[NEWS] 120214 ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’ Kim So Hyun confirms ‘Rooftop Prince’ “Park Yoochun illness”


Child actress Kim So Hyun has caught the singer-actor ‘Park Yoochun illness’.

Acting as the Crown Princess in MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’ and recently acting in SBS ‘Rooftop Prince’, news of Kim So Hyun catching the illness is becoming the topic of conversation.

On the 14th, Kim So Hyun tweeted ‘Haha. You still can’t look into my eyes? The first moment when I see you, bam! The prince whom I fell in love with! It’s the Crown Prince Park Yoochun. You knew that my birthday is the same as yours and you greeted me warmly first! I was really touched. From now on, my ideal guy will be the Crown Prince Park Yoochun!’, along with a photograph. Kim So Hyun and Park Yoochun’s birthdays fall on Jun. 4.

In the photograph, Kim So Hyun is wearing a Hanbok and smiling at the camera. The background of the photograph showed the drama setting.

Netizens left responses such as ‘A13-year old also fell completely for Park Yoochun’s charisma’, ‘Devilish man Park Yoochun’ and ‘Kim So Hyun child actress who specializes in the role of Crown Princess’.

Meanwhile, ‘Rooftop Prince’ is a fantasy romantic comedy in which a Joseon Crown Prince time-travelled 300 years to modern day Seoul. Park Yoochun, Han Ji Min, Lee Tae Sung, Jung Yoo Mi and others will be starring in the drama, slated to be broadcasted in mid-March.

Source: Nate
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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32 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120214 ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’ Kim So Hyun confirms ‘Rooftop Prince’ “Park Yoochun illness”

    • @gigi

      I saw ur post at Youtube.. I really worry for YC… Why those stupid useless scams cant leave our Yoochun alone.. I am sorry this is not where we have to talk about it… But I saw ur comment there… @gigi , let me hug u and cry for a while.. I dont believe in any rumors.. I only believe in Park Yoochun.. But, LEAVE OUR YOOCHUN ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE PARK YOOCHUN ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      PARK YOOCHUN..,, No matter whatever others say, I always love you.. I always believe in you… STAY STRONG YOOCHUN!!!!!!!!!!!

      • perhaps it’s just me, but i think JYJ3 should address it – the rumour posted on omona. my gawd, it was even posted on ontd – and we know people who usually post in ontd are basic beyotches. some are preying on YC based from what the OP described. if i just watch the vid, i wouldn’t even know what’s happening. the rumour is spreading on international gossip sites. us international fans should try and clear YC’s name. (now here’s hoping that it’s really a different story from what is presented in the video!!!)

      • @Nandar twinnie @anva @gigi @all who love Chun *bighuggles**sobs*

        I’m actually pretty upset with all these so-called “rumours”.
        It looks more like a “PLANNED” attack.
        My reaction is like: WHAT now? Oh no, NOT AGAIN~!!! *rollseyes*
        My Chun is framed yet again. Wae?! Why my Chun?
        These haters don’t seem to get tired.
        They need to get a life, seriously.
        What do they get out of this? pffffftttt~

        To the HATERS:
        –> Because of your STUPID actions..my Chun is gonna get even MORE popular now~!!! 😉
        –> GO GET A LIFE~!!! LIFE IS SHORT, moreso, when you are a hater~!!!

        To YOOCHUNNIE:
        –> Please stay strong, NO ONE can put a good man down, just remember this.

        Tbh, the video is too blur for me to judge.
        I can’t even tell if that’s YC or not, who “seemingly” hit that so-called victim.
        I REALLY can’t see anything (maybe it’s hi-time to get my eyes checked, lol).
        If it’s indeed him hitting (which I’m convinced, he’s not) the so-called “victim”..
        I’m pretty SURE it’s unintentional or by accident.
        Because my instinct is telling me that my Chun, is no dumbo to hit a person (moreso, a “female”)..
        in front of SO MANY pairs of eyes (FANS’ eyes, that is).
        Just doesn’t make sense at all.

        Yoochunnie hwaiting~!!!

  1. Once u fall for YC there is no turning back! felt as if u’ve been charmed thru his gazed, sexy voice, those lucious lips, his beautiful smile, his witty remarks etc etc etc…… eventually you will see him as the most intreresting human being and just can’t enuf of him hehehe

  2. Who could resist Yoochun charm and his everything!! From now on, my ideal guy will be Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Kim JaeJoong, in no particular order, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a bias for all three of them, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hyunnie darling..trust me, you are NOT alone here.
    “Park Yoochun illness” is nothing new. Chunsas are ALL contracted with this disease.
    The difference is just some are recently contracted and some are contracted like since forever..hahaha~
    But sad to say..
    there’s absolutely NO CURE to this disease..yet~! 😦

    So..*hugs*..welcome to the group~!!! 😀


    • you’re right. Altough i would be happy if it was june 6, since that will be same as mine xp.
      But i’m happy, he’s a gemini xDD

      Yoochun-oppa!! You’re so charming x)

  4. virus attack “CHARMINGCHUN” ALREADY spread everywhere. (including me ) … if affected.. then… hard to treat … so.. .. princess Kim so Hyun …. congrats to you… hahaha


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