120216 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

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Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

Answer to Yesterday’s GAPP


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563 thoughts on “120216 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

      • @ nomusicnolife

        I thought that I was finally able to throw my scanner and fax machine when admin blocked the yesterday GAPP.
        I am waiting for the antis curiously now…..

      • @jae-is-mine i miss yday’s gapp..i feel like killing myself -_- i busy doing nonsense yesterday gggrrrrrr

      • @ nomusicnolife

        I actually butted in this morning. I read our JYJers tweets when I arrived at the office. Some JYJers also kindly explained to me what is going on and provided the video. I was quick-reading yesterday GAPP after that.

        The wackos posted their deluded and imaginative theories seconds before I finished reading.
        I butted my enormous ass right away.

        I feel so funny when I was accused for saying anything about the separation. LOL
        I bet she would have died on spot if she knew that I have CM as my second bias….
        I would have enjoyed myself more serving her the truth….but I think Admin is wise by blocking the GAPP.
        Especially when it is useless trying to feed the antis the truth. They will not flinch from their stubbornness.

      • @jae-is-mine
        i agree…admin did the right thing. though i didn’t read yday’s post but i know there’s no point starting a “war” with them cos they’re already blindfold

    • The bad rumors is everywhere now. My friend just asked me about it for her friends are now talking about it.

      Darn idiots!….I bet those evil one and his offspring and the fandom will spread it and add their malicious words.

      Stay strong Yoochun!!! Stay strong JYJ! Be strong JYJers!

      • oh, are talking about someone post an old video of DBSK where it said that Chun’s hit a fan? i just see the tweet from doctorjaee and see the vid.. so mad that many people are believing that chun really hit her! even the original uploader of the video have confirmed it wasnt chun.. and as far as i know, the victim never even said it was chun who hit her.. gosh, what the heck is all of these rumour.. and as far as i remember, actually it was being said that chun’s manager hit the girl, then just out ot the blue, the rumour changed to Chun, while from the investigation, it was so clear it wasnt even chun.
        i sent a tweet to beyondmonica. i do hope they will cleared this matter, as so many people are believe this rubbish and spread links to ‘prove’ it. gosh!!!

      • @ one_nee

        Nice @ i sent a tweet to beyondmonica

        I was talking about my friend, who is so curious about the video she accepted from her friend. She knows well that I love JYJ, although she does not. She is wise enough asking me about that and does not forward the video to others. I wonder how many have received the video.
        Such an arranged scheme. I smell rotten eggs now…

      • i just watched the video … and it is Yoochun. i love JYJ so much. why it happened suddenly .. i can not accept. why he behaves like that…to those who spread this video, their intention is to make us hate him … very sad it happened .. what should I do,I don’t want to believe what my eyes had just seen.

      • @ missJYJ

        Were you there?
        It was years ago. His manager was the first one made as a culprit, then it was somehow Chunnie. Then there was clarification. Can’t you at least read previous comments here before butting in my lovely conversation with one_nee?

        Btw. I am actually awarding anyone who can clearly see Chunnie and can say that he clearly hit someone in that unclear video.
        Congratulations! You are awarded with super eyes!

      • @Jae-is-Mine adn @missJYJ

        actually, i am also the same @Jae-is-mine, as far as i know, back in 2009. the news that time was, from the very beginning, it was about chun’s manager who hit a fan. it just somehow, it change to Chun’s who did it. i guess antis have a part on circulating that false rumour. actually, i saw the video too, and shock myself. and i know few pics are circulated that shown it was chun who did it. but on the pic, the only clear pic was the pic in which he was standing and look back to Jae who coming up on the stairs (even many said this look like it was ps-ed, since the angle of his neck kinda odd, i tried the angle, and indeed its kinda odd angle) while the vid/pic shown when incident happened was so blurry, it just shown a man wearing black shirt who look like chun who did slap the fan n pull the hair. there isnt any clear pic/vid shown it was really Chun. but just use a common sense. would he hit a fan in front of so many fans who took a vids n pics of him? and i also read from twitter the statement of the original uploader (the fan who took the vid on that time) and she/he confirmed it wasnt chun but a staff member who did it. and i as far as i remember, this news became so big, not bcoz of the rumoured Chun hit a girl, but more to his manager that hit a fan. it never about him hit a fan.

  1. It’s so sad that the rumor is all over the internet now! First on twitter, Yt and Omona and now even in tumblr.. fcuk the people who’s trying too destroy Chunnie. I just want to let this out here coz I’m truly upset now. Turning their backs on Chunnie now and not even caring what REALLY happened at that time. I always view Chunnie as a sensitive guy with soft heart… And Yes I’m on with “OPPA DIDN’T MEAN IT”…

    • ? “OPPA DIDN’T MEAN IT”…sorry to disagree to this statement… one should be responsible of his own action… irregardless what the situation is…

      but I’ve rewatched that vid repeatedly… stop and pause of the 2-3 sec action to get a clearer view… it’s not him… it’s too crowded… he wouldn’t stop on top of the stairs and get crashed. that guy is guarding the entrance. unless you want YC to be demoted to be the guard the we then can say “OPPA DIDN’T MEAN IT”

    • Yes, maybe they’re leveling up, seems blocking JYJ isn’t enough, JYJ is still soaring high and even gets high profile ambassadorship and since YC is topping the CF and drama arena, first target : PARK YOOCHUN. Character/image is one of their strongest asset aside from their talent . Let’s just wait till Jae will be active again, I’m sure they are already cooking something for him and maybe they have a hard time looking for something for Junsu. Poor boys, but I think the aggressor are getting cheaper on their tricks.

      • and i hope fans be more vigilant.. because character assassination is now the name of the game for JYJ antis.. i guess they knew that as long as fans are in JYJ’s side.. the boys are unstoppable towards their independent careers.. so the best way is to make the fans turn their backs.. well.. i’ll not defend them if they were at fault.. but i’d be the slowest to judge specially if evidences are tweaked.. If this is YC then it would have been in Korean papers, TV, dugged up somewhere.. but this is the first time we’re discussing a 2009 event.. and that’s what makes it suspicious..

      • Don’t you think this is the reason why YC tweeted about “being strong can make you crumble”? YC probably saw this coming….

      • @ pian

        I don’t think Chunnie has Alice’s vision. I think it is just something he felt at the moment. He worked hard for Rooftop Prince.
        Btw….Chunnie was ‘attacked’ for his yacht before and before this hitting case, he was dragged into some Mr B’s rated video.

        Did you happen to miss those all?
        Sorry to ask, but I am curious…:)

      • @Jae-is-Mine (Jae&JYJ/DBSK)
        I know about the yacht thing and the naked pics/video. This is getting ridiculous. Ugh! Every week, a malicious YC rumor sprouts up. This is not a good start of the year for YC. Last year, all his colleagues both in acting and singing commended him for his good manners and comradeship. This year is a reversal. When it rains, it really pours. Hopefully the second half of the year will bring good fortune to him. Even if you try to explain or enlighten some doubting fans, if they already made up their mind then what can you do. So long as YC’s conscience is clear, I’m relieved.

    • To haters and stupid fans
      From: @DoctorJaee
      [Yoochun Hitting Fan Rumor] This is long but Please read and then make your own judgement!

      There is a video that was uploaded recently that shows ‘Yoochun’ hitting a fan.
      First there should be some background information about this video:

      This was a video taken in early 2009 during Mirotic promotions. It was taken by sasaeng (stalker) fans who were in front of the DBSK dorms waiting for the 5 members to return home.

      Here is a link to the newly re-uploaded video:

      This video was first posted back in 2009.
      Because sasaeng fancams are generally looked down on by the fandom, it is rare that they are uploaded in the first place.
      This was also a time when the fandom was very sensitive to attack from anti-fans, the most famous being the “Lu Xia Mang Mang” Chinese pregnant TVXQ fan incident. (if you want more info about this incident, please ask me. I will not go into detail here)

      Because of that, when this video was first posted many fans were curious.
      In the video, it is clear to see that Yoochun walks up the stairs, but when the fan is ‘struck’ it is not clear to see who it is that struck her because it is dark and then Jaejoong walking covers up the girl and the person who struck her.

      In response to many questions being directed to the video, the original poster wrote a post about what occurred:

      The following is a screencap of the post. I will translate as well as provide Hangul text (in case any of you want to put it in Google translate, so you can see that the translation is not a lie, unlike some information spread by members of other fandoms)

      Link: http://yfrog.com/h3skjvbj

      영상의 주인공으로 추 측받던 그 연예인이 아닌것을 직접 목격한.
      현장에 계시던 분의 증언 긑이 타 카페에 올라왔슴니다.
      모 연에인은 미리 위로 올라간 상태고 죄힌 사람은 그 자리에 계 슥 서었더 사람이라 합니다.
      한 회훤님쎄서 그 캡쳐를 직접 저에게 보여주셨 고 제가 화인한 상 태 입 니 다
      따라서 처음 여기에 공유하겠다 욜라왔던 자료들도 전부 루머에 해당됩니다.

      루머로 판명났기에 그 당시 공유요청을 하셨던 분들은 아까 말씀드렸듯 당연히 강퇴이고.
      ᄋᄋᄋ맞잟아 ᄏᄏᄏ 라며 화정지어 말씀하셨던 분듵 역시 루머로 강퇴처리됩니다.

      이런 일이 일어날까봐 최대한 피해를 즐이기 위해 달글도 금지라 말씀드렸고
      차후에 루머로 밝혀지면 대거 강퇴당하실 수 있으니 미리 조심조심, 신중허 글 써달라 부탁드렸던 것인데
      몇몇 분틀이 자꾸만 오해를 하셔서 적젆이 안타까윘습니다.
      제가 쓴소리 듣고 혼나는것은 원래 이 자리가 그련 자리이니 상관 없으나
      누군가 올린 거짓때문에 300명이 넝 는 분들이 피해를 보셔야겠습니까.

      제가 달글을 만들어드리면그 안에서 한 두 분 루머로 강퇴 당하는 분이 생길거고.
      절문글을 허용하면 대답욜 해주며 또다시 학실시 말씀하시다 강퇴당하는 분이 생길까봐
      글 자제하시라, 무통보 삭제하겠다 및번씩 말씀드린것입니다.

      당장 말을 할 수 없으니 답답하고 싫으실 만도 합니다. 그걸 제가 왜 모르겠습니까.
      다만 이렇게 될까 두려욌습니다. 악의 없이 피해를 보는 분들이 늘어날까봐 미연에 방지하고
      그래서 젤 위해 쓴 공지가 아니라 재차 말씀 드렸습니다.

      이텋게 된상핳이 저도 속상합니다. 결국은 재빨리 대처하지 못한 제 책임이란 생각이 들어
      죄스런 맘도 들고, 이 일을 어떻게 책임져야 할 지 생각중입니다.


      Eyewitness Account of the Video that was posted earlier

      The celebrity in the video who you are questioning was already up the stairs while the person who you see is a staff person who was standing on the stairs continuously. One of the members of the website captured an article about your concerns and sent it to me, so I am confirming it now. Thus, any reference that the person in the video is the celebrity is a lie.

      Because myself and other witnesses have confirmed this rumor to be a lie, any member who says things such as “haha, this is true” will be dismissed from this website.

      I will forbid the reposting of this article in order to minimize any further damage this can create and I have already announced to be careful when speaking about this as to not cause unjust rumors. Those who do not comply may be kicked off the site.

      I am disappointed that so many people misunderstood my video; but I can see and accept their position. But why should over 300 people (t/n: staff, associates of DBSK, etc.) be hurt because of a lie that some people have been posting?

      I know that some people have been feeling pressured because they cannot prove the rumors are a lie. But I have told what happened and why would I of all people not know that? I am so afraid of this situation now, where innocent people might get hurt, that I do not care about my own reputation (t/n: normally, fans do not admit they are sasaengs b/c it can hurt their reputation)

      I would like to apologize that I could not rectify the situation quicker and stop the spread of rumors.

      [End Trans]

      So it is clearly shown that the poster of the video herself–and other eyewitnesses at the event–all said that the person in question was not Yoochun, but rather another staff member (probably a DBSK guard or manager)

      Because of this, the video was taken down and it was not mentioned again.

      However, recently certain malicious fans have found old posts and have re-uploaded this old video from 2009.
      This is the post where the video came from earlier today: http://yfrog.com/z/nttr0okj

      This commenter who re-uploaded the video is a known 호텔/HoTel girl (a faction of 2VXQ fans who are JYJ antis)

      The video was also posted by another HoTel on the DC Gallery of SNSD member Taeyeon (for some reason)

      Link: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=taeyeon_new&no=3882063

      These fans are spreading a video that the poster herself discussed about. However they are twisting it to fit their own agenda by not including the post that the original uploader had made about the video.

      It is sad that some fans need to bring down others right as they are doing well in their careers.

      The Korean fandom knows that this is not Yoochun, they are not provoked by this video in any way, and I hope that the international fandom too can make their own decisions after watching the video and seeing the post made by the uploader.

      If this eases your mind in anyway, I am glad.
      If not…then that is also fine. You are free to make your own decisions when it comes to fandom and who to support.
      However, since these are sasaeng videos that are usually not posted at all, I do not know how to provide any better proof than a message from the uploader herself on the situation.

      Just know that I am not a fan who thinks my idols have no faults. I know that they are not perfect and that they do stupid things.
      I would never defend my idol if they made a mistake because I believe they have to rectify it. I do not lie for my idol because that is my name being put out there and it’s not worth it for a person that I don’t even know in real life.
      However, I will defend my idol if they are wrongly accused with no real evidence.

      And to me, evidence that Yoochun was wearing a black shirt and standing on the stairs is not enough to prove anything.
      If it is for you, then so be it. But for me, I will take the word of people who were actually present and who have a reason to be angry more than any of us if Yoochun actually did hit one of them.

      That is my personal opinion, and this is all that I know.
      Please use it to make your own informed decision. Thank you http://tl.gd/fulfpf · Reply
      Report post (?)

    • to stupid fans
      I’m not defend and protect chunnie ….. i don’t know what happen in 2009 couse i’m not KPOP & DBSK Fans …but one thing right now i trust him and i like him. it’s happen in 2009 and now JYJ in top celebrity in korea and Asia …THIS RUMOR SPREAD IN SOUTH KOREA at this time?WEIRD …IN MY HEAD…

      • ahh geesh … not again.
        this is what happened if you are on top of popularity, right after news jaejoong held successful event at turkey, yc with anticipating drama, junsu with elisabeth, they try to bring them down with so many dirty things.

        being jyj-rs need lot of logics, and determination to keep the faith. drain emotions but this is the beauty of being jyj-rs.
        the more attacks …. the more they unity and stay together.
        boys, keep doing the best, i am proud be part of jyj-rs

      • poor yoochun he has such bad luck but anyway according to this vid

        first :

        of all in the video Yoochun is wearing blue jeans , at second 8 of the vid the guy who hit the girl wears black pant

        also :

        yoochun has a bag , the guy doesn’t

        third :

        the guy talks d anu can see his mouth in sync with his words, and the voice is not yoochuns.

        also :

        he doesn’t move from his place why would any of the boys stay around fans to talk when they just past them, which means he is staff since he stands at the side of the gate with confidence.

        i know that sm staff dared to hit the boys when they wanted to, so they treated the fan out of habit to how they treat the boys. there was this voice teacher now there were more than one voice teacher that taught trainees about vocals, but this dude i even know his name called the one he now is singing , this guy beat Junsu and Jaejoong most because he said they didn’t understand his teachings very quickly like the rest. he also said that he beat TVXQ with a ski stick till it break. he actually said this i read his interview. he also beat one girl from SNSD along with Junsu and Jaejoong. he talked like he was proud he beat them he probably thinks he was teaching them. anyway some fans may not be yoochun’s fans if they were they’d at least know the difference between yoochuns voice and the guys voice in the vid, at least have eyes yoochun wears blue jeans and has a big bag and he doesn’t look like someone to stand at the side of the gate to take his time around fans who don’t go crazy for him. if he was Yoochun since u can’t distinguish his voice clothes and his pants at least wonder why the fans aren’t circling him when they circled him as he walked earlier among them, now he is standing around them and they don’t circle him or shout ??? that’s because he isn’t yoochun.


        the guy was only allowing female staff to get inside when he noticed a fan was walking along the female staff he got angry probably was telling her to back off, that is not a duty placed on a star, come on would yoochun wait at the side of the gate to make sure only female staff got inside detecting any fans wanting to sneaking through and preventing them.

      • Yep, that was exactly my thought yesterday. It is clearly a security guard or someone from that place. That goes for the video, for the photo is clearly photoshopped and if you zoom and you have a slight knowledge in photoshop and common sense, you see it thanks to the chin and neck area it has been photoshopped.

      • @pierrot… now you got me… I rewatched the vid several times and slow motioned the last 2-3sec at the end… that guy is guarding the entrance. that’s why I’d say it’s impossible to be YC.

        now let me go back on the vid… you have a good point. 🙂

  2. Please don’t defend Yoochun’s action. I hope the girl already forgave him. I just don’t want to condone violence. Maybe it’s not 100% sure that it is him, but if you have a slight belief that it is, just don’t defend it. I personally believe that it was him, but I don’t hate him. I wasn’t there; I don’t know what happened. I just wish he handled it differently like I expected him to, but on the other hand, he is also human. Let’s move on?

    • @Violet You said you were not there so why make a conclusion out of circumstantial evidences? That photo of Yoochun does not show that he is pulling a girl’s hair or slapping. The video on the other hand is not clear as day as to who and what really happened. So for the people who keep telling us that it’s Yoochun, the burden of proof is on your side. We don’t believe any of these crap not because we condone violence but because the evidences aren’t conclusive.

    • @Violet,
      “Please Don’t defend Yoochun’s action.”
      Defend? What is there to defend? What am I suppose to conclude after watching a shaky 17 sec video?
      I promise not to defend Yoochun if you promise not to accuse him based on a shaky 17 sec video. Deal?

    • @Violet

      Are you serious? Are you for real?
      You base your assumption on a shaky 17 second video. That says alot…..
      As you said yourself YOU WEREN’T THERE then how on earth can you ACCUSE YC in hitting the girl?
      On what grounds and what SOLID proof do you have?
      Do you have a CLEAR picture? or video?
      If you do please share and then we can go and accuse YC.

      To all the people who are out there who have the malicious intent to tarnish JYJ I say to you BRING THE PROOF!!!
      Show us SOLID HARD EVIDENCE of all your petty, flimsy claims about JYJ!
      Where are the eyewitnesses?
      Where are the fancams?
      You want to tarnish YC base on ONE SHAKY 17second video???
      Have you stooped so low?
      Even a preschooler can troll better than that!
      Please learn how to troll properly! You bring shame to the professional trollers!!
      Geez Louise…….

      • GO kementai8
        TELL THEM…..
        I’m getting tired since the last GAPP,
        Yes just show us CLEAR EVIDENCE, not that 17 sec shaky video PLEASEEEE…

      • @kris

        All these lowlifes and I am saying it….LOWLIFES are sooo freaking bored that they have stooped soo low in spreading rumours and accusations left and centre.
        They can’t even make themselves sound credible.
        They make real trolls look bad.
        I mean if you want to destroy someone thoroughly at least have some SOLID evidence.
        Geez… where did they learn to troll? Under a rock?
        My 8 year cousin can do better than that!

        It is such a shame and pity that trolls these days have no class what so ever.
        Unlike the old days where trolls ACTUALLY did some research and have EVIDENCE to troll another person.
        The level these days have dropped so bad that I am ashamed…:)

      • @Sapphire @Jae is mine

        HUGGIES to you too!!!!
        Missed you guys very much!!!
        What a way to come back!!
        I log on and BOOM this comes out!
        *le sigh* I pity those amateur trolls….

      • @murasaki

        yes yes!!!
        I logged on today!
        And when I did…. this is what I saw….
        Have the trolls gone stupid while I was away?
        This is the best they can come up with?
        It is a sad day for professional trollers I tell you… the new generation troll are soooooo under par that it isn”t funny any more……

    • @ Violet

      First, your comment is a bit of contradiction.
      Let me re-arrange yours so you can see it clearer

      Please don’t defend Yoochun’s action.
      I hope the girl already forgave him

      Maybe it’s not 100% sure that it is him
      I just don’t want to condone violence.
      I don’t know what happened
      I personally believe that it was him

      Before you can actually ask others to move on, you need do better with forming words.

      We know well enough what we are doing and we will depend Yoochun from any malicious deeds. We will start from girls like you. Do you really think that you can ‘persuade’ others with your shallow words.

      Do some lessons and come back when you are wiser.

      Thank u

    • yes, it is yoochun, coz even i would do it too. if i was a famous idol, sorrounded by so many fans that made such a noise, i would rather stand in the side of a stair long enough to hit and pull a fan’s hair where many of my fans have taking tons of pics n vids of me than to hurried went to the next room and save myself from being groped, touch or screamed at. (*sarcasm*)

    • honey concentrate on the video

      Yoochun wears blue jeans and his black shirt is tucked in, at second 8 the guy wears black pants, the guy stand at the side of the gate and watches the famale staff he lets the female staff in but realizes or misunderstand a fan trying to get in so he spoke to her and hit her head but it wasn’t yoochun. why would yoochun who is tired and trying to pass from fans wait at the side of the gate and watch the female staff pass by. look again at the vid then look over a gain. Yoochun wears average and staff wear average, his hair is also average like the staff, its freaking coincidence but if u concentrate u can figure it out and listen well, the voice doesn’t belong to Yoochun either.

      hope u can see the evidence. i wouldn’t defend him if there was no evidence to back it up.

    • @Violet
      I managed to see the vid.
      I only see uri Jejung’s back and I wished I was there T____T
      I saw a dark figure near the door touching a girl’s head.
      The vid was cut.
      I want to see the aftermath of the alleged but there are aren’t….hmmm…
      That’s Yuchun? I want a clear vid and pic.

      Deferto neminem~~

      So typical of you……either you are an anti or being gullible or both.
      Have a nice day ^^

      • @violet “Please don’t defend Yoochun’s action.” “Maybe it’s not 100% sure that it is him, but if you have a slight belief that it is, just don’t defend it.”

        Sorry, Violet, but I think it should be the opposite, everyone is innocent until proved guilty. Isn’t it like that? In my mind it’s and by law it’s also. And it’s not we don’t condemn violence, we do but that person was NOT Yoochun. If you take your time to read people who was actually there and people who filmed the video, you’ll see he IS NOT Yoochun.

    • well people can have a different interpretation than yours, so if people defend them, it’s not something bad. you see him do that, others are not, thus the one who see it differently has every right to defend him. and actually, since he both don’t know and can only assume from what they saw, they actually can’t just go bash him.

    • well people can have a different interpretation than yours, so if people defend them, it’s not something bad. you see him do that, others are not, thus the one who see it differently has every right to defend him. and actually, since they don’t know and can only assume from what they saw, they actually can’t just go bash him.

  3. so many rumours about yuchun, lately..so, let we see:
    1. Yacht investigations: my first reaction –> what the hell?
    2. Naked pics issue: my second reaction –> Oh My God….
    3. Violence against fans: my third reaction –> what??? not again….

    Those news happens every week and they have pattern now…clap clap….it’s a good move at first…but it’s getting lame at third…. is it coincidence? i don’t think so…

    i never knew that being celebrity in korea (especially idol) is so scary…if someone is following me wherever i go and keep taking pictures of me..i don’t think i can handle it… those fans…need to learn this word: PRIVACY

    wow… k-entertainment is a circle of devil….and SM is the biggest evil…hahahahaha…listen to me, lee so man…you may call yourself is the founder of k-pop things…but one day… sooner or later…. i think you are the one who will responsible for the fall of k-pop….

    • Some people are so terrified that Chun is going to be successful with his new drama that they would stop at nothing to try to destroy his name.

      They are right: they should be TERRIFIED.

      Cause nothing is going to stop that boy from coming out on top again. His new drama is going to be through the roof.

      And I don’t need to see no video or do no analysis. He didn’t do it. I may not be willing to bet my life on it, but I will bet my right arm. Serious.

      It really is just common sense.

  4. btw about chunnie’s matter. even IF its really true *i doubt that of course..i have my faith on chunnie*..so? i used to hit people too cos i cant hold my anger anymore hahahha..ermm..ahemm..*cough*..im human, so do yoochun..its normal to be angry right? no one’s perfect…we all know it..so we should learn to accept, respect and forgive *peace* im talking too much lol whats wrong with me XD

    • and please..so many cameras there, obviously he wont hit someone in public and i know he’s not this kind of person. i duno why so many things keep attacking him recently..the yacht stuff, blackmail stuff and now this..something happen on 2009. SoMeone is bored. and i doubt the length of the video..it has been cut..probably to avoid us seeing the face of the person who hit that girl…To a man who’s well-loved because of his polite manners, i have faith in him rather than those vid and pic that can be easily manipulated.

      • And to imply that all those girls attending there were all blind for not seeing the ‘hitting’ is so pathetic.

        How can anyone make a claim that they can see clearly who the man was and say that the man clearly hit someone when all we got are some unclear videos and blurry photos?
        I always think that there are super power people live among us.
        They maybe have super vision for seeing things that could not be seen by the attendees there. And can see further more to something that happened years ago…..amazing! amazing.
        The new super eyes just come to surface! An award to go!

      • and to top it off… I saw this 1 vid 18sec long… where she’s holding her camera side lying until it reaches 15sec. and on 16sec YC is in the room looking backward wondering what was going on, now she’s holding her camera properly(still YC face is still blurry)

        I reduced the video speed to 1/4 and the 15sec going to 16 sec. you could actually see the cut of the video. in short the video was manipulated to look as if YC was the culprit. and it wasn’t clear.

      • this matter is just so sickening. just because of the “excuse me” matter now they wanna bring this issue back. or maybe its just SoMeone trolling around. I really hate when people make assumption based on something which are unsure. Some blind, some have super vision *facepalm*

  5. RT: Yulebaifenbai (@DoctorJaee) http://www.twitlonger.com/show/fulfpf
    “These fans are spreading a video that the poster herself discussed about. However they are twisting it to fit their own agenda by not including the post that the original uploader had made about the video.

    It is sad that some fans need to bring down others right as they are doing well in their careers.

    The Korean fandom knows that this is not Yoochun, they are not provoked by this video in any way, and I hope that the international fandom too can make their own decisions after watching the video and seeing the post made by the uploader.

    If this eases your mind in anyway, I am glad.
    If not…then that is also fine. You are free to make your own decisions when it comes to fandom and who to support.
    However, since these are sasaeng videos that are usually not posted at all, I do not know how to provide any better proof than a message from the uploader herself on the situation.

    Just know that I am not a fan who thinks my idols have no faults. I know that they are not perfect and that they do stupid things.
    I would never defend my idol if they made a mistake because I believe they have to rectify it. I do not lie for my idol because that is my name being put out there and it’s not worth it for a person that I don’t even know in real life.
    However, I will defend my idol if they are wrongly accused with no real evidence.

    And to me, evidence that Yoochun was wearing a black shirt and standing on the stairs is not enough to prove anything.
    If it is for you, then so be it. But for me, I will take the word of people who were actually present and who have a reason to be angry more than any of us if Yoochun actually did hit one of them.

    That is my personal opinion, and this is all that I know.
    Please use it to make your own informed decision. Thank you”


      • yeah it did.. i know somewhere .. someone will clarify this issue.. i was kind of hoping that the fans were the slowest to judge and will not allowed themselves to be used to spread rumor without confirmations.. i guess i hoped too much.. we are a young fandom.. and we’ll be still dealing with a lot of this in the future.. let this be an experience where we can learn to be more critical in dealing with rumors and their sources..

      • Youngsters are easily swayed. That’s why I keep on saying ahjumma fans make the best fans because they’re mature and have grown through experience. 🙂
        This incident was already clarified years ago. It’s not him. Moral of this incident: YC should not wear clothes similar to the staff/manager.

      • @jenknight18
        Way back when this first came out, they were still DBSK. Jaejoong and Yoochun were in the midst of their Japanese Soulmate promotions, and JYJ has definitely not been formed yet. They were active as both DBSK and THSK. The fandom of Cassiopeia/BigEast/etc were strong enough to withstand this rumour while weathering all the upheavals. I’m not saying you were wrong to hope, but let me put it this way. In my opinion, there’s no use wanting to convince other people. There’ll always be that 1 seed of lingering doubt. You believe what you want believe. Some people chose to believe that it’s him, some don’t. Of those who do, some forgave him, some don’t. His reputation takes a hit either way. If the previous fandom can be strong and support him, I don’t see why the JYJ fandom (as young as it is) can’t. Ultimately you win some, you lose some. We just need to be there for Yoochun.

        It never really was clarified though. And I hope you won’t generalise fan behaviour by their age too much. I’m not a teenager by any means, but I am a young adult. I’d like to think I’m a bit more mature than that.

  6. Jagh….. I can not reply to a comment on yesterday GAPP anymore….

    And I was being accused by some fangirl for doing something I didn’t even do…..LOL
    I think if she can blindly accused my darling Chunnie of doing something malicious, she will have no second thought in accusing me…. LOL.
    I wonder if she will accept my offer to meet in person to clarify that…..

  7. lol.. i sense there’s many haters in JYJ3 actually… their innocent haters comments makes me laugh… HAHAHAHA! whatever~~~

    yoochun ah hwaiting!!! JYJ hwaiting!!!

    • well some might be antis in disguise.. and some might just have been confused.. in all fairness.. the one who spread this did a pretty decent job on stirring people’s mind.. at first i thought also it was PYC but then it dawns me .. that if it’s YC why we just heard about it now.. none on the DBSK fandom ever brought it up against JYJ even during the heated split.. anyways.. i am against violence on women and to whoever actually did that, he should have been accountable for it, no matter what did the girl do, hitting people is not the way to fix it.. violence is never correct…… however, to the antis with ill intentions on destroying JYJ… may you experience life’s blessings it seems you badly need it…

      • “however, to the antis with ill intentions on destroying JYJ… may you experience life’s blessings it seems you badly need it”

        ^.~ wish they will get some ‘lights’ to their darkness… but i can see there will be many ‘rumours’ coming . so be prepared~

      • “but i can see there will be many ‘rumours’ coming . so be prepared~” – O.O there are more? Ok, I’ll be prepared.
        They say life is like a roller coaster – it is true.

  8. It looks really bad. But I don’t think he will actually hit a fan infront of all those flashing cameras. That will be intentionally trying to destroy his own career single handedly. It looks really really bad, but luckily there was another girl with black clothes right next to Chun. Lets see what happens.

    • I rewatched it. That guy looks like Chun, but that’s not him. Chun went up the stairs first, followed by the white & blue coat guy, then this manager with black clothes followed. I know there were tons of fans with cameras there that day. There should be someone with Chun’s stalker vid of that day out there. I hope the person has that footage available to share so that haters can go stuff it.

      • This was already clarified years ago. If YC was the culprit, it would have made online news that time and K fans would have made a big deal out of it just like how they treated the “pregnant woman and Changmin” incident. Chinese fans were there and witnessed the whole incident. They said it’s not YC. Why in the world would YC, calculating as he is, do that in public anyway? It’s just absurd.

    • I just want to share what I read from twitter:
      from :Hoa Hoa (@meohayngugat)
      Posted Thursday 16th February 2012

      “That’s so funny. I saw the video just now and I could feel that’s so hilarious.

      Try to think a little bit and you could feel so illogical about all the things.

      If it’s really Yoochun, and he’s surrounded by many people such like this, it’s will be on the FRONT PAGES of all tabloid this time. 2009 is peak time of DBSK, they are so famous, they are sparkling. And Yoochun did that. Try to think. Comm’n, SM could not shut all the mouths up while so many people saw the scenes. And you think that reporters will leave that alone and all the eyes at the moments are blind??? Even they maybe his fans, do you think that fangirls would not tell anyone and that girl didn’t do anything. Hundreds of eyes, Hundreds of mouths and it was kept as a secret. What kind of logic is that?

      If that’s really Yoochun, I just want to ask a single question: Why wasn’t it revealed in 2009 but NOW, IN THE FACE of his new drama and his rising reputation???? All of sudden? Even kids could understand motivation behind all of this. ><.

      And I agree with the poster.

      • It WAS actually revealed in 2009, but it got buried. Yoochun’s my bias and the one who got me into DBSK all those years ago, but I myself had mixed feelings when this video first got out both back then, AND now. The problem is, there’s TWO different explanations going around. The one that’s been mentioned above states that it’s NOT Yoochun and is a staff member, and this incident occurred in early 2009, during Mirotic promotions. The problem is, this actually happened in September 2009 (090911 to be exact), when Mirotic (2nd half of 2008) has long been concluded and JYJ were already in the midst of the lawsuit with SM. The second explanation is that it apparently WAS Yoochun, and this has been stated on a sasaeng’s blog post (possibly that girl in the video) about how happy she was that she managed to get him so riled up he reacted that way, which is so twisted on so many different levels. DBSK’s sasaeng fans are incredibly notorious, especially Yoochun’s.

        Regardless, I hope that the incident will spark some debate about how violent the idols’ managers are (I mean have you seen Shinee’s and CNBlue’s manager smacking some girls around? It’s horrible.) and make fans rethink their mob mentality).

      • seriously.. what’s the next scandal.. to destroy Yoochun’s reputation/???

        “Yoochun announces marriage to jenknight18???” –> ABSURD!! WE PROMISED TO KEEP THIS A SECRET!! ^_____^

      • @iraaa
        Just some queries to your post.
        1) How did you know exactly when this happened?
        2) If it happened when JYJ had already sued SM, why would it be buried? SM would have created a HUGE storm with this news if something like this had happened. See how they tried to down the names of JYJ these 2 years?

      • @Shadow
        1)By looking at their outfits. Also, if my memory serves me right, when this vid first came up years ago fans already pinpointed this day. If you check all the fancams/photos taken from that day, JaeChun came back from Japan through (I believe) Gimpo Airport, then they apparently went to the tattoo parlour, and had dinner and also met up with friends. The whole day was basically JaeChun together.

        2)When I said it got “buried”, I don’t mean SM actually paid people off. I meant just buried as time passes by. Things blow over. They were still bound by SM’s contract at the time. SM wouldn’t want to rock the boat as it’s early days yet in the lawsuit, and there’s a very real possibility of the 3 dropping the case. The 5 still had a good relationship at the time, eg. Yunho and Jaejoong meeting up for lunch before Yunho’s Heading to the Ground filming. DBSK had their last concert together, the Shanghai Mirotic concert where the fans did the Mideoyo event for them on 2 October 09. Nobody thought that they were actually going to disband, even though the threat was very real. It wouldn’t do SM any good to basically spit back on their faces at that point of time.

        What I actually have a problem with is basically discrepancies. It’s great that people are clarifying the situation, but I wish the explanation doesn’t bring up more questions instead. I don’t know if I’m being nitpicky, but little things bother me, like they were clearly going into a restaurant, why would people say the fans were stalking outside their house and waiting for them there? (Note that this wasn’t in the trans of the uploader’s acc, but added on by the person explaining.)

      • @Shadow

        Also, if you read my post, I was actually pointing out several questionable things mentioned by the person clarifying the situation. If I, as a JYJ fan whose bias is actually Yoochun can easily point them out, you realise that any dedicated anti definitely can too. A lot of fans (even on this site) take these things at face value, but if we don’t straighten out all the facts before telling people, wouldn’t that be more damaging to Yoochun’s rep? It would make the explanation so flimsy.

    • Dropping my comment here coz I like your name ‘loveunchanged”. You know even if it really was him, I don’t think my love for these guys will change at all. They have given a lot for people and this one mistake will take all the good things? that’s shit! and those fangirls who turn their back on Chunnie because of this incident is just sad..

      • My love for him hasn’t changed. I just dont want him to be the guy that hits girls, or even “the Chris Brown of KPOP”. At least CB did it in private. I dont want him to be tainted like this. The sex/nude pics were even better than this. Serious.

      • No, no, lol. I don’t mean that it’s good in anyway. I’m saying that only a truly stupid “celebraty” would hit a person (doesn’t matter if its a woman or man) out in public. In full view of at least 20 people with cameras. “At least CB did it in private” means the guy could have played “not guilty” to those crimes and gotten away with it since there were no eye witness and no camera of him hitting Rhiana.

      • @loveUnchanged

        That’s a relief! I was wondering if body snatching aliens had come & taken the real you for a while there! Sorry I doubted you. 🙂

  9. I don’t believe in rumors ,and with that kind of proof ,that vid.,sorry ,I have to say “that was B* SH*..- The people who have brain will never ever see it like an “evident” ..

  10. AGAIN THIS IS TO stupid fans and Antis ——->JUST SHARE HAPPINES (^-^)/

    maybe stupid fans like /love yoochun and forgot their idols LOL that’s why their spreading rumors about chunnie XD same with this song LOL

    • OMG! People are really stupid….Some moron hater ACTUALLY said that Adele is auto-tuned….I was like….what? O_o Auto-tuned? Adele? He posted that on her “Set fire to the Rain” video and then he wondered where all the “good singers” had gone.

      LOL! I know where the fumes went.—->To his puny moron brain.

      What am I trying to say? That haters will always be haters. Worrying about other people instead of their own sad-ass existence. That is why they feel the need to spread poison. I don’t believe these antis are so concerned with their favorites. I don’t believe they are defending their idols but rather trying to gain control over them. “You should do what we “fans” want because we defend you from antis and the competition”. They really believe this shit. I just find it ridiculous that a 17-second, blurry video from 2009 can cause this much commotion.

      • did you see all the really stupid hate after the Grammy Awards ?
        my favorite one is ” she’s only famous because she’s fat ” …. seriously !

      • HUGS!!! How are you girl?

        Yes it is ridiculous. Not only is she kind and polite she also has talent but that isn’t enough or maybe it is too much for some people. Saddest mofos you will ever meet. They trash talk people and then turn around and lecture you on their right to share their “opinions”. Sort of like the moron troll who payed us a visit today. She is famous because she is fat?!!! That must have been the product of a 2 hour “conversation” of haters who have never achieved anything in their pathetic lives.

      • doing good but I keep having trouble managing my time these days .

        the hate and the trolling ….imagine the time they spent thinking up something to say, and it wasn’t even meaningful…Not to mention the fact they do it someplace where NO ONE APPRECIATES THEIR EFFORT.
        There are a million things one could do in life and this is the best they could come up with.

  11. After watching the video about YC hitting the fan back in 2009 I feel the video is questionable! This video popping up now seems clearly like a setup. Three things come to mind after watching that video:

    1. Because there were so many fans there waiting on them. You can see Jae trying to move through the crowd as fast as he can to get away from the fans. So seeing him move like that, why would YC or any of the rest of the members not be doing the same thing. I say that because why would he go up the stairs and wait at the top of the stairs. The person in the black shirt is not walking in a hurry like they are trying to get away from the fans. The person in the black shirt went up the stairs, stops at the top of the stairs and just stands there. Then the fan walks by and the person hit the girl. If that was YC why wouldn’t he continue to move to try to get away from the fans quickly like the rest of the members. That do not make any sense that he would just stop and wait at the top of the stairs.

    2. The person is video tapped from a distance and not right up on the person’s face. That person could be anyone. I am not aware of what hair style YC was sporting in 2009 on that day. But many Korean men sport the same hair styles. Also, a black t-shirt is just a black t-shirt many people wear them. That could be anyone standing at the top of the stairs.

    3. Why did the video cut off so abruptly. Makes you wonder if the video was originally longer and it was cut to make it hard to see who it is clearly.

    Because of the points I stated above I am doubting that it is really him. So I am going to choose to believe that it is not him until something more valid comes up. If it is found concretely that it is him then he will have to face the consequences that comes with what he did. Until then my fandom for JYJ will stay the same.

    • Even if he really did that. I wonder if they’ll come clean. I suspect they’ll tell that it’s not Yoochun or just ignore the whole thing. Any idea how Changmin get away from his rumor about hitting a preg lady?

      • I think it was proven that it’s a fabricated rumour. I can’t really remember how though, sorry.

        “I suspect they’ll tell that it’s not Yoochun or just ignore the whole thing.”
        Considering this thing came up a few years ago and got buried, yep.

      • anyone reading this comment please bear in my mind that I’m only asking how the fans reacted to the Changmin’s rumor? I mean no harm to him and I do not and never hate Changmin. I am just curios coz people mention it!

      • When I first heard it I was in disbelief. It doesn’t even sound credible to me tbh, it’s really far-fetched. Plus there’s no pics and/or vids as “proof”.

    • to those who spread this video, their intention is to make us hate him … sad it happened .. what should I do. I do not want to believe what my eyes had just seen.i hope it’s not true

      • Real Chunsas won’t buy this kind of video in my opinion. those who will turn back are not really fans of him. Though I really do not condoned such acts like hitting people (specially girls) I have no right to judge him. If you watched the video repeatedly you will come with many conclusion and it is up to you what you want to believe!

        After replaying the vid many times I came to my own conclusion (no matter how delusional it is)!
        The guy in the black is waiting at the stairs. he grabbed the girl’s arm then somehow took her cam but then she accidentally hit herself and the guy in the black caressed her head… That’s how I see it after watching it on repeats!
        And my second observation, if it is really him. Why are fans only crowding at JJ? Isn’t Yoochun supposed to be very popular too?

        This beliefs are the reasons why I can’t condemned Yoochun and claimed that it was him 100% when we are all not sure about that!

  12. This is only my thought, I suddenly thought how great Park Yoochun is .. after he was revered for being the king of cf, and crowned as the young shines actor . Now some people started trying to find the bad side of Park Yoochun. they seemed really scared Park Yoochun will be too “bright” for their eyes.. i wouldn’t be no wonder, if in next couple weeks we will find a bad rumors of Jaejoong and Junsu.. lets prepare ourself JYJfams..

    • i will b*tch slap those who touch JJ…same goes to those who hurt YC and JS ! But i got a feeling things will happen really soon. Prepare my tears and anger. Hate this shitty feelings *frustrated*

  13. I’m a little late, but congratulations JYJ3 for 21 million + hits!!! ^____^ & to the admins who are on holidays, I hope you’re having a great time.

  14. omjae.

    i thought the rumours happened since this morning, when i read my tl, and saw doctorjae’s twit , i was like …wth ? i dunno it happened on yesterday’s gapp.

    awww i missed the chance to kick those disguise antis, i missed the party 😦

      • haha..dont wry I wont.
        I was js surprised how cld some1 who claimed herself to be a JYJ fan could humiliates her own family members.
        Anyway, I am always proud to be part of this heart-warming family, now and forever..such bashes wont affect my impression on this family ^^

    • @cassie261

      Don’t worry to much about it…
      It is probably a troll wannabe or in a very bad disguise.
      A MATURE EDUCATED fan with CLASS will never ever bash others.
      Most JYJers are mature enough not to engage ourselves with petty immature fans unless those fans become unstable and start sprouting delusional rubbish.

      I have no idea where you got that from but don’t pay it any attention.

      Rule of thumb to all those troll wannbes…
      Bashing an innocent person is a big no no. In the end the only person that will look stupid and ridiculous is yourself.

    • @ cassie261

      Hi there!
      JJ is my ever and forever love while Changmin is my second. I knew DBSK before I am JYJers. Will always love Changmin.

      It was bad rumors years ago, when Changmin was accused to have beaten 2 girls, one was pregnant. It had been clarified as cruel rumors.
      If you love HoMin the way I love Changmin, you must have the story in your files.

      Don’t let your anger clouded your judgement. JYJers do not bash HoMin here. And our admins have it posted as regulations.

      You also need to realise that all can call themselves JYJers here, but it has been proven that some are just trolls and want to give JYJ3 bad names.

      Please refrain yourself from accusing JYJers.


      • @ cassie261

        If I somehow offended you, I sincerely apologise. I used to call myself a Cassie too, but there are so many YJ freaks consider me similar to them, and I had bad experiences from people who called themselves Cassies but refused to hear any latest information and dedicated themselves to the past only. so I stopped calling myself a Cassie. I am JJer, Changminer, JYJer.

      • I hate JY too and and I’m always proud 2 b known as a JYJ fan..
        btw, i tink U must hv mistaken my status, bcoz of my username huh?
        I m no longer a Cassie too…altho I still listens to old DBSK songs besides JYJ’s ^^

      • @jae-is-mine

        Sorry for butting in but it surprised me so much! We’ve been chatting for awhile in twitter and I only know that your second bias is Lord Voldemort? Omg sun! I am JJ/Junsu bias too and the second on the list si Lord Voldemort!

      • @ nikhapi

        LOL…..Our comments got swept away because of it.
        Admins! I do not want to bash anything…Just a little confession.
        We talk about this on Twitter later my dear.

        @ zan JYJ= my encouragement

        Got it sweetheart! I have promised Adminies that….^___^

  15. if you could find a little bit longer video.from the video if you look closer and make it a slow motion you could see the man in black (who people assume was YC) ARE NOT mean to slaping or hitting the girl behind him. it look like it is an accident the guy hand hit ing the girls head. after that you could see the man in black rubbing the girl on his head like apologizing. just my opinion. and i still 100% sure it’s the SoMeone’s work on this nonsense rumor spreading like fire.

    • i know it, i think like you but cant say with my weak english, im so worry, if our think is true, how can someone prove for them?
      please god, please save them.

    • i like this movie a lot, i remember watched it at planet hollywood jakarta. i think it was the first time hindi movie there, it’s mean that movie really good since usually only indonesian and american movie played there.

      • @ dolta (@dolta_07)

        Err….uhhmmm….I didn’t watch TPI.
        I watched some Indian movies too….like Shahrukh Khan (I hope I didn’t spell it wrong). And I like Kareena Kapoor and Preity Z(?), so beautiful and sexy. I want to have their bodies….kekekeke.

  16. In all honesty guys.. there is one scandal.. i wanted to spread about Yoochun….

    “HOT ITEM: Yoochun and jenknight18 are expecting a baby!!”..
    Me: Yes my friends.. We are officially getting married!

    LOL!! *gets a kick from Chunsas*

    • O….i am Totally agree with you. that is what my opinion when i see one of the slow motion vid when i saw one.from the video if you look closer and make it a slow motion you could see the man in black (who people assume was YC ) ARE NOT mean to slaping or hitting the girl behind him. it look like it is an accident the guy hand hit ing the girls head. after that you could see the man in black rubbing the girl on his head like apologizing. The vid is definitely cut in a time that will give people who see it a bad impression when u see it.

      • The explanation is possible right? maybe they cut this video at this point coz that’s how it happened? All the misuderstandings will be solved if only the uploader of the video uploaded the whole scenario or we can say the whole thing is a plan to destroy him. I really hope CJES will give a statement sooner coz the misuderstanding is so growing…

      • @ nikhapi

        If they get to the source IP address, it is likely to be done. But I reckon it is not likely to be caught. It was meticulously and evilly planned, one by one to attack our boys. Sadly as it is, I think it will not over soon enough. I am so worried about what might come next.

        Can they just die, those monstrous evil and his offspring? *sighs*

      • @Jae-is-mine it is evilly plan! The video that started all which is originally in YT has been removed and the uploader has only one video in her channel.. Very suspicious indeed! It is meant to destroy Yoochun’s image internationally. I think we are smart enough not to jump in conclusion.

      • I don’t know if C-JES will give a statement about this… it didn’t make the news just lame gossip sites .

      • @ meme & JYJ

        I doubt CJes will be able to track the IP address. The monstrous evil is not brainless, although I said them to be most of the time. They had everything arranged to be easily tracked down.

        So…it will end up as evil rumors and no legal action can be taken to sue anyone….

    • yet non of the people and sites that put the “old” suddenly back video are going to care about it and just lave it at that .

      • @meme & JYJ

        because the 17 seconds video is meant to destroy Chunnie’s image in the eyes of international fans! Notice that the video who started all the disturbance in the fandom is likely been removed in YT and it is kinda too fishy that the channel has only one video there? I think an anti JYJ/Yoochun reposted this for the new fans to have a bad image of Chunnie.. Isn’t it sick? The antis are joining in the enemies’ band wagon!?

      • @nomusicnolife
        Eventhough JYJ are the hottest people in the world! There’s no way I would want to get a massage with them.. Let alone with videos like this. I’m so scared for my dear life!

      • @nikhapi hahaha..really? lol i mostly spend my time watching yt vids, check out JYJ3 😛 and sometimes read fanfics..>_<

      • @nomusicnolife
        I used to read fanfics but kinda refrain myself now. I love reading shojo manga though. As for YT vids. I only watch old dbsk and JYJ there. I’m also addicted to RM. So yeah basically if I have nothing else to do that’s how I do in my free time. hehehe

        do you watch Kdrama? Can u recommend me some? There are few that I was watching but decided to drop it coz I lost interest in the story line. To name few, City hunter, dream high 1, proposal daisakusen (korean version), greatest love. I have no plans on finishing these series…

      • @nikhapi hahaha..really? lol i mostly spend my time watching yt vids, check out JYJ3 and sometimes read fanfics..>_<

      • @nikhapi i know i know. but somehow lots people already make their assumption. im so afraid 😥 its a hot issue now and some believe it. i feel useless unable to make things clear for them. what should i do? i feel down 😦

      • @nomusicnolife

        You might not want to read the comments at the omonatheydidnt@lj coz 98% of the comments there despise Yoochun and take him as the bad guy! Even at YT.. It’s sad coz there is no valid proof that he really hit the girl….

      • @nikhapi i know..i saw T_T i wanted to leave a comment but im not their friend..i can’t. i dun wanna read cos it hurt me so much…really much…and i surely will look like retarded cos everyone there are insane. i feel like dying. fans believe the “excuse me” is innocent. why cant they believe yoochun is innocent too?

      • @nomusicnolife

        @omonathedidnt Most of them are just true trolls! It is very hard to argue with them. And the troll here is giving me a laugh coz she seems to lack a quality what a real troll should be! heheheh

      • @nikhapi i dun even bother to read her comment. waste of time lol mom told me ignorance is bliss 😉
        reminds me of a quote “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” *SIGH*

      • @nomusicnolife

        Yah true but I was so bored and have no choice but to read some. I enjoy though… and even join the discussion there. I was lucky I wasn’t trolled there…

      • @nikhapi lucky you. i rather spend my time chatting with my friends and listen some songs..im so tired..my mind is exhausted…i just everything will end well asap…

      • @nomusicnolife

        I got a healthy laugh with them coz they are linking me with nice/intersting videos in YT. hahaha and when I’m super bored I tend to spend it on my own or read manga! heheheh

      • ARGRHH! i always click the wrong reply..im posting this for the third time..whats wrong with me D:
        @nikhapi hahaha..really? lol i mostly spend my time watching yt vids, check out JYJ3 and sometimes read fanfics..>_<

  17. You know what, YC and JYJ are clearly successful and doing fine; so the haters and other ‘evils’ are crawling out of the woodwork. It shouldn’t surprise us; but having some in the fandom falling apart over a shaky seconds long video, is. This reaction is just what the haters, anti’s and a certain ent. company wants. Let’s not give them the satisfaction. Yuchun has started filming ‘Rooftop Prince’; he’ll be expecting his fans love and support. He’s got mine~what about yours?

    • Me too. I think there’s no need to analyze and re-analyze the video in order to form theories on what actually happened. Just let the matter die a natural death. A lot has been said already, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to believe and continue supporting him. Nothing else matters.

  18. hey i was wondering something is there a tweet petition requesting international fans desire to see JYJ on music awards and music shows on Korean broadcast ???

    i mean isn’t this what we all want ,to see JYJ in music AWARDS ” cause this is really important for singers ” and music shows
    through Korean broadcast. if we can sign a petition clearly about this, which is a respectable request , just showing Korean broadcasters what international fans want maybe this could help convince broadcasters to think twice about the ban. just using a new method instead of giving the order of lift the ban and death to sm : P sure there could be a number of petitions talking about stuff related to injustice and demand ” hell use all methods ” but am just saying is there one request petition like the one about wanting to see JYJ in music awards and music shows through korean broadcast, i think this type of petition could benefit JYJ more effectively.

    i mean i just notice C-jes use requests sure they complain later in nwes about the cancellation but they don’t do that during request

    the thing is only C-jes calls for JYJ broadcast , requesting it politely i am wondering why don’t we do that just a free malice free angry request a respectable one that is positive i am wondering maybe it could have more impact and just get a tweeter account just to sing this type of petition so our numbers grow if they see it singed 17 million or more it could win broadcasters to JYJ’s side.

    i was just thinking about such a petition. i don’t want one mentioning sm interference or talking about JYJ ill treatment, i am with those petitions but what have we got to lose to make another petition that could win hearts that don’t get moved by past petitions. if its an international request to see JYJ. i think am dumb but lets use another tweet petition method while keeping the former two alive in other tweet petitions.

    what do u gals think ???? any one willing to make a new petition using the new method if u understood me just now. ?????


  19. After watching that Video rumor several times:
    I can safely say it is not Yoochun..
    Why because if anyone noticed there is another guy that went up that stairs with the same colour clothes as chun..
    I guess the manager or the guard.. he was just on that spot and didn’t continue upstairs.
    I think, he only tried to stop the girl advancing further the stairs.
    Also why would chun stop on that spot of the stairs? when he can go straight up for safety..
    the guy who lets say accidentally hit the girl stayed..
    i think, he stopped on that spot of the stairs to wait for Jaejoong to past.

    “end of my analysis”

    • You are so right! If you watched it over and over again! There is actually two guys wearing black tshirt! The first one went upstairs first followed by the second guy (who I assume to be Yoochun) who has black bag. As Jj went up we can see the other guy who is hitting the girl DOES NOT have black bag on his shoulder?

      Oh my god!!! The guy who hits the girl IS NOT YOOCHUN! I feel so relieved now! He is not Yoochun but the first guy who went ahead of them!

  20. request from admins can you please delete any comment confirm or even doubt that it is yoochun so this rediculous rumour can just die forever and we alredy know it’s not true so can you stop talking about it please

  21. Really SM so pitiful
    just let JYJ go
    About those psycho haters and shippers and SM dogs just give up,mind your own business
    this is so pathetic to target any member of JYJ only to cover your own idols and idiots faults
    After watching this video of SM dogs who try to spreed rumors about JYJ
    I don’t think that it’s jj or yc
    i believe SM could reach the lowest level as to get 2 people with the same clothes and hair look just to cause rumors
    Don’t think to do anything to JYJ you are already in the lowest level
    jyj Fighting ^^ love you

  22. LoL Figaro! XD
    I alway miss GAPP. and am always last 😦
    Admins, what time do you always post GAPP? Maybe it’s when I’m asleep which is GMT?

  23. i say, someone somewhere in SK are really trying their best in tarnishing JYJ image and YC in particular just becoz his handsome face can be seen on TV via CF and by march he’ll be watch by thousands viewers for his Rooftop Prince. since am still considered myself new fan, am still learning abt these boys thru their old vids, interviews, variety shows, the making etc. i think i’ve learned enuf to have a strong thought that this new rumours being spread while YC is filming his new drama are mainly & purely business, they(rivals) are afraid of his rising talent in acting which has won him awards for his debut, who are not envy of this man? so my conclusion, rumours will remain as rumours unless proven guilty! *just my five cents thot*

  24. Tis is my fav musical song..
    When I looked at d lyrics, it reminds me of what JYJ wanna tell LSM at his face..haha

    C d lyrics translation carefully, and mayb U guys will know what I mean ^^

    Junsu part –>> represent LSM
    d actress part –>> represent JYJ

    JYJ: ‎”I have won, I had a celebration, I have defeated my enemy –>> despite SME effort 2 block JYJ, they still manage 2 b more successful

    JYJ: I’ll now walk my path–>> they had cont. 2 pursue the career path they desired..

    JYJ: from now on, I’ll dance as I want, time, venue, and even the music, all these I’ll decide —>> JYJ is free from SME control and killer schedule

    JYJ: the flow of the world will change as according to what I desired–>> JYJ can pursue whatever they desired. e.g. Junsu being a famous footballer (FC Men), well-known Musical actor and singer..

    SME: Fly Up high by yourself, I’ll protect you forever …. JYJ: I can fly up high even by myself, I want freedom

    SME: Freedom..You have to do it with me…. JYJ: Nw leave me be, I want to go my path now, Just let me be

    SME: try moving as U desired…It’s only me who understands U, and only I can give U d freedom —>> only SME cn give JYJ d freedom 2 perform at Korea.

    JYJ: I’m strong even by myself

    SME: I’m strong only during those times, when I thought U were weak

    JYJ: I’m leaving
    JYJ: I’ll live my own life, I’ll love my own life

    JYJ: from now on, I’ll dance as I want, time, venue, and even the music, all these I’ll decide…from now onwards, I’ll dance freely as I desired, in front of you, in front of where U cn see —>> JYJ had a great success to show SME that they cn survive w/out SME support

  25. Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots~. Unknown quotes

    so people don’t be like them…like a haters, fool and idiots person at the same time.

    Haters are like crickets; they make a lot of noise you can hear but you never see them, then you walk right by them and they’re quiet. ~ Unknown quotes

    they are no more then just a crickets!

  26. Oh dear we have a troll wannbe here.
    Is that the best you can do?
    This is so much fun!
    Finally we can have a troll fest.
    Let’s see….
    Shall we start from the beginning?
    Where did you first learn to troll?
    Did you have a teacher? Were they good? Did they teach you anything useful?
    Ahhhhh most importantly did they pass down the knowledge of the way to troll with class?
    Let’s troll it out.
    I am very keen to see on what level of trolledge you have learned.
    I sincerely hope that you are a worthy one.
    Sadly these days there are not many classy trolls left. Most of the trolls now a days are very amateur and so below par that it is a disgrace.
    Let’s do this shall we?
    Bring on your first attack let’s see if you are worthy of the troll label.

  27. I thought i come to wrong site…hmmm
    why i feel like people in 6theory come here..hmm..maybe because that site is closed so they didnt have home to troll and talk a dirty stuff like they usually do there.

  28. I am not sure U guys are still talking about YC… I watched that video.. I dont care if it is YC or not… EVEN IF it is YC, believe me, there is an EXTREMELY HUGE reason to do it.. Or accidentally!!!!! YC is not a guy who will go around and hit all the girls who support him.. U think he is crazy???? “” Ya I am superstar Park Yoochun. I have many fans and have the money that they give.. So i can do whateva i like. Yahoooo”” Is it??? crazy, man!!!!!!!!! I am referring to those who believes YC his a gir for no reason or he hits the girl… U guys are funny!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I watched the video and replied all the hater’s posts and i post a comment to that video uploader that i ald sent this news to Cjes and tell him/her that Cjes will sure sue her.. Then the video suddenly become private.. I cant watch anymore…. So what do u think guys????

    • @Nandar dearrrr i misss u.. ^^ nod! i don’t give a demn *i should modification this curse* pyc hitting a girl.. i mean are u guys seriously?? well he is not Angel. and tell me which idol who can stand towards sasaeng? o_O *if this is the REAL park yoochun who hit the girl* but since i’m not believe *u can call me bias* should i ask more proof? NO..

    • @Nandar from what I see, he didn’t intentionally hit her. it seems like he was calling someone n accidentally hit that girl. That’s why he patted her head or touched her hair to please her afterwards. But haters are making up that he stroked her hair or something.
      You can check out these links.

      • THAT’s what my analyzation too..

        look @ 0;03-0:04… he was saying something to the girl in front of him(the girl in high pony tail)… then @ 0:05… a girl suddenly interrupt or on his way up in the middle of yoochun and the girl .. Yoochun, was talking with his Hand Gestures… then was unintentionally hit the girl passing by…then maybe yoochun was surprised and approached the girl whom he hit unintentionally by touching his head…

        ** we know very well that when Yoochun was saying something . he has this mannerism**dont know how to call that** of using his hand (then with matching pouty lips) while talking to someone..

  29. WTF happened here? .. i was just out for a while then trolls descends..
    Anyway, can’t read all whats written on here.. but i get the gist..
    the uploader of the vid cleared everything up.. so whats the use of doubting that it was probably yoochun or not yoochun when the witness itself speaks for it? … ahhh get a life haters!

    to cut the story short… this will probably be Junsu’s reaction if he reads all the hater’s comments..
    a 3-minute OMGSUN!!!!…. poor Junsu.. 🙂

    (*** i cant believe i watched it for about 1 minute..laughing-at-myself)

  30. This time i wish Yoochun can hit/slap all that haters… for a real.. now…

    and by the way i saw this from my Tline
    via @ Harryo 하리오/ Ryo @XiahDerTod
    The apology from spreader website who started Yuchun’s rumor RT cr.gukzzangmanse ユチョンの噂が始まったサイトからの謝罪(解明)文 twitpic.com/8kmxju via ichiko96

    • @Love_JYJ, Yoochun has better things to do than slapping those haters. He has to shoot a drama and he has to portray the character to match the writer’s expectation.

      Let me do the honor on slapping those anti/haters.

  31. Suggestion :
    Could we make a JYJ3 forum only for member ?
    I’m tired of the fan war and troll
    I dont mind donating to help, and I’m sure several JYJer here wont mind too ^^

  32. Jaejoong tweets! In English! Tell me it is true!

    Kim jae joong @mjjeje Reply Retweet Favorited · Open
    That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the present, such that they live in neither the present nor the future.

    And again:
    Kim jae joong @mjjeje Reply Retweet Favorited · Open
    “That they live as if they will never die, and die as though they had never lived.

  33. Have anyone here listened to SPICA’s Russian Roulette album? They remind me a little bit of The Grace, BEG and Big Mamma in that they—–Le Gasp—-can actually all sing fairly decently (even live) and are not ajusshi-jailbait/lolita-clones in hot-pants/mini-skirts with scripted nausea-inducing ayegos.

  34. This is to troll see this video and see My AVA

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    • @iamjyjfanboy

      if you’re lurking, I saw your comment in 02/12 GAPP tonight, but i can’t post in that GAPP anymore so just wanted to say that yeah, i’m ok, just have had to “reorganize my priorities” as it were, and sadly the biggest timesink was JYJ3 ~cries~ so I had to cut back. But that makes hubby happier 😉 so I shouldn’t complain too much right? LOL! and I still have been reading the articles and stuff, just haven’t been in GAPP or reading comments. It’s probably May-ish when I’ll have more time, aka after the semester is over, since I am being studious and spending 2.5 hours (precisely, I have a freaking egg timer for it X__X) on my japanese homework and any other “me” things, then I do house cleanup and the rest of the evening belongs to taking care of mother-in-law and/or hubby lol. so yeah…. thank god for music playlists. keeps me sane 😀

      Thanks for remembering me 😉 Hope your compie is back to normal now…. I think you shouldn’t have let your lappie and @Lili’s play together, it sounds like her’s caught the “flu” from yours LOLOL!

      I have some FB pics i’ll post up one of these days. You might enjoy some of them, i donned a certain accessory LOLOL!

      • @Springbok7
        “Lili I have some FB pics i’ll post up one of these days. You might enjoy some of them, i donned a certain accessory LOLOL!”

        OMG, I want to SEEEEE!! I must have a photo, I’ll promise it will go up on my FB wall that very day! (and are you listening, Sapphire? I need a photo of you too wearing a certain little item so I can post that too!)

        My poor, poor computer. Yes, it caught something noxious and now my iTunes program either will not open at all or when it does it instantly freezes, then freezes the computer. So NO music for me for week now. Can you even IMAGINE my misery??? Really I’m going insane. I bought a new memory card which my tech said I need so I’m waiting for that to get here. But who knows if that will fix it…

        Anyway, we miss you. Come back now and then, please? Surely The Esteemed Husband can’t object to that…

      • @springbok17

        Hi dear one. Good to hear from you. I’m going to use you as my inspiration and start work on some projects of my own that need attention. 😉

        I’m still cleaning up a few quirks, but for the most part, I’m good to go. My VE Sister on the other hand really does have some issues.

        You take care and get back to us when you can. Miss you!

  35. hi guys ^^
    i wonder if it’s okay if i post this in here, because there are so many malicious rumor happen to our boys spread like fires so i wanna pour my feeling in here
    to all of the haters and whoever start to spread some malicious rumors these are my question for you, answer it with a full honesty, ask it not to your mind but ask these question to your heart
    1/ what your purpose for do these some like this ? is this for ruin other people life because your jealousy ? is this because your boredom ? or is this because you felt happy when you see other people suffer ? or maybe because you hate our boys ?

    2/ if your answer is one or all of reason that i mention in above then are you felt happy when you finally success ?

    3/ if yes then i gonna ask you IF someone who you really love (your family/your Girl friend/boy friend? your best friend ) get the same problem (trapped on a malicious rumors ) which bring a disaster to your family, to your relationship then how your feeling now ? sad ? mad/angry ? curse to people who did this to you or to someone who you really love ? contemplate all of these question into your heart and then answer these question honesty from your heart

    4/ if you felt offended by my question and give reaction like these :who hell you are ? why i must care about your question anyway ? then my answer to you is this : i am only a person who try to found the meaning of my life in this world, i am only a person who only wanna share something that i know to people who i really care in this family, i am only person who seek a peace in our own home and if i asked if i never do some mistake then my answer i also do something bad too and i try to fix it

    5/ i have a story that i wanna share to my family in here also anyone who came to this site, these story about people who close to me. They are not related by blood each other but only one that common about them. When they are still young they ever commit some thing that bring a disaster to other people life that was spread some malicious rumors. Did you know what happen to them when they already reach elderly age ? one of them must endure many harsh word and treat from her own child and family, she can’t come out from her own home (get lock in her own home), almost never get a proper food from her own child , the only one who care about her is her foster child. For the other one she died in loneliness, no one care about her and someone who she really trust before take all of her property and abandon her in an old shack till her time wear out.

    The one that i wanna tell from this story is you can be really happy and have a pleasure when you see that other people life get down and broken because your malicious rumors that you spread but it’s not gonna be forever because when you did that actually you are only bring a big disaster to your own life, maybe it’s not gonna shown now but in your future life maybe it’s gonna be happen. If you think that what i said never gonna be happen then wait and see by yourself. when the time really came to you then never blame other people, never blame God and the situation because the one must you blame is your own self. When the time came then ask to your self and evaluate every act that you do in the past

    i’m sorry for long comment in here ^^
    i hope my comment doesn’t gonna bring a war in here but if it’s gonna be happen then admins you guys freely t delete my comment thank you ^^

  36. My dear JYJ sisters, thank you for the good laughs. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of you crush that pathetic cockroach. Now she has scurried off to her filthy hole where she belongs. Let’s see when she chooses to come out again. And we shall all enjoy squashing her again, right? Bwahahaha!!! 🙂

  37. Boohoohooooo T___T
    You my JYJ sisters are no fun! How can you leave me out?
    I’ve not even brought my insecticides yet and you already crush that pathetic dick-lookalike cockroach!


    • @Shadow: ho ho ho to ‘pathetic dick-lookalike cockroach’. That from akp just drop by because i heard 6theory is closed and they don’t have site to troll, but don’t worry, they’ll come again in a future because our boys are doing well. They’re doing so very well that SoMeonE needs to make a new strategy, i.e. spreading rumors and trolls.

    • those nude photos are fake so I don’t think SM need to cover it up …just some idiot on the net making lame pics .
      somehow this old video coming up again seems like the work of angry people … I don’t know did the nude picsvideo thing not sticking to Yoochun pissing someone ? .. did something happen ? .. was Yoochun getting too much good press ?

  38. I’d like to take this time to thank all fans who stood by my baby’s side through this very very trying times. Especially to all Jae fans who spoke up for him (because it was mostly u guys that stood by him), you guys are the real deal, man! Thank you.
    This has actually taught me to never be judgemental. Ever.
    Now I kind go study for my exams with a better frame of mind. Thank you.

    • Funny right? that a lot of our friends that are Jaejoong stans stood up for Yoochun.. while “some” of the Chunsas actually doubted// anyways.. this just shows that us in the same JYJ circle should be friends.. cause it is only each other who we could defend on at times like this..

      • Agree~~~ But aren’t we all family in the first place~? 🙂 ❤
        To those who doubted Yoochun, honestly….I don't know what to say except have more trust in who you claim to love, lol. Why do you even claim to love him if one rumor can make you turn your backs on him? Not kewl.

  39. I believe in Yoochun. my faith and love for him is bigger than edited vids and pictures put up together to make a lie/untruthful rumor.
    what makes it hateful are anti fans of JYJ cramming like there’s a party and commenting like they are angels.

    GET THE FUCK OFF. You can never bring a good guy down and you know it.

  40. Gurls please forgive me..I know you don’t like to discuss scandals and rumors regarding our boys..But I seriously need some comforting or some enouraging words or at the least some words to lead me closer to the truth.

    Again if you don’t want to discuss the scandal regarding Yoochun then don’t read any further..

    But in all honestly, to me it does seem like it is Yoochun. Seeing the video, pics and everything.
    However I do agree there was a reason behind the slap. Some say the girl “hit” him or touched him first and he was quick to react..
    Yes, people in defense do smack pretty hard.
    Please, don’t say I’m turning my back on Yoochun or anything like that (It’s something I hate to hear the most)
    I’m just thinking about the options and I just wish to know the truth.
    I don’t think saying it’s Yoochun is turning your back on him -> I see various JYJ stans saying that for Chunsas/JYJ stans who said it’s YC and that his behaviour is unacceptable and it makes me want to lash out. Noone has the right to judge someone’s love for anyone.
    But then again I don’t think anything. Knowing Yoochun, I doubt this is true and if it is it didn’t happen without a reason.
    Like many other I am confused as to why this came out now. My first thought upon seeing this was “you gotta be kidding me *laughs* another scandal involving YC? It’s deffinitely fake” only then did i go and watch the fancam.
    But I’m a person who doesn’t believe easily. So I am not forming a solid oppinion/conclusion untill C-jes or Yoochun himself gives a statement.
    I don’t have a right to judge nor do I want to.
    Only AFTER the truth is confirmed I will.

    One thing is sure tho. Stuff like this has to be solved when IT HAPPENS.
    And someone was saving this to hurt Yoochun/JYJ. It is NOT a coincidence. Anyone thinking otherwise is a fool.
    And no, I am deffinitely delussional more like I am being realistic.

    So yeah..I’d be happy to hear your thoughts..I know you already discussed this..but i guess it’s the timezones..I’m only able to talk about it now :/

    Love to all of you girlies/ boys(?) xoxo ❤

    • A highly edited video that we don’t know what happened before hand, and what happened after, is brought up 3 years later, by a well known JYJ anti-group. The person who owns the video, came out publicly to state the sequence of event is being misinterpreted by those trying to cause harm to Yoochun. Why now? And does it make sense that in a public arena, with flashing cameras, someone like Yoochun would do something that makes no logical sense. I already said I will not talk about this anymore, something I encourage all other JYJ fans to do, however, your request seemed to be from good intentions.

      • Again, forgive me for asking. But why do you choose not to discuss it? At least with people you know have no ill intentions?
        I feel very bad as I don’t have people with whom I could discuss this matter yet I am very eager to since it helps me to ease my mind.
        I will speak of this no more then..Even though it saddens me I have to be quiet. It also makes me difficult to communicate with other JYJ fans as i feel i always have to hold back. But I understand and respect people’s opinions and preferences so I guess I won’t be talking about this no more.
        Have a good day! ~

      • Hello~ If you can, please just reread the above statements by various family members. Everything is already laid out. I believe one of the main reasons Li San won’t speak about it anymore is probably because everything has been said here. To repeat again will be just be redundant. ^^

        However, if you don’t have time to read everything above, I’ll just give you one link that will, I hope, clear your anxiety and frustrations regarding this matter. http://www.twitlonger.com/show/fulfpf

        I hope this helps you~ ^^

    • I am kind of shocked by it too. I read doublejae”s explanation tweet first and then watched the video….I I thought it seemed extremely fake. But, after seeing the gif posted on Omana I’m just like O__________O
      But after that I read the comments and it seems like he did something equal to killing another person. Yes, hitting people is bad but we don’t know why he hit the fan. Also, I doubt other celebrities don’t hit their saessangs too.
      I was just like wth O_____o after I read comments on omana saying that JJ was just as bad for not saying anything or stopping Yoochun……and I was like……what kind of world do you live in idiots?! Even if someone you know does something bad is public, your first reaction is shock, and then it is NOT calling them out in public to embarrass them. In private you can scold them as much as you want.
      IF it was Yoochun, even if it was so many years ago, I do think their should be repercussions for his actions….only so he learns from his mistakes. I would say the same for my own blood brother. I don’t like violence in general but if you ignore it it can come bite you in the butt. I hope Yoochun is a more peaceful person now IF he did hit the girl.

      Also, just because he hit someone doesn’t mean I am not going to be his fan any more. I love his acting and rapping so I am not going anywhere from the Yoochun camp.

      Honestly, when I was younger my dad abused me once really hard because I lied about something bad at school. He didn’t leave any bruises though. But, even though he did that I KNOW he loves me and I LOVE him so much too. I wouldn’t trade my dad for any other dad in the world. We as humans, when we are angry make mistakes….and even if people do things like this that we should forgive them. If it is a repeated act though they should be reported.
      I DO think some kids (especially) need to spanked or something to be taught a lesson. Kids these days are SO spoiled and rude to elders and people in general. But, I don’t condone abuse at all. Parents should just learn to be more effective.
      These anti’s who are seriously out to ruin people’s lives ‘need’ this kind of medicine…..because I seriously think they were dropped on their head when they were babies. How does someone get spoiled so much that they enjoy causing pain to others? It’s sickening, really.

      • Ah but after this I realized…….wow damn JYJ have A LOT of antifans from other fandoms, including some “ot5”. It’s kind of disturbing. And the people who say ‘they’ are leaving were never really fans to start off with….they are just stirring the drama.

        The anti’s must be so pleased that they finally found something. But, chunsas don’t worry…..this will all be forgotten in like two weeks…….especially after the new drama starts.

      • agree with you..if justice pps when they young and in not understand situation..it can not fair..if like that i was really bad and stupid girl with all the crazy thing what can i think that time..but with the change of situation and learning of life and pps around…you can not amazing how pps can be, how wonderful changing from them..the same with alot of my friend those ones i never think will hang out with them ^_____^

      • I see i’m not the only one who visited omona..
        I’ll just keep this quick. Having read through almost all the posts there today I can say I understand EVERYTHING you said. Everything.

    • “I feel very bad as I don’t have people with whom I could discuss this matter yet I am very eager to since it helps me to ease my mind. I will speak of this no more then..Even though it saddens me I have to be quiet. It also makes me difficult to communicate with other JYJ fans as i feel i always have to hold back.”

      “But like I said I won’t be commenting about this anymore as it seems a person cannot express his opinion without people thinking he/she wants harm which I obviously don’t in any way.”

      I don’t even know if you’ll see this comment (I think it’s unfortunate that you feel you can’t find comfort over the matter here but I hope that doesn’t keep you away. In the short time I’ve been here, this site has truly been wonderful^^), but I share your sentiments completely. I felt this way earlier.

      I was hesitant to post this message to you by the way. I actually read your comments way earlier today and it struck something with me. I would have rather contacted you privately but there wasn’t a way I knew how…so I’m responding to you here, now.

      And I will say: I recommend you check out omonatheydidnt.

      I’m recommending this because of what you said. And I understand your frustrations..I too felt frustrated (and almost..helpless? earlier as well–YC being my 2nd bias and all..). So I just wanted to share the place I found where the discussion of this topic was as vigorous as I was looking for—where people seemed as equally effected about the matter as I was.

      And also, because it’s no secret everyone here will certainly (and rightfully so) have differing views on this matter, and because of that, I know many of you won’t come out and voice it here (and that’s okay)—maybe for fear of someone misunderstanding you, or just desiring to keep the peace, etc.

      Those of you who feel less inclined to dismiss the rumor without looking into it as thoroughly as you can, those of you who are simply curious and desire the truth (which I can’t ensure you’ll find there) or those who are already solid in your decision and just want to make yourself aware to the thoughts of others—I guess this post is for you too.

      Because the reality is, unless you have a twitter or tumblr or are a poster at our lovely JYJ3/other blogs (or have fellow JYJ friends irl), there’s nowhere you can really discuss this matter or at least follow along with the situation with fellow fans. Being a part of the international fandom already naturally has us distanced, the web being our primary and at times what seems like our only means of connect—and so it’s even worse when you feel like there’s nowhere to go even online to remain in the loop of it all. Especially during unsettling times in the fandom like this when you need and seek out those connections/support most.

      **And I need to say this one thing ahead of time–I’m simply going to ignore anyone here that wants to pass a judgment on me about my belief regarding the matter—which I haven’t even shared—for merely recommending this site. But know that I understand if you do. No lie, you check out just the first page of the site alone and it’s blatantly obvious just how hostile some of the views are. The first page alone seems like a bash fest for YC, and I apologize as I’ve no control over that. What I don’t want is for you to think I’m trying to promote the negativity or even further the rumor that has been made. Because I’m not. For the most part, I find omona shocking and hard to read through, but even if it seems like the majority of the opinion is against YC, if you take the time to go through the pages (which I have and still am doing), you’ll see a variety of opinions posted—and there are very many who are in fact standing by YC’s side. While omonatheydidnt may not be the friendliest sight, I find it appealing and worthy my time due to the fact that it is a community that doesn’t hold back when it comes to voicing one’s self—good or bad, hurtful or nice, in a rude manner or mature manner— people are up front in their posts about how they feel/what they think. Brutally honest. And that’s the type of thing I needed for this situation now. And I’ve interpreted pettuthepigrabbit to be desiring that as well—although, I could be wrong.**

      That said, If you want an uncensored discussion of this matter where everyone isn’t all hush-hush (there’s literally over 2000 posts, people there aren’t keeping quiet) then omondatheydidnt is most definitely the place to go.

      And I’ll give you a warning.

      If, and ONLY if you think you can handle/aren’t easily offended by ideas opposed to your own and the immature bashing of others–which doesn’t even BEGIN to compare to the few posters we get here every now and then. Because when I say uncensored, I mean uncensored. HEAVILY. (And I’m sure some of you have visited omona before..I’m sure you know just how unwelcoming it is; how caustic the posts).

      It is for this very reason that I do not frequent that site. From the few times I have visited, my standing impression is it’s a very hostile environment. People claw at your throat for simply sharing an opinion THEY find unfavorable. They resort to immature retaliations like “You’re an idiot”, instead of responding intelligibly because they are narrow-minded and can’t except the fact that someone could possibly hold an opinion different from their own.

      However, just like you pettuthepigrabbit , I felt I just wasn’t getting the depth of engagement with this matter that I was looking for here on JYJ3 and so I was redirected there through my own searching for somewhere where the discussion was a bit more active (out of a desire to fully look into the matter the best I could before even thinking of making my own judgments).

      It is there that you will find some of the fancams/pics/ gifs of this whole thing.

      Most importantly, There you will be exposed to opinions from all sides. Discussion with depth, I say (immature and pointless bashing aside, and there’s a lot–posts worth-reading are like a diamond in the rough, but they ARE there), because some posters touch on some heavy topics. And I like that. Confront the definitions of right and wrong, morals, etc., which can’t help but make you reflect on them yourself.

      And despite the headache of it all, honestly, after trudging through some completely PAINFUL posts there (JYJ bashes left and right, bashing of individual members, seeing people who were one day fans and now completely denoucing their fandom, posters who don’t even know who the heck the boys are commenting..it gets cruel and you might get some feelings hurt..I know I did..)—but it was worth it. Because I can guarantee there will be some posts you come by that shares your mind on the matter..and in that, I know it did for me, I think you can find some comfort in knowing there are those out there who understand you.

      That there will always be those who don’t forget that you can state your opinion without forfeiting manners. Those who keep an open-mind, refusing to think illogically. And most importantly, what I admire and aspire to most, those willing to embrace the truth; never willingly choosing to be blind.


      • i really can’t stand omonatheydidnt at higher level. and though true some try to defend yoochun… i just. can’t. stand. it. actually, i’m sorry to say this, maybe i’m a “rotten” fan inside, but after watching the video several times, i really think it was him. the girl has every right to sue him, but if she didn’t — and it looks like she didn’t, idk why we still bother this. and while i don’t agree with him on this one, i don’t particularly hate him. he’s human and i’ve read many good things about him, from other fans who met him personally and from various senior artists’ comment. he’s not angel by any means, but he’s not devil too. i just don’t like some people in omtd who call him bastard or whatever just because they’re not his fans… and they’re particularly homin’s fans. again, like some fans who accept this rumor, i think he has reason. some people need to think if they’re on his shoes… beating fangirl is not okay, couldn’t manage the anger is not okay, but it’s not his habit. you’ll see thousand of this kind of fancam if he has “unstable emotion” etc like some people in omtd accuse. and for me, if some people are disgusted by his very action and turned to be his anti, they probably are “angels” who live in heaven where everyone else are saint.

      • That means I believe he hit her too. I’ve viewed the fancams/gifs thousands of times–and this is my judgment. I won’t deceive myself of anything other than what I personally believed I have witnessed. That is all.

        But I won’t believe he’s the scum of the earth for it. I won’t, because of one mistake–and we all make them–condemn his very character.
        People there are overexaggerated and radical in their thinking.

        And you are right–too often do people forget that they’ve carried out their own share of misdeeds, simply because they don’t have the whole world’s eye on them to chatise them for it.
        And seeing as he’s a celebrity..it’s a lot of double standard/hypocrital opinions spewed over there.

        I’d of like to have written more, but I need to get to class. And I have trouble getting my thoughts out on this..and omona just fires me the heck up.
        And I think people here have had enough of this.

        I apologize.
        This topic seems dropped now anyways. I’ll do my part now too.

  41. Maybe you should consider the place of incidence (too public, plus 20+ cameras), and the time of incidence (right after they sued SME – That’s like giving SME ammunition to destroy them completely), and consider the time of it’s resurgence (why expose it now, after 3years). If after considering all these factors, you still can’t put your worries at ease, then … I don’t know what to say. Peace!

    • What’re you trying to say? 🙂 What you wrote is true for sure. Even tho it seems this time this is work from the JYJ antis and actually not SM. Or it is a combined work of the antis and SM. But it doesn’t hide the fact that he smacked the girl. I just wish to know the reason. Cause from the other posted video it seems the girl didn’t say anything or do anything at that moment..but she could’ve said or done smth before it was captured. Chunnie seems mad as he smacked her and walked away.

      Again, I am not judging just pointing out my opinion in hope of finding out what really happened. I know that is risky to do but I usually like to voice my thoughts out aloud.
      And as I said, right now I don’t have a conclusion yet I’m just making notes of what I’m seeing. I wish for C-jes or YC to give a statement about this..Cause I don’t think it is right for people to jump to conclusions without hearing both sides.
      All I know is I choose to know all YC’s flaws, and still like him despite all of those but I’m a person who seeks after the truth. Always.

      • C-jeS doesn’t need to respond to a baseless smear campaign. I don’t think they should lower themselves to the level of discussing with antis. This second angle actually shows that he didn’t “Beat” anyone. He smacked her hand away. Could he have handled it better, probably. But once again, we do not see or hear what happened before. Before this new angle, people were going on an on, about him beating a fan. Well, he didn’t.

      • LOL…..” that is like pps say Slap and pull her head?…what I see in here..they are talked some thing and he touch her arm like warming or pull away…phuuuu Fans can jump Pull , hugs, touch verywhere special in airports, but they just touch back and become a big scandal..wonder they why Kfan doesn’t mind much!

      • hmm .. i just dont get it .. why we should discuss about this ?
        if .. just ‘if’ he did hit the girl, i’m pretty sure that’s happened for a reason .. we knew he’s not a crazy mad person !
        and after all, HE’S JUST A HUMAN , NOT A SAINT !
        so just forgive and forget !

      • Seriously what do you see so “clearly” that I don’t see? I will never try to hide his abusive flaws if there’s one. And do you actually not see the girl speak to him before he touched her/push her hand aside and walk away? Does it make sense that no one is screaming “murder” (which they should) if he actually beat her the way it’s being said? Why would he hit her infront of roving eyes and cameras, then stop to listen to her at the same time. It doesn’t add up.

      • I never said hit. I always said smacked if you are reffering to me. He didn’t hit her, he didn’t touch her, he smacked her hand. A smack can be either friendly, either in a joke, either reacting out of fear, a warning or a a quick react (meaning you react without thinking) I only want to know why he did it. Nothing else. And I didn’t say abusive flaws, I just said flaws which every normal human has. You’re oveareacting by saying people should scream murder..Normal people see he smacked her and not hit her over and over which you are making it seem like I also said. But like I said I won’t be commenting about this anymore as it seems a person cannot express his opinion without people thinking he/she wants harm which I obviously don’t in any way. It saddens me but I deffinitely don’t wish to be misunderstood over and over nor do I want to upset anyone.
        Have a good day! ~

      • @pettuth….I know what you feel…. just because of depress and sad with all happen last 2 day ….but when i watched this vid I dont know i just fell relief little
        first I dont what conversation between YC and the girl and second the happen look like reacted. not too serious .. this was 2009, 3 years ago when they still young and under SM with all the pressure, I don’t think that time they realize how important the fans with them..I dont think he can feel much love or connect between fans and them… outside only fan service with SM control like selling stuff in market..the products was them self, watch all fancams before I see he was the one easy cry, easy got emotion, mad ,sad..with all the happen just like reacted show more emotion from him..

        right now after up and down…realize how much the fans support them..he grown up became the men ..more understand about life..his social life now is really normal human like can feel pps around him (like fansmeeting in Thailan)..can do thing something feel mean full like donations..or thank you everything good happen with him and members…The YC I trust is YC now with grow up men, know what he doing, respectability, take care and understand pps around him..make they fall in love with him.. Honestly if this happen now I am not sure i will forgive him because with all expectation from my to him….call me “whatever fan”…after this vid i think i dont mind be his side again..Thank you^^!

    • LOL @ the title. Is he the invincible hulk now?
      yoochun: YOU ANNOYING!!!!! ME SMASH!!!!!
      random fangirl: Yes!!!!! I’m worth your attention! How does it feel oppa?
      other people: -_-
      antis: yes!!! Just what we have been looking for! This will make Yoochun look terrible and the fans will turn against him and he’ll be dropped from his promos blah, blah, blah
      trolls: we just wanna start shit!!!! BURN!!! BURN!!!!!

      2 months later. NEW SCANDAL involving so and so.
      Everyone will say again what they said now and this will continue as long as kpop fandoms continue to be ridiculous and over protective. This isn’t an issue in korea and yet inter. fans are all over this. I really don’t get it.

    • He didin’t hit her! PHEW!! Rewatch it carefully. They were actually talking for a while, before that hand motion. He touched her but not even in a vicious way. She could even be one of is staffs. I feel so good about this vid. And this vid looks totally different from the one that shows him viciously “slapping” and pulling her hair. Whoever downloaded this, I love you!

    • This reminded me of the camera incident at the airport. He also chewed out that sasaeng and even took her camera. TBH, this is common in the US too. Stars here really confront them and that’s what YC did. This new video was edited again though….

    • And if he actually hit her, why aren’t any of the numerous fans around him shouting in alarm/surprise like, “OMG! OMG!” or something. There’s no increase in buzz or anything. That is more weird than anything in this video.

      • The problem here is you can still interpret the video in different ways. This video is still vague. I think he slapped the camera/hand because his hand was going in a downward motion.

      • I didn’t even notice. You are right. Other people aren’t just going to stand there and watch as he beats a girl up. And they make it sound like it was some vicious attack.

    • Ah, he didn’t slap her face, Yoochun just pat her hand and there’s no power at all when he do that.
      Yoochun..When you reach the top, the wind become stronger….so stay strong..We Love U….

  42. i only see a man raising the hand then listen the slap but any moment see directly the hit…seriusly this would been the wall and not the girl ..really some fans is too much…antis get out here

    • @Ellis

      “Arirang TV, the state-run English-language broadcaster, will hold “Peace Concert” featuring Korean traditional music, or “gugak,” on March 26-27 to commemorate the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.

      The concerts will be held at the main theater of the National Gugak Center near the Seoul Arts Center in Yangjae-dong, southern Seoul. The concerts will offer interesting performances of various forms of gugak, ranging from traditional to fusion, featuring traditional musician Kim Yong-woo, pansori star Park Ae-ri and haeguem player Ccot-byel.

      For more information and to get free tickets, call (02) 3475-5386 or visit http://www.arirang.co.kr.

      (christory@heraldm.com) ”

      Ellis, this item from the Korea Herald seems to focus on ‘tradtional’ Korean music forms. From what it says in this piece, the performance venue is specific to ‘gugak’. I’m getting the sense that only performers of this type of music form will be part of the program. There is an email address provided if anyone feels the need to make further inquiry.

  43. I´ve watched the said video several times and I ´m still not able to 100% tell what actually happened there and how was Yoochun involved/or not.

    But what I fould the most interesting is that the Korean media absolutly ignore this rumor. It is discussed on some Korean fan forums, but I´ve found exactly ONE media article (that is not longer available now). What a difference from the previous rumors/accusations that spread like fire trough the news (the blackmail and the yacht incidents), yet none of the tabloids found this story worth to be shared. So why are international k-pop fans so easily swayed by one unclear vid and words spread by HoTel girs/JYJ haters?

    And lastly – I´ve never imagined there are so many JYJ antis out there. Scary. It looks like k-pop brings the worst and lowest from many of its fans.

  44. WOAH WOAH WOAH thought breaking news appeared over hear in GAP, but alas just a troll 😛 Nice that our JYJ3 fam are quick to respond ! DIdn’t read any comments yet because I’m taking a break from class, but will do once i get home.

    In other news, I heard Yoo Hwan got a lead in a cable drama where he’ll play an idol star! It’ll also air March 14th same as Chunnies? xD Woot woot he’ll be with Go Eun Ah (Mblaq’s older sis, i think also a friend of jj?), Eun Jung (from Jewelry, Junsu’s friend?), and ZE;A’s Kevin! Excited for more dramas now


    • At last Yoohwan’s the male lead! He can get some pointers from his hyung to get into his role. 🙂
      But this drama’s plot seems similar to “You’re Beautiful” by Park Shin Hye and Jang GeunSuk.

    • @zan, sweetie…I dont know if you make decision yet if you did, just move on….I dont and will not watch those vids any more …I want it is YC right now and will justice him from now not YC of past ..I move on!!

    • This is the clearest video thus far. (I happened to stumble across it earlier today). I figured it would be posted here sooner or later.
      I was hoping this would be posted here.

      As humans, probably the greatest ability we have (even though we may not use it sometimes) is that of rational-thinking. And the gift of free thought, the right ot make our own opinions.

      It’s..up to you as an individual to pass your own judgement.

      That’s all I will say about this matter.

      • By clear I mean the actual footage of the fancam.
        I didn’t pay much attention to what the speaker had to say. She, unfortunately, wasn’t too clear in thought/easy to follow.

  45. Let’s move on to better topics. JYJ and Yoochun fans are not going anywhere.
    For those who were asking for a JYJ forum, there is a JYJ thread on Soompi.
    The thread is not overrun by trolls and haters, so that’s good.

    There is also a active Rooftop Prince thread.
    Let us work hard to support JYJ.
    I am glad, JYJ’s success is becoming more well known.
    The series of sabotages against JYJ lately, shows that some are becoming worried about JYJ”s success.

    Luckily, JYJ has the best fans ever. I am so glad to be part of this fandom.
    The fan arts, fan videos, fan support, are the best.
    Finally in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

  46. bo hooo….thank God for this lovely Friday….hello everyone….ohayou gozaimasu…. i’m not japanese…but i like to say japanese word…it’s one of my ability…actually I’m 100% beautiful indonesian girl…..

    I’m still new to this antis things in k-pop world. I still don’t understand why there’s a bunch of people spend their precious life for hating others…Life is too short to waste time hating anyone…

    be careful anti fans, there’s a thin line between hate and love….maybe you hate them right now, but who knows….one day you will fall in love with them because of their uniqueness, talents and personalities…just, stop judging them… if you keep judging them, you have no time to love them….

    to jyj fams, i know all of you must be getting tired because of trolls wannabe….on behalf of yuchun (eventhough he didn’t know me..hehehehe) i would like to say thank you from the bottom of his heart….if he’s smiling…those smile is dedicated to you… if he’s working hard….the result is dedicated to you too…if he’s laughing…and those cute laugh is dedicated to you also…and if he’s happy…we are happy too….if he’s sad, ask him to cry with all of you….because cry with someone is more healing than crying alone…but i think he’s not gonna cry…he’s a strong men….hihihihi….

    that’s a long post… wow…i’m going back to my work…see you in the next gap…

    quotes of the day:
    Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else’s can shorten it

    love you all and God bless you

  47. Is it me or our lovely adminies have turned into ninjas as well, wiping all the traces of the recent undesirable visitors without being noticed at all……………………….. ¡GREAT! 😀

  48. Can’t wait to watch Rooftop Prince. It will be daebak. Prince, modern time, romance, comedy, lot’s of cute boys, oh yes, I can’t wait.

  49. i read this.. http://asianjunkie.com/2012/02/jyj-fans-allegedly-find-evidence-to-exonerate-yoochun-but-is-it-enough/
    and somehow lose argument coz i *fans* didn’t see the whole thing myself..
    but i remember this vaguely being talked for many times in the past. (remember there’s even a fanacc who witnessed this and gave the truth fact, in syc, but i’m too lazy to dig it up in their archieve. maybe someone can do this for me and ask the admin to post it. just for the sake to calm the panic new fans)
    you know what make me feel uneasy? i’m fear for the after effect. the ahjumma fans…
    these ahjummas i believe love chun only after skks in2010. meaning they don’t know much just like everyone else here.. and people who doesn’t love him enough would buy by this news and will start doubting chun. coz we all know chun has this good boy image in their eyes. *sigh*
    and the more people talk about this..SoMeonE will laid back on their chair and laughing in their victory. so i hope fans can provide more solid prove.
    if chun can pass this, i believe something bigger must have been waiting for him.
    i believe it..

  50. Morning all! Geese cheese! How can GAPP have so many comments?

    Wish our lovely admins happy Friday! Wish all JYJers happy Friday! Wish all nice visitors happy Friday!
    Wish all trolls to at least educate themselves before coming to JYJ3, at least don’t be illiterate…

    *Back on stalking mode*

  51. OK, then…. are we all through endlessly processing this complete non-event of Chunnie allegedly hitting a fan?
    Because, MY GOD, people, this is getting really old. We’ve already established beyond a shadow of a doubt that
    this is not anything but baseless propaganda by SM to offset the newly scheduled start date of JYJ’s “The Day.”

    So can we stop this now?

    • Oh, we can. I caught a whiff of this early on and my IMMEDIATE response was…okay YC is about to embark on another successful drama and it’s now time to time to try and distract the masses. This nonsense is getting old. It’s almost like clockwork. You can count on it…5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ~~ BLAST OFF! “Houston we have a launch!”

      Predictably, the said ‘nonsense’ always centers around something very dubious. Nothing one can exactly get their fingers on, but looks like it’s something. These yahoos are getting way too obvious.
      At some point and time, you would think they would try and be a bit more creative. This is 2012 and they are trying to use something murky from 2009? Please give me a break.

      • @dolta
        “actually korean fans and media ——- ignore i-fans and some fansite (omona)———> -_-”

        I really don’t understand what you are trying to say. Was this in response to my post, or butterfliesarefree’s?
        Please be specific.

      • @dolta (@dolta_07) : Do you mean regarding the story of YC hits a fan back in 2009, Korean fans n media has ignore it? I’d better do the same.

  52. as for my previous post on insulting comments left by a netizen in a social network, I am just wished to ENLIGHTENED on what she meant, or what actually happened … but I was being misunderstood as d person who say those insulting words instead.. TT~TT

    Dear admins & family members of JYJ3.net,
    I wld like to apologized for sharing dat piece of ‘info’.
    I guess my strong curiosity 2 find out the truth, may have hurt those who had read and commented on it…once again, I apologized for my selfishness.
    Lastly, I js hope dat every1 wld still acknowledged me as a hardcore JYJ fan, and knows dat I’ll never ever insult on any1 (*including admins) in JYJ3.net
    JYJ3.net is truly a comfortable home for me, and everyone who is part of JYJ3.net r like a family members to me.. ^^

    • *info–>> I seriously cant…can JYJ3 readers go F** themselves or smthng? (…)
      JYJ admin, I hate to ask you, of you, but I believe we JYJ fan dont care for HM anymore (…)

      Sorry for SHARING such a insulting piece of comment.
      Pls bear in mind, I’m not the one who SAID those insulting words, but just hope some1 cld tell me what actually happened..

      Have a nice day, evry1 ~ 🙂

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