[TWITTER] 120215 XiahTod bids everyone ‘Good night’ ^o^

[TRANS] Good night..~

Another selca after the cut:

*** UPDATED ***

Junsu: Why did Elisabeth long for Tod(death)? Did she think everything would be healed by dying?

Junsu: Or…death would bring tranquility and rest?

Junsu: During those period… Killing oneself was considered as sacred ritual…even Elisabeth and Rudolf thought that way…

Junsu: But suicide is a sin that would not be washed away!

Junsu: Whatever happens don’t give up… Cheer up! There isn’t a hardship that cannot be overcome… ^^

Junsu: Elisabeth is pitiful… but I think Rudolf is more pitiful… The scene where Rudolf begs Mother’s help… Mother can you hear me?… This line …. always makes me cry…

Junsu: I wish I were mom’s mirror…she would look at me and talk to me…

Junsu: This lyric… My tear would drop watching this scene… I always get scolded going out on the stage after wiping my tears… because I am Tod.

Junsu: Because Tod is alone…didn’t he want a fellow-traveler continuously? Although he is omniscient and omnipotent… because he is alone…and could not get over with loneliness…

Junsu: Although Tod could get Elisabeth by death… because of the death he would lose… although he became one but the love is not reachable… lonely death/Tod.

Junsu: All the characters in Elisabeth are… pitiful.

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by: JYJ3


57 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120215 XiahTod bids everyone ‘Good night’ ^o^

  1. omg i almost fainted when i saw his tweet ><
    first pic is kinda dark but he looks sooooo hot *-* and his eyes!!! omg Junsu u made me happy xDDDD

  2. his eyes are so beautiful, and now as tod, they are mysteriously beautiful to me. i sure hope he gets a good sleep.he is working so hard.

  3. My beloved Junchan, today I saw ur kissing scene pic with the man in Elizabeth. OMG sun I almost gone crazy. You’re the most expert in kissing of JYJ not only women but also men now. (T^T) That’s worried me.
    However, goodnight my TOD.

  4. I appreciate Junsu for talking about this. Suicide is not an attractive option. More like a temptation to make a terrible mistake. I agree with him. There is no hardship which cannot be overcome. It is like the 4 seasons. Winter is always followed by spring and summer. It never stays winter forever. Today it is raining but tomorrow will be bright sunshine.

    • so true so true Lisa. Love Junsu he is just a wonderful, caring beautiful person. I love his look with that hair color… really hope he keeps it for awhile…. maybe for the concerts 🙂

    • @Lisa me too, i really appreciate him for talking on the subject of suicide, since korea is one country where it’s rating is high. Junsu is sooo wise beyond his years! we jyj’ers are so blessed for having such wonderful, talented, and good hearted people to look up to. proud to be!! hwaiting JYJ!!!

  5. I love the fact that he is a deep thinker. I actually find that part of him to be a turn on, LOL!!!! Nothing like a handsome and sexy man with a brain. I feel that Junsu is one of those guys that can wear guy liner and look so sexy as hell!!!! I love his eyes period but even more so the way it looks in the first pic, so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sovereign Junsu! has the “it” factor and full of wisdom, and to be internationally loved, you have to have that to be able to connect to the people of the World and Cultures. I love that side of Susu his wisdom and humility.

  7. Man just reading his lines make my eyed teary
    i wanna watch the musical
    is the fancam is not allowed ?

    yes suicide is never the answer
    by the way his eyes are beautiful ما شاء الله

  8. and this is what i love about the boys. they just dont tweet goofy pics ( which i soooo love) but give their opinions also on certain society issues that needs to be addressed. i believe this was also talked about by jaejoong in one of his interviews. suicide is never an option. and for those who are on the brink and even contemplating about it, i hope we can all learn something from our boys maturity and wisdom.

  9. ¡OH MY GOSH! ¡What a deep and melancholic play! I can feel “Elisabeth’s” characters through Junsu’s description. He describes them with passion and feelings. I want the DVD, oh yes.

  10. “I always get scolded going out on the stage after wiping my tears…because I am Tod”

    Wow…all 3 JYJ members have extraordinarily sensitive, passionate n beautiful souls..more than that, they are able to tap into those deep wells of thought n emotion n express themselves fully. You can hear it in each note they sing (even in DBSK they were different), n you can certainly see it in their eyes which “speak”…

    This trait, I believe, is what makes them true artists – hence they excel in dramas, musicals, songwriting, singing etc.

    If they had remained as puppets to be worked to the bone and cash cows milked for all was worth, we would certainly not be seeing their current output..because art cannot flourish without freedom.

  11. I love every words of it.
    he’s really a deep thinker.
    notice that in every pics of Tod which been taken lately, he wasn’t smiling at all.
    he so into his character in this drama musical.
    so funny he’s crying too in this show. but this time only on the backstage.
    behind his bright image, he’s a very sensitive person also.

  12. wow smokey eyes 😀 just like i did this morning .
    i never interesting with musical/opera before but what he did in elizabeth gain my interest. welldone Junsu !!!!

  13. analyzing the characters and their roles.. i guess he agree on joining this musical to help him get through a lot of problems..
    it might be a way to tell his self that no matter how hard it is, there will always be a solution to every problem..

  14. now I understand what he tweet last night, geez so many tweets in korean are not good for Int’ fans oppa 😀
    thx admins ^^
    I love the story, and Su really are sensitive and deep thinker~
    Need the dvd!
    Go CJeS!! 😀

  15. Thanks Junsu for your words of wisdom,
    you’re 1/3 of the reason why I’m always here in JYJ3, aside from all those cutie pics, we can learn a lot about life from these 3 men JYJ.

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  17. you’re right junsu, all the characters in Elizabeth are pitiful…
    i cried my eyes out watching Elizabeth and Franz Joseph’s “Boats In The Night” scene T____T
    arrgghhhh i need to see junsu in this musical TT____TT

  18. As always, Junsu’s deep thinking for Elizabeth musical, just like what he did to his other two musicals.
    “Whatever happens don’t give up… Cheer up! There isn’t a hardship that cannot be overcome… ^^ ”

    Yes, all the words on those. I totally agree….

  19. Junsu understands the characters well, in ‘Elisabeth’. I like that he’s helping us fans who can’t see the musical, live, to understand through his eyes, what is taking place before him. Thank You, Junsu for sharing ‘Elisabeth’ and Tod/Death, with us.

  20. junchan what have you do to me …..again because of his involvement in musical, i even bear myself watching more than 2 hours DVD on Elisabeth musical in german (luckily it have subtitle this time)~ before i watched Mozart in german without the subtitle…but i really want to watch him as Tod because the songs and the plot involving Tod is sooooooooo hot and breathtaking…..i even cries over when rudolf sing to her mother’s in the mirror…like junchan said, all the character in Elisabeth are pitiful… and it really left a strong lingering feeling after watch it….

  21. Deep! ;A; The lyrics also are very deep… Junsu, Idek, I’m so proud of you. I always knew you were a deep thinker, but you always used to hide your inner thoughts. I’m glad you share them with us now through twitter! Fighting Junsu, you’re wonderful!!

    I wanna see Elizabeth so bad ;A;

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