s second one… the one where JJ worries about growing old and that stuff. His Valentine twitter is actually hilarious, it was JJ trolling couples hahahaha

      • @ iamjyjfanboy

        Err….I thought I post the later question here…..where did it go??

        I was asking you whether you were referring to JJ’s previous twitter or the recent one? I was somehow thinking that it was the previous one and answered for that.

        I do apologise if I took it incorrectly.

      • @iamjyjfanboy I like the fact that you try to ask for sanity when commenting. That’s always good, specially in post like that one. But then, I’d appreciate if you don’t generalize, because not every woman behaves the same way, the same as not everyone guy does and although those comments where made by women (which is normal, as there are more JYJ female fans than male fans) most of us will perceive them in the same way you do. Just wanted to make that clear. ^^

      • @junmoshi

        Thank you for that clarification. Yeah, maybe I should have written “some women” or more particularly female JYJ fans as I was not referring to women population as a whole. Again, thank you.

    • Well, if you’re also implying about my reply to that HM fan in that post, then I only have this to say.
      I mentioned, I’m not defending anyone, ie the person she originally replied to.
      I’m just addressing the points the HM fan made in relation to what I feel.
      I don’t agree to what she mentioned, so I raise my opinion about it.
      Simple as that.

      • @Shadow

        No I was not referring on “that” comment, although I understand where she’s coming from, she was practically asking and inviting responses such as yours and got what she asked for.

      • For awhile we were having quite a lot of comments from OT5ers on this site. Everyone tried to just ignore it. After seeing that for awhile, a few of us started to respond to such comments. I don’t think it is necessary to just let such comments pass here in order to not fuel the fire or give them what they want. We should set the record straight rather than just have to endure in silence.

        In the world we always have to accept that people have different opinions and just live with that. There are many OT5 sites for that. This is one of the few sites just for people who support JYJ only as 3. I for one want to defend this site to continue to be that way. I appreciate that Shadow takes the time to give her opinion so intelligently. I also appreciate that the admins deleted the original comment.

      • @Lisa
        “For awhile we were having quite a lot of comments from OT5ers on this site. Everyone tried to just ignore it. After seeing that for awhile, a few of us started to respond to such comments. ”

        I agree with you, Lisa – And Shadow too, for that matter. I’m afraid it is very much against my nature to endure stoically. 🙂

      • @Lisa

        I agree with you both. Every now and then we get comments from OT5 who forget where they are and demented YJ shippers spamming about Homin and YJ and if they get word lashing from @Shadow, @Pierrot or any JYJ fans for that matter then they got what they deserve. I know too that JYJ fans on this site are intelligent and they speak their mind, that’s why I was amused by the responses on few comments that was misunderstood or misinterpreted hence my post above.

  8. I really really REALLY want to see this musical live. I’m not sure if this has been posted before but would anyone link me to or enlighten me on how to purchase tickets internationally (specifically from the US and specifically for Junsu’s performances). That is if there are tickets left 😦 I’m completely clueless as to how this works 😦

    • Wow!! Thanks a lot =) (is that his laugh at the end!? epic ahaha~)

      I can’t wait for all the fancams to start leaking…
      Junsu really delivers vocally AND visually. So I’m dying to see it all together. The curtain call clips and rehearsal clips just aren’t enough! lol

      • I’ve mixed feelings about this. In one of the recent posts, someone posted a pic of Junsu’s kiss scene with Rudolph. Another person responded with this request (originally in Korean, but was later translated by @Jun55u):

        Translation (rough):
        I apologize for writing in Korean.
        Any pictures or video clips that are not from during the curtain call should not be shared or posted. B/c of this kind of activity, the producers of the musical is prohibiting fans from taking pictures during the curtain call. Therefore, XIah and his fans can be blamed in Korea. Non Korean residents, please keep the rule that no recording or picture taking is allowed during the show. Please, keep this rule so that Xiah will not be effected negatively in anyway.
        Second post translation:
        Please do not post the picture. Take the picture off, please.

        I’m not sure how serious this is, but considering that this request came from a Korean (I’m assuming she’s Korean since she commented in Korean), she might be more aware of the situation back home. Of course I’ll love to see more videos/pics of the musical, but I’m just thinking if this is something we should be concerned about.

      • I hope more people read your post!
        Unfortunately, as overseas fans (well, for those of us that are) we often times really aren’t as aware of the situation so..regarding this matter..
        Well, I don’t think we should disregard it. But I guess people would wait for more of an official statement directly?

        It would really suck if they ended up prohibited cams and stuff because the people lucky enough to attend would surely like to capture the moment right?? (Err..they are usually allowed to have cams right?)
        And definitely don’t want Junsu/fans being blamed for anything. We’ve had enough problems =__=

        Anyways..hopefully everyone will stayed updated on this. Thanks~

      • @complacentloser
        “And definitely don’t want Junsu/fans being blamed for anything. We’ve had enough problems =__= ”

        My take on this is slightly different. I think that the producers of “Elizabeth” are PINCHING THEMSELVES they are so thrilled to have gotten Junsu for their production. Junsu is MONEY IN THE BANK to a show like this. He’s Box Office Gold. I don’t think there is anything that they would DARE to “blame Junsu” for, except maybe selling full-length bootlegs of the show out in the parking lot on his days off. We are international fans, we don’t speak Korean. So if they are seriously worried about songs being leaked, etc. they should issue a press release in English. We’ll surely hear of it – the Admins at JYJ3 are lightening quick on the uptake. Then I’m sure we can take action if necessary.

      • @complacentloser
        I think it’s not so much the producers blaming Junsu, but rather the fans of the other actors/actresses, should the producers decide to do something drastic like prohibiting photo taking even during the curtain call. But I agree that if the producers feel so strongly about this, they should release an official statement. Actually I wonder if K-fans themselves don’t try to sneak a pic or two during the show; I don’t think it’s only the I-fans who are doing this.

  9. Ok, if I’m the only doing this, here is my letter to JYJ…

    Dear Jaejoong, Yoochun, & Sunsu

    You don’t know me personally, but I am one of the many fans that make up JYJ’s Family of Fans. If you want to know where to find me, you can check out a blog site called JYJ3.net. The admin and staff are off the charts awesome! Want to know why I say this? Recently the site celebrated getting 20M hits in just a bit over 1 year! Don’t know about you, but to me that’s amazing! These dedicated people work tirelessly to support a fan base that thirsts for information on what is happening in your world. You could say this is…A Place Called Home…for JYJ fans. Only JYJ.

    We are all aware of the trials and tribulations you endure in an effort to extricate yourselves from your old management company. Many of us signed the petition that was given to the court in support of your efforts. We wanted to let you know you are not alone. Despite the work of a certain undesirable element to fight your efforts to free yourselves, there was no way we were going to let them gang up on you with notices barring your participation in the music industry. Your fans care too much to let them go unchallenged.

    It’s been a tough road to hoe I know, and sometimes it can seem endless, but I’ve noticed a certain maturity coming from the three of you. There are always going to be challenges in life. How well one deals with them will indicate how successful one will be. I’m getting the very distinct picture that the three of you will be just fine. Watching JYJ maneuver through this massive maze with incredible skills, is a joy to behold. Keep up the good work. Bt the way, good agency you have working for you. I like their style.

    I had the immense pleasure of seeing you guys live on your last run through North America, in Newark, NJ last spring. Needless to say, I enjoyed myself. You all put on an awesome show! Hey, did you guys know you sound better live than you do on a recording? You do? Oh okay, just checking. J By the way, if you come back to the States again this year, I’ll be there to see you again.

    Some of the fans have favorites. Me, I just love all three of you. I find it hard to have a favorite because each one of you has his own unique charm. I want all of you…JJ, YC, & JS to be as successful as you can be. I also want you three to be HAPPY! Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see the smiles on your faces. These smiles speak volumes. They indicate that you made the right decision leaving that hot mess you were in. Everyone deserves to be happy, and FREE!

    So, you keep on doing what you do…creating, singing, dancing, acting, and just being all around great guys. As you progress to each new level, you remember, your fans are with you all the way. You will NEVER be alone.

    Looking forward to hearing more good new music, seeing you in terrific dramas and musicals, seeing you in live concerts. Stay healthy, happy, and hungry for your success. Don’t take anything for granted. The work ethic you display is awesome. You deserve all the good that the Universe has in store for you.

    If you ever decide to check out JYJ3.net, I’m the one with the Purple Butterfly. I also happen to one of a select JYJ fan member subset…some of us are ‘more mature’ than the rest. Jaejoong has classified all ‘older’ female fans as noonas. Well, some of us are really, really, really noonas. If you ever want to know which ones…just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to clue you in. 😉


    P.S. We were SUPPOSE to have a group activity with folks sending you mash notes, letters, whatever…but it seems as if I’m the only one doing this. Maybe, others will take the hint and jump right on in here. 🙂

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