[TWITTER] 120217 Junsu’s New DP


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77 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120217 Junsu’s New DP

  1. OOOOOhhhh!!!!! Now you KNOW Junsu is liking this photo! He is literally just Beautiful, here. Now I really understand why all the nosebleeds in Japanese Manga :D, Juuusuuu!!!!

    • i know am being tortured too my ears are literally pressured my head is going to explode

      Allurement they name is Junsu


      this pic is too strong bring out more of his uniquely remarkable beauty that doesn’t show clearly often. Junsu is like Gold u have to dig it out to to bring it out for view.

      i am speechless really my head hurts i don’t know what to say anymore i just want to enjoy this pic ” and i haven’t even had a break from his previous Tod pics yet X ) “

    OH..MAI..GOAT.. The era of Sweet Angel Su has been taken over by Hot Devil Su!!!!

    Ripped those jeans, baby..
    and u’ll make a world mass murder.. *0*

  3. junsu if u keep being like this (attractive), i will NEVER EVER get a boyfriend unless it is u nor married unless it is u.. i will be forever under ur spell..

  4. Sorry Junsu baby, noona is not feeling this look. As much as a used to love Bon Jovi, Gun n Roses and Duran Duran, this rocker look should forever stay in the 80’s.

  5. btw is anyone watching Shut Up, Flower Boy Band?
    junsu reminds me of Lee Min Ki’s character, which is my favorite character ><
    both of them fit this kind of look rather well

    • I’ve just started watching it yesterday and must say it looks very interesting!! The only people I know are L from Infinite, Jung Ui Chul (from Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do film, Boys before flowers drama) and Sung Joon (from Lie to me and personal preference drama)

  6. He’s like a lady supermodel,
    look at the hair, the expressive eyes with all the make-up, the lips, the tilt of the head, the body pose which is so seductive, he can beat any SNSD member. Don’t get me wrong, the concept just works with him. If I’ve not known Junsu, who would have thought that it’s a guy’s face, very seductively beautiful!

  7. He’s totally looking more and more like his hyung; Jeajoong these days. I’m hoping to see the triplet with this image in another photo shoot. Come to think of it… I did saw Jeajoong and Chunnie in this kind of pose… Can someone do the photoshop thingy a bit quick ..please…heheheh

  8. It’s so strange!! The more I look at the pic, the more turned on i feel..*blush* gaaah!!! Can’t stand it already..never thot I”ll say this aloud, esp for this pic, but i juz wanna jump him right now…sooo sexy – his expression, pose, those jeans ripped up to there…

  9. ¡KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ¡HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! ¡OH MY GOD SUN!!!! He looks incredibly sexy and provocative. ¡Yummy! ¡HIS RIPPED PANTS!! ¡Drooloing and babbling like crazy!! 😉 😀 O.O

  10. Chameleon Junsu!!!

    not everybody can have many sides >>>>cute Junsu in NII, sexy in Mirotic-Intoxication and this ….Rock n Roll Junsu!!!

  11. I totally agree with @Nomusicnolife when she/he said “jaejoong yoochun and junsu are good looking in their own way”. I think all three are equally good looking, I personally cannot choose, I have a bias for all three of them.

    When I look at the pic Junsu does not remind me of Jae. I think they all carry their own style and look in their own way. Even if they have the same hair color, pose,or clothes it somehow looks different on each one of them. I only see Junsu incredibly sexy,hot and beautiful self when I lock at the pic. I agree with @xiahgold not everyone can have many sides. He can be cute, sexy and now rockish looking. He is just YUmmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Excuse me while I over-analyse the pic and try to pinpoint exactly why it has us in fangirl spasms. 🙂

    It’s glamorous, sexualised, provocative…and it’s particularly effective becos’ we have never seen Su like that. It’s a complete contrast to his boy-next-door (maybe naughty on stage sometimes, hehe), cutie-pie, down-to-earth, professional image…perhaps a bit boring, someone who’s usually not seen as the “hot” metrosexual with fashion sense. And we have been seeing plenty of that in recent pics – him suited up or dressed in understated casual clothes, hair neatly combed, every inch the serious musical actor. The only exception was him on stage as Tod. We don’t expect surprises from Su off-stage.

    Also, I feel the pic plays up the Lolita factor in Su…I mean, he’s boyishly innocent (look at his eyes here), but everything else (clothes, makeup, pose, etc.) is screaming sex…as if he is not trying to be sexy, but he can’t help it. It makes you want to…ahem…ravish him and teach him a thing or two, if you know what I mean 😉

  13. We’ve seen those ripped jeans so many times and I never liked them once.
    But Junsu’s legs showing through are somehow sexier than anyone else’s.

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