[PICS] 120214 Yoochun’s New Pictures from Ottogi Facebook




Credit: Ottogi FB
Shared byJYJ3


63 thoughts on “[PICS] 120214 Yoochun’s New Pictures from Ottogi Facebook

    • Chunnie is smiling holding my heart……OMO….kiss him now while the Chunsas are still 100 meters away…..*mwahhhh*

      • Puti my sis…….*hugs*

        I have wiped the lipstick on his lips….no scratches made…
        That smiles sell anything….right?

      • @Jae-is-Mine
        Hallloooo~! Woman..that’s NOT your heart my Chun is holding~!
        Why would my Chun hold your heart?
        and how dare you kiss my Chun~!
        What’s wrong with this woman? Lemme search..oh there it is..
        woman..your heart is with Kim Jaejoong alright.
        Go back to Jaeland now..fast..
        before he throws you out~!
        Go..like NOW~!


      • Here comes my best Chunsa! —-> bubbly!
        *hugs you like Chunnie hugs JJ*…LOL

        It was not my fault though….
        If you look at the time line, I was here alone looking at Chunnie’s photos. Minutes later, the wives appeared.
        I rather not wasted his hot lips….rite?

        Jae darling has always been with me all the time. He was pouting most of the time wondering about life, he didn’t see me cheating.

        But yes….I think I will go buying chocolate and ice cream for my hubby then….

      • @Jae-is-Mine
        LOL at your:
        “He was pouting most of the time wondering about life, he didn’t see me cheating.”

        One word..sissi is a BAD wifey~! He’s lost, and you are here cheating *sigh*


      • @ bubbly

        I got darling JJ’s consent letter….
        He wrote: He is to approve my kissing his dongsaeng Chunnie & Junsu twice a day. JJ knows that my kisses are kinship ones.

        I will never betray my JJ. I will die first….*solemnly speaking*

      • @putrihs

        I saw nandar wandering around JYJ3 protecting Chunnie…..LOL
        Send my warm regards to our sis bubbly, will you sweetie?

      • @putrihs
        *sobs* Yup..my twinnie kept me in her pocket and zipped it real tight.
        Bad twinnie~!
        Thank gawd, I managed to escape~! 😀

        I’m kiiidiiiing, of course.
        My twinnie wouldn’t do that to me, she loves me too much to do so. Right twinnie? 😛


      • @Jae-is-Mine
        Bubbly’s here..you looking for me? 😀
        Why miss me? Don’t miss me, ok?
        rofl~ jk~!
        me miss you too~!!! *hugs*

      • @bubbly

        Dear sis….*hugs*

        Miss you for sure.
        Where are you living btw….it’s more difficult to catch you than the Brits and Americans….^__^

      • I just wanna make u gone crazy.. bcause this oppa-ing.. kekekke.. Jk.. ye ye ye.. i wouldn’t call him oppa then..

      • HAHAHA..I’m jk too~!
        But seriously, when it’s OVERdone..it can be quite annoying..haha~
        You know what..next time when we feel like greeting him “oppa”..
        we should gather all Chunsas and all greet him “oppa” at the same time..
        ONE off..and leave it at that, what do you think? kkeke~ 🙂

  1. Kyah~ The lovely smiles shown on these pics are missing from my Chunface lately 😦 ..
    He must be sad, I’m sad too.
    I miss my Chunsmiles and my Chundimples *sigh*
    YC-ssi, please stay strong~!
    Remember, NO ONE can put a good man down~! Ne?

      • @putrihs
        Nah..not chunsas but only ONE chunsa is missing me..
        and that is YOU..hahahah~

        IKR? Nothing can beat Chunsmiles.
        He looks so down lately..
        hopefully it’s because he’s just tired with the drama filming and what not..
        and not because of anything elses.

      • @ bubbly

        You have me to miss you too….*hugs again*
        although you are so mean with me kissing Chunnie….LOL

        Actually, to speak it from the deep of my heart, JJ’ smile can beat your hubby’s….
        JJ’ smile can brighten the gloomy days like a never fading sunshine…

        Your hubby looks depressed lately….ohh…and my JJ too, and baby Su too…
        They are all so out of themselves.
        Let’s fly to SK and cheer them up!

      • @Jae-is-Mine
        Nah..my Chun’s smiles are always first..
        they’ll brighten up the darkest of nights..hihi~
        Your Jae’s smiles are just second at their best. No..wait..third!
        *get ready bubbly~!*
        Junsu’s smiles are comparable to my Chun’s..
        so YooSu’s smiles will be first and second..
        *runfasterrunbubbly..grabs all Chunsas and Xiahpwas along*


  2. The 3rd pic..pants too baggy..not good for my eyes.
    I WANT tighter pants or jeans please.
    Ottogi..can you hear me?! Put those sexy Chunhips to good use, ne?
    Tighter pants in next photoshoot, deal?
    like in this video..*slurps*

    • Hey there cool pollen @murasaki *waves*
      Ee..3rd pic..the pants looks like a lil’ loose..don’t you think?
      Like he’s borrow them from some ahjussi or somethin’ 😉 rofl~
      Sorry Chun..
      but the top part looks perfectly good~! 🙂

      • @murasaki @bubbly.. OMG, one is JJ perv.. and the other is YC perv.. no wonder minor should stay away frm this site.. *sigh*

        since im not minor, Yes!!! let “them” play peek-a-boo with us.. lol

      • @mura @putrihs @Jae-is-Mine
        Nah..I’m NOT guilty. I’m no perv~!!!
        I mean like his infamous “white” jeans in the recent NII pics posted here not long ago..
        he looks great in that one..
        hot HIPS but I don’t see no lil’ Chun playing “peek-a-boo” there..
        no..NOT my intention at all.
        I’m not ready to say hi to lil’ Chun yet..
        just leave lil’ alone..will ya?! AHJUMMAS~!!! ;)..*shakeshead*
        Ahjummas will be ahjummas~!!! Goodness.


      • @ bubbly

        OMO……*static mode*….trying so hard to refrain my laugh…
        *static mode again*

        “I’m not ready to say hi to lil’ Chun yet..”

        You pervy!!!! LMAO……bwahahahahaha…..

      • @mura @putrihs @Jae-is-Mine
        Hey..you gurls think I’m kidding right? 🙂
        No, I’m NOT~!
        I’m NOT ready to say hi yet, seriously.
        *blushingrealbadhere* wosh~!!!
        Bad sissis..
        Who started this?


    • @murasaki 紫

      I also love the 3rd picture. So cute.


      Lose pants match that short shirt. Can you imagine him wearing tight pants with that shirt?
      I know I can….but with some flying bricks approaching….LOL

      • @Jae-is-Mine
        I think the “NII” pair of white jeans he wore earlier..
        for the photoshoot would fit perfectly here..
        Yup..it would look perfect~! 🙂

  3. Now Park Yoochun was playing twutter with the little girl in Rooftop.. WT…?!! aaahhh.. chun ah, she already 13th!!! i prefer u with noona than bcoming pedo.. *actualy im jealous*

    • @putrihs
      YES~! My Chun’s got a lil’ “gurl” friend..
      I’m ok with it..I hope this lil’ gurl will cheer him up a bit..
      which means a smiling Chun soon..
      Yippie..let’s celebrate~! 😀

      • Yup..what’s her name again?
        Chun likes pretty gurls..I think he’ll like her..hehe~
        Let’s hope she’ll get our Chun to be active in twitterland EVERY day..
        wow..that would be heaven to all Chunsas..hahaha~

      • @bubbly: Her name is Kim So Hyun, and she also play in the moon-sun, she is so beautiful.. :)) *nod.. nod.. im agree with all ur words*

  4. Chunnieeee!~~~^^ my prince, nado saranghae! 🙂 @bubblykins!! So happy to see yaaaa!!! *hugsy buggy my favourite chunsa sissy*^^

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