[PIC] SBS Internal Promotional ‘Rooftop Prince’ Poster


Credit: @Heeeewon2 + @starsInLoveJYJ
Shared by: JYJ3


29 thoughts on “[PIC] SBS Internal Promotional ‘Rooftop Prince’ Poster

  1. so this Drama is like metaphysics ??? with the modern and old century ? i like that gener ^^ looks like its going to be an interesting drama : ) that’s good for Yoochun i’m glad cause what good for chun chun is good for JYJ ^^

  2. Love this promo poster!
    Looks like it’s really going to be a rom-com for sure!
    Looking forward to Chunnies many funny faces. 🙂

    • but i love your ava more 😀
      *sorry too much junsu’s spell on me today
      but that girl is soooo lucky. she sat on chun’s shoulder

  3. Seoul must be really cold rght now.
    Look at their chubbie cheeks, lol. Han Ji Min has been working too hard this year, from “Padam, Padam” to This. May your hard work pay off Ji Min ah!. Kekeke~

  4. love the poster and the picture! a prince can’t have cold red ears! wonder how many pairs of earmuffs he will receive now? hahaha! they really look cute together and like there is definitely chemistry potential! chunnie is gonna wow us again in this drama!

  5. OOOO MYYY GOODNESSS ~~ can hardly wait for this drama and my beloved Chunnie ~~~ i know he’s gonna nail it, just like everything else he does!!! ^_~ SARANGHAE CHUNNIE!!!

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