[PIC] Kim Junsu with Levay

Credit: @Sophykimm
Shared by: JYJ3


44 thoughts on “[PIC] Kim Junsu with Levay

  1. Kim Junsu….Bound for the Musical Stage on Broadway….(Just my imagination?)

    Sylvester Levay’s fondness for Junsu is so endearing. From this photo and the many others from the previous musicals one feels that Levay has special feelings for Junsu.. not just as an artists but as a person.

    I am sure he has plans to make things happen for Junsu, for certainly the man knows pure talent when he sees it.
    In addition, I’m sure Levay has been struck by Junsu’s incredible “work ethic” truly that aspect of Junsu’s character is what captures many of us. Junsu’s humility and most of all his willingness to learn and take instruction from others is always apparent, and his capacity to persevere and give 100%- all of this seems to be innate, and that has been the key to his success.


    One day in the next 3-5 years I fully expect to see Junsu is a mega Broadway Musical in New York City. 🙂

    • A+ to this.
      I also think that in some years something really big is coming for our Junsu…its just matter of time, it would be awesome if Mr Levay have some plans for Su in the near future…just thinking about it makes me feel excited >w<

      • @koreamom

        LOL You and Me Both! We will get the best seats in the house no matter what it costs for sure! 🙂
        Although I’ll have to keep myself from screaming like a lunatic fangirl…. hehehe!

        Just joking…. Just seeing him live would simply take my breath away…… I’d be speechless…. 😉

    • “Work ethic”, “humility”, “willingness to learn and take instruction”, “capacity to persevere”, “100%”, “innate”
      THISSS!! So much!!

      Like Jae said in one of his tweets..there surely is a lot to learn from Junsu in a lifetime! Seeing the way he approaches all that he does is too admirable and I can only aspire to confront not just my career but everything I do in life in a similar way.

      No doubt about it. It’s because of this very nature of his that he’s come so far, and will continue to break through and conquer all the places he has yet to go. (I too imagine him on Broadway one day..Wow. What an achievement..)

      May people always acknowledge this in him!

      @ILoveJae’sHotSauce (@seobehrin)
      Omg yes! He reminds me of him tooooo!!~
      LMFAO he’s so cute next to Junsu. Seriously dying of double-dose adorablenesssss (just love how he admires Junsu so much<3)

      • @complacent…

        “….I can only aspire to confront not just my career but everything I do in life in a similar way.””

        Yes my friend.. I feel this same way about Junsu.. Although I am older than he is.. I can honestly say this young man inspires me… His whole approach to life.. but MOSTLY HIS PASSION FOR LIVING!

        I like what you said, he will “conquer all the places he has yet to go” Yes he certainly will. 🙂
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts….

    • “Kim Junsu….Bound for the Musical Stage on Broadway”
      I always think the same, looking at Junsu’s musical performance, he only lacks the English language and everything would be in the bag.

      • @kris

        “…..he only lacks the English language and everything would be in the bag.”

        YES! EXACTLY!! I had the same exact thoughts! Just enough to converse with the international media.

  2. cutest pic ever!!! they look like grandpha & grandson…its so sweet *-* Junchan u look adorable with ur blondie hair….such cutie pie >w<

  3. These 2 are a match made in heaven. If not for the elder, we wouldn’t have Mozart or Elisabeth, and no Junsu in musicals. Without the younger, nobody would have heard of his wonderful musicals. Lovely big hearted musical geniuses.

  4. what a wonderful friendship! two geniuses who care for each other and combine their talents for the world! its a lucky day when they first met! lets hope for more works with both of them!

  5. Awww….so cute! Both are so adorable. Uri Junchan needs to smile much heartily.
    He can learn that from Mr Levay.
    Junchan’ smile doesn’t reach his eyes. I assume he is tired.

    Love Baby Junsu!

  6. Now we have a big smile from Junsu! Grandpapa Levay helped put it there 😀 Hope these two musical geniuses can continue to work together.

  7. junsu on stage like the mysterious death but when he off stage stage he become cute little boy again…..junsu such as split personality

  8. awww..what a cute pic~^^ i hope Junsu will continue to get amazing musical opportunities..he has the voice, the onstage charisma, and the passion for music. if anything he needs to improve, its his English..but he does make up for it with his animated expressions i so enjoy. work hard BB! i’m sure Mr Levay will play a big part in his connections! 😉

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