[HUMOR] #JYJFamily Gif Story: Jaejoong and his Fan

T/N: Hello dear #JYJFamily we as JYJTurkey often make GifStories about JYJ. And we wanted to share this one with you. It’s been a while we did it, but we still hope you will enjoy it ❤

 Before Jaejoong starts his day, he does his favorite thing.  He goes to Google and writes words as

JYJ, Protect the Boss and In Heaven so that he can see what his fans are doing.

Ahahah She loves me..


Ahaha she loves me too…

Unbelievable but.. She loves me too..

Oh Gosh everyone loves me..

Now it’s Twitter time..^^
Opens it.. Fans again wrote.. Curious about which language this is 0.o

Google Trans…!

Ah it’s Turkish..

@mjjeje We are here waiting for a concert and you go flirting with girls over there..!

@mjjeje Why are you doing this when I’m waiting for you..TT I’m gonna marry the first one that asks me now..

@mjjeje Goodbye..TT

What the…??

Marry the first one??


Your gonna get over it.. Be strong brother..

Jaejoong: Didn’t I tell them that if I catch them cheating on me I will jump on a plane/train/car or whatever I find to scold them!!
Yoochun: What are you doing hyung?

Jaejoong: My fan is going to betray me, I have to go and clean this mess..
Meanwhile Yoochun and Junsu are curious about how the fan looks like..

Junsu: Kya Kya Kyaaaa!!

Yoochun: hahahaha

WTF is happening!
Jaejoong bows over the PC to see the fan picture..



*We heard from Junsu that Jaejoong is screaming out AJUMMAAAA!!! for 3 days now..

*This story is 100% made thanks to #JYJFamily fantasies by JYJTurkeys LunaReds team ^^

Shared byJYJ3


41 thoughts on “[HUMOR] #JYJFamily Gif Story: Jaejoong and his Fan

  1. LOL … but It’s cute …. funny … amazing … love JYJ fans … JYJ fighting … OMG Jaejoog with gun … run or don’t betray him … hehehehe

  2. ahahhahahahhahaha omg this is soooooo hilariously funny I´m typing this and tears are streaming down my face I´m laughing too hard, this was excellent, I love turkish fans! ;-D what a great way to end Valentine´s lol 😉

  3. A++++++++++++ the creator of this whole idea and people who contribute to making this are officially GRADUATED from the UNIVERSITY OF JYJ ENTERTAINMENT STUDIES !!! Congrats!

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