[NEWS] “Whether the series succeed or not depends on JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun”


Writer Lee Myung Hee recently said that the series Rooftop Prince‘s success depends on how well JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun describes his character.

Lee previously wrote many TV dramas, including SBS’s Mr. Q and Tomato. When he was asked how he thinks about actor Park, who will play the role of prince, he opened the conversation, “Park has played soft characters before.”

“He will play the role of a charismatic prince named Lee Gak in the series. I know that Park can embody the character wonderfully. If he does the series will be successful and Park can also have many opportunities to play a variety of roles.”

Lee is a famous writer who have recorded the highest audience ratings. Mr. Q, starring Kim Hee Sun and Kim Min Jong, received 45.3 percent of an audience rating and Tomato, starring Kim Hee Sun and Kim Seok Hoon, received 52.7 percent of an audience rating.

His TV dramas also affected the current of trendy dramas and entertainment world.

Kim Hee Sun became a top star through his series and Song Yoon Ah also impressed people with her intentionally over-the-top role as the villain in Mr. Q.

Rooftop Prince is getting a lot of attention with Hallyu star Park’s appearance and fantastic plot. Since Lee, who is known as a great man of romantic comedy, wrote the series for the first time in 6 years, many people are looking forward to watching the series.

Source: TV Report
Translation by: Korea.com
Shared by: JYJ3


77 thoughts on “[NEWS] “Whether the series succeed or not depends on JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun”

  1. I hope chun alrdy improve is acting,because in ripley he still has kind of akward expression on the beggining of the episode. But he learns fast. I’m sure this drama will be huge! yoochun fighting!

  2. Yoochun can set his mind to do whatever he wants. If he’s given a good script, and good direction, he’ll deliver. Looking forward to Rooftop Prince.

  3. That is a huge responsepelity I hope he pool this off

    If the rating was bigger than 36 that means the drama will have the bigger rating in drama 2012

    I can’t wait for 16 march

      • I rechecked on drama wiki, their highest is 37.8% (recent episode). It seems to be climbing higher with every episodes.
        I just need Chun’s drama to be really good, despite the ratings.

  4. Yuchun’s acting ability is improving baby 🙂
    I don’t have to worry 🙂
    He can break all the walls!
    Wishing the best for yuchun :*

  5. Way to put the pressure on Yoochun. 🙂 The story and the script is just as important. A lot of excellent and capable actors and actresses fail to score high in the ratings game because of story lines that had gone awry halfway through the series. Yoochun will definitely pull in the viewers but the drama’s success is still very much a team effort.

    • agree with you. it is a joint effort. yuchun does not need THAT kind of pressure cause he already goes all out and gives his best efforts! knowing him, he will pull it off and learn a lot from this opportunity. i am glad the writer believes in his abilities.. i just hope he can take care of his health whilst in the midst of it all. go chunnie go!!! and get strength from js and jj!

      • Yeah, I understand shingles can recur if a person’s immune system is at a low and is severely stressed. Yoochun is in exact situation last year when he had it. He even said that because of the pressure he was having difficulty eating. Hope he had learned some ways of coping this time around.

  6. what a statement, as if ratings totally depends on YC alone; now its up to YC how he perceive this; hopefully in a positive way:) Micky Yoochun we believe in U; Fighting!

    • Chun can and will deliver a fantastic job! We all believe in him. We will all support him from start to finish. YC, fighting! JYJ3 fighting!

      P.S. He’s the writer (not the director)

    • go and make public your expectations.

      This is precisely the entire point. What’s to be gained by making statements like these on public? It’s not exactly brimming with encouragement. It’s like saying my part of this project is faultless it’s now all in Yoochun’s court. Hopefully it’s just the headline of the story that’s creating all the misunderstanding. The writer can’t be that irresponsible.

  7. i dont believe that the drama ratings will depend on yuchun..even if the actors are good but the script and directors sucks then it will make the whole drama fail as well as the ratings..make the script good and yuchun will surely do his job and make the most out of it..we believe in him ..we’re not counting only on yuchun but the script and director and whole cast as well.this is not a 1 man show.

  8. “I know that Park can embody the character wonderfully”

    I love that statement. And yes, as he could made Lee Son Joon alive, I believe he can make Lee Gak alive too. He will make another legend. SkkS is his first legend, a lot of people still talk about and interested with SkkS even the drama already over 2 years ago. I hope Rooftop will become legend too. Park Yoochun Fighting!!!!! I believe in Ƴ☺U and I always support Ƴ☺U……

  9. stop pressuring my chunie, ahjushi!!!! no matter how good is the actor if the script writer is not good the drama will not be successful… and the director also… so please stop pushing all the responsibilities to e actors….

  10. excuse me, why his trying to say that the series depends on yoochun? does he know, the storyline and also scripts are the main thing that grab the viewers attention the most ? I like sungkyunkwan because I like the story which is great and interesting (and introduce me to great yoochun~<3) BUT I somehow indifferent of miss ripley because the storyline doesn't clinch with me.. So,this time he better write a great script! don't blame yoochun if his writing was unrecognised. If he is so good, i should have known Mr.Q or Tomato or other of his working before I know rooftop prince.. sorry, I shouldn't burst like this. Anyway,I have faith in yoochun even if the writer doesn't not mention yoochun great impact and contribution on this work..YC FIGHTING!!

  11. for me, acting, script, and production (screenplay, soundtrack, etc) are equal. one drama has great script and production but lousy acting (ahemdreamhighahem), other drama has great acting and production but cringe-worthy plot (ahemsecretgardenahem), and many other examples. but again, before i can tell how good the script is, the first impression came from the actors and the production. that’s probably why mr. lee here put the “pressure” to yoochun, which makes me proud because that means mr. lee put yoochun highly, to the point that he think that yoochun is the determining factor of the drama’s success. and it’s even said before that he wrote the plot with yoochun in mind. mr. lee is such a chunsa. hehe.

    rooftop prince fighting! 😀

  12. Whatever u wanna say ahjussi.. i just wanna SEE my chunnie on the screen.. just put chunface to whole screen. and all the girls frm 3yo-80yo will be silent in peace in front the TV.. trust me!! they will be fallin love seeing Mr.Park Yoochun from JYJ showing his acting skill..

  13. it’s true that the script and the storyline is important thing for the drama but the ability of the actor who play the drama also a important thing, so even though the script and other thing really great but if the actor can’t delivered the feeling of the character or do his/her part then it’s gonna ruin every thing
    i think the writer not have any bad intention to Yoochun, he only want give Yoochun a motivation. it’s like a bet, if yoochun can success to bring out his character very well through this drama then after this not only his ability at act which gonna be developed but also can give more experience to Yoochun so he can felt so many various roles and not a monotone role like the usual actor get
    i believe in Park Yo, use that pressure that you have now to be a great motivation to you for get develop and prove it to the writer, director and the staff also the other cast that they doesn’t wrong to choose you and not gonna felt regret of that..Park Yo fighting !!!!!

      • hahahaha relax dear i don’t felt angry or anything ^^
        hmm….so in Chinese side and the trans has a different from here ? if i can know, what is it ? i mean the difference part

      • Well, the main is same just the word they use are diffrent… Different word bring out different thoughts and emotion.. maybe the title are too epic^^

      • ah…i guess i knew what u meant
        sometimes the title also can bring misunderstanding from the reader if they not read it closely because one word can be implemented to many meaning
        yes maybe the title really epic ^^

  14. So the writer thinks that his script is that good and is now putting all the pressure on yoochun to pull this drama off. Maybe that’s why yoochun has been stressed out lately. The writer must have already expressed to yoochun these same statements before filming began. The drama was written for yoochun and it’s up to yoochun to deliver the goods. The writer has high expectations for yc. OMG!

  15. Way to put pressure on the guy. Jeez! I didn’t realize the LMH’s dramas were so popular. The names so …
    Well, Rooftop Prince casts and crews, fighting! All the best, pals!

  16. Here’s more detailed interview and article on that.
    Rooftop Writer Says, “The Reason Why We Wanted Yoochun To Appear? His Extraordinary charms~

    I don’t think the writer wants to put the pressure on yoochun but rather, he believes in Yoochun’s capabilities to portray the character well although this will be his first time to portray the opposites of what he played before. He wants to bring out the “versatile Yoochun”

    • @purp1emay
      I agree here.

      On a side note: That PYC charm is really somethin’..
      I mean firstly the ahjummas got charmed, then the noonas, then the peers..
      followed by the dongsaengs..
      and now our writer ahjussi’s attracted by his charms..llol~

      Next, go charm all them Rooftop Prince viewers~!
      Park Yoochun..fighting~!!!


    • Yes, triple agree with u @purp1emay. The writer indeed wants 2 bring the best out of Chun because he sees such big potential in Chun, which is stil untapped!

  17. “He will play the role of a charismatic prince named Lee Gak in the series. I know that Park can embody the character wonderfully. If he does, the series will be successful and Park can also have many opportunities to play a variety of roles.”

    You see, I want to look at this from the positive side of it.
    The writer-ssi is seeing the BIG actor in PYC and more importantly he acknowledges Chun’s acting skills~! 🙂
    He even created a variety of roles so that our Chun can play them to show his true acting skills to all.
    He wrote the story with PYC in mind..and that’s a big deal.
    He has faith in PYC.

    He sees our Chun as a true ACTOR and not just another “pretty-face” idol~! 😉

    I’ll bet if it’s not PYC and instead..
    just another “pretty-face-idol-turned-actor” with zero acting skills..
    he wouldn’t have said the same or wrote the same script as he did here.

    Kyah~ suddenly I’m so proud of our Chun~! kkeke~

    I hope our Chunnie will take this as an encouragement from a senior instead of a “burden” on his shoulders.

    My Chun is so likeable..I’m sure writer-ssi likes him too..haha~

    PYC fighting~!!!
    Rooftop Prince fighting~!!!
    Everybody fighting~!!! 😀

  18. I’m sure Chun will see this in a +ve light… People has high hopes n regards for him because of his outstanding talent n well-regarded character. Of course, his awesome looks is a bonus! Believe in urself, Chun_ster! U are the Best! Fighting!

  19. come to think again,Moon Chae won even rejected this drama bec is too Lee Gak orientated,is a male lead orientated,there is no other lead to help him like SKKS, is Lee Gak drama if Lee Gak rock & charm the drama will be sucess, if Lee Gak fail drama will too.
    Don’t stress YC,u can do it,show charisma.

  20. What a load of crap the writer is attempting to portray, Chun can deliver and acts his parts well what about the rest of the cast, The writer should have confidence that his scripts is good, and rooftop prince storyline is good and everybody played their parts very diligently. Yoo Chun will prevail. Fighting!!!

  21. What a way to put pressure and blame on our dear Yuchun, the script need to be just as good to attract better ratings. I couldnt continue to watch Heart strings after a couple of episodes even though I enjoy watching you’re are beautiful.

  22. Lee Gak already traveled to the present day seoul, royal garb and all, and met the princess/ordinary person on the street. Saw more pictures of him being filmed in the center of soeul, lol. It’s hella interesting. This drama aught to be good! Really good.

  23. Yuchun is no novice to acting now; he knows the ropes and he will continue to portray different characters. Let’s just continue our positive encouragement 😀 Park Yu Fighting!!!

  24. The translation for this article seems kinda weird o_O no wonder everyone blame the scriptwriter for pressuring chunnie XD
    Read the article here, basically the writer discussed what audience like on drama and praise Yoochun acting http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/373933-drama-2012-rooftop-prince-%EC%98%A5%ED%83%91%EB%B0%A9-%EC%99%95%EC%84%B8%EC%9E%90/page__st__260__p__17623425#entry17623425

    About this scriptwriter…. I’ve watched ‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl’, it was once shown on Malaysian tv. It’s a rom/com with Jang Nara, anyone know her? she was quite famous because of this drama. About ..’Successful Story of a Bright Girl’ story is like this~ the guy is a CEO of a make-up company and the girl is a high school student from the countryside, they basically have a push and pull relationship. The CEO is arrogant at 1st but because of his downfall by his evil relatives he turned into a better man. For me to remember the drama after 10 years means the story is quite strong XD. (just checked wiki-addict) OMG the male actor was ‘Jang Hyuk’ .___.,, he looks so different in 10 years.
    So you can expect ‘Rooftop Prince’ to be a romcom with the arrogant guy(usually with higher position or class) always bully the girl but slowly like her (?) XD
    I guess it is the usual korean drama formula since decade ago but would it still attract Korean viewer? we have to find out on March…

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