[NEWS] 120217 Xiah Junsu’s spell… 99% of audience of Musical Elisabeth is female

Translator’s Note: Because this is a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes. No infringement of copyright was intended. Have a nice day 🙂

‘Some of men’s restroom doorplates were changed due to lack of women’s restrooms’

Kim Junsu, who gathers female fans like clouds for each musical performance, even changed restrooms of the theater.

As the ladies rooms of the Theater Bluesquare in Seoul reached the staturation point by female audience
during the intermission of the Musical ‘Elisabeth’, in which Kim Junsu acts as ‘Tod’, on last 15th, the Theater opened men’s restrooms on the first basement level (the first floor of the auditorium) to women. The resident manager of the theatre asked the male audience, who got restrained from entring the restroom, to “understand the situation as Kim Junsu appears in today’s performance.”

Although the Theater, which opened in last Novemeber, had realized there is a large number of female audience during domestic musical performences and increased capaity of women’s restrooms, it was not enough for Kim Junsu’s performance. The capacity of women’s restrooms of this theater has the highest standard in Korea with the rate of 25.9 seats per 1 female toilet while Charlotte Theater in Jamsil, Seoul has the rate of 33.5 seats per 1 female toilet.

This ‘plight’ had occurred because all the tickets of Kim Junsu’s performances were sold out and most of them were females. Interpark, the site for purchasing tickets, stated that the rate of female purchasers of Kim Junsu’s ‘Elisabeth’ shows has exceeded little over 99%, and it is unapralleled in history of musical in larger theater in Korea even if female purchaser would take males to the performance.

All of 31,960 tickets for Kim Junsu’ 20 performances of musical ‘Elisabeth’ were sold out in around ten minutes. His shows are also considered as the only shows in which ticket touting occurs. There was a report that a ticket originally worth 150,000won is traded as 100,000yen (approx. 1,440,000won) in Japan. The Theater rents out around 100 opera glasses per show; howevever, the Theater plans to buy additional glasses as they run out in an instant for Kim Junsu’s shows.

Source: Kim Sungkyu / DongA news
Translation by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by: JYJ3


36 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120217 Xiah Junsu’s spell… 99% of audience of Musical Elisabeth is female

  1. XDDD Junsu u must feel proud, women loves u so much LOL
    btw, i was amazed by the number of tickets…31,960 !! omg thats alot o_o and sold out in ten minutes…Junsu is sure powerfull in Korea o.o
    wish i was there to see his musical, seems that is freaking awesome >w<

  2. Seriously, I’ll try my best to graduate this year from college and find job with decent salary that can support the fare to travel from Indonesia to Korea and the musical tix! Gah! Kim Junsu!! wait for me!!

  3. LOL! I’m a female so I can understand! I will definitely be able to hold my bladder so that I won’t miss out anything when queuing for the toilet!

  4. I am so happy for him that he is a hit and all the tickets are sold out. That is the power of Junsu talent and sexynesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I really wish I could see this musical!!!!!!!!!

  5. it is funny but AWESOME! comparing the ratio of the tickets to toilet seats… hahaha.. who else can do this? ONLY XIAH JUNSU!!!

  6. *Proud* Junsu Fighting~~~!!!!

    Interesting… I just discovered now that Elisabeth is Sissi that came to my place, in that time our island as known in the international medical guides as a clinic to cure pulmonary phthisis, so she came here to treat her illness! Also she came here to have some freedom and she really influenced our people a lot so our city decided to pay her a tribute on the gardens that she loved to do long walks, by doing a statue in bronze and natural size. I passed by the statue everyday to go to school and I swear that she was getting more familiar these days, now I understand why LOL… she is Elisabeth from Junsu musical!!! I dont think Im gonna look to the statue the same way.. Junsu is gonna come to my mind all the time XDD

    If someone wants to see ..here a pic pf the statue:

      • Time zone sucks >< she losed her family members one by one, her brother-in-law; the younger brother of her husband; Maximiliano; the drown of the husband of her sister and the death of her sister that got burned!! All this affected her emotionally, she was really depressed and her worries about her weight got worse by the time! She came two times to Madeira island, the first time she come here she spent almost 6 months, she really enjoyed because she felt free not like in the court where she had strict rules ! Sissi revealed that she felt suffocated: "Every boat that embark the coast, awakes my wish to embark too. I dont care where it goes, to Brasil or Africa, I just dont want to stay at one place forever! "

  7. I would guess Junsu has a lot of male fans who like his voice, but what hope did they have to get tickets against those female fans competing for seats.

    When Yuchun went to the premiere, it must have been all women + Yuchun, Junsu’s manager, and Junsu’s father. D

  8. Like Duhhhhhhhh!
    “….. Xiah Junsu’s spell… 99% of audience of Musical Elisabeth is FEMALE…”
    This should not come as a surprise to those of us in the know! hehehe 🙂


    “…All of 31,960 tickets for Kim Junsu’ 20 performances of musical ‘Elisabeth’ were sold out..”
    OH YES! Thank You Xiapaws, Honeybreads, and ALL the Junsu fans for showing your mega support for Junsu!
    You guys are AWESOME! You not only “talk-the-talk” but you “walk-the-walk” when it comes to showing your support.
    You’ve given him the best gift possible.. you speak with your dollars!! 🙂

  9. It’s good to hear this and all and I’m proud of him, but poor boy… He so wants to show the people what he is capable of as a musical actor but no way in hell anybody except his fangirls will ever have a chance to see him perform. Fans are killing each other for the tickets and Junsu doesn’t need to prove how amazing he is to the fans. We know. I would feel even more proud if he can perform before ordinary musical loving people and they would also think that way.

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  11. great.. but not impressed with it… are they all his fans?? i dont know.. coz i didnt go there obviously… fans already knew well that junsu is super duper talented.. but i want his talent to be watched by others, not only fans… real theater audience… *aaaaawh.. i’m being judgmental here… spank me!*
    i want it to be a real theater with real theater audience and critics… not a junsu-concert-worshipper-type-of-theater.. *dang, i’m gaining hatred and haters here*
    dont kill me, i am head to toe junsu worshipper like many you too… just that i want the best for him…

    i’m out of my mind i guessed.. kill me!

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