[NEWS] 120214 JYJ’s documentary “The Day” to open at cinemas next week

JYJ’s documentary film to open at cinemas next week

SEOUL, Feb. 14 (Yonhap) – A documentary film featuring the daily lives and dreams of three members of K-pop boy band “JYJ” will open at local theaters next week, the group’s entertainment agency said Tuesday.

The 90-minute film titled “The Day” will be shown at Lotte Cinema’s 17 major chain theaters across the country starting Feb. 23, C-JeS Entertainment Co. said.

[TRANS] JYJ’s “The Day” will be shown in Lotte Cinemas starting February 23th

CreditYonhapnews, @LOTTE_CINEMA
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93 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120214 JYJ’s documentary “The Day” to open at cinemas next week

    • You’re right. Lotte, along with NII have been working with JYJ long enough to know the kind of people they are; hardworking, polite and charming. I’m glad they are willing to come alongside with the guys and support them.

      • lotte is making a good decision. they know jyj fans will fill the their theaters that mean bringing lots of $$$$$$$$$$$. thanks lotte, you will not be dissapointed. jyj fans, let’s show our power.

      • Ahhhh. So it’s been confirmed by C-jeS. That gives me a good feeling. I saw a post earlier that began to cast doubt in my mind that perhaps it might be a false rumor. Well, isn’t this great? I hope the theaters are FLOODED with people coming to see it.

  1. Uwooooohhh!!!
    *happiness explosion!

    Daebak!!! JYJ’s fans in korea must be extremely happy!!!!

    Woh! No one can’t stop JYJ 😀
    I wanna watch it too T_T

  2. Thank you JYJ/Cjes for never giving up,
    and to Lotte Cinema thank you very much.
    Hope everything will go as planned, no more cancellation please, I think JYJ is already overdosed with that word.

  3. THANK YOU LOTTE, wow best valentine gift ever to our boys and fans 🙂
    i will be your no.1 customer (lotte duty free will open in indonesia)

  4. Info on Lotte in Wikipedia:

    Lotte Co., Ltd. is a South Korean Jaebeol (conglomerate) and one of the largest food and shopping groups in South Korea. Lotte was established in June 1948, in Tokyo, by Japanese-educated, Korean businessman Shin Kyuk-Ho (신격호) – also known as Takeo Shigemitsu (重光武雄, Shigemitsu Takeo?). After the normalization of Japan–Korea relations in 1965, Lotte expanded into Korea with the establishment of Lotte Confectionary Co., Ltd in Seoul on April 3, 1967.

    Lotte Group consists of over 60 business units employing 60,000 people engaged in such diverse industries as candy manufacturing, beverages, hotels, fast food, retail, financial services, heavy chemicals, electronics, IT, construction, publishing, and entertainment. Lotte’s major operations are overseen by Shin Kyuk-Ho’s family in South Korea and Japan, with additional businesses in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, USA, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan and Poland (Lotte bought Poland’s largest candy company Wedel from Kraft Foods in June 2010). Today, Lotte is the largest candy / chewing gum manufacturer in both South Korea and Japan, and is one of South Korea’s largest conglomerates.

    They won’t give two hoots about SM.

  5. oh, been waiting for the confirmation since i read it in twitter. yeay!! thank you @lotte_cinema. i believe this going to be MAJOR SUCCESS!!! and poor you @CJ_CGV, you just missed a chance to taste the touch of JYJ MIdas

  6. I’m praying that the film becomes number 1 in box office so that we can rub it in that blasted ‘what’s-the-name-of that-cinema?’ on what they missed… Korean fans please make it happen. Hopefully Lotte can bring it Japan as well…

      • Yeah, that evil crony. My brain is rejecting it’s name that even though I read on comments above I still can’t remember it. hahaha

        Now that we’re at it, why stop in Japan and China only? Let’s hope that Lotte can show the film everywhere where there’s Lotte establishment… Sadly, no U.S!

      • Sadly, no Indonesia too….

        We only have one Lotte shop here. I think the cinema will eventually be here…….such a long time though, that eventually part….

  7. anyone with twitter acc, lets thanks lotte, their acc is mentioned in the article above (@LOTTE_CINEMA). lets show them that JYJ Ifans also grateful for this news =)

  8. I hope this will pull through smoothly because I can’t imagine Lotte being influenced by SME. Screw that CGV whatever. Thank you Lotte for lending out a hand to JYJ, I may as well buy stuff from them whenever there’s a chance. 🙂 C-JeS is awesome for not giving up. JYJ, especially Jae baby, you can smile now. There’re difficulties, but we will all overcome them together. 🙂

  9. Glad to hear this!
    See… the “Universe” has fixed things right again.
    The LOTTE – JYJ partnership has been a great relationship for the company and for the guys.
    It’s a win for LOTTE in terms of public relations.
    CGV sorry but this is a TOTAL FAIL for you. This is what happens when you choose the wrong side… Don’t mess with JYJ. -k?

    Here is how SME and CGV must be feeling after hearing the news that LOTTE Cinema will show The Day – JYJs documentary in 17 of its theaters.


  10. OMG OMG OMG!!!
    YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

    ~crying in happiness~ sob sob sob 🙂

    Take that, CGV! Your lost! 😛 What’s impossible for you, it’s possible for Lotte Cinema.

  11. WOW….just…..WOW…..(^0^)
    Took me long enough to think about what to write….^^
    This is great…I mean….. Thank you Lotte for bring this great news….. >o<

  12. Sorry to ask.. But why didn’t they (JYJ) choose Lotte Cinemas in the first place? I mean it would have saved them from being conned by CGV right?

  13. YES!
    As @A Friend of JYJ says, this is how the Universe works. What you put out, you get back. So for all those who are desparately trying to keep JYJ down, GIVE IT UP! The Universe is not going to let that happen. And all those fans in SK who saw their hopes dashed earlier, can now rev it up and make this the sellout our brother @iamjyjfanboy is praying for! My wishes as well.

    What I find uniquely heartwarmining throughout all this drama, FATE found a way to connect JYJ with CEO Baek from CJeS. Yes, Maxie was the catalyst, but FATE was the direction maker. Mr. Baek has shown in so many ways he was the right man, at the right time, for the right reasons to help shepard the careers of JYJ. They are playing by the rules, and yes it is taking a long time to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. But that light is there, and it will be reached.

    And when JYJ/CJeS/Sejong Law Firm/the JYJ Family of Fans/and all those others who are involved in the fight come through that tunnel into the light, the thrill of VICTORY will be huge! I just wish there was a way a huge firecracker display could be shown over the Han River on the night of the final lawsuit declaration! Or at least not long after. Maybe this is another project we can add to the list. 😉

    So, to our Korean JYJ fans…………ENJOY! Best Valentine’s Day present I could ever have!

  14. This is awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for JYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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