[VIDEO] JYJ Turkey: Fanboy Tolga teaching “Be My Girl “shuffle to newbie JYJ fans

JYJ Turkey Project Team’s member Tolga Bostancı intended to teach “Be my girl” shuffle to everyone he can reach in Istanbul and Çanakkale. The dance academy he works with is shaken with this enthusiasm. The dance academy called Dans Keyfi (Joy of Dance) has been recorded in the Guiness record book here is a link to it: Link. . JYJ songs are spreading more and more these days. ”I can’t forget the moments that I danced in front of Kim Jaejoong while he was inside the car. Even the idea of him watching me was amazing. He greeted everyone with a great kindness in Turkey. So we are going to keep showing the kindness and awesomeness of JYJ to everyone here in Turkey.” fanboy Tolga said. The academy has been always open to this young dance instructor and JYJ for a long time by showing support for JYJTurkey’s projects.The director of JYJ Turkey Project Team Feyza Özdeş said that she was always thankful to head of the academy Ulaş Ata for his supports. Who knows they won’t break another record for JYJ one day…

Credit : Dans Keyfi
Source: JYJ Turkey
Shared by: JYJ3


21 thoughts on “[VIDEO] JYJ Turkey: Fanboy Tolga teaching “Be My Girl “shuffle to newbie JYJ fans

  1. fanboy *puppy eyes* i like be my girl dance..i should have ask my aunt to teach her students..too bad she already closed her dancing centre…KILL ME D:

  2. Feyza Ozdes is the young lady who promoted so enthusiastically with videos for JYJ, right? Did she even get to attend the fan meeting? hope she did 😀

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