[VIDEO] Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince Drama – Making of Promo Pics

Credit: SBSNOW1
Shared by: JYJ3


29 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince Drama – Making of Promo Pics

      • I heard, read n still dun buy it!
        It’s too sudden n hella close after the failed taint of sex tape, n dun u think cjes will hear about this too n took action right afterward…..lyk what they did on that rumour
        This is totally scheme up!
        The uploader dun even got yc face, juz sum snapshot which we dunno took when, only same black tee, n who where that black tee on winteror cold weather?! Dun u think it’s weird?
        He’s tee while JJ sweater?!

      • @ nomusicnolife

        Sowwwwwry dearest! Didn’t get this soon enough thanks to slow connection!
        I bet you got everything clear now.


        You need to read @Doctorjaee awesome explanation. Go to today’s GAPP to get more info.

        @ skipbeat0305

        You probably just want to be funny there….but don’t do that again.
        You surely did nothing good by taking Jaejoong in your cheerful comment.

      • Do you understand this word? Or you just just impose your view on me? Don’t think that only you is Jaejoong’s fan. I said the truth that Yoochun & Jaejoong was extracted without certificate ambiguous & you tell me funny. I

    • No Name — whoever you are, i do love love your comment. SoMeone will face worst karma soon because it’s already dealing with bad ilbon karma. They’re farming out their herd out to work hard everywhere but they don’t a stand to JYJ3’s God given talents. Can’t put down the best, eh? Amen.

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