[VIDEO + TRANS] JYJ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥


Translator’s Note: This is just a rough & fast trans. Might have mistakes!

Jaejoong: Everyone, are you in love? Hello. I’m JYJ’s J, JaeJoong. Did you get a shock? On Valentine’s day, we have prepared with much efforts for the theatre screening. The screening is very late, right? I’m sorry. First, I’ll get seated on my seat. It’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone, I just love you all very much. I didn’t can’t say ‘I love you’. At least for a day like today, I want to say ‘I love you’ to everyone. And, with regards to us going for our South America for concert. We will try our best to spread our Korea and JYJ’s music at these 2 countries – Peru and Chile. So, now I will call JYJ’s Y, YuChun over. YuChun ahh~

Yoochun: Oh?! JaeJoong hyung! Hello. I’m Park YuChun who has the role of Y in JYJ. Isn’t today Valentine’s day? So, I’ve suddenly become curious if everyone is making chocolate so that you can express your love to a guy that you like. Originally, there was an event that could allow us to meet everyone. But, it’s a pity that we couldn’t do so. I believe that CJeS will work hard so we can have events that would allow us to meet everyone. And, ‘Rooftop Prince’ would be boardcasted in march. Please like it alot. Junsu too a lot… Please love Junsu’s musical a lot too. Not long before, he had his first performance. I heard that it ended in great success. Please love (him) a lot and  love JaeJoong hyung a lot too. Then, I’ll see you again next time. Come,  I will then pass over to Reporter Kim Jun Su who’s at the scene now. Reporter Kim Jun Su?

Junsu: Hello. I’m the last J, Junsu. Recently, I’ve been meeting with everyone with as the role of ‘Death’ from musical “Elizabeth’. Well… How about a Happy Valentine with ‘Death”? Going forward, I’ll put in more efforts to show more good performances of myself as ‘Death’ in ‘Elizabeth’, so everyone, please look forward to it. I always love everyone. Please always be happy. Bye~

Translation by: @Inhye87
Shared byJYJ3

Do not take translations for subbing purposes without prior permission.


37 thoughts on “[VIDEO + TRANS] JYJ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

      • But even without English-sub, why I’m smiling here like crazy. By just watching their lips, hearing their voice, it’s enough to make my Valentines day happy!
        Happy Valentines too JYJ and to all JYJFans!

      • @ kris

        No doubt about it sis…. I rewatched the vid and smiled and smiled until I realised that my colleage was looking at me.
        JJ’ smile at the beginning has cool down the hot temperature. It works better than aircond….LOL. And his voice, that mesmerising voice, the voice that will lead me into my wild fantasy…..
        Okay….I will not talk about their lips………hahahaha

      • @Jaeismine
        lol, you better stay out from their lips, aw, talking about their lips…hahaha
        Happy V-day to you…

        Enjoy you Valentines day….

    • Hugs you back from GAPP!

      This is the video I almost missed until I reach home…..right?
      You are so right. I smiled like a mad woman watching it. I had to stop or my colleague will report me of watching Mr Kim again…..LOL

      • LOL
        Yes this is the video. I totally understand your situation watching videos of these boys in public places is not a good idea. You will smile and giggle like a crazy person leading people to stare at you like your some weirdo.

      • Well…I call doing it in my office is worse….kekekeke. One colleague who sits close to me did notice. I have tried to refrain my giggling into some smiles though…..
        JJ starts it with a smile! That is a sin! He makes me a sinner…..! Okay…I think it is too drama queen mode.

  1. I have no idea what they are saying but I find myself smiling and laughing. Especially when Jaejoong sends it over to Yoochun. I got the giggles. Must sleep now. Happy V Day to all! Today is a great day.

  2. Happy Valentine day JYJ!!! I love you guys ^^
    It’s really brighten my day by watching these 3.
    And lol..Yoochun “Oh Jaejoong hyung!!” Kekekekekeke. I love your smile chunnie bb ^__~

    JYJ thanks for the video! JaeChunSu fighting!

  3. These three are just too cute; you just want to put your cheek against theirs and just hug them 😀 Wishing JYJ a Happy Valentines Day and many sweet things in their lives 😀

  4. I’m laughing and giggles even tho i don’t know what theyre saying *its power of love!!! LOL XD
    YES, we need subs or trans~
    and btw, what song is it? sorry i’m newbie~ >.<

  5. Oh man.. I just feel like going up to all 3hree of them pinching their cheeks and squeezing them until I can no longer breathe 🙂 though I would mind getting sued for raping jaejoong oppa xD you just can’t resist his lips and eyes..

  6. I think there’s something wrong with my brain..because everytime I see their video, I just giggling by myself eventhough I don’t have any clue what they’re talking about..

    Imagine JYJ role a saguk drama together.. I think the suitable title: 3gorgeous princes and posing in a royal clothes.. Kyaaaaaa.. #fangirl imagination.. ❤

    Happy lovey valentine day, JYJ and JYJ Fam.. 🙂

  7. Woww, thanks adminnies! ^___^
    And Happy Valentine’s day to JYJ oppadeul and of course to everyone~ 🙂
    I love you,too JYJ ❤ ❤ ❤ ^^

  8. thanx for the trans….
    Happy Valentine’s Day to JYJ too….
    i will always LOVE JAEJOONG+YUCHUN+JUNSU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. They didn’t change at all… always dorks… They will never change… never..

    PS: chunnie,, what time is it now? I’m waiting for your call like hours,,.. what time are you planning to pick me up>? (*imagining things again… well let me,, It’s Valentines day XD*) lol. I am waiting for you yoochun~ahhhhh …..

  10. i love these 3 adorable, handsome,gorgeous guys.happy valentine JYJ,go & get a girlfriend.
    happy valentine to all JYJers who’s celebrating it.

  11. I just love all 3 three of them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so adorably, loveable and handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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