[TWITTER] 120216 Junsu and Jaejoong Twitter Update


@nicedragon0314: @1215thexiahtic Lucheni too..??^^;;;

@1215thexiahtic: @nicedragon0314 Ha ackkk! (T/N:  Min Young Ki @poimin73 tweeted  about the definition of ‘Ha ackkk!’ that Junsu frequently uses. 
“Ha ackkk means… Junsu said “it is a exclamation for gratitude and shyness at the same time???” to me^^ It was reporter Min Young Ki from Elisabeth’s dressing room.”)


@1215thexiahtic: @nicedragon0314 Hyung, will you be performing today??


@nicedragon0314: @1215thexiahtic is this an expression of surprise???

@1215thexiahtic: @nicedragon0314 ㅋㅋ Yepp! Hyung is the only one I haven’t performed with yet ㅠ



@mjjeje: Our common conversation http://pic.twitter.com/hr0Ss7Yw


Message from Yookcheoni<3

Yoochun: Really, congratulations^^ You’re the best, you’re really the kewlest~ (T/N: Yoochun was really talking cutely~^^)
Yoochun: Program bass^^ gives me goosebumps~!!

2011.12.31 10:25pm
Jaejoong: Thanks/hate you haha (T/N: He was about to say “gomawo”=thank you but he said “gomiwo”go+hate you so it could be a play on words~)

Yoochun: hahahaha^^ It was giving me goosebumps~

2011.12.31. 10:53pm
Jaejoong: ㅋㅋI heard you were so nervous~
Yoochun: hahaha^^ but I didn’t really look like it~

2012.1.1. 12:11am
Yoochun: Hyung, receive a lot of money (T/N: He didn’t actually say ‘money’ but I’m leaning towards it being a typo rather than meaning something else)~ You did a lot of hard work~^^ Let’s try to do well this year too~ ———^^

 @mjeje: Our boring conversation http://pic.twitter.com/5k1NbNgc


Jaejoong: Hyung likes the red one too
Yoochun: hahahahayeah~ The chorus is really nice~

Jaejoong: But isn’t it a bit too loud?

Jaejoong: The balance is a killer, I’ll need it for the [song] i’m working on~

Yoochun: Yeah~the balance is really a problem~I’m trying out this and that to see if it’s really loud

Jaejoong: The sound is all big and goes boom boom, right?haha

Yoochun: O K O K The sound is a killer~

Jaejoong: Feel it well~~

Yoochun: O K O K

@mjjeje: Somehow it gave goosebumps

Source: @1215thexiahtic + @nicedragon0314 + @mjjeje
Translation by:@0101jyunshyu, @joejjang, @dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by: JYJ3


83 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120216 Junsu and Jaejoong Twitter Update

    • Soulmates~

      Many a times, we feel we’re prorecting JYJ and we love them a lot.
      But Jae has always prove he loves us as much and protect us too.
      I realize that whenever there is a bad rumor or news, he’ll always tweet.
      He’ll try to cheer us up with his own method.
      Tell me how not to love him….

      He’s the sweetest angel ever~~~

  1. I’m so happy that JJ tweeted in English even if he did just copy and paste XD
    I was surprised to see Junsu tweeting so much late at night yesterday but I’m not complaining!! 🙂

  2. “XiahTod” Junsu; you amaze me even more day by day: Your singing and acting capabilities seem to have no end. 🙂

    Jaejoong, my dear, I want to know where did you take this words from; I know those are from a book, it’s obvious. Very deep and meaningful. ¿Are you referring to the ones who have dedicated their lifes exclusively to destroy JYJ? I don’t know, but I am sure you have your strong reasons and I respect you for that. You know you have my support and my love baby. ¡JYJ fighting!


      • well i think indirectly they choose number 2 because they are gonna keep spread a malicious rumors till they felt satisfied at least if my question and words to them in GAPP not get reach their heart or try denied what i said to them in there

      • Oh my dear sister @shuheilove

        The problem with telling haters not to hate…there are no souls in these folks. When you go through life like this, you hear and see what you want to, your mind is not open. So, let them stew in the negativity. The efforts they are expending on trying to defame JYJ are really being wasted. No one with a functioning mind believes what they spew. It is all for naught. Remember…YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!

      • @Miaw

        Baby; sadly, you’re right. They prefer to burn in hell better than to stop spreading malicious rumors about JYJ. ¡Poor bastards!


        My sister, you know, as the great “Forrest Gump” used to say: “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES”, These haters don’t know any other ways to make the rest of the human race notice them. They will die alone in the misery; since they don’t want to repent and change their mistaken behaviour whatsoever.

      • I never believe the rumors of JYJ but even if Yuchun really did those NUDE photos and video for real, I want to see them rather than getting angry or hate YC. Now I love JYJ that much to become a pervert kekEkekek

  3. Thank you JJ for the inspirational quotes..
    he tweeted another 2 conversation..a random and sincere one? and tweet something again
    admin..please translate..thank you ♥

  4. Yay..Jaesu twits^^
    Is Junsu talking to his Elizabeth cast?….their twits seems fun~
    Loving Jae’s english quotes, really meaningful…keep it up Jae ∩_∩

    • lol.
      he’s working hard on the new album, rehearsing for his upcoming drama and as a leader he also plans a lot of JYJ’s activities and is in on the decision-making in general, tries to get their activities on for Japan and you think he has nothing to do..
      really now, really?
      please go troll on some other site.

    • I don’t think Jae needs to tell everybody what he’s busy with!
      So you think when JYJ’s concert is prepared and their albums and songs are ready, they just happen by themselves?!
      Chunnie and Su can concentrate on their respective activities because they know their hyung are shouldering the bulk of the work!
      Jae is happy to do that because he loves his brothers and I believe YooSu appreaciate all that he has done.
      So don’t say he’s bored and got nothing to do!!!

      • Some people might be thinking that JYJ is just like when they were SM idols who only memorized the song and choreo and all they had to do was to sing and dance, everything was prepared for them as in SPOON FED. In JYJ’s case, they have to do everything, composing/writing, arrangement/production, action plan and so on. Albums, concerts, fanmeets and any other JYJ activities don’t just pop up if they want to, all the members are working together from stage 1 up to the finish product but they don’t hinder each others individual activity. They give room for each member’s growth and like last year, Jae has to step back to focus on JYJ’s while ChunSu are busy on their solo projects, then when they’re done, Jae will have his solo project as well.

      • you think they don’t hire people to help them? jyj doing all the job by themselves? then jae must have been very very busy until he don’t even have time to hangout outside in the middle of 3.30 am

      • @ jj
        “you think they don’t hire people to help them? jyj doing all the job by themselves? then jae must have been very very busy until he don’t even have time to hangout outside in the middle of 3.30 am”

        What kind of question is that ? Your whole comment clearly defines who really you are, your true color !

    • Then he’ll go nuts just sit and think abt what ifs….lol.
      Seriously, I do tweet, chat, type invoices, eat at the same time, and I still manage everything to finish on time.
      My suggestion to you cincinn, go find your own business. Stop telling Jae what to do.
      Btw, he got many things to do, just happened he had spare time then tweets.
      How did I know? Oh yeah, he just called me….

    • cute twitter soulmate ^^

      i don’t know if you really love jae or not
      Actually i don’t think anyone have the right to judge JYJ members and what they are doing as you don’t know for sure except if you know them personally

  5. Thank you Jae for sharing such great quotes, and some of your “common and boring” conversation with YC. I bet you’re working on great songs for us.

  6. JJ thanks for sharing those conersation.
    you starts my day right!
    Am I going to expect another “Get Out” genre?
    Can’t wait!

  7. their conversation is really~ how do i say it…… very polite? very mannered? ……….
    me and my friend’s ..when we texted each other isn’t like this one… we are more loud and like child… lol……..
    but JJ and Yc’s convo were very mature and always encouraging to each other……………..

  8. ADMIN, I’m Korean. So I’m poor at English, But I can tell nuance about Message between JJ and yc. there’re a lot of typing miss so It’s very difficult to understand to Non-Korean.
    ‘방송바쓰’ is “I saw Program” ‘간지’ is cool. ‘고미워’ is just Thank you. Just Typing miss.
    ‘완전간지나던데’ is “You’re very cool” ‘엄청떨리더라’ is “I was very nervous” ‘전여 그렇게안보였는데’ is “You never look that”
    ‘형볻많이받아’ is “Hyung Happy New Year”
    JJ and Yc’s Message has lots of typing miss. It’s so cute to Korean fan. I hope you guys international fans also know their cuteness and nuance filled with love.

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  10. Jaejoong, you are so nice to share the meaning words for us. And we know that you love your brother (Junsu and Youchun). Please do what you want or even take a break or rest, I want you to be happy and no one should judge what you are doing. I love what you are^^

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