[VID + PICS] JYJ featured on National TV Channel and Magazine in Peru

[VIDEO – ENGSUB] Mini report  of JYJ in Lima   ( Metropolis – TV PERU) 

This program is transmitted on “TV PERU” channel  which is the government channel in Peru. A more extensive report will be released during the week.


[ PICS] JYJ featured in “Phantom Teen” Magazine Ed. Enero/Febrero – KPOP: From Korea to Peru

“Phantom Teen”  is a Magazine of a major Record Store in Peru


[TRANSCRIPT]  Native of South Korea, this trio consists of Kim Junsu (January 26, 1986), KimJaejoong (December 15, 1986) and Park Yoochun (June 4, 1986), they are artists emerging from the Korean boyband TVXQ (DBSK, Tohoshinki). Together since 2010, JYJ debuted in music singing in English with the album The Beginning, produced by Kanye West American directors and Rodney Jerkins. In 2011 launched Their Rooms  an album that in addition to the songs composed by the boys, came a journal full of thoughts for their fans.

Vid Credit: Minhato5  
Pics Credits/ Tip: JYJPERU Lovers / Veronica
Translated and Shared byJYJ3


14 thoughts on “[VID + PICS] JYJ featured on National TV Channel and Magazine in Peru

  1. Kim Junsu (January 26, 1986), KimJaejoong (December 15, 1986) and Park Yoochun (June 4, 1986) that’s quite wrong XD
    btw, congratz, jyj!!

      • That’s a “small” detail compared to another magazine (I can’t remember if it was from Chile or Peru) which called them Junsu, Jaejoong and TUCHUN. Hahah. THAT is a mistake. ^^ At least here they know their names.

  2. from the video:
    “Actually they were in a bigger band, DBSK. There were 5 members. THEY ARE THE MAIN VOCALISTS FROM THAT BAND. ”
    Thank you Peru for stating the truth, that’s why the “IN THING” now is JYJ, not the old band anymore.
    Once again, THANK YOU very much Peruvian Fans and Peru media for all the support for JYJ.

  3. Am I the only one who noticed that Junsu’s birthday stated in the mag is incorrect? Junsu was born on 15 Dec 1986 and his bday was registered on the 1st of January 1987 right? How come it was stated wrongly in the mag? SHAME!!!

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