[TWITTER] 120214 Yoochun Twitter Update

Yoochun New Twitter Display


Yoochun’s Tweets


Yoochun to @wowkimsohyun: Annyeong~ it’s Yoochun Oppa I saw the article and knew about your tweet~^^

(T/N: This is in relation to an article where Kim Sohyun mentioned she tweeted about Yoochun. This is her tweet: “Haha. Can’t you still look into my eyes? The moment I set my eyes on you, bam! The Crown Prince who I’ll fall in love with!!!is Crown Prince Park Yoo Chun~^^ You knew about my birthday being the same with yours and you also greeted me first! I was really ♥touchedㅠ From now on, my ideal guy would be you, Crown Prince Park Yoo Chun!” Hee-hee.) Link


@wowkimsohyun: @6002theMicky it hasn’t been long since I tweeted haha You must have a hard time since you’re filming♥Please take good care of your health!I’m shy so I don’t have anything more to say..^^


Yoochun: @wowkimsohyun hahaha is that so~ even when I’m not filming, I’m busy, take care of your health~^^


Yoochun: I wonder when can I try to receive a chocolate??^^…..


@hjhjhj69: @6002theMicky ^.^

@6002theMicky: @hjhjhj69 Give one to me, hyung


@ssongjiyeun: @6002theMicky someday, oppa… ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ

@6002theMicky: @ssongjiyeun ㅎㅎㅎgive one to oppa


@koyounbal: @6002theMicky @hjhjhj69 I also like chocolate

@6002theMicky: @koyounbal ㅎㅎㅎ i’m sorry


@6002theMicky: Hwaiting!!! pic.twitter.com/oxYsAGhf



@ssongjiyeun: @6002theMicky shooting fr 5am today until now…. Today is really a long day~~!though I worry about the coming days……

@6002theMicky: @ssongjiyeun stay strong~^^are you happy whenever you can’t sleep, feel miserable, and lonely~^^ 

Source: @wowkimsohyun + @hjhjhj69 + @ssongjiyeun + @koyounbal + @6002theMicky
Translation by: @yookcheoni
Shared by: JYJ3


47 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120214 Yoochun Twitter Update

  1. don’t worry micky, i am sure by the times valentines day is over, you WILL have lots of chocolate. just maybe not from someone you want it from?! lol!

  2. Why i got the feeling that our Chunnie was being flirtatious with that Sohyun girl? lol. tell me that she is underage or something, so that i dont have to be worry! haha.

    • I don’t think our 6002 tried to flirt with her, just because he’s typically warm person and he’s 0 prententiousness and gentlement, that why everyone including sunbae or heubae( sorry for spell) likes him so much
      but with his positive personality that also makes him become a true lady killer

    • She is about 12 years old. She is playing one of the childhood roles in the drama.
      I feel sorry for her. She tweeted about how she was totally taken over by him, and then to have him see her tweet and tweet back. It must have been really embarrassing for her. It’s funny. Fans are stalking 12 year old actresses’ twitters and Yuchun is seeing it on the fans sights.

      We know how much Yuchun loves little girls (not in a pervy way).

    • I have the same thought. And I think the only reason is today (or yesterday) being Valentine’s Day. It’s not a crime to get flirtatious on such a day I guess. YC might think the same way 😀

    • @juliang that girl is a young cast of yoochun’s drama, she’s just a lillte 12year old admiring his senior., and even if she happens to be an adult if, why worry if yoochun flirt with someone he have all the right to. if he wants to date doesn’t he have the right to? he is young and single and we don’t own him.

  3. is that yoochun in the pic his side face X D he takes funny pics of himself doesn’t he what a jokester ^^ i bet he make Jaesu laugh a lot @u@

  4. I think he found it cute that a little girl is going gaga over him. 🙂 So cute! The girl went shy all of a sudden after declaring her love on twitter. She probably did not expect 6002 to tweet her.

  5. LOL that guy park yoochun is a killer… he could make the girl fall for him on first sight…
    this is crazy…. and here i am, going gaga over him on net ..what if i met him in real life? gosh i couldnt imagine .. im gonna fall in the deepest part of the world.

    • LOLOL! Killer’s right! Look at em..replying back to her tweet all innocently pshhh
      That Kim girl is so cute hahaha~ Wouldn’t we all be shy if we were so lucky to be graced with his presence??
      The greasy Park Yoochun who steals your heart with just one glance!

      • @complacentloser
        Exactly~! I think that lil’ gurl really didn’t expect her new crown prince to reply to her tweets, lol~
        Kyah~ so shy..

    • @hya
      You spoke my mind, my friend~! 😀
      Ee..so it’s confirmed..he not only attracts ahjummas, noonas..
      even lil’ gurls now..
      waah..YC-ssi..you ARE really somethin’, hihi~

      ps: next target..ahjussi? 😉 hahaha~

  6. LOL…..chunnie is such a killer….. XD
    That is a nice studio of his…. ^^
    Asking chocolate from your fans…u will receive house full of chocolate in no time……just wait Chunnie…^^

  7. YuChun oppa, hope you receive the chocolate from someone you love next V-day, hwaiting!!
    Btw, is this the studio in his new house ? Chunnie is a great composer/lyricist, i hope he can make new songs for the worldwide album, although he is busy with drama … hwaiting !!

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  9. woww..nice work station!^^ Chun-ah, your selca is not the best-taken but it sure has high giggle-value..just look at his half-a-face!kyooo`~~^^ yes keep tweeting! when you are taking a break, look to twitter, it is healthy! lol..has anyone received a reply tweet from any of them before? :p i wonder if they do that..

  10. WOW ~~ whatta cool set-up!!! ^_~ i wish my Chunface would tweet like Jae did (taking pics, etc) asking us to watch his drama, like he really would hafta, hehehe ^_~ i just wish he would tweet more and sometimes throw a little English in there!! am i wishing for too much??? SARANGHAE CHUNNIE!!! ^_~

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