[PICS] 120216 New Pictures of JYJ for NII

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Credit: @JJstar_ + @GmarketJapan
Shared by: JYJ3


54 thoughts on “[PICS] 120216 New Pictures of JYJ for NII

  1. Yoochun’s lips look so plump… I wanna kiss it…

    Meanwhile… Junsu… How he turns from the sexy death to amazingly cute teen-boy in a blink of an eye is still a mystery to me…

  2. *look around for chunsas*

    😀 did anyone notice JS’s pretty butt in the second photo??? 🙂 I mean i am not pervert towards JS cuz he is like a cute baby to me.. But it is attracting my attention… 😀

    • Hey I’m a chunsa 🙂
      I’ve got to say that I love all 3 of them. I love JJ’s first pic and I love the last 2 photos of Yoochun 🙂 🙂

      LOL actually I love all of the photos XD
      Going to save them now

    • @ intoxication ^^

      how are u intoxicated @u@ ? i am fine


      ” I mean i am not pervert towards JS cuz he is like a cute baby to me ”

      TvT i’m a pedo i knew it, i’m older than Junsu and he looks like a baby to me too i shouldn’t be looking at him with sexual intentions but he’s so ripe and yummy i could just eat him .

      @ intoxicated again

      see the second pic , Yoochun totally spammed at Junsu’s pose , Yoochun’s a pedo too i can just imagine him going TvT when i confront him about it : D then we could both go TvT together every time Junsu does something cute in front of us.

      oh i can’t help it but i visualized my hand caressing that round ….. : P

      and i don’t know how many times i said this but , junsu really makes pink a color normal to be associated with men O.o u just wake up one day and say pink is for boys and blue is for girls must be : P

  3. JJ is the king of casual dresses. Actually the first picture is just perfect and very manly.I think a man should be more manlier and handsome than cute and all, earlier jae is just so like girlish type but now there is a sudden transformation in him and he is the most manliest among the 5 now.That is good. It suits for him.I think he has a perfect handsome look that can even touch the Hollywood.

  4. OMG all of the pic are … WOW….. the last one with Chunnie…. those lips, those eyes and THAT adam’s apple!!! … talk sexy to me Chunnie…

  5. Even for Jaejoong’s level of good-looking, that 1st pic is just freaking too much! How, Bias, how?? cannot. stop. staring. or. drooling.
    Loveeee Junsu in the green coat and Chunnie in that side-profile pic. How do these men do it??
    No, rly, I demand an explanation!

  6. spazzing soooo haaard!! omg Su looks soooo adorable at second pic *-* my lovely cutie pie >3<
    and last 3 pics *q* my YooSu looking extremely hot!!!!! i love this sooo much *-*

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