[PICS] JaeSu’s Cats Update ^o^

Leo, Tiger and Bakira Photoshoot *Kidding*








On the Other Hand, It’s reported by Jaejoong’s sister (@shie486) that Yoyo and JiJi got a fight, YoYo scratched JiJi’s eye..Poor JiJi T.T.

We hope JiJi recovers soon ❤


Evil YoYo..LOL


Pics Credit: @raiteriem + @ayoungjessica,@shie486
Shared byJYJ3


59 thoughts on “[PICS] JaeSu’s Cats Update ^o^

  1. Junsu’s cats are like super duper cut~e!!! Leo is my favorite. And about Jiji and Yoyo, I guess we know who is the boss now, right? lol

  2. Poor JiJi and YoYo…JJs sis cut their hair in winter too…why? Cats should be have hair, right ;_; They look so much better with hair…

    Leo is such a cutie…would like to have such adorable cat too XDDD

  3. those cat beds are nice and extra cute. but the cats are the cutest! love them all except yoyo looks to mad. guess he can’t help the face he has though! lol! he better be nice to jiji. one of our cats got scratched in the eye when he was about 6 months old and ended up losing his sight in that eye. i sure hope it is not serious for jiji. so happy to see updates on them!

  4. they are deliriously cute, as all cats are, but as i always say, i prefer animals in their natural state, coat and claws and fangs intact.
    i also wish, and my wish only that JaeSu can also promote adoption of cats. too many cats are abandoned and abused and need so much care… and as i said, this is just my wish as the mom of 4 stray mix breed cats…

  5. Cuuuteeee!!^^ I don’t wanna discriminate against my precious furry friends..but yoyo looks really angry and unfriendly! Like he got up on the wrong side of his kitty bed..poor jiji! 😦 and darling Leo + tigger as fluffy as ever..I’m glad at least they get along..

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