[TWITTER] 120217 Yoochun Twitter Update


Yoochun: tomorrow… [I will] work even harder..work harder.. do well


Yoochun: and…thank you..

Source: @6002theMicky
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


69 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120217 Yoochun Twitter Update

    • Hi can someone pls explain me what is that youtube vid all about. I am shocked to see this vid while watching some vidS of JYJ. the only hitting rumor that I know is wayback 2010. but the vid is like its their MIROTIC album. and the scene is I don’t know near the door where I can only see Jae’s back.Ofcourse as a devoted fans of JYJ I defended. TheM by answering about what I know and what is true. Is that the same rumor about the manager of yoochun?

      • @pink_redlips: Yes, it’s the same story and you can read it on yesterday GAPP. I got a friendly advise from Korean fans to ignore it.

      • I can’t someone told you to simply ignore it. There are 2 or 3 videos that recorded the scene that can be found on Omonatheydidnt.

        I understand some Yoochun fans will still love him after this, but it is ridiculous to just pretend it never happened. Yoochun hit/slap a girl, and frankly, I don’t think this is an incident that should be ignored no matter how big of a fan you are. If you really love him, accept it and move on. But the point is, it happened.

      • @Disappointed ~??~ U sound more delighted

        i don’t care what U say ~~ i don’t care what the video looks like ~~ my Chunnie would NEVER do anything like that, no matter how much he’s provoked!!! U sound soooo matter-of-fact!! were U there?? unless it came right outta his mouth, i will NEVER believe ANYTHING negative about my Chunnie!!! ^_~ SARANGHAE CHUNNIE!!! ^_~

        BTW, who R U???


      • i love you yuchun!!just do your best and we are here to do our part to support you no matter what..i dont believe in those videos…if people wants you down..we will lift you up..so yuchun fighting!!

      • @luckylinda
        “BTW, who R U???”
        I think she/he is just a DISAPPOINTED soul that Chunsas/JYJ Fans can’t be swayed away no matter how hard they try to bring YC down.

      • did I need to “pretend” some thing? NO ..even YC or not …let me tell you why
        first.. i will dont make my criticize and make conclusion right with only 17 second watched and which will effect to much for someone life..you dont know the whole story what happen between them.who deserve or not……special with the boy who love, care , responsibility his family, his members, and pp around close with him..I surprise some of fans always claim love them for years, know and understand them but only few seconds can turn back without any question why?.what happen behind the action?
        second..this is an incident or not no body 100% sure ..but the pps put up the vids and thread the rumor they was not because their one to speak for fairness or sorry but they was sure to want to put down and destroy the boy life and they mean it,and they try to do it…this..sorry I am and will not buy their story , I am not fall to their evil net..( old story with the exactly time )
        and this happen for 3 years…pps grown up, changing, learning ,,,what i see and trust it is YC right now, who is “thank you” very little thing and love from fans support him, who is always “work harder” for every thing in his life for not disappoint his fans and pps around him.

        I see you name..i am must say I disappoint you again.
        sorry JYJ3..sis..my last comment about this topic

      • the video is from 2009 3years ago. why come out now again?? i just saw many cruel people leave lots of bad comments on chunnie’s every news.i feel so bad cause people judge people are so easy and happy..during 2009 time..JYJ has a lawsuit .chunnie had a very hard time.he stay at home for almost half year.you are not himself you are not there.please don’t judge him so curely and happly. chunnie is a senstive and now more grown young man after the lawsuit the SKKS..he does anything for no reason..i saw many cruel words @chunnie’s twitter.also. if you don’t like him but like the bad video you can save the video and watch it everyday at home. please leave him alone and find others more perfect. As i know.chunnie is a very good young humanbeing with a soft heart make chunnsas always miss him..

  1. I always feel sad whenever i read this:

    [I will] work even harder..work harder..

    Be it YC, Jae or even Su. They really work hard and always deliver and yet promise to work even harder. Take care Yoochun. You are facing such a difficult time now, with all the bullet coming from all direction. But please remember that your fans are here for you, ALWAYS. I believe in you. And thanks to you too

  2. no yoochun. I THANK YOU. with those tweets, u eased my worry that u might be taking the recent attacks on ur character too hard. im so glad to know that u have kept that indomitable spirit to rise above those who try to bring you down and never fail to thank those who believe in you.

      • its usually just the pink or the purple depending on wthether i use my iphone or my ipad. thats why it really came as a surprise when i saw we had the same after i posted. like i said, i am tech challenged hahaha same taste? u bet! a 100% jyj fan here but given a chance, among the 3 i will marry park yoochun first hahaha

  3. I interpreted it positively – that he had a good day filming and is feeling encouraged (to work harder) by his performance and the people around him…
    That’s a JYJ member for you – their work ethic, professionalism and never-say-die spirit is so admirable.
    Rooftop Prince fighting! 🙂

  4. Is that really our Chunnie boy tweeting~? Awww..*hugsmyChun*
    My Chun’s tweeting, yeah~!
    I should be jumping with joy BUT instead..
    I feel sad, WAE?! 😦
    He must be so aware of the stupid rumours targeting at him lately..
    it must have affected him in some ways (I so pray not).
    I have this feeling that he’s tweeting because he knows his fans are worry for him..
    and he just want to tell us in two simple lines..
    *btw, that’s so Chunstyle*
    that he’s doing ok..
    and that he’ll work even harder to proof his worth.

    Why do I feel this way?!
    Maybe because of the “thank you”..it looks so BIG to me.
    We should thank you YC-ssi for staying strong..
    despite all these bullsh*ts that are surrounding you lately.
    THANK YOU~!!!

    Remember, true fans will be behind you no matter what.
    Those that turned their backs on you are not even your fans to begin with.

    Yoochunnie fighting~!!! !!!

  5. 😥 sigh..it never feels good seeing these kinds of tweets from them..fight hard and stay strong chunnie..and we thank you too..thank you for believing in us believing in you bb.

  6. *sigh* the boy keep trying..trying..harder..harder.T__T
    dont need to say “thank you” just see you are strong men ..it is enough for me YC.

  7. Omo.. Cheon-ah..my prince yuchun..please keep fighting!! Don’t ever give up.. Fighting!!! 🙂

    Btw, does anyone know what kind of vid that you were talking about? And are there any problems that JYJ facing right now? I’m lack of information and a bit confused here..
    thanks so much if you could explain..

  8. aaahhhhhhhhhh Chunnie, U know how much we love U!!! PLEEEEASE get strength knowing how much we love and support U no matter what ANYONE sez!!! we’d fall on a blade for yaaaaa ~~ (Bruno) the haters must be getting desperate and jealous and will keep throwing whatever they can make up at U ~~~ but don’t worry, we’ll always have ur back and will defend U to the end!!! ^_~


  9. Mr. Park Yoochun Fighting !
    “There are times when people disappoint you and let you down,
    but those are the times when you must remind yourself to trust your own judgments and opinions, to keep your life focused on believing in yourself and all that you are capable of.”

    • Hi @ kris,
      I AMEN to your statement. I just returned to JYJ3 after undergoing tonsillectomy, and this sad, disturbing, news about our dear Yoochun shocked me. But i have faith in JYJ, i am sure they will be able to overcome these trials …again, its a “been there, done that” thing..nothing new, perhaps more to come their way…
      I’m preparing myself.
      Have a great Saturday Kris and everyone here at JYJ3!

  10. YC words just moved me and gave a heart ache when he says thank you. Just how hard u want to work there will be times u’ll reach the limit, Keep on Fighting dearie YC. Your spirit has always been an inspiration to me, to never give up in dealing with tough time in life. YC FIGHTING!! btw THANKING YOU for being who you are and STAY STRONG in order to fight those evil surrounding u.

    • @umeira.. totally agree with your words here… I also find his never-say-die attitude such an awesome one! Makes me adore, respect and love him more…
      Thank YOU, Chun_ster for being YOU and staying strong through all these nonsense rumours! Don’t lose focus… and FIGHTING alwez!! We have your back always!

  11. YC Dear, be strong and stay strong. You have all the LOVE from your loving fans to boost your energy and also the LOVE from JYJ. I can imagine how tired you are right now. Eat well and take good care of yourself.

  12. Look behind you Yuchun and you’ll see an army of fans who will catch you when you fall and put you back on your saddle. Be strong and be healthy, ok?

  13. I always liked how Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu continue to remain classy amidst all the noise and hatred hurled at them. In situations like these, it is always best to maintain a stoic front. The half-life of any rumours or smears lasts 1 to 2 days or at most 3. By then, people would have moved on to new topics.
    I am reminded of a course I attended some years ago. A video was shown of a man holding a knife approaching a bathroom. He strikes, a girl screams and she was later shown with blood all over her. The video stopped. Everybody assumed that he had murdered her because they were reminded of the show, “Psycho” . The last part of the video was then shown. The husband saw a huge snake sneaking into the bathroom and killed it. The blood splashed onto the girl. She screamed and fainted when she saw the snake.
    All of us have our own mental models which can be easily manipulated by the power of association. People who understands this use it to their own advantage.
    I am not interested in things that had happened 3 years ago. What I am more interested in is the uncovering of the real mastermind(s) behind all these sabotaging, smear campaigns and cockblocking (ha,ha, I didn’t know there was such a word before). I am disappointed that the people at FTC are dragging their feet on this.

      • i have a little story..lighter but still make me see with different side..
        I used to work in the big company with have lot pps include men and women work in the floor together …one day one of the men get crisis ” Rude men” or bad men ‘ not deserve be the men..blabla..but only i know the true story about this ( I work with him the same place)..he is the nice men, soft and helpful..that why some women take advantage even they can did they still keep asked him carry all the stuffs from small to big for a years he tried to help them and tried be “nice guy” until he can not handle any more ( he have to do his job too) and one day he said NO, you have to do it by yourself” with those lady and they became “a bad men”….only a small thing happen but i still can learn not crisis pps when you dont know the whole story!

  14. Yoo Chun… True fans suppport u from the bottom of heart….gives you more privacy and space… Be strong… call me if you be in Malaysia. HAHA….

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