[TWITTER] 120214 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] what is the chocolate??? Bless all the singles and hate the couples! 

Credit: @mjjeje
Translation by: @theyoungestmin
Shared byJYJ3


94 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120214 Jaejoong Twitter Update

  1. I’ve been blessed by Jaejoong. LOL
    It must be hard for a single person in korea. Seems like they have a lot of couple oriented holidays.

    • @ asuske

      He has been wishing to be able to walk with his girlfriend on the streets in SK.
      It is a death wish for his girl. Yes it is terrible. The loss of being a mega and super handsome Jaejoong.
      I wish him happiness, with or without a GF.

      • I agree with you, for him to have a GF is rather difficult especially for the girl. I hope one day he can freely date someone, till then I hope he remains happy. As a single person myself although a relationship seems desirable its not necessary in order to be happy so long as you have good friends and people who care for you. Hope this tweet was meant more in a joking manner, if not friends of JJ please keep him happy.

      • @ asuske

        I am married. But I don’t mind him cursing me (couples part)…..LOL
        I think my JJ is having one of his ugly mood now, especially by being alone in V-day.
        Poor baby….
        I am packing everything and ready for SK! Wait for me baby…..!

  2. Jae be nice, your better half might be around the corner and you might not even know it, don’t hate the couples. I’m single and I don’t hate them!

  3. LOL Jae!
    Stop whining!
    i’m single too but i don’t hate the couples. still waiting for my double.
    Let’s do our best to find them!

  4. If you allowed me to refrase ,Jae Jung nim means the opposite: I think he feels lonely…and what he’s saying is that being lonely is not good! I think this holiday, as Christmas, have him a bit depressed…

  5. Wooooow, Jae.. what’s the matter? Where’s ur girlfriend anyway?
    You know.. If you wanna have a girlfriend, just pick ud from JYJ3..

    We’ll be glad to have you as our boyfriend.. Esp me..

  6. Jaejoong-sshi don’t hate us (couples) even if you’re single… instead of trolling couples why don’t you go out and start looking her. Do you expect her to appear just like the way you did… fell from the sky?

  7. hahaha…. I think he was trying to be funny…. like saying “Where is the chocolate?” and I can picture him pouting and then saying “Bless all the singles and hate the couples!”

  8. This guy it’s so funny lol
    jaejoong shi at least Yoochun admit he want a chocolate not like you lol so stop complaining dear ^^

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