120217 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

Answer to Yesterday’s GAPP

The whole story…

For Tomorrow

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      • @Jae-is-Mine ~Sorry for attaching this comment to your reply but I wanted everyone to read this; for those of you who follow Mia (JYJ3 admin) you will know that this a hard and stressful time for her and all of the other admins/translators because of all the craziness going on in the fandom right now. Please lets show Mia how much we love and support JYJ, JYJ3 and all the hard workers for JYJ3.

        Thank you to Mia, DoctorJaee, The little pear and all of the JYJ3 admins and translators. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do for us fans 😀

      • Thank you JYJ3 admins. You all are amazing and what you do cannot be thanked enough. You have created a safe haven where JYJ fans can meet and interact in peace. To come here and not have to worry about haters, trolls and antis is amazing. I know sometimes it might get hard/be difficult, but your labor of love is greatly appreciated. This JYJ3/JYJ fans community you have created is some where I come to everyday. You have connected fans across countries, borders, languages, cultures etc. I hope we continue to spazz together over the phenomenal and talented group that is JYJ.

        With so much success, there are bound to be troubles along the way. What JYJ is doing, is too revolutionary and therefore it is met with hate and attacks from a small, but vocal minority. However, those who laugh last, laugh best. And we will laugh, because we are on the side of truth and justice. Sorry to ramble on. But, I just wanted to encourage my fellow fans, and to also say a big thank you, for all the hard work you JYJ3 admins put into this site. On behalf of myself and JYJ fans around the world, THANK YOU.

      • I have to agree w/ everything that was said. You guys do an awesome job, that is often unappreciated sometimes even by us. We are so bz spazzing over the boys, we forget to say Thank You. For giving us a home where we could all come together and be family, for chasing out trolls in every-day spring-cleaning, for bringing to us anything and everything related to the boys, for giving up who knows how many hours of your day throughout the year, for everything you all do w/o complaining THANK YOU.
        This is indeed a difficult time for fandom but I hope you will lean on us just as you let us lean on you all the time, patiently dealing with our fangirl needs. Big hugs all around to our dearest adminnies! ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Mia, RainbowKJJ, MrsKimArikaDjae, CesKJJ, Cecilia, Hannah / Pear, DoctorJaee, and Hazy~ I think you guys are JYJ Angels; you give wings to our JYJ boy’s art. They are artists and you give their work international flight. How else are we, international fans who don’t speak/read Korean, Japanese or Chinese, to know what has been tweeted, what is on their schedule, when new albums are released and how to purchase them, …what is going on in the fandom. You guys help spread their love and art where we would not have access to this kind of information. I know there are many JYJ supporting sites but JYJ3 is the heart of JYJ fandom. Thank you for all that you do for JYJ and this fandom, sometimes we forget how thankful we should be to have JYJ and JYJ3. Please know that in our hearts we will always love and support you and JYJ and we are so thankful that you guys are with us. Being in this fandom is like riding a rollercoaster, extreme ups and downs. But I think JYJ being strong, our fandom is strong and we will not just weather the storm – we will conquer it. Together we love, laugh, spazz, cry, and sometimes argue – because we have such strong feelings for our boys. It is love – love that JYJ has for each other, love for their fandom, love for Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu, our JYJ3 team and each other that makes us strong. Thank you for being the heart of that love♥

      • To Mia (@visualshock33), RainbowKJJ, MrsKimArikaDjae, Ceskjj, Cecilia, Hannah / Pear, DoctorJaee, Shermin (@rideanelephant), Helly, Hazy, I can’t thank you enough on how you have dedicate your mind and time for this fandom. Words can’t describe how I felt about your hard work. I’m so grateful to find this site, JYJ3. Thank You.

      • dear Admins,
        thank you so much for your endless effort for providing us ‘JYJ’s fans’ so many great things about our JYJ ..
        thank you so much for giving us (especially a newbie like me) a place to find out all about our JYJ also a place to meet with so many wonderful JYJ’s fans ..
        thank you .. thank you .. and thank you .
        fighting !

      • Thank you to all of the admins who always keep us fans updated on all news regarding JYJ.
        If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t know what was happening.
        Lots of love and hugs from me to you!! 🙂

      • Dear admins. Thank you thank you THANK YOU so very much. You do so much and work so hard. Your hardwork enables us to become linked to JYJ and to know what is going on. Thank you so much. Hwaiting! ^_^

    • Hi Jae is mine sweetie ^^

      @ One-One

      about my long post yesterday, i wanted to correct something that was false yesterday

      here’s the link


      sorry about the mix up i guess i was worried people would think it was Yoochun that it stuck in my head with time, i am so sorry . anyway the police discovered she lied about the slap by the manager cause her being young didn’t know the restaurant had surveillance and would expose her. the manager only pushed her cause she continued to stay in the way when they wanted to leave the restaurant. she knew she is a minor and wouldn’t get punished for anything like harassment. though i dislike her i dislike the dumb manager even more for being narrow minded and dragging Yoochun’s name into this. it was obvious she was looking for trouble and he being new probably didn’t know how to ignore Anti’s abuse.

      anyway just wanted to correct this i got mixed up : ( really feel bad about it had trouble sleeping wanting to correct this the first time i wake up. but my posts don’t appear quick either : (

  1. to jyj3 admins esp mia. you are not letting us down if you wish to take a break. you have every right to do so. you have no obligations to us, not even to jyj.

    good luck with everything and be strong! thanks for everything you’ve done. ❤

    • I second this! Take as long a break as you need to, and come back when you are ready to. Even JYJ themselves probably feel like hiding away from the world often.
      You have worked hard! Stay healthy and happy while you are gone ^^

      All our best wishes are with you!

      • I’m so hyped for the drama to start >.,.<

        Is there any non-yaoi or non-sexual anime/manga any one wants to suggest to me? The current drama's are boring.

        I AM SO HAPPY LEE JUNKI IS BACK! I missed his acting so much!
        Where did all the good, regular actors run off too?

      • try Noblesse ( this what I’m reading right now…), it’s a manhwa… comedic, with supernatural powers… hehehehe

        or Special A – funny too

      • manga/anime
        one piece LOL
        Vampire Knight —->everyone know it
        Tales of——>i prefer games
        Full metal alchemist—–>MUST
        YOTSUBA——>it’s funny
        Samurai Champloo (anime) —–>coooooooool MUST
        Blood+——>to many blood?
        Prince Of Tennis & New Prince Of Tennis——>i prefer manga
        XXXHolic——->actually i like manga from clamp
        Skip Beat——>i prefer manga…anime mehh…drama …blehhh
        D’grayman——->heheh i LOVE IT
        hack Gu/ hack roots——–>Sad ending or bad ending O_o
        Beck———>story same with JYJ 😦 (anime or manga two thumbs up)
        Persona 4 the Animation——>wuihhh COOL I LOVE GAME AND ANIME
        ALL manga from Tezuka Osamu——->just manga……. love them all
        Nodame Cantabile
        Pandora Hearts——>prefer manga
        Tiger & Bunny———> just look
        Katekyo Hitman Reborn

      • i love bleach, naruto & naruto shippudden, fairy tail, detective conan, nurarihyon no mago, inuyasha, kyou kara maou & so many anime…. i am also watch junjou romantica & gravitation (i love it songs) but its yaoi anime…..
        i also cannot wait for my junki to comeback….. he’s the first korean man that i love…..now my love more to joongie…. but junki still in my heart….. hehehehe ❤ ❤ ❤

      • @Echo
        I really loved Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge anime (not the drama). Check it out! Super, super funny plus tons of eye candy, cos’ there’s F4 in the story.
        Skip Beat anime was good too, but its only 1 season.

      • Ah so many suggestions. Thank you ^____^

        @ILoveJae’sHotSauce I read Fruits Basket and watch Host Club already both are awesome! I read chobits too but not all of it.

        @masi I will add Noblesse to my list. It has an interesting title. I already read a bit of Special A, it didn’t hook me though.

        one piece—->watched
        Vampire Knight —->waiting for more chapters to come out lol
        Full metal alchemist—–>LOVE THIS! But, I need to watch the new season. I heard it is awesome!
        YOTSUBA——>added to my list. Are you talking about the anime or manga?
        Samurai Champloo (anime) —–>funny so added to my list ^______^
        Blood+——>Blood is good lol
        Prince Of Tennis & New Prince Of Tennis——>I loved the anime. I became a Tennis addict after it. Hikaru no Go is good too.
        Skip Beat——>I’m watching the anime now because my sister recommended me. I can’t watch the drama because I think Siwon is not-good-looking as a lead and their acting is mediocre.
        D’grayman——->manga or anime?
        hack Gu/ hack roots——–>manga or anime?
        Beck———>story same with JYJ 😦 (anime or manga two thumbs up) —->DEFINITELY WATCHING!
        Persona 4 the Animation——>wuihhh COOL I LOVE GAME AND ANIME—->adding to my list
        ALL manga from Tezuka Osamu——->just manga……. love them all
        Nodame Cantabile–>watched the drama and loved it
        Kuroshitsuji—->watched the drama and loved it
        Pandora Hearts——>prefer manga——–>will read
        Tiger & Bunny———> just look———>it has a interesting weird name

        @gewejoongie I watched Bleach to season 2. I am currently reading the Naruto manga. And I am currently reading Fairy Tale too. I watched Inuyasha when I was in high school. I will ass these to my list: detective conan, nurarihyon no mago, ikyou kara maou
        Lee Junki is AWESOME. Lee Minho’s acting reminds me of him but Minho is not as good as Junki ^____^ And yes Joongie is the best!

        @intoxicatedbyxiatic I am watching Skip Beat now. And watched the Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge drama. I really liked it. I will watch the anime too.

        Katekyo Hitman Reborn

  2. Hello, have a nice day to all my sisters (and brothers) of JYJ family.
    TGIF. Lets bring this day into cheer moment.
    I just wanna tell adminie that you are all awesome. You still manage to spare your time from your busy schedule to make this site keep alive.
    Thank you for everything. JYJ3, Fighting!!

  3. @Mia like I always said to you : you’re always have my shoulder ,my hug …
    Thanks for always be there and working so hard for us ,for our JYJ3 family…
    Please ,be strong for us,we believe in you ,we wanna stand with you,walk with you ,let keep our family happy together forever…

  4. Thanks to all JYJ3 admin who have made this site alive and growing up becoming a home for JYJ families.. *Bow* ^^ and does not matter as much as any obstacles that we will be facing, I hope we all JYJ family can be more intelligent, critical, and care for one another.. troll u may go to H***..

  5. I was also really wondering what programs fans use to make really good GIFs? I’ve seen some awesome GIFs on omana and really want to learn that trick.

    OMG I would be constantly spam-posting GIFs on JYJ3 then!

    Please help me someone! Thank you.

  6. Ahhh came home late and couldn’t reply to @pian and @putrihs comments on yoohwans new idol drama!

    And @putrihs hope @pian explained what cable dramas are and you get the gist of it. The ratings will be low and undervalued that’s fsure because it’s not on major broadcasting networks but I hope it still does justice. 🙂

    @pian I’m excited too, but I do hope it does something fresh and different then you are beautiful! And its gonna be fun watching yoohwan play an idol, where he has to train and learn how to dance and sing beforehand hahaa. At least he has his foreign language down already 😉

    I bet Chunnie will get a kick out of it. He’s prolly proud of his dongsaeng yoohwan receiving a leading role ^^ all support! Yoohwans fighting! Yoochun fighting!

  7. Thank you to Mia, DoctorJaee, The little pear and all of the JYJ3 admins and translators.
    Thank you for all the hard work you guys do for us fans.

    Keep up the good work. Stay happy and healthy!

  8. Dear Mia,
    ” No matter what, you deserve to smile. Don’t let anyone ever take that away from you.”
    Please don’t say sorry to us JYJ Fans, you have done so much for this fandom without asking anything in return. If you feel tired, please take a good rest to find your inner strength and happiness again. I’ll pray for you and your family.
    Thank you very much for creating JYJ3 and we will be forever grateful to you.

    To DoctorJaee, The little pear and all of the JYJ3 admins and translators, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    May GOD bless us all.

    • @kris can you tell me what is happening with JYJ3 adminies? I haven’t been reading all the GAPs lately.

      Adminies thank you so much for all that you do for us by keeping this wonderful site available for us to get together and keep up to date with what is happening with our boys. Love you so much… again Thank you!

      • @Yssa
        I think Mia, the founder of JYJ3 is feeling down lately, maybe she’s stressed and tired and needs to step back for awhile to take a break . I don’t know what’s really happening but reading her latest tweets I can feel that she’s having a hard and stressful time.

      • thank you Kris for explaining.

        Awww Mia bless your soul … I hope you do take time off and re-couperate and de-stress. We all love you so much you. Always remember we love you and are here for you if you ever need us and please know that you have brought us so much happiness by creating this wonderful website.

  9. Dear JYJ3 staffs and admins .. specially Mia
    Just do what your heart tells you to do.. only in freedom you find rest.. if doing the stuffs you do for the fandom had taken your freedom to be happy then please dont let it be.. We appreciate all the things you have done.. This fandom has been strong because we’ve all decided to stick together despite the differences.. and support JYJ.. I believe that we are happy when JYJ is happy.. same goes to the hardworking staff of this site.. your joy makes this site a haven.. ^__^ Thank you and just do what you feel you need to do ^___^ Blessings abound in your life!

  10. HELLO admins and jyjs family , my sisters all around the world ^____^ !! how r u guys !!??

    im sooooo happy now cuz im FREE from things called papers , exams , studying whole day , lack of sleep …… all of those boring things related to my uni …. now the freedom is here YEPPIEEEE !! 😀 😀

    now i can spazz here alot , i can comment alot n share my love of jyj with my sisters here XD ! wt else could i ask for !!

    ummm im one of jaeharems but lately junsu catch my eyes o.O ! hes been sooooo hot lately n so handsome .. i so much love his new look … his new twitter’s DP is do dame hot >< like a twins !

    lastly i really miss the three ^__^ ! cant wait for there upcoming concerts !!

      • Hello….hello jj4ever!

        I am Jaeharem too. Tod Junsu looks more like JJ and his latest photos make him JJ’s twin. NII’s photos are the scariest. They look so alike.

        It is okay if you find Susu so attractive. Me too. And you can be a Xiahpwas too, will you? Like now?

        Hugs from me,
        Jeasmine Jones
        JJ’s 1 wife ^__^

      • No no im still in so much LOVE with jj !! jj is always will stay my number one in my whole life ! u know he already captured me in his beautiful prison n no way i can get out from his lovely spell !!! ^-^ ( as if i want to get out from it )

        i found lately that su is really attractive n i want him to stay like that cuz im sure he will gain more fans with his hottness amazingness new look ^.~ !

        hugs u back
        jj’s wife !!! dear watch out cuz i think jj already chosed me from long time ago to be his 😛 !!!!
        and im already his girlfriend ^-^ !! im proud of my boyfriend jj !! my light jj !! ❤

      • @ jj4ever

        Can I avada kedavra you? LOL

        I will give you my sweet hugs then. Don’t worry, they are not poisonous….kekekeke.
        We love all JYJers here, We avada kevadra antis only…^__^

      • @ jae-is-mine wow it sends chils to me when i wrote ur nickname !! XD

        im not afraid of hugging u cuz i know u wont hurt me ^.~ after all we r family for jyj only ❤ !!
        yep just for antis !

  11. dear Admins,
    thank you so much for your endless effort for providing us ‘JYJ’s fans’ so many great things about our JYJ ..
    thank you so much for giving us (especially a newbie like me) a place to find out all about our JYJ also a place to meet with so many wonderful JYJ’s fans ..
    thank you .. thank you .. and thank you .. may God bless you all.
    fighting !

  12. To our Adminnies, specially Mia… Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication for this site. Mia, if you feel you need to rest then do so. As much as you love JYJ and this site, I think your sanity (hehehehe) and health should come first; beside you won’t be of help to JYJ and to JYJ3 if you’re not in fighting form. Personally, JYJ3 really became a “home” for me to spazz about JYJ since I can’t do that in the real world. I’ve “meet” intelligent people that I can discuss with, that I can’t find in other site. Also, as a non K-pop fan, it’s really convenient for me that JYJ3 is there so that I don’t need to go searching the web for any news about JYJ. For that alone I’m grateful that JYJ3 exist. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and THANK YOU AGAIN.

  13. Amazingly, I welcome the spazzing and those pictures being posted by Linnea (@seobehrin) and @Jae-is-mine…. it’s a very good shift compared to the GAPP yesterday– I didn’t comment about it yesterday and not going to start today but I just want to applause you ladies and gentlemen, if any, for being intelligently stating your opinions and being clear headed despite being subjective. That’s why I like this site so much, fans can discuss their agreement or disagreement without acting like fools. Now it’s back to regular programming….

    • @iamjyjfanboy
      ” That’s why I like this site so much, fans can discuss their agreement or disagreement without acting like fools. Now it’s back to regular programming….”

      The same for me. That is what I love about this site too. I think it’s why there is always a level of discussion that continues to evolve and become deeper. People are not rudely scared off for having a different opinion if it’s stated thoughtfully.

  14. Just one quote for the admins of JYJ3^^

    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

  15. TO ADMINS…
    First to Mia… Thank You for your courage to start this website/blog dedicated just to JYJ.
    Thank you for your commitment and perseverance to keep at least the CONTENT that you post specific to only JYJ. 😉
    No other website provides a true home for those of use who are truly dedicated only to the three youngmen — JJ, Junsu and Youchun.
    For this, many of us are truly grateful.
    Rest well and take all the time you need and whatever decision you make think only of what is in the very best interest of yourself and your immediate family. No matter what you can be proud of what you started here.
    To all the other Admins … Thank You also.. Know that your efforts are appreciated. 🙂

  16. Dear admins & especially Mia U were doing a great job without anything in return. U have made a site that I call internet home which I carry wherever I go,I have never feel alone because of JYJ3,thank u very much.U can take a break if it is too,tiresome.I thank all admins,always.

      • No no , with this type of enemy ,they are assassin’ their mission is to destroy, so try to not show yourself, they will attack fiercely if you show up… For me I only will want to know what is the tactic of hater, but I won’t give them any respond. the more we respond the only result is make more people curious and if everyone is joining up then it will become hot topics. So, why go around with them?

  17. Dear Admins of JYJ3. I don’t mind saying “Thank You” for uncountable time cos’ I am so grateful to find this blog that cater to just JYJ only and no others. I understand that it’s not easy being an Admin but you want to take a break, please do so. JYJers will guard this place with our heart and soul as this is considered as our home ^^

  18. Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time (today ……..get out antis don’t touch JYJ)
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  19. @seobaby
    Yayyy study group’s back!!!and a great start sis..I think more people will be keen to learn with JYJ pics.

    I think a lot of us have been mentally fatigued and frustrated with all the rumours and scandals..it’s ok to take a break and just enjoy their music, pics etc..and not get too emotionally involved in the virtual drama..being a JYJer is very challenging..but it will also make us stronger. To all our admins, thank you so so much for all your time and endless effort to provide us news everyday, you guys are truly admirable as you’re doing this purely based on the love for our boys. Thank you once more, stay strong and please take care of yourselves..we all have real lives to lead as well, we must not neglect them..JYJ wouldn’t want us to.

  20. Audio of Su’s Elisabeth performances:
    The Shadows Grow Longer

    When I Want to Dance

    The Last Dance

    The singing here is radically different from (and even better than) that in the Musical Concert. Very fierce, raw and powerful. Definitely worth a listen!

    • (Posting this because I already had the majority of it typed [before I saw a certain post and some ish happened]. But dang..
      I’mgonnamisswritingeffinnovelsonallmydeepestfeelingsandcrapaboutJunsu. Efffff…)

      As soon as I clicked on that first link..
      Seriously felt stupid sitting here with my hand to my mouth..kinda wanting to cry.

      “Very fierce, raw and powerful.”
      Just..the FEELINGS I got.. Thatvoice.

      I really felt..disturbed inside. I don’t know, shaken up. All the feelings you’d expect death to instill in you. And this was just listening to the audio..
      I’ve always admired Junsu’s stage presence. So I can only imagine what it would be like actually SEEING him perform. Seeing him, through his own artistry and interpretation, give “life” so to speak to “Death”— such an abstract concept in itself.

      Bleh. Even though I’ll never have the privilege of seeing Junsu perform in Elizabeth, or in anything.ever. ( and he looks so fricken gorgeous with that hair color too..:forevercrying: )
      Judging from the audio and the way it made me feel…I believe that man has truly, successfully captured the essence of ‘death’.

      Somehow..I can imagine being a little bit scared watching him too LOL (I jumped when I heard his screams/yells in Shadows! So FIERCE)

      I just can’t get over how POWERFUL Junsu’s voice is.. In a way it’s like I knew it all along. But still..

      I admit I didn’t really have the chance to follow along with his musicals over the past years :which I regret..but it’s just that I was so caught up in my own stupid struggles/college life that, unfortunately, I found myself barely keeping up with the fandom:.

      Recently, I’ve been trying to make the time to check out whatever clips I could find of Mozart/Xiahzart, Tears of Heaven and stuff (all of which I’m THOROUGHLY impressed.like.nowords.)—but even so, I feel like I’m not in the place to gage his own growth and stuff. Which sucks, cause I’d like to be able to be like “Wow! He’s really improved on this and that” (like how I’ve seen others talk about his difficulty with low notes and stuff..), because it makes me feel good as a fan to witness those things; just makes you appreciate even more the success and achievements he makes as he takes on more projects. But the way I think…since this is his 3rd musical, surely he’s improved A LOT. Lol. I guess this is me just wishing I had followed along more closely for the ride?

      These musicals…
      This is what Junsu seems to have found his biggest passion in——-
      (I like effin cried watching his performance of “wie wird man seinen schatten los” from Xiahzart..just.gahd.the CONVICTION.
      Having read all those interviews and learning how much that project meant to him, knowing all the struggles of his own he was suffering during that time— I saw that in that performance. All of it. The way he saw a little bit of himself in Mozart, how every lyric to every song was like a reflection of his own soul. He let himself BLEED on that stage. And I can now understand when he says it “healed” him.)
      ——-And I wasn’t even there to cheer him on.
      Which lately, following all this Elizabeth stuff.. has me feeling like a bad (Junsu-obsessed)fan :/
      Lol~ lame. Always just rambling~

  21. Some of you may remember this article about Su in Korea Herald

    Recently, our main newspaper in Singapore, The Straits Times, republished the article. But I was pissed to see that they had replaced that big pic of Su with more pics of SNSD girls. I really don’t know why they would do that. SNSD had a concert here late last year and they had so much press coverage, and I feel very sad that JYJ is not as well-known over here as they deserve to be (perhaps due to lack of promotion). The press is always yakking about Suju, SNSD, etc. as if that’s the be-all-and-end-all of kpop. I wish they would go do some research.

    I just googled, hoping to find reviews of Su in Elisabeth. Couldn’t find any. T_T This one is about Ock Joo-hyun and Ryu Jeong-han, but it has some general comments about the set, sound, etc.

    Really hope that Su gets more recognition for his role through write-ups and musical awards. I wonder if his ‘ticket power’ is a double-edged sword cos’ non-fans might think it’s only becos of his idol status and not becos he’s so good.

    • @intoxi
      his acting,his singing in in role as Death is awesome & this is my non bias opinion,I also wondered at first he is good or his idol status but after I watched vids of Mozart & TOH nobody need to explain me,our JYJ has to work one thing against their talent is their idol status

      • @intoxi , if u ask for Elizabeth with xiahtod part review in news, for now it’s no where to find. But fanaccount after watching, yes there are… Some kind person translate from hangul to Chinese, so I read it… And it totally awesome! The firstly Xiahtod is the most danger, most cruel Death, he did not know the meaning of love…. So firstday Xiahtod is so dame dangerous! But during second time, Xiahtod become more sensible and felt the sadness because he is the Death who falling in love, and he play the role more touching way…… My English not very well , can’t get the right word out…. Ai…..

  22. Anybody liked Skip Beat anime? I did, and I just realised that there’s gonna be a live action adaptation, and it’s fronted by none other than 2 Suju boys, courtesy of one irritating octopus with super long tentacles that wants to get into every darn thing. Siwon and Donghae are good looking but I was still disappointed becos’ they don’t resemble the anime characters, rather, they look like they’re playing themselves (e.g. Siwon with megawatt smile when I don’t think Tsuruga Ren was like that).


    • I’m watching the drama although I haven’t seen the anime.
      I think the drama is hilarious as I like all of the main characters and I am a SuJu fan too 🙂

    • I love Skip Beat!
      The Manga is the best!!
      The Anime is Good!! am waiting for the second season if there is ever a second season..
      The Live action it’s.. hmmm..
      I don’t know, let say its overacting/exaggerating too much..

      I preferred the rumored actors though Jerry Yan as Tsuruga Ren..

    • @intoxicated

      I read the manga and Isn’t it kinda rated? kekeke And I tried watching the live version but I just can’t continue to watch it coz same as you I can’t imagine the two playing that part! Ren is supposed to have a cold personality etc etc..

  23. Sorry for this troubling question but does anyone knows more details about the rumors that Chunnid slapped a fan girl back in 2009 well, the precise date was 9 september 2009 ( their difficult time )
    Here is a video ..

    For me there’s no smoke without fire. He wasn’t doing that for no reason and Jae was right next to him didn’t interfere. Something’s really strange. Another thing, there were so many stalkers that friday and their images were posted everywhere and numerously. But why does this video just come out, now ? Last time it was rumors about naked pics and now this… Someone’s there and waits to spoil him.
    JYJers, let’s find the truth ,let’s act!

      • Sorry, but this is a sensetive topic here and you probably won’t get the answers you’re looking for.
        Sorry, but that’s the truth.

        (Some of these videos have already been posted in the last general discussion thread here on JYJ3. Some comments got a bit edgy, and so the members here have moved on.)

        I can’t really direct you to anywhere that openly discusses this topic, let alone in a MATURE manner. Because as you know, this is an old video (and as we’re all wondering why the heck has it resurfaced now?), and so most K-pop news sites haven’t covered it (or perhaps, since it’s resurfaced, they aren’t aware of it).

        All I can say is, if you search the topic on tumblr or twitter you’re bound to find others discussing the matter.

        And, as for as I know, the only actual site that has featured it as news is omonatheydidnt. The post is open to discussion, but 2000+ comments down, it seems everyone has moved on there too. (Recently visited there today, and someone started a new one..but it’s nothing new. The comments that is.
        If you’re allergic to stupid, and rude, get easily offended or, unfortunately, are narrow-minded, I don’t recommend visiting there.

        The truth of the matter is, if you’re feeling all confused about this, wanting answers and stuff or just someone to talk to, you’re kind of on your own. Because there’s really nowhere to turn to (that won’t leave you feeling even more stressed out).

      • @complacentloser
        “I can’t really direct you to anywhere that openly discusses this topic, let alone in a MATURE manner. Because as you know, this is an old video (and as we’re all wondering why the heck has it resurfaced now?),”

        Wondering?? Are you actually wondering?? I’m not wondering. Is anyone else here wondering? I doubt it. This is a set up, pure and simple. Discussing it dignifies it. It’s a NON-ISSUE. It’s more dirty tricks by SM to derail JYJ. Please. Stop.

      • @Danette

        There is no “truth” to be found, that’s the long and short of it. It is a 3 year old blurry video of a few seconds of a person in extreme shadow, there is NO positive way of saying it is Yuchun. No one has ever come forward, no protest was filed at the time, nothing was said about who it was or who was hit. In ANY COURT OF LAW anywhere this would not fly as an accusation. I really truly hope everyone here understands that. So to continue to spread this rumor and discuss it in connection with Yuchun ONLY serves ONE entity– SM Entertainment. This has been hauled out and thrown up to try to derail his popular momentum for “The Rooftop Prince.”

        That’s ALL it is.

        If that’s what you wish to contribute to and be a part of, then I am sorely disappointed in you for not being able to smell a rat and for actively participating in a plan to defame and distress Yuchun.

      • @lili Zhang! Past is past, I only admire them more after they became JYJ, we all notice their hardtime, and you and I also learn from them, never give up , stay strong whenever what happen, and there a much to learn. So, I like what u said, and for me after this and that I become more loyalty with them.
        The world is not make from black and white for my last word…

      • @Lilibaiyu

        It appears an attempt is being made to put more legs on this topic than it deserves. If there is anything these people want to know, let’s direct them to ‘the lost and found’ already.

        Let me take a wild guess. They completely missed ALL the discussion on the GAPP from yesterday, and just now on today’s GAPP need to bring it up. What they just tuned in today? Is there some place we can post signage that says…’LOST & FOUND’?

        I’m going to make a suggestion…the next person who ‘randomly’ wanders onto this site and asks questions about this topic, let’s just send them to the previous GAPP. Tell them, they can peruse to their little heart’s content. No need to go into more explanation. If they don’t want to work for the answers to their questions, tough luck.

      • “If that’s what you wish to contribute to and be a part of, then I am sorely disappointed in you for not being able to smell a rat and for actively participating in a plan to defame and distress Yuchun.”

        I don’t think I can post here anymore..
        I just..
        I can’t with these comments. With people who are willingly blind.

        I tried to ignore it. But it has proved far too much effort on my part.

        I just..don’t see how someone can watch the videos and, especially this one, this one’s a good one. Heck, the best dang one I’ve seen so far. All types of angles and close ups. And yet.STILL!!
        I just..ASDFJKLSJFDWPWQ;

        Suddenly…omona doesn’t seem so bad.
        Brutally honest is better than denial.
        (&& I’m sorely disapointed to know there are fans like you.)

        To those of you who manage to feel at home here, I’m glad. It’s a cool place.
        lol I’ve only been here like a week…but thanks. I’ve really enjoyed it.

      • @BAF
        “I’m going to make a suggestion…the next person who ‘randomly’ wanders onto this site and asks questions about this topic, let’s just send them to the previous GAPP.”

        Ahh, yes, you are right. This is really starting to become a sore point with me and again, that’s giving it legs it just doesn’t deserve to have. This video, showing up NOW after 3 years, dark, blurry, purporting to be Yuchun, well, it’s all just BULLSHIT, it’s got SM written all over it and it pisses me off that complacentloser is insisting that it is anything other than what it is – a malicious rumor/non event plucked from obscurity to hurt Yuchun. (and yes, I read her unfortunate “final” comment below and if taking a stand with THIS issue is what drives her away from JYJ3 then, so be it. Perhaps we were just never destined to get along.) Anyway, I am sorry if I have offended her. But her insistence that there is a “story” here worth pursuing is maddening and I believe rather suspiciously misguided at this point.

      • @complacentloser. Ah please don’t leave. I also understand your perspective. I want to live thinking that my idols are not without flaws either…that they can also make mistakes.
        I agree that it is farfetched why this was re-released of all times now. It seriously does seem fishy…and I am not surprised by their petty actions. The facts I gleaned from omana include:
        1. Korean society accepts abuse like this, people don’t step up to protect others. This kind of abuse has become somewhat a ‘hidden’ part of their culture.
        2. From some videos and gifs it is apparent that it was Yoochun….but I am still not 100% sure if he hit her. The sound of the whack could have been edited into the video.
        3. Though the fan claimed later that the incident did not happen later, before that she posted bragging about being hit by Yoochun ‘getting a responee from him’—>apparently she is one of the ‘queen bee’ saessang fans of Yoochun who he hates

        JUST because he ‘may’ have hit her doesn’t mean that a fan should stop becoming a fan. It does not mean he is morally depraved. Others do much worse things when they are alone and no ones knows of it.
        But, that doesn’t make abuse wrong. Though abuse does not equal to morally depraved.
        I know from my years of experience that Yoochun is a good person overall. Because he is human and humans can make mistakes…….maybe he did hit her. And maybe he didn’t. But, it is in the past….and I am sure Yoochun is a better person now,, because we all learn from our mistakes.

      • @zan

        I don’t really think there is anything one can do. For ‘some’ reason there seems to be a need to defame YC’s character. As far as I’M concerned there are too many maybes, shouldas, wouldas, couldas. There is no way to see each and every action leading up to what looks like a physical confrontation.

        So for those who feel the need to dissect something 3 years old that is coming out ‘just’ now, I say go for it. I’m way too old to be surprised about how humans can act in varying circumstances.

        For all I know the girl tried to cop a feel from YC. THAT would not be correct. If, and I say if he bopped her upside her head for doing that, well….

        Whenever I see pictures of Kpop fans crowding the personal space of these artists, it gives off the image of mob behavior. But that is considered ok. Where are the lines supposed to be drawn?

        There are way too many variables for this entire episode. But as the saying goes, timing is everything. For three years this laid dormaint. So excuse me for being cynical. Considering the nature of the SK entertainment industry and ALL the BS that goes on it, as far as I’m concerned this is tame.

        I keep picturing Jessica from SNSD being groped on that video that appeared on AKP. Then SME simply blew it off like nothing happened. Where was the outcry regarding that! And that happened more recently. And wonder of all wonder, that video has been removed from AKP. Suspicious? You bet your sweet bippy.

        Character assassination is about all SME has right now. And everyone should put their seat belts on for this ride. As the guys progress, it’s only going to get more frantic. Expect the unexpected, and don’t be surprised.

        For those who feel they can’t handle the comments on this site. I’m sorry you aren’t able to discern how the vast majority of us on this site feel. The ENTIRE music industry is working overtime to try and derail JYJ. It’s one thing after another. Feelings and nerves are getting frayed.

        Actually, I give JJ, YC, & JS all the credit in the world, they are dealing with all this better than their fans. Since day one, this fandom has experienced things that truly test one’s soul and faith. The constant bombardment is wearing thin. So, people are just more protective than the average person. I know I am.

        We can all experience disagreements, but the ability to cope with them and get back on track is what makes this site what it is. To have this many people conversing and staying sane is a wonder. 🙂
        I like to use the phrase…agree to disagree. It is possible to do so, and still cohabit. It just means making an effort. But the choice is up to each individual.


      • @ complacentloser.
        you can handle omonatheydidnt but you ” Ugh.. don’t think you can post here anymore.” ?
        okay ~ ……. you believe whatever you believe, great. However, no matter what your point of view is, there will always be others that think differently.
        people who saw the video and had a completely different view on it aren’t necessarily “willingly blind” they just didn’t see it like you did .or didn’t like how it Suddenly popped out at this time ….. if that’s too much for you then … fine .

    • My personal stand on this? I would rather wait for an official statement from JYJ or C-Jes, if there’s any… Otherwise i’ll take this with a “grain of salt” – PERIOD! and happily move on, and focus in giving my love and support to JYJ. I don’t want to waste my energy, rather i would like to spend it wisely and productively, coz life is short and as Jae inferred recently, we all get old so soon 🙂

    • i have lived for 44 years and learned, in some instances the hard way, not to judge a person based on one isolated incident. None of us are saints and none of us reacts in the same way under the same circumstances. There are a lot of factors to be considered and one should learn to have an open mind and not be judgmental. To believe or not to believe is an option each of us has to make. I, for one, stands by Yoochun. If I am a blind follower then I would go even further and say, I am also deaf. so please forgive this old lady here. this is getting old, let us move on now.

      • Yes thank you @Echo, @Puti , @elena , I’m relieved. Yoochun is indeed a very kind person and this incident does not deserve our attention.
        PS: I don’t want to argue with anyone here, and I truthfully hope that everybody can express themselves without saying things hurtful to others. Some of the people are.. aggressive sometimes -.-“

    • there’re the TRUTH in some Korean articles also in Hancinema .. it’s NOT HIM ..
      please people .. what do you want to bring FAKE FACT come here ?
      So please STOP !

  24. To those few who “bashed me yesterday and left a message on my twitter page about JJ. because I said he is bored. This is the reason I don”t comment on these blogs and just read them. I read the articles then scroll down to see the same comments basically over and over. It was just my opinion/observation with JJ…. You know… I am a fan..Do I think the Sun rises and sets with JYJ? NOOO. I am strictly a fan and supporter. I rarely comment on these blogs because if you say anything remotely negative everyone goes bat crazy. I am entitled to my opinion. And for everyone’s info I have been a fan since they debuted as DBSK, n I support JYJ totally in everything they do. I am not a new teen fan. And IF you really follow JJ you will see a pattern with his tweets. So everyone calm down lets not get your panties in a bunch. PEACE OUT!

    • Just admit that you meant to say Jae has no activities, nothing to do hence he tweets more. You even tweeted him to tell him to find something to do.
      If you really are a fan of him, you will know he HAS lots of things to do and will not make those kind of comments.
      If you’ve got nothing good to say, then don’t say!
      This is a JYJ fan site.
      You are entitled to your opinion, so do I.
      So show some respect to Jae who’ve been working hard in the back scene!
      PEACE OUT!

    • @Cincinn
      “I rarely comment on these blogs because if you say anything remotely negative everyone goes bat crazy. I am entitled to my opinion. And for everyone’s info I have been a fan since they debuted as DBSK, n I support JYJ totally in everything they do.”

      Well, I’m sorry that happened to you. I didn’t see the exchange or your original post for that matter. And yes, in my opinion you are certainly entitled to your opinion always, with the one caveat that it be expressed in a reasonable and non-offensive manner. We don’t do “wars” here as you probably already know, we don’t do the typical K-Pop slugfest that happens on other sites. I would hazard a guess that if you’ve only been reading and not posting often, the people who were offended and defensive here saw you as a “newbie” who had come to cause trouble – a troll in other words.

      Please understand how OFTEN these people arrive here, say something cuttingly negative and/or rude about one of the members of JYJ and then beat a hasty retreat again. It happens all the time here. It’s really tiring after a while, I don’t mind telling you. So when you finally decide to post and the first thing you post is a criticism and no one can remember seeing your name before – well, as you can see, people jump to conclusions.

      I always say, get the lay of the land first, make a few friends and then tread carefully until you are known. The people here aren’t perfect and we ‘go off’ on occasion when something we see makes US see red. We’ve all done it, I know I have, although I usually try to apologize later. 🙂

      Anyway, I’m sorry it happened. As you know, JYJ has been under attack by haters consistently for the last year or more. Tempers are frayed here. But we love them and if you do too, then we have much in common.

      • My heartfelt gratitude to the JYJ3 admins, staff, translators, contributors, etc. I am one of those thousands [millions] JYJ Lovers who have benefitted a lot from your hardwork and generosity to use your talents in spreading news and love to all JYJ Lovers. Through your endless efforts, i am able to keep track of JYJ and meet good friends here as well. Whenever I am stressed, i go to this site to gain back my sanity. THANK YOU!!!

      • good job sis..heheheh…I want to explain with her too…but sis you do way much better than me ! I am nothing to do..more time to enjoy JYJ sexy men ^______^…..babies… i’m coming !

      • Hi @ lilibaiyu
        I AMEN to your statement. Building quality relationship matters a lot here. If I remember right, this site allows disagreements among us because it’s also healthy that way. But before expressing criticisms, disagreements, it does matter that you have already established some ties with the people in the house – and not just suddenly pop in to criticize and retreat after…How would you feel if a stranger goes to your home simply to criticize, then get lost after? That would would be perceived as “rude” right?…well just my afterthought…since I came in late.
        Let’s take good care of our heart!

      • @JYJ1214

        Hi, my friend! Where have you been? 🙂 Yes, there is a little bit of protocol involved here, that’s what I have found. As there should be. A few unwritten rules for how to proceed on JYJ3 and it’s a shame really that they aren’t written somewhere because it might save first time posters from making a bad first impression. Because just as you said, first-timers are entering our house and need to be a bit mindful of not walking in and ruffling feathers as their first order of business. Having said that, I have empathy for Cincinn because my own posts are not all 100% positive and without differing with others’ opinions on occasion. I also am an extremely intuitive person and I speak my mind on a regular basis about things that I feel strongly about. They are not always happy and cheery either. However, I think I’ve established myself as a partisan resoundingly behind JYJ every step of the way, from now until forever. This I think is the key. People here give me the benefit of the doubt from time to time, most likely because they know my heart.

      • @lilibaiyu
        Yeah, I’ve been out for a long time due to work. Recently i underwent bilateral tonsillectomy and am currently on a two-week sick leave to recuperate. Thus I will have more time here at JYJ3.
        I have so much respect for you and the rest of the JYJ Lovers who speak their thoughts bravely yet maintain civility. I learn a lot from your views and inputs, makes me ruminate too, and expand my perspectives. This is what’s great with the JYJ fandom [ as far as I’ve known esp here at JYJ3] and I hope @Cincinn would not give up her presence here, despite and inspite…
        At the end of the day, we exchange hugs, after all we belong to one family and we all love JYJ 🙂

    • “This is the reason I don”t comment on these blogs and just read them.”

      :sigh: I’d like to still come here and read the articles and stuff too…but knowing me, I can’t come and “just read them”. Like you, I’ll probably just end up scrolling down.
      And I can’t take the comments here.

      Just gotta be done completely.

  25. Dear Admins, I want to say thank you so much for your hard and selfless work for JYJ and this site. And ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem like a strong enough phrase to express how appreciative all of us are to you. Since being here I have met some of the kindest, funniest, strongest, most insightful/intelligent people from across the globe and have been able to learn so many new things.
    You’ve put in innumerable time, energy and love into JYJ3 and have helped ease this fandom during the ups and downs this past year. I truly think I wouldn’t be able to love JYJ as much I as do if it weren’t for this special place you have created. If you need to take a break, please do so. We ♥ you and want you to be well.

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