[ENG SUB] 120214 JYJ Happy Valentine’s Day

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30 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] 120214 JYJ Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I think the comment : “….Valentine’s Day with Death…” was the most striking.

    Junsu….you ….you…are still the most adorable man ~even playing Death.
    You can’t escape your destiny of divine-cuteness. ~( 。◕‿◕。) ~

  2. Finally the English sub. Thanks JYJSUBS!!! Btw, I hope we have the 3 of them talk to us together rather than single conversation like this. They shines even more when they are together…

  3. This is G-r-reat! (Like Tony the Tiger says) 😀 Thank you translators and subbers Happy Valentines Day to all. Lucky fans finally get to see ‘The Day’; no wonder JYJ is so smiley! 😀

  4. They are happy and so bubbly!!! its just adorable, and like always jj is such a cute dork, gave me a shock seeing his beautiful face so up close. 🙂

  5. The sound of the flowing water in the background is making me want to pee.

    Anyway … These boys are so cute! They seem happy here 🙂 LOL at the Soulmate exchange xD ‘Yoochun-ah!’ ‘Ahh! Jaejoong hyung!!’ … Oh, my lovely dorks xD

    Happy Valentine’s Day, my boys! And fellow JYJ3 readers too ^^

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