[NEWS] 120217 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoochun, ‘I’m The Flower Prince’


Park Yoochun, the main character of SBS’s new drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ shook women’s hearts with his good looks.

On 15th, ‘Flower prince’ Park Yoochun, wearing royal robe, attended shooting for the credit title of ‘Rooftop Prince’ at the middle of Chungmuro, Seoul.

Although he seemed a bit awkward in the beginning, Park Yoochun wonderfully expressed the prince’s solemnity and embracement to the new environment with a director’s cue sign. Many people passing by noticed Park Yoochun, gathered up, and the place, soon, became a get-together of multinational fans.

Park Yoochun attended the long hours of outdoor shooting seriously and brightly. Also, he actively approached fellow actors and staffs and made energetic environment.

The staff stated that Park Yoochun “gets immersed into his character excellently even at difficult surroundings and he makes people around excited with his good manners.”

The cast of ‘Rooftop Prince’ includes Park Yoochun, Han Jimin, Lee Taesung, Jung Yoomi and etc. It will be first aired in middle of March.

Translator’s Note: Because this is a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes. No infringement of copyright intended. Have a nice day 🙂

Source: Jang Changhwan / OSEN
Translation by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by: JYJ3


97 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120217 ‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoochun, ‘I’m The Flower Prince’

      • @bubbly

        How did my twinnie get out off my pocket??? LOL

        Hey baby, Long time no see.. *Hugs* where have u been?? U know i am so worried that chun will be so upset and stressed cuz of those Useless Stupid scams!!!!!!

        Miss u loads… Lets make our Chunie knows that we love him so much!!!! 🙂 Ya??

      • Kyah~!!! @nandar twinnie~!!! *bigkaolabearhugs kkeke~*

        Ee..”where have u been??”..
        in your pocket, twinnie..kkeke~ 😀
        but I managed to find my way out~! hahaha~

        Looks like our Chun’s not affected by the stupid baseless rumour here..
        wait a min..is this filming before or after the incident? 😛
        Regardless, he has my respect, really.

    • @zan

      And all the others…Chunnie is a pro. He has his head on straight. I dare say, he’s been around long enough to know what the deal is. Nothing is going to keep this young brother down.

      By the way Yoochun, LOVE LOVE LOVE the dalmation earmuffs! They are so YOU! 🙂

  1. and media doesnt give a F**K about the rumors yesterday.. i guess the trolls and antis only succeeded in putting confusion and doubt.. now it’s up to international fans to decide .. as for me i’ll support Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince ^__^

    • absolutely! never had a doubt of it. rumors are just that rumors and there to confuse and anger people. i don’t have time for all that drama so i will just support and be excited for jyj! we know how the real guys are!

      • Plan C?, they should have stick to that naked pic/video, that was more interesting but I wonder why all they can produce was a slapping 17 sec video( that was so boring) instead of nekkid, I’m excited for the next Plan!

      • Naked vid?
        Gosh~ Jae must make sure he keeps both his eyes on his many handphones!!
        I supposed the contents in his phones are even more…………….

    • *hugs*
      The truth will prevail. Karma be with them.

      We know the boys more than those hatred surrounding them. I’m glad yoochun isn’t anyway affected by these low-life scums, living only to put down hard working people.

      I just hope jyj and true fans will make the journey till the end. Oh yes we will 🙂

    • Agree with u sis ^^
      Only international fans who over reacted by the rumour yesterday, most of them were judging YC. Geez. Korean media doesn’t affected at all kekekeke.

    • @jenknight18
      “and media doesnt give a F**K about the rumors yesterday..”
      I have this love-hate relationship with the media..SK media especially..
      but in this case it’s LOVE, lol~
      For me: SUPPORT PYC all the way~!!! 😀

    • @jenknight18

      My ninja sister, there was never any doubt in my mind. I’m way too old to have some silly immature nonsense like this undo my faith in any of the guys.

      It’s sad that these folks feel the need to continue indulging like this. But what they fail to understand, is that the reason all the guys are this successful, the Universe is rewarding them for being good human beings. So, their efforts are all in vain.

      It’s too bad they don’t have energy to do something positive with their time. But hey, that’s not my worry. 😉

    • @hya
      IKR? What a combo of facial expressions here..
      I love the 2nd pic the most..the smiley Chun..kyah~

  2. Chunnie is looking mighty fine in these pics. I read in an article from a bystander that he and Han Jimin have great chemistry together. I’m so looking forward to a great romance from this pair. Yeah!

    • @LoveUnchanged *hugs*
      Kkeke..may I join?
      but I wanna request to add one more “0” and that will be..
      ee..1000x more than yesterday!
      I wonder if that’s even possible..
      coz I’ve a habit of topping it up full everynight before I go to sleep.. 😉 llol~
      And yup..Unconditionally~!!!

      “It’s his pinkish aura, like a baby”
      You described it well, my friend.

  3. o-> The staff stated that Park Yoochun “gets immersed into his character excellently even at difficult surroundings and he makes people around excited with his good manners.” <-o

    This totally made my day~! 😀
    Especially the last two words: GOOD MANNERS~!!! !!! !!!
    Right on the face of the trolls/haters (you know who you are 😉 ), hihi~
    Kyah~ What a feeling~!!! 🙂 Today's gonna be a great day~!!!

    PYC fighting~!!!

      • Hey there @gigi dearie *hugs*
        “YC always well known with his polite and good manner”
        We all know this very well.
        But what annoys me is..these good-for-nothing-not-so-pro-and-oh-so-jealous trollers..
        trying to influence people to think otherwise.
        And there ARE actually people who is buying their story, can you believe it? pfffffft~!!!
        But maybe these bunch of people (who like to portray as YC fans)..
        are haters like them..to begin with.

        I’m just glad to know that..
        and it looks like our Chun is NOT affected by their lowly acts at all..
        and I’m just so proud of him now.

        Yes, bb. You should NEVER allow people with “tiny-bird’s” brain..
        to affect the “premium first-class” brain of yours..hahaha~

        YC: Haters?!! Meh~!!!

      • @seobehrin *can I stick to this for a bit? 😉 coz your first name’s too long..lol~*

        Come to think of it, does good manners excite people? erm.. 😉 hahah~
        I guess, it’s more like they are excited to see YC-ssi..
        and him being polite to them makes them even more excited!
        Yes, must be it..kkeke~

  4. that’s YOOCHUN…that’s my PRINCE CHARMING.. a man who i loved….
    chunnieyah…… always keep the spirit… ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH… stay strong…
    we always love you… <3<3<3

  5. can’t wait for this drama. It will be daebak. Prince, modern time, romance, comedy, lot’s of cute boys, oh yes, I can’t wait.

  6. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • @Lisa
      😀 😀 😀
      YES, it’s ♥♥♥ all the way~!!!
      First time I see our @Lisa speechless.
      No words can describe how awesome our Chun is, right? 😀
      At least, that’s what I think..kkeke~~

  7. chunnie always the best! he is real and natual. i always admire him and like him^^ i just love chunnie’s gives the feelings to me. chunnie’s feelings^^

  8. With all those rumors going on out there, just looking at these pictures makes me feel such a relief. He’s good at heart. He has always been. 🙂

  9. Heard there is an anti-JYJ lady spamming in twritter (@black tortoise) with some blur photos and stories (that happened 3yrs ago as she said), she is ruinning Chunnie and stirring a fanwar… Can’t believe there are still people select to trust a rumor without any proved evidence, so sad !!
    Believe that truth can prevail over evil, Chunnie, our great composer/lyricist and now great actor, I support you forever !! ❤

  10. I really don’t even care for read any of that %**%<#~{ rumor and drama and war that happen ys and before ys ,,,, I just came … Find all the fandom was in panic about 17 sec or such , go watch that 17 sec and ,,,,, nothing chuni will remind for ever chuni my beloved man how will never do something for NO resion and he is a human being so he have as any body of us have ALL kind of emotion as well as anger so I see nothing strang in that 17 sec all I see a young man bothered to heall from a %^*^+^#} girl and he was taird and feel un well at that moment so his body react before he control it , and I can swear to god that #^**^% girl do something BIG and UGLY to him to react that way , at the end …. My beloved chuni my dork chuni my sexy chuni will remind as always him in my heart and brin cus we all are human do raight and rung and our beloved JYJ men are not ex from this ^^
    Keep going my 6002 we love u and support u forever just keep focusing in how u will drop us from our chair cus of laugh and charisma ^^
    sorry gys for rant this here cuz AGP turn to mass cus of thous hooohooo and there semilar *sigh* lol my beloved jyj3 sis give me a good laugh around that hohoohoo thing lol !!!

    • How can a blurred shaky 17 sec video taken 3 years ago discount how a loving son and brother YC is. Just think how he takes care of his mother and stood as a father to YW, I’ll set aside how handsome and talented he is, just the human-family side.
      GRANTED he really slapped that girl because he was annoyed, not in good mood or he just felt like slapping someone, he was so bad, disgusting but that was 3 years ago, people changed. But all these years I have never seen any hint of YC being that bad. Is there any incident that he just slap someone before and after that video footage? I don’t know if I’m making sense at all, but no matter how I look at it, there’s no way I could look down on him.

      • You don’t want to mess up with a calm and gentle person. Don’t let them reach their boiling point or you’ll regret it. I see YC as a no-nonsense guy. I don’t know if it’s really his personality or probably it was enhanced further when he lived in the US. Americans I’ve met are very straightforward. In Asia, typically when you don’t approve of someone’s act, especially of an elder, you have to keep mum about it since it’s considered disrespectful to answer back. They say “Patience is a virtue”. But, in the US, they encourage you to open up and express your thoughts. With YC, if you treat him well, he’ll treat you well. I think for him, Respect begets respect. You go over the line, he’ll definitely chew you out.

      • @pian *hugs*
        *applause* A+++
        Especially this line:
        “I think for him, Respect begets respect. You go over the line, he’ll definitely chew you out.”

        ps: of course, I’m not referring to the “video” uploaded by that dumbo here..
        coz tbh, that’s just one “blurry and shaky” 17-second video whereby you can’t really see anything at all.

      • @bubbly
        Sweetie you’re here. I was wondering earlier why our hardcore chunsa was not in the ruckus GAPP.
        Yes, in general, that’s how I find him. You know, this endeared him to me more now. I just love his transparency.

      • @pian
        Hihi..I was kinda late yesterday..
        by the time I realised what’s going on..
        the GAPP’s already jammed with traffic..hahaha~
        Thank gawd I was late..didn’t have a chance to comment..
        otherwise the page will be flooded with
        *&^%%@)$@&)$@(*&&^%$#@%#*&^&%$$&*@@$$#+&^%@!~%&^**(*(^&%$&^& F*CK YOU~!!!
        *cough and that’s not good for JYJ3’s image cough*


      • *rant for the crazies out there, not the nice people here*

        If Chunnie had really hit a stalker, I’d be cheering over here. Male, female, there’s no difference. If a bunch of weirdos were waiting for me on my front steps, they’d be eating my baseball bat.

        No one invited them over. Harassers and stalkers get what they get. That person that got hit wouldn’t have gotten hit if they hadn’t been where they didn’t belong. Like the people that cry when celebs snatch their cameras and break them. If they can reach you, you were too close to begin with! Quit cornering people and then acting surprised when they attack you! That’s like, basic. Go watch some National Geographic and educate yourself.

        */end rant*

      • @seohberin
        I love your rant! There should be no excuse when it comes to stalking. Those stalkers and paparazzis deserved to be attacked. No double standard. You stalk, I’ll run you over with a car.

      • @seobehrin @pian
        Woah..these two ladies are fierce~!
        don’t you dare try to be funny with them..
        I tell ya..
        or they will attack you with their baseball bat and car O.O ..
        don’t say I didn’t warn you.


      • @seobehrin

        I am so with you my friend! Personal space is personal space. If you are not a VERY CLOSE FRIEND, you don’t get in it! PERIOD!

        After looking at that video, I can’t really say what was going on because the quality was so bad. Any kind of inference can be made. But seriously, any human being has his/her limits. So, if there are people out there who don’t get it, the rest of us do.

  11. awww…this pictures are a must save..hanbook really suits our prince..he has the prince look and princely body like park min young said..i think he has a royal blood..those rumors are meant to damage our prince and we will not let that happen..just ignore the bitch..she doesnt deserved our attention..just pretend that she doesnt exist..if they will spam with dirty videos then lets spam with the handsome and dorky face of yuchun..i love you yuchun..dont forget..you have US!!!

    • @143
      Woah..so you actually spelt it out..the BITCH..BITCH..just ignore the BITCH~!!!
      ok..I feel much better now, llol~

      “he has the prince look and princely body like park min young said..”
      HAHAHA..how does a princely body looks like? 😛
      Ee..like Chun’s body?
      Erm..ok..so that’s how a princely body looks like~!!! hehe~

  12. 6002’s cute as a button but in a regal way. Can’t wait for this drama! I hope sub teams will upload eng subs for it quickly when it starts airing.

  13. our charming flower prince..
    cannot wait for this drama!
    buat yg tggal di indo dah tau chunnie jd cover dpn asianplus edisi mggu ini tp yg ngeseling mrk membhs mslh skandal foto itu 😦

  14. I’m going to say my piece here, then I won’t say anymore on this subject. A ragged, 17 sec film is not going to change my mind about supporting and believing in Yuchun. I was not there, YOU were not there. Not one complaint has been brought up; the one witness to the event states that Yuchun did nothing wrong! I can’t believe some of the remarks, still being made over this. Doubters are so ready to forgive Yuchun for something he hasn’t done; wrap it up all nice and tidy and “It’s A New Day, Y’all!” Well, it’s a new day all right; the day after some in this fandom showed just how easily one can be manipulated, and it saddens me. I just hope Yuchun is not negatively affected by this.

    Oh yes, and if you’re under the impression that this is just blind faith talking; in our judicial system even a murderer is tried by a jury of his peers, in a court of law, with legal council and deemed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It would seem that some have already tried and convicted Park Yuchun without the benefit of ‘just cause’.

  15. Stalkers with history of poisoning, violence and causing harm. A chopped up video, without clear sequence of event. A delay of 3 years. No reaction from witnesses. A more mature Yoochun, who is a known humanitarian, good son, brother and friend. Yeah, I think you get the picture. In America celebrities that are not even has big as the boys, would not go anywhere without multiple body guards. Furthermore, stalker fans in America are arrested and sent to jail. It just seems stupid to think that he would react that way without being provoked, something that was purposefully edited out of the videos.

    This nonsense was spread by antis and only a small group of international fans fell for it. Most Korean and Asian fans, didn’t even bother with it. Listen, I am the first person to fight for women’s rights, but when something smells fishy, I go with my gut. There are too many questions, too many holes in this story, and all evidence points to sabotage. As a ethical, human being, I cannot participate in something that aims to destroy someone in such an underhanded way.

    Finally, Yoochun is more matured now. He is in a better, happier place (he is no longer handcuffed to the hellish hole that he was in). He would probably react differently now, showing that he has grown. How can I judge him on something that I do not know the whole story about, especially, since it happened years ago. Nope, I am standing by Yoochun, and it seems most of his fans are. Those going around, were never JYJ fans, nor Yoochun fans, so their reaction does not affect JYJ in anyway. JYJ is not going any where, they have the best fans in the world 😀

  16. this article brightens up my day despite rumours spreading outside. the more you learn about him the more you fall for him, that’s a fact for me. btw, dearest admin, tqvm for uploading this article, just love all his expressions:)

  17. Random thought—–did YC borrow those dalmatian ear-muffs from JS (remember him in that all Dalmatian costume/booties at the Elisabeth practice twit pics)?

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