[NEWS] Park Yoochun Looking Like a Power Ranger?


A picture of the lead cast on Park Yoochun’s “Rooftop Prince” is gaining attention because the lead cast looked like power rangers. The picture surfaced on an online community board with the title “Park Yoo Chun Transforms Into a Power Ranger.”


The lead cast is walking on the street in red, blue, green, and yellow tracksuits. It looked like they were imitating the Power Rangers.

Netizens that came across the post stated, “Look at Park Yoochun’s hair,” “Will there be a lawsuit because of plagiarism?” and “It looks funny from far away.”

The basic synopsis behind “Rooftop Prince” is that a prince from the Joseon period goes 300 years into the future to fulfill his love from his past life. The romantic comedy drama will broadcast after March 14.

Source: Soompi
Shared by: JYJ3


51 thoughts on “[NEWS] Park Yoochun Looking Like a Power Ranger?

    • they wear those sharp and colourful track suit with their ancient long hair style, walik in middle of 21st century city with their ancient walking style, and it just so funny… i can’t post the pictureT T 4 of them line up with those shirt and walk acrros the street and they walk like ….. or u see in this link

    • Trust me, Power rangers can not sue them. The only resemblance is the colors. Since Power rangers didn’t come up with colors, primary or secondary, how can they sue anyone for using them? It will be ridiculous.

      • Power rangers were not the first masked group-color fighting team. Japanese were the first to invent it with bio-man. Even volts5 are like them… And that’s way before the NA power rangers time. So yup, nobody can sue them… Not even the power rangers. Lolz

      • @Nandar

        OMFG???????????? Nandar, you have totally lost your place as Chunnie’s first wife!!!! You can’t recognise your own hubby????? I’m in shock!! But stepping out of the way of the other Chunsa’s before they flatten me in the rush to get to Chun!!!

  1. OmO…. Is that Chun in red training suit? And the hair… Like “O” era?
    Can’t wait….. Can’t wait…..
    So jealous to all people who can see him shooting, now I want to live in Korea T___T

  2. Too many spoilers! They r showing too many highlights of the show. If they kept this up they will have nothing left to the imagination…

  3. Hahahahahahaha XD

    I laughed so much when I saw these on Twitter!! I love the fact that they all have matching colour shoes too XD
    I showed these to my sister and she laughed. She’s a fan of Yoochun 🙂

  4. soo cute! this is like a teaser, cos’ we will all be wondering why on earth are they dressed like that, there must be a real interesting and funny story to that…Chunnie with the long hair looks so romantic prince-like.

  5. really people? why so serious, it’s just a joke.
    dealing with all these lawsuits and stuff has made too many of us sceptical about the smallest things. relax~

    Hahaha I just rewatched a bit of the American-ver Power Rangers in Space the other day XD
    ahhh the memories~

  6. This is highlarious!!:D now I really can’t wait to watch rooftop!! This reminds me of enchanted..when the prince came to earth and tried to find giselle..and had to blend in with the locals

  7. OAIDKPOSD CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS FUCKING DRAMA I’m sure it’s going to be awesome, Yoochun looks so good with long hair, I love it!!

    This is going to be super funny to watch -0-

  8. It’s pretty funny the way they walk behind the prince in historical dramas in formation by rank.
    To see that on the streets of Seoul in track suits is so hysterical. I’m just sorry that it might spoil the funny moment in the drama.

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