[NEWS] 120216 “Loving Mood” Between Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min During ‘Rooftop Prince’ Shooting Captured


The shooting of Rooftop Prince, which is scheduled to air starting in March, was captured by many Japanese fans.

A Japanese fan named “Ahkina” uploaded many pictures with the text “This morning in Myeongdong, shooting for the drama Rooftop Prince began”.

Embedded in the post are pictures of Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min, who appeared to be immersed in the shooting. With the staff around them preparing to shoot, the two stood facing each other. Their characters in the drama fall in love, so the shooting created a very heart-pounding atmosphere.

In particular, Han Ji Min’s luminous beauty even in a crowd as well as Park Yoochun’s traditional clothes in the midst of a city environment were especially captivating.

Netizens responded to the pictures with a variety of reactions such as “I am already anticipating the first episode”,  “These two seem compatible just from photos”, “It is funny to see such scenes shot in the center of the city”, and “Han Ji Min really does have a glowing beauty”.

Meanwhile, Rooftop Prince is a fantasy romantic comedy in which a Crown Prince from the Joseon Era, Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) is tracing the death of his wife (Joo Yoo Mi) and encounters an unknown force which transports him and his servants to the year 2012, where he meets and falls in love with his destined women (Han Ji Min)

Source:  Sports Chosun
Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
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13 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120216 “Loving Mood” Between Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min During ‘Rooftop Prince’ Shooting Captured

  1. They were supposed to travel back to the past to investigate the death of his wife but instead they accidentally travel to the future where he falls for another woman?

  2. I really cannot wait to see this drama!!!! I really hope there is at least one good kissing scene, LOL!!!! Well actually I would love for there to be many kissing scenes but I will settle for one!!!!!

  3. i never wanted to see a drama so bad this much am glad its a JYJ member acting in it cause it makes it all desirable , knowing the lead actor is yoochun already gives me satisfaction . JYJ makes me feel comfortable and happy : )

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