120215 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

Answer will be in the next GAP.


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    • Are those picture funny? I don’t really get it. Maybe it’s my mood. I can’t open JYJ3 without having headache looking at the swirling green arrow for sometimes before I can see the screen.

      *bad mood*….goes to JJ, for comforting kisses and hugs

      • The first part of the post is a game. You just have to guess what JS is singing. The answer will be in the next GAPP.

        The last part is some macros telling a joke (from the author of the GAP). Tod is Death in the play, so when Tiger asked Bakira what he see by looking into his eyes, he said Death, Dancing. Tiger was surprised, because Bakira can see Death, but it’s just JS as Tod/Death dancing…

        JJ is like Simon Cowell, judging the joke. He deemed it as bad. And that his cats can tell a better joke.

      • @ hazywords

        Thanks dear. I was being a cynic before. Not anyone’s fault. My bad mood was caused by my connection failure. I failed to open GAPP and JYJ3 homepage most of the time.

        LOL at JJ is like Simon Cowell. I got your message, but SC is a cynic and skeptic while my JJ is wit. JJ is a kind man. Dorky too but hardly cynic. JJ probably has his bad mood sometimes, but he will not allow himself to deliberately hurt others by his words or attitude….^__^

        Jae’s #1 wife

    • The first part of the post is a game. You just have to guess what JS is singing. The answer will be in the next GAPP.

      The last part is some macros telling a joke (from the author of the GAP). Tod is Death in the play, so when Tiger asked Bakira what he see by looking into his eyes, he said Death, Dancing. Tiger was surprised, because Bakira can see Death, but it’s just JS as Tod/Death dancing…

      JJ is like Simon Cowell, judging the joke. He deemed it as bad. And that his cats can tell a better joke.

      This joke is so bad that there needs an explanation. JJ is right!

  1. LOL tiger!! and JJ face at the last pict~ XD
    The last pict of xiahtod…. just…. CUTE!!!!
    and chunnie~ #kidnap operation start!

    and hello JYJ world ~ ^^

    • he was a member group of KINO (2010)
      this is the information that i can get from allkpop ( http://www.allkpop.com/2011/06/tvxq-of-shinjuku-kino-is-on-their-way-to-becoming-hallyu-stars )
      KINO Comprised of Yang Haemin, Joo Jong Hoon, Kwak Yong Hwan, Noh Sung Hwan, and Baek Seung Jae, KINO has been promoting on the streets of Shinjuku and Shinokubo.Acknowledged by a KBS special titled, ‘K-Pop Makes the World Dance‘. The group is unique in that they’re under a different ‘Hallyu system’ that debuted them in Japan right from the get-go.They’ve since grown into a formidable band and are considered a specialty of Shinjuku, and they’ve even been nicknamed the ‘TVXQ of Shinjuku’ for their growing popularity.

      KINO performs three times a day at a K-pop live concert hall and have reportedly performed for over 60,000 people since their debut. The members are all fluent in Japanese and are skilled in showing off their various talents, such as dance.
      Source + Photos: BNT News

      here this their video


  2. anyone know anyone selling tickets for junsu’s musical on the 18th March?? i think i would be there in SK at that time.. i want to watch it so badly but tickets are sold out already!cant find one anywhere T_T

  3. finally MY connection AND Hai everbody (^///^)/ Yesterday I saw grammy awards and I want to share this video …Hmm I don’t know Adelle got operation 😦 …..never mind …..BUT ADELLE CONGRATULATION …..WELCOME BACK ADELLE 🙂


    I LOVE Foo Fighters speech…

    “This award means a lot because it shows that the human element of making music is what’s most important. Singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument and learning to do your craft; that’s the most important thing for people to do. It’s not about sounding absolutely correct. It’s not about what goes on in a computer. It’s about what goes on in here and it’s about what goes on in here.” clap clap clap

    • @ dolta (@dolta_07)

      dearest!! *hugs*

      Adele? Operation? I thought she was sick for months and had to go with special diet.
      Did she also undergo plastic surgery?
      But she is so beautiful…..and her voice! I was wowed while watching her singing.

      My connection sucks!

      • Adele had a problem in her throat and that’s why she had to do the operation. The surgery was in vocal chords, nowhere else. LOL
        Foo Fighters, I love them and I am really happy because they really deserved that grammy. I watched their documentary (and I recommend it to every FF fan) and so I understand what it means to them. SO proud!

  4. \(^O^)/!\(^O^)/!\(^O^)/
    Congratulations JYJ3 for 21M hits
    Thank you for your hard work, Lovely Adminie. You guys Rock!
    ¸. ~ We ♥ JYJ ~.,
    . ¸.¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸.,¸.¤**¨¨*.¤
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    . .

  5. [random] maybe i’m late but i just found out that library.nu has closed. who else sad that library.nu has closed? TT_TT like, seriously, if the books are really available in my country, and i can afford to buy it, i’ll buy it. just like what i did for some books. but some other books are too expensive and not available in my country (and tbh i don’t need the whole book, just couple chapters of it), and library.nu has been my friend for one or two years in my college. TT_TT haish… lucky there’re kind people who share their stuffs in freepatentsonline etc or else i can’t live… >.<

    for those who doesn't know what library.nu is… well, let's say it's a savior for a college student like me.

  6. anyone in here go to the JAVA JAZZ INTERNATIONAL? and like Jazz music too ?
    is that true Stevie wonder in Java Jazz International…please help me??
    how much ticket in Java Jazz International ?

      • It’s not this accident.
        I have saw this clip in 2009/2010 where Jaejoong and Yoochun are going to a restaurant.
        You can’t clearly see who the person is who hot the girl. But I don’t think it’s Yoochun. I mean why he should hit a fan and then in public. It’s not logical…

        “What I don’t understand is why it’s been uploaded onto Youtube recently??”
        Maybe it’s an anti fan???

      • It looks like two guys at the top of the stairs. Yoochun touched the guy’s arm, looked away, then went back and slapped his arm. You could actually hear the *smack* sound. Then he reached back out and rubbed the guy’s head/ruffled his hair.

        So first of all, it’s two guys, not a female fan. Second, judging by how he touched the other’s arm, looked away, then turned back and smacked his upper arm, it looks like the two know each other and are giving a little ‘one touch’ love. Third, why would he casually touch a fan’s arm and then look away? And Fourth, if it was an altercation, I think he’d be trying to move on and not continue to stand there casually.

      • it’s obviously yoochun. here’s a picture I found of him at the top of the stairs, by himself, no security or any other guy, just him http://i.imgur.com/FwSlZ.png . don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of JYJ but when I saw the video I was so mad and disappointed that he would ever do that to someone, especially a girl.

      • I saw this video in 2009, back then i remember we still not sure about that coz the real situation still confusing and that time the are so many rumor about YC, his manager and that fangirls things like this but then it disppear so now why suddenly it’s appear again, funny.. looks like is something fishy here.

        but talking about YC with this kind fans i can understand him coz this fangirls sometime is really rude i means how many time we hear them asking this stalker fans stop following him and regarding this video i remember that time that girl being so rude to JJ, they pussing him.
        In the end even thought they are a public figure but they are still a human too and “There’s no smoke without fire”.

      • @b312n
        your pic is YC wearing Always keep the faith fan gift shirt,on Thiland show case
        The youtube vid is long long ago,colour promotion time,when YC was chubbier & have color promotion hair.
        Is years apart & different stair & different country.
        Look careful before u say something.

      • I think Jaejoong didn’t respond because he was caught off guard ( or maybe he did the camera was cut off seems unlikely for Jaejoong just to stand there).You can’t tell who it is really. I hate how all these fans are walking around with their cameras just ready to capture any moment good, bad, or just plain embarrassing. Yunho was recently caught yelling at people in an airport because fans either wouldn’t get out the way or because a fan fell and when he did yell they all just screamed in delight ignoring him. Fans need to give these superstars their space they are worst than any paparazzi at times. Why the heck are you following JYJ up the stairs anyhow? What is the point? When you are making it difficult for them to get to where they need to go be you are crossing the line.

    • Urgh hate anti-fans,
      If you’re not a fan then you’re not a fan, end of.
      Here in the UK if we’re not a fan of a group/band then we don’t listen to their songs and we don’t go spreading BS everywhere. Why waste our time when we have other better things to do!

    • yeah right yoochun is going to hit a fan in front of a lot of people with cameras 🙄
      cant they come up with something better ?

    • Somebody or some group of people are dying to destroy Yoochun, WHY revive this video taken years before? The mission is so clear, bring down YC !

      • @kris

        SoMEone is on a mission to destroy is image! He’s always on the tabloid lately. From what I can remember. In just in the beginning of the year. He had three.
        1. The yacht scandal
        2. naked pics/videos
        3. now this! I wonder what will be the next if they fail with this one?

    • wow..pps come here try to thread rumor again ..even old topic..try the best they can to take this boys down
      I need to ran it out today enough is enough.
      Put out side all the thing like the vid not clear, out side about the boy personality have all the good praises from clean up staff to all pps around him, out site who can cry for brother and family, out side all the advise . discuss, protect and learning with his two member how to live and handle in the life …to justic the person ..I still wonder?
      If it is him why wait until RIGHT TIME..with all the rumors and claiming for last two month..just so nature hummm? if it him with happen with not any special reason in public and in frond of too many pps .. all the big enemies , and medias will let it go easy that time? wow..they must so nice to let the best change take those boys down and have to spent lot of other time to make new rumors and cockblocks.
      the boy he got attacks from medias, private , and now internet even tweeter with reason no one can explain even him…with exactly same time because he is not lucky or someone try make pps fall to their net?
      P/S. I still remember few week ago I complained with my JYJ3 sister when I smell some “Visitors” came here with “nice” and ” worry” about ‘the true of ticket sold in Peru’ and “The day cancel” why right now i feel smell again with similar nice “visitors”..
      All my sis JYJ family ..I feel we have our head again with other evil plan now …to make our boys down…and i have to say I ttrust YC like I trust Jae and Junsu because I belive the boys they belive , love and trust each other member who was, will go with them on the hardest road in their life no mate what happen untill even they get old ( like Junsu interviews)

    • I feel bad for the girl. You can hear the whack sound! If I were the girl I could have sued the guy who hit me! seriously..

      And why is that the video ended right after the hitting? hmmm.. something is fishy….

  7. Don’t know if this JS interview had been posted yet?

    “(Kim Junsu has gained the attention of people for taking up challenges and achieving results. He is not complacent, and always does his best to progress.)

    Kim Junsu Speaks To Reporters About ‘Challenge’
    Someone once jokingly said, “When you realise that it’s late, then it must really be too late.” In this extremely competitive society, compared to “challenging”, learning to “give up” is more a facet of the life of the youths today. If there is no “challenge” there will be no result.
    But the process before getting a satisfactory result is very important. Both ‘The 88 thousand won generation’ and ‘Jobless youths’ alike, would simply say they are not up to it before taking on the ‘challenge’. If this is their attitude, even if they managed to land a job in the company, they would be unable to adapt to society and would often feel lost and helpless. When he/she is not familiar with the work and has to rush through it, it will be tough even if he/she is trying to build relationships with colleagues in the company.
    Newbie reporters Kim Jungwoo (29), An Soyeon (24) and Choi Joo Heung (24) take learn simple lessons from Kim Junsu, an ordinary youth turned top idol star, and a singer that continues to “challenge” himself as a musical actor, on ‘challenges’.

    Pressure Towards Challenges
    Kim Jungwoo: Challenges are called challenges because they are difficult and thus makes one fear them. Life is interesting because there are challenges. If situations are placed before you simply as they were, how uninteresting would that be? Junsu-ssi, it seems like you are like everyone else, always challenging new areas. All the musicals you appear in, be it “Mozart”, “Tears of Heaven” or “Elisabeth”, are all being performed for the first time locally. It must be very pressurising to (take on) a character without anyone to refer to.
    Kim Junsu: To me, challenges are a double-edged sword. Actually, as an artist, there are not that many things you can choose from. If you do not want to be eliminated, then all you can do is to constantly change. Of course, there are times when it just cannot be done, but even if you fail, it is a valuable experience.

    Dating And Marriage For An Artist
    An Soyeon: People seem to start learning from here, things like marriage do not seem to be things that (just happen) naturally. I think that (even normal) things which have to be done in your life can also be considered challenges.
    Choi Joo Heung: That’s right, aren’t they called the 3-stages of life? Dating, marriage, having children… This is an era where you have to work hard to fulfill the things like “When I am this age, I should have become this right?” which you would have imagined since you were younger.
    Junsu: Perhaps it is because we are all aware of that, that artists including myself do not date carelessly, because we know that we would receive a lot of unwanted attention. You cannot walk around as you wish either. Once you know (about the risks), you begin to hesitate. In my case, because I was not aware (in the past), I used to just do things recklessly. On hindsight, I was acting blindly. But having a heart that does not fear has allowed me to move forward. My character of wanting to finish whatever I start has helped me a lot.

    (Kim Junsu, who is a singer as well as a musical actor, in conversation with Focus News’ newbie reporters, Choi Joo Heung, An Soyeon and Kim Jungwoo (from the left).)

    “You gain as much as you lose
    I have developed a habit of always thinking,
    What is it I have gained”

    Sometimes Ordeals Are Necessary
    Soyeon: I think it is better to regret after you have tried. If I think about it seriously, no matter what the challenge is, I do not have much to lose.
    Joo Heung: In the past, I used to be the type that would think very hard (about things). I had the habit of always thinking about things specifically, like “What will I be like in a year’s time?”. However, while I was preparing for the reporter’s exam, everything was a blank and nothing seemed to appear in my mind. I was lost, but everything started from having no plans. Compared to a year ago, today I am more focused on achieving my goal starting with the smaller things, like what I need to accomplish tomorrow.
    Junsu: It may also help to imagine the worst-case scenario. Sometimes you also need to experience difficulties, having to experience “bitterness” 10 times in order to experience “sweetness” is also worth it.
    Jungwoo: It seems important to manage your mindset. For me, should I fail an exam or interview in the company, I always thing “Seems like I am not fated” or “Seems like I failed because there is a better place waiting for me”. Perhaps it is because of all this that the feelings of failure usually do not hit me as hard.
    Joo Heung: Even if it is a company that you struggle very hard before getting in, it does not mean that it is the end of your challenges. It has been 2 months since I entered the company, whenever I receive crticism from the seniors about articles that I write, it is always hard for me. Junsu-ssi must experience many such instances as well, I am curious how you overcome them.
    Junsu: Even if it is something which you cannot achieve immediately, as long as you have the heart of wanting to work hard at it, you will succeed. Work hard to find breaks through your struggles in order to succeed.
    Soyeon: Have you ever had second thoughts about becoming an artist?
    Junsu: I did during debut. Not being able to date freely, not being able to have your own life, it was hard. But as much as I had to give up all this, I also gained a lot, so while we were having activities, I grew into the habit of thinking about what I could gain.
    Jungwoo: It seems very important to know how to be content with what you have. During my training, I had to leave home very early and only get back very late at night, but I have been able to find employment in a company that allows me to exercise my potential, and for this I am very thankful. At first I realised there were difficult obstacles holding me back, but the sense of accomplishment (after overcoming them) is also very big. Although there are times when it is hard, but as long as you control your own emotions, you will be able to control your heart.
    Soyeon: When I was preparing to get a job last year, everyday was heartbreaking. After all, how lucky must you be in order to get a job even before you graduate. From now on, my first mission is to settle down as a reporter in Focus.
    Joo Heung: Being able to do the job that I have always wanted to is amazing, which is why I feel kind of dreamy. Not many people are able to get the job which they have dreamed of since they were young. The difference between “very tiring” and “very tiring, but enjoyable” is very big. Firstly, for me, it is very important to find a job that suits you. The starting point should be what you like, then you work on it from there.
    Soyeon: I want to live being a reporter for more than 20 years. I want to be a reporter that says only what is necessary, and listens more to what other people have to say.
    Junsu: Recently, I have been very interested in producing. By looking at the agency system and naturally learning how musicals or singers are made.

    “You are always strong enough to withstand the difficulties
    Think of people less fortunate than you are
    Find happiness in despair.”

    Everything Depends On Your State Of Mind
    Jungwoo: Finally, please give some useful advice to the younger generation like us, who have just stepped out into society.

    Junsu: Everything depends on your own state of mind. Although Mozart became famous because he was a music genius, but his life was an unfortunate one. Even rich people may not be happy, isn’t it? Rather than being in despair over the way you are, be aware that there are others that have it harder than you. If you can find happiness from there, then you could achieve your dreams and overcome failure, isn’t it? It would be good if everyone could bear in mind that you are always strong enough to withstand the difficulties. Let’s work hard, everyone. Fighting!”

    Source : [BaiduTVXQ + The Daily Focus]
    Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

  8. This if for those who like Becky-san (from the video posted a few days ago of the funny Happy Music interview she did with our JS). These vids were from when she guested on the Cartoon Kat-tun show quite a while ago; even the surly Akanishi Jin seemed smitten by her exuberance. Enjoy!

  9. [NEWS] <> http://twitpic.com/8k7j0n

    It’s Kim Junsu!’ Kim Junsu, being regarded as the ‘Ticket Power”, together with Ok JooHyun starring in the musical ‘Elisabeth’ experienced an explosive popularity. On the Presale Chart (Period: 2/6 ~ 12) on the Online presale website INT, presale of musical ‘Elisabeth’ had surpassed the other productions “Catch me if you can”, “Notre Dame de Paris”, “Mamma Mia!” etc, it was ranked 1st with presale rate of 14%, which is almost double the rate of the production at 2nd place with 7.4%!

    Credit: Josie真喵喵
    Translation: twendy85jyj
    Up by: XiahDerTod

    PS: Kim Junsoo’s Power….XiahTod’s Power ^.^

  10. Does anyone know what to do in order to vote for JYJ in the shorty awrads? it ends on friday and I really want to vote for them. I can only find Jaejoong on there and can’t find Yoochun, Junsu or JYJ. Also how many times can we vote or is it just one vote for each section? Thanks

    Jaejoong is 1st under Celebrity Shorty Award Leaders. let’s help him to stay there. fighting!!

      • Thanks Tiffany.
        I’ve already voted but am urging people to vote and retweet other people’s tweets as we don’t have much time left.
        If people want to follow me on twitter, it’s @Shupagirl_UK. If they go to my page, click on favourites and then retweet my tweets starting with ‘I nominate’ I would be very grateful.

        Let’s do our very best, Fighting!!

      • @Shupagirl_UK Thanks for the info! I refreshed my page but I didn’t notice your post below before I responded to your comment above. Sorry! 😉
        I’ll vote some more, I didn’t realize you could vote more than once. JYJ fighting!

  11. I’ve found out how to vote. These are the links for each member:
    http://shortyawards.com/6002theMicky, http://shortyawards.com/1215thexiahtic, http://shortyawards.com/mjjeje
    Let’s vote JaeJoong for celebrity, Junsu for singing and Yoochun for actor since they have the highest marks in those
    Please can people read the rules before voting.
    * Voting for the same person in the same category more than once simply replaces the text of original vote it does not count as an additional vote
    * Also ReTweets (RTs) are eligible provided the account and nomination meets all the other requirements.

    Voting ends at midnight on Friday 17th February,

    I’ve already voted but would like people to retweet my nominations. If you would like to follow me my twitter name is @Shupagirl_UK

    Thank you. Let’s try our best. Fighting!!

  12. Rumor of JYJ Park Yoochun hitting Saseng* is lie!

    *Saseng is a person who stalks celebrities and call oneself as a ‘fan.’ Neither celebrities nor other normal fans consider Saseng as a fan.

    (There might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes)

    (1)The announcement from the site where the rumor was first posted.

    Link of picture of the announcement: http://yfrog.com/z/h3skjvbj

    The following is the translation of the announcement:

    [The video related to JYJ, which was posted earlier today, turned out to be NOT true.]

    “The witness, who witnessed that it was not the Celebrity that people assume with the video, posted an article on another site*. The Celebrity was already upstairs and not shown while the person in the video was one who was standing at the place continuously. One of members of our website captured the article and sent it to me; and I have already confirmed it. Thus, all the references, which were posted earlier, are all lying rumors.

    Because the rumor was confirmed as a lie, all the members who requested for sharing the reference and replied as if it were true saying ‘yeah, it is true lol’ and etc. will be dropped out from the site.

    I prohibited posting replying articles in order to minimize harmful damage by spreading rumours and I have already announced before to be careful when writing because one will be kicked out from the site if the rumour would be confirmed as a lie.

    I am disappointed that some people misunderstood; however, I understand my situation and it is okay for me. But, why should over 300 people get hurt due to the lie someone has posted?

    I was afraid that innocent people might get kicked out if I allowed posting replying articles and I told to refrain from writing rumors and I would delete them without announcement.

    I know you would feel suffocated because you could not prove the rumor was lie. Why would I not know it? I was afraid of the situation more innocent people would be hurt and I already told the notice was not for myself.

    I would like to apologize for the fact that I could not stop and react quickly to the situation.
    I do not think I can post the list of people who would be kicked out from the site today. I will post another notice related to the drop-out list tomorrow.

    I would like to apologize once again and I hope this would not happen again.

    *Because the site does not allow sharing I cannot show the capture of the article. Please know that the article only contains the truth and I apologize for the delay of handling the situation.
    I apologize I could not mediate the situation quickly.”

    (2)The first person who posted rumor is a subscriber of fan sites of UknowYunho and MaxChangmin who was born in 93’.
    Link of a captured image: http://yfrog.com/nttr0okj

    • OO..Thank you….other evil plan 0__0..poor the boy ..to much presure in and out …Who Next? you can guess…JYJ family have to collect all the weapons for protect our boys!!

    • This same rumor came up in 2009, and it was already proved it’s not him. It’s like the CM hitting pregnant women scandal

    • This same rumor came up in 2009, and it was already proved it’s not him. It’s like the CM hitting pregnant women scandal cr:@DoctorJaee

    • Fans are so vicious! What are they 10 years old to do such thing? I pity them and I have been in JYJ fandom for 5 months. Why must fans create such a ruckus and create fanwars. Why can’t we just enjoy their music/drama or anything that is related to them than bickering one another? JYJ/homin/tvxq5 is one of a hell fandom!

    • This rumor is brought back up 1 DAY after JYJ are still airing “The Day” at Lotte Cinemas. Why is that? Sometimes I wish K_JYJ fans bring up all rumors from years ago about HM and let’s see who the hypocrites are.

  13. This people are trying to go after Yoochun’s clean image. Last year, there were a lot of articles about Yoochun’s clean image, now this year, they have been attacking him. In 3 years, no victim has come forward. If we are believing rumors, then the rumor that Homin’s Changmin beat a pregnant woman is more true, since that woman actually came forward and said he did it.

    • Yes, I remember this rumor about Changmin hitting a pregnant woman and it was “caught on video too” with a really clear image of CM. So CM beats up women too then… SMH and Idiocy in some stans, seriously.

  14. hmm….recently bad rumor about our boys keep coming, it makes me wanna share this. Here the reason why people spread rumors :
    • Lack of real information

    • Boredom

    • Wishful thinking

    • Fear surrounding bad news

    • People’s speculations about impending changes

    • Envy Sometimes people use gossip to bring someone down. The target of gossip is someone who’s perceived to be doing well, someone that has something others want, be it power, beauty, reputation, or money.

    • To bring oneself up

    • Viciousness There are people that are just plain vicious and will start a gossip attack or malicious rumor without any particular reason and do it just for the pleasure of it.

    • Lack of Awareness Some people are simply unaware that rumors are not the truth, and they will tend to repeat them. Don’t be trapped by this lack of awareness. Remember to check if a rumor is true before passing it on. This applies to email rumors as well.

    • To position themselves as someone in the know Those who are in the rumor production business are perceived as more knowledgeable about what is going on. A person who’s given confidential information feels included. Conversely, however, those being talked about feel excluded.

    The next time you hear a rumor, remember this list of reasons why people spread rumors to help you decide how damaging the rumor is and the best way to deal with it.

    i hope this information can help u guys, not only for deal with our boys rumor which always came out when our boys get success but also can help u in the real life ^^

  15. I have watched the video and looked at the photos a few times. If Yoochun had really done this, all the girls who were following after with Jaejoong would have seen it and created a huge ruckus. The person who filmed this would have used it as evidence because the fan girl whom he allegedly hit/slapped would still be in shock. Unless the fans following them think that slapping is an everyday occurrence and paid no attention to it, I find the whole set up very suspicious.

    • Mte

      Could have also mean that the girl is a close acquaintance? Holy crap all we do is speculate now! Why the hell the video is cut just like that? Isn’t the girl who took it should film the whole incident or something is really suspicious here….

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