[TRANS] 120210 After ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’, appearance in ‘Elisabeth’

JYJ’s Kim Junsu may not be unfamiliar to you, but he has a new title – musical actor Kim Junsu. It has been 2 years since his debut in ‘Mozart!’. When news of his debut in ‘Mozart’ broke, we thought that he was just venturing into another field, but he went on to act in ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ‘Elisabeth’ and became one of the leading respectable musical actors with star quality. Days before the premiere of ‘Elisabeth’, we met up with a passionate Kim Junsu.


To Kim Junsu, his debut in the musical “Mozart!” was a risky challenge. While experiencing strife with his management company in 2009, he chose the musical ‘Mozart!’ as his first step after eight months of vacuum. He had never been interested in musicals. “In the end, the first musical I saw was the musical that I would act in,”he laughs. But, he emphasized: “If I were to count my biggest challenge in life, it would be acting in musicals.” 

“I like the music so I challenged musicals, but I was feeling vague about the unfamiliar genre. After a long time since their last official activity, he was the first member in JYJ to start his activities so he felt very burdened about it. Will I do well when I start acting this art piece? I was very worried. I calmed myself and thought that I have to do well since I had already started.”

However, his worries were unfounded. Tickets of the musical, which starred other musical actors, were sold out early and he was reborn as a musical actor in ‘Elisabeth’. As time goes by, Kim Junsu receives more favourable comments for being a musical actor. “The amount of hardship that I had experienced at that time and the decision to act in musical was difficult, I was able to gain confidence and make a comeback thanks to the support and concern of many people,” he laughed.

“I have never once watched a musical. I must have been roped by musicals since I like them this much. In order to learn about musicals, I have to be fully immersed in them. I want to do my best till the end to reach my ideal since I have already started. It is my task to look at the art piece until I dislike it every time I act in a musical.”

‘Elisabeth’ is Kim Junsu’s third musical and it is one that has received a lot of love for 20 years since its first performance in Vienna, Austria in 1992. It is a musical about the story of ‘Death’ and an Empress who fell in love.

In the play, he transforms again to the role of ‘Tod’, which is also the transcendental ‘Death’. ‘Death’ is a character who seduces the Empress beautifully and sweetly. “As ‘Death’ is transcendental and immaterial, its first appearance on stage is special. You can feel it wherever you are seating at. It is not ordinary,” he said.

As there are almost no lines for his role and he has to use expressions and gestures to express himself, it is the biggest difficulty. “Since there are no lines, it is hard to express my intention of wanting to speak. However, it is difficult as there are no correct answers. I want to know how to view the ability to express unrestrictedly as a strength. It seems that I can enjoy myself on the musical stage now,” he said with gleaming eyes.

As a musical actor and gaining explosive popularity as a JYJ member with many activities, he smiled and said, “I want to grow old in a cool way.”

“I don’t want to be at the top of public interest. Won’t popularity end ultimately? Instead of getting the most popularity, I want people to remember that I am a singer even after a long time has passed. Until I feel that ‘I have done well’”.

The peculiar connection between Kim Junsu and Jo Seung Woo is eye-catching. Both of them are consistent stars who are also South Korea’s musical ticket powers. Coincidentally, Kim Junsu’s ‘Elisabeth’ premiere falls on the same day as Jo Seung Woo’s ‘Doctor Zhivago’ premiere. In reality, both of them exchange messages and support each other’s performances, thus they have a senior-junior relationship. “I got closer to Seung Woo-hyung after watching his performance in ‘Zorro’. Although we talk a lot about musicals, we also often confide in each other. He is a cool and comfortable hyung to be with,” he said.

These are Junsu’s words about them being rivals. “Hyung is the best musical actor and I am just a newcomer who started now. I am honored to be compared to hyung, but I also feel burdened. Please do not compare the two of us from now on (laughs)!”

Source: Clubcity
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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43 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120210 After ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’, appearance in ‘Elisabeth’

  1. Ahhhhh Junsu… so many interviews!
    Looks like everyone wants to speak to Kim Junsu! 🙂
    So happy and most of all proud of you!

  2. i don’t know, i feel teary reading this line…
    “I don’t want to be at the top of public interest. Won’t popularity end ultimately? Instead of getting the most popularity, I want people to remember that I am a singer even after a long time has passed. Until I feel that ‘I have done well’”.

    junsu matured so well…he knows what is the most important as an artist..

    i keep learning new side from junsu…i used´to see him as someone who is carefree and just simple minded but now he is fully grown up and very wise.

    i’m proud of you susu…i’m a fan for 7 years now but still you keep surprising me with your depth and sincere attitude.

    • @sam on

      “… simple-minded” ???

      Oh my friend LOL, no disrespect intended but ..You followed Junsu for 7 years and all this time you thought he was “simple minded”?
      Believe me Junsu was never that way. 🙂 I think many people confuse his optimistic outlook on life with some sort of deficiency. Could a “simple minded” boy have held on for 3 years after loosing his voice and continued to diligently practice his OTHER skills day in and day out for 3 years; with the firm belief that one day his voice would return and he would be able to go on and pursue his dream of singing on stage? … That’s not “simple-minded” but a mind of great “mental fortitude.” 🙂

      SME created a persona and he “played’ a role just like all the members of TVXQ5 did for many years. I venture to say that he was always a young man with “depth and sincere attitude”…its just that fans only saw the picture SME allowed them to see.

      Now we get to see ALL of who Junsu truly is and has always been. A young man with deep thoughts, able to express himself with sincerity. While for some it is a surprise but many of us already knew this part of Junsu was there because if you looked closely there were always flickers of something much deeper behind the facade SME created.

      • @friend of jyj
        I agree with you completely.
        Junsu is far from ‘simple minded’ I dont even know how someone could refer to any one person that way least of all Kim junsu.
        I’m confused as to how the other person could have been a dbsk fan for ‘7years’ and think that way, clearly not a very observant fan.
        In my opinion junsu is the best speaker out of the five dbsk members when it comes to interviews, he always somehow knows what to say and if you’ve watched any dbsk/jyj vids the members always leave junsu to answer all the hard/personal questions.
        I’d give examples but I’ve already written to much and don’t even know why I responded to such a comment.

      • “In my opinion junsu is the best speaker out of the five dbsk members when it comes to interviews, he always somehow knows what to say and if you’ve watched any dbsk/jyj vids the members always leave junsu to answer all the hard/personal questions.”

        notice that too.
        he is good at how to speak wisely.

      • actully jaejoong in an early Mnet interview said Junsu is empty headed and he was more of a country boy than a city boy, he said he doesn’t think junsu has anything in his mind

        during the banjun drama making film , Yoochun yunho and changmin all said Junsu is JS which means Just stupid they said do u know what JS means , it means just stupid refering to Junsu

        so @ chihiro even TVXQ including Jae and Yoochun thought and said Junsu simple minded and dumb. one of them even said Junsu has no troubled thoughts in his head.

        however later as they went to Japan thier later interviwes indicated them having a different View

        in an early couple talk Yoochun said he admired how junsu deeply thinks about everything and naalysis things deeply, and he is bothered when Junsu keeps his troubled thoughts to himself and even said he wished Junsu would share his troubled thoughts with him.

        in the capm themed photoshoot Jaejoong said Junsu is a more deep thinker than the rest of TVXQ.

        in the last couple talk yunho said in an honest manner as he was counting Junsu’s traits he said Junsu is a very intelligent person .

        so u see chihiro honey even his close friends once thought Junsu is empty headed and simple never thinking about anything that is troubling.

        also Junsu’s image created by sm was not simple minded it was charismatic. changmin was the one with the cute innocent image but . as for the simple minded image this wasn’t in sm it was an impression most people got from Junsu, because of his apparent naivety and childlike face, including friends and fans alike. but later friends and fans come to realize otherwise.

        probably only a little number of people recognized Junsu’s reality from the beginning. like a friend of JYJ said if he continued training for 3 years even though he lost his sinning voice , continuing instead of quitting , then yes he is storng minded to be able to do so and that behavior should have been an indication of his mental strength but most people don’t look deeply into such things most people don’t analys stuff so its understandable that even Jaechun at the first years thought he was simple minded as well. so don’t blame the girls for think that as well Jaechun associate with Junsu more than fans so they would discover the truth faster than fans see. fans only got the idea when Junsu was no longer kept silent in intellectual interviews , and such intellectual interviews were rare during sm days. don’t forget sm chooses who interviews the boys and who do not.

      • @chihiro

        at 17: 44

        they call Junsu JS

        i’ll try to find the other video

        but know they changed their mind no longer call him that like i said it was the first years so they don’t know him so well.

      • at 26: 12 and continue

        Jae calls Junsu too simple minded

        like i said but i think i was wrong about Yoochun, it turned out in the banjun drama vid it was Jae yunho changmin and not yoochun who called Junsu JS .

        so i’m sorry about the mix up maybe Yoochun is the only one who didn’t think Junsu was simple minded at least i not according to the vids

        but Jae changes later on and does consider Junsu more intelligent and more of a deep thinker than the rest of TVXQ in a later interview.

      • @pierrot

        i am older than them and i don’t ‘eat’ everything they said…..that’s including my baby Junsu to be fair, i just count the FACT

        when the members said he is stupid…..u must ask yourself what they were reffered to…..i mean in what area he is stupid?
        i watch many their interviews n performances from DBSK era….. Junsu is stand out in the crowd , he is interesting person not just with his talents but also his wit personality



      • @ xiahgold

        er i only meant they had wrong first impressions of him too doesn’t mean anything hostile its life u think something then realize its not like that

        don’t talk like i said those things about him i’m being objective so i didn’t put my opinion on anyone in my post, i showed u the vid its them not me that said it don’t be sensitive they all changed their view of him later they got he just innocent and not JS or simple minded. i said once, in the things most people are common in knowledge of , Junsu is not , and things that most people are not in knowledge of Junsu is , that’s why he gives the false impression of being naive its because he’s in a different brainwave, a much stronger than the common around. they all realized it later . i brought this up so some fans don’t go angry on other fans who though Junsu was simple minded, am just saying those fans aren’t the only ones who had a wrong impression of Junsu. by showing the point i did, it should make some fans not get angry at other fans like saying how could u think he was simple minded if u were a real fan , that not nice , sometimes even ur own mother thinks or has an idea about u that is false until one day she comes to realize differently doesn’t mean she don’t love or support u , don’t mean ur inferior in her eyes either. fans who had a wrong impression don’t love Junsu less than how much they loved him from before, they just more amazed with him , but the love is there all the same. just saying hope u understood my post

      • he tries to make it simple, and optimistic…he began when he was a 11-years-old boy…showbiz is really opposite to “simple mind” concept

    • @ sam

      ” i used´to see him as someone who is carefree and just simple minded ”

      Jaejoong and Yoochun also thought he was carefree and simple minded too so don’t worry ur not the only one except Jaechun discovered he is mature and grown up faster than some of us fans because they associated with him more closely something u and a lot of fans don’t so its understandable only now do some of use fans see this side of Junsu thanks to these intellectual interviews that weren’t common in sm days.

      don’t worry honey ur not the only one who thought like that ^^ cheer up.

      @ a friend of JYJ

      i totally agree with what u said about Junsu’s mind being mental fortitude that is the indication of a deep thinker and serious person which is Junsu’s reality thought his naivety does exist but i think that’s a result of his brain working more often than average. that what others get commonly becomes unknown to him and what others don’t get becomes common knowledge for him. that’s why his words are naturally wise when people are amazed to learn from him.

      @ chihiro

      ” In my opinion junsu is the best speaker out of the five dbsk members when it comes to interviews, he always somehow knows what to say and if you’ve watched any dbsk/jyj vids the members always leave junsu to answer all the hard/personal questions. ”

      agree on this my thoughts too ^^

    • @sam

      Junsu is simple n innocent in his younger days…..but definitely not simple minded

      a simple minded person can’t be successful in everything they do…

      look at him now, Junsu doesn’t earn this just overnight

    • Relax everyone, we all know JS’ character and persona. yes, he is simple and naive and optimistic in some ways, he also shows his mature side in the other ways. I am a fan of JS for years too, but I agree with sam that he keeps suprising us. ^ ^ Don’t u all ‘attacked’ by his recent Xiahtod image and by the photo on Singles cover?

      Indeed I want to defend JS by saying something like a friend of JYJ and Pierrot too, however after a second thought, I guess Sam just want to express how she is amazed by thiis mature side of JS.

      Please let me add one more thing to JS’ wit, remember his onyaji gag? This was the trick how TVXQ made their interviews vivid and being accepted in Japan. Please don’t overlook this, no matter it was designed or not, this playful and naive image of JS really contributed a lot to their success in Japan, at least in the early stage.

  3. , “I want to grow old in a cool way.” yep grow old in style JYJ.

    “I don’t want to be at the top of public interest. Won’t popularity end ultimately? Instead of getting the most popularity, I want people to remember that I am a singer even after a long time has passed. Until I feel that ‘I have done well’”.
    I like this phrase a lot

  4. I really am head over heels in love with Junsu!!!!!!!!!! I just love his maturity, personality and attitude toward life. I too love what he said belove:

    , “I want to grow old in a cool way.” – I have no doubt he will.

    “I don’t want to be at the top of public interest. Won’t popularity end ultimately? Instead of getting the most popularity, I want people to remember that I am a singer even after a long time has passed. Until I feel that ‘I have done well’”.
    -He knows what it really means to be a true artist, not a fluff type of artist.

  5. i am soooo proud and very impressed with our Junsu!! he’s always hadda positive attitude about everything and i know he’ll really go far with musicals ~~ not forgetting that he’s also singer and member of JYJ!!! ^_~ SARANGHAE JUNSU!!!

  6. So full of Wisdom, that’s Sovereign Junsu’s Style and such Words of Wisdom coming from a young man gets my respect that one day he will really have an International Soccer Team. and People of the World would admire him more for his unique style and love and respect of cultures and people. Mr. Levy love Junsu because he sees something in him that transcends race Junsu’s talents to be all he could be an Artist.

  7. He becomes more popular day by day …This new acting career really suits him. All THE BEST for JUNSU. You can see wisdom in each answer in his interviews …. they all have grown up and become a very wise guys ..manlier but still loveable and adorable.

  8. Oh JS, for me you really done well and still doing great.
    I know the word “musical” through the famous Ms Saigon (Lea Salonga) and HSM, yet you are the one who introduced me to the “actual world of musical” and came to love it.

  9. “I don’t want to be at the top of public interest. Won’t popularity end ultimately? Instead of getting the most popularity, I want people to remember that I am a singer even after a long time has passed. Until I feel that ‘I have done well’”.

    Well said!!!

    Our baby Su has grown into wise man, very proud of him.

  10. again, all his interviews give me a lot of lessons.
    all his answers are awesomely said.
    wonder where he got all these thoughts ^^
    wise man junsu!

  11. Junsu view’s life differently from how most ‘idols’ or ‘artists” do. This sets him apart from others. His humility and wisdom is astounding! I am so proud of Junsu, of how much he has matured both as an artist and as a person….wish i can watch live his musical plays someday.

  12. Strange but true, I have become his fan just for a short period since when he is JYJ, but I can see he is not the ordinary idol. The first time I saw him was in Getout MV, and he could captured my attention right away by his energetic expression. After had seen more video clips about him, I know that my first impression didn’t go wrong. His attitude toward life that he will never give up but still always keep his positive side, is something I love most about this guy. So this interview never surprised me because I knew he already is. Right now I can see his future that he must be going well in some kind of business. No matter what it is, but I am sure as hell he will do it the best. Just because he is Kim Junsu.

  13. he sounds happy and speaks so well! i hope his wish comes true cause i want the world to remember these guys as great artists, talents, not eye candy or most popular. let it be long lasting and generations from now will speak of them as great! you know, like mention mozart and ya all know him!

  14. Our boys are thriving despite all the obstacles they have encountered thus far. What doesn’t break you only makes you stronger. Nevertheless, the pre-lawsuit JYJ have always been strong and intelligent, for only the fittest can survive the SM training system and their Japanese debut. Now as grown men free of SM’s shackles, they can freely be themselves on tweeter/ interviews and freely spread their wings, pursuing whatever their hearts desire.

    Glad to know that Junsu has found his lifelong passion in musicals. I think our budding musical artist is enjoying the journey of perfecting his new craft. Because of his talent and work ethics, I have no doubt that our Junsu will become a highly acclaimed musical actor. Fighting, Junsu!^^

  15. I’ve also been a pretty long-term fan of the guys; but I always felt Junsu was not not given enough credit for being a deep thinker in the early days. You could see expressions of hurt pass across his face very quickly and be gone just as quickly when the other members would tease him; even the youngest member; at that time, didn’t get that kind of treatment.

    His Mom was also interviewed back then, and was asked about her influence on Junsu’s career. She told the reporter that Junsu was never pushed to go to all the early auditions; that he knew where he wanted to go and all she did was drive him where he wanted to go. She said this with a tiny laugh; which I enjoyed about her. You could tell where Junsu got some of his sweetness 😀

    All of this is to say that ,to me, Junsu has been strong-willed for quite some time now and with these musicals, he’s found an outlet to showcase all his many talents. Oh yes. I have no doubts that Junsu will be a really cool old guy! 😀 😀

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