[TWITTER] 120216 Yoochun Twitter Update


Kim So Hyun: My last day of elementary school! I’m spending it while shooting for ‘Rooftop Prince’ at night~!♥ Hey Rooftop Prince~ you must go well♥ Haha That’s right, Prince-nim will do well, hihi ^^ I must try really really hard (T/N: literally, until my body breaks) http://pic.twitter.com/9LaNsYHU

Yoochun to Kim So Hyun:  Everything must go well~^^ Fighting!!!

Source: @6002theMicky, @wowkimsohyun
Translation by: The_litle_pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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67 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120216 Yoochun Twitter Update

    • she is not poor… she is very lucky… luckier than those resting at home… she is spending time with the rooftop prince!!

  1. She’s so pretty, 10 years from now, she could be YC’s girl.

    I wish Yoochun could tweet this one, lol.
    ” Dear haters, I couldn’t help but notice that “awesoME” ends with “me” and “Ugly” starts with “u”. 😉 “

  2. Awww… The little girl seriously has a crush on 6002, referring to him as “Prince-nim”. I bet she took her time in picking the prettiest photo of herself before uploading it. She has to look her best for her prince-nim.

  3. seems Yoochun liked having filial relationships.. like a little sister or little daughter (ex. Yoobin) .. He should know how Jaejoong feels dealing with 8 adoptive sisters and 1 biological sister in his immediate family.. While YC only has his mom as woman of the house..

      • Really?! It crossed my mind too when I saw her tweet about 6002 the first time. It will be impossible for 6002 to reproduce if he marries at a later time since he prefers noonas. So, it’s advisable for him to marry someone younger.

    • @pian
      A natural beauty with a natural handsome..
      will make a great couple..hihi~
      but no pressure here YC-ssi..hahaha~jk!

      Nah..I think he’s more like a big brother caring for his new lil’ sister.

  4. ow…ow..ow… so sweet…. i really like you princess ” so hyun “…. ❤
    chunnieyah… so hyun… fighting… stay strong..
    can' wait to watch your drama… aigooooooo…

  5. Our “Minnie” is so so cute! So pretty~ Such a cute rainbow to fall on Chun’s lap, er… I mean Chunsaland!

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