[TRANS] 120214 JYJ “The Day” re-announcement

We feel sorry about re-announcing the screening of JYJ’s daily life documentary video ‘The Day’.

JYJ’s daily life documentary was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day commemoration for fans, but CGV theatres failed to fulfil the contract unilaterally, causing the screening of ‘The Day’ to be cancelled in February. We wanted to delay the screening time of the premiere or modify the contract’s content to make it more valid. In the end, we had to announce the cancellation of the screening.

Originally, the contents of the documentary was not made for theatre broadcast as we wanted it to be a service for local fans. Hence, we felt more regrettable about our choice to use theatres and our plans had fallen through. However, our determination to share the documentary with the fans and our hard work to accomplish our task has brought about an amicable discussion with Lotte Cinema. Soon, we decided the premiere date. Also, a special JYJ’s stage greeting is expected to be shown on the date of premiere and in theatres on weekends.

In addition, we want to explain that the contents of the documentary has been edited for theatre broadcast, hence please consider and watch its unique characteristics. Although the documentary about JYJ’s daily life is ordinary, it is accompanied by a very special story. Please watch it~!

We hope for your interest in JYJ’s ‘The Day’ which will be shown in 17 local theatres from Feb. 23 to Feb. 26. Tickets will be sold from Feb. 20. Guides about theatre details will be posted on C-JeS homepage and Lotte Cinema homepage (http://www.lottecinema.co.kr/) before Feb. 17.

Source: CJeS
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.


30 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120214 JYJ “The Day” re-announcement

  1. I wish they would show it in other countries that have Lotte Cinema too T_T We have one in our capital, I would even go there solely for this purpose *sighs* On the other hand, that would require subbing or dubbing it in diff languages,,,

  2. no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why don’t they let it stay in cinema until april, I’m going to korea then TT_TT

    last year I was there just about the right time they were gonna air it on QTV and I waited and waited and it didn’t come, only later I found out they canceled that one, damnit, I really could’ve watched it back then

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