[TWITTER[ 120218 Yoochun Twitter Update

Catch up with Yoochun’s twitter convo with Rooftop Prince Co-star Lee MinHo Here



Source: @6002theMicky
Shared by: JYJ3


46 thoughts on “[TWITTER[ 120218 Yoochun Twitter Update

      • @jyj1214
        Because his features are more delicate than Han Ji Min’s. LOL! And his smile is even lovelier than girls’.

      • @pian
        I definitely won’t contest this fact, Chunnie’s delicate features befits him of a royalty.
        He is so princely, yet at another point, he can appear so sophisticated, so wild, so scholarly, so gorgeous- he’s definitely a chameleon
        And we all get smitten by this, right? and we’re not complaining of course 🙂

      • @jyj1214
        Yes! He is a chameleon. Maybe that’s why the writer of Rooftop Prince said that the success of this drama lies on Yc’s performance since he can see YC’s potential to become a versatile actor ~~~meaning he can pull off a dramatic, comedic, or even a terrifying role.

    • X D

      allways all ways
      Junsu’s puns are rubbing off on him X )

      i want to see this drama more than any drama so far i have a good feeling this will be epic i love past people coming to the future this is so going to be hilarious ^^ i can’t wait.

    • @tealonyx
      That’s what i thought too, “micky mouse” hahaha
      But how come Chunnie’s face always illuminates? There’s something about his face that exudes glow or he naturally radiates especially when he smiles.
      I am glad to see him enjoying his day…

      • “There’s something about his face that exudes glow or he naturally radiates especially when he smiles.”
        I believe because he’s happy since he has the assurance of fans that they’ll stand by him. That’s why there’s a glow on his face. I think he reads his mentions from time to time even if he doesn’t tweet much.

      • Several times people who have seen him up close have commented how he has a glow. It really shows in photos. I have actually never seen that kind of glow except in newborn babies. It is one of the indescribable qualities about Yoochun that make me want to just stare at him.

  1. OMG!!he’s really cute…i want to squeezzzeee and kiss him..he’s so adorable..rooftop prince,i love you!cant wait for march..i really want to see you on tv..

  2. So cute and he looks really happy!
    Looks like the shoot is going really well.
    Love his tweets with Lee MIn Ho…. Bromance brewing… 🙂

  3. Maybe Yuchun is curious if his fans will be by his side allways, in all ways. Think about this ladies; like a vow~in sickness(asthma, shingles, colds) in health; in good times(Rooftop, SA tour) in bad times(Yacht safety reg., false rumors)…etc. You fans know JYJ pretty well by now. Junsu thinks about what he’s going to say very carefully, Jae blurts out members embarrassing moments without care; but Yuchun sits back and observes, then he speaks bluntly! So you can best believe Yuchun is gonna be checking up on fans sincerity, just sayin’^^

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