[NEWS] 120217 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Why Did He Loose 6kgs When he was Already Thin?


JYJ member Kim Junsu recently went on an extreme diet which caused him to loose 6kgs and amaze everyone around him with his changed appearance.

JYJ’s official agency, C-JeS Entertainment, met with reporters and stated “As of late, Kim Junsu has lost 6kgs. His change after loosing the weight is so great that his face looks quite different and even those around him can barely recognize him”

In fact, after loosing the 6kgs, Kim Junsu’s agility has increased and his features such as his chin and jawline have become more prominent, giving him the look of a totally different person. It is a great change from the cute image that Kim Junsu was known for before.

Even though a person such as him did not have any weight to loose, Kim Junsu decided to go on a chicken breast diet because of his starring role in the musical ‘Elisabeth’. In the musical, his character often wears revealing sheer clothes, so he chose to loose weight and sculpt his body in order to show his fans a more handsome side of Kim Junsu.

Officials said “Kim Junsu will continue to work harder for the musical ‘Elisabeth’ in order to show gratitude for his fans who have supported him fully up until this point. Because of that he has put in many efforts for his self-maintenance. Please continue to show your unchanging love towards him”

Meanwhile, the story of  Elisabeth takes place in the Hapsburg house and includes the fantasy-like character of Death in a love story that transcends location and eras. Kim Junsu plays the role of Death/Tod, who possesses mysterious charms and falls in love with the Empress Elisabeth.

Source: ENews
Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
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26 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120217 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Why Did He Loose 6kgs When he was Already Thin?

  1. My heart is not at ease…..
    But yeah.. I will support him. I will if Junsu keep his health too…. Please live healthy, Junsu.
    I am so worry.

  2. At this point I feel he is still very sexy as always. Whether he remains at this weight or gains his weight back I am fine with it. As long as he maintains his health.

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  4. I agree with other JYJers. As long as Junsu maintains his health I won’t worry about his current weight. My support for him is unconditional.

    • he was 60 before it means he is 54 kg now to me that is worrying poor babe wanted to get rid of his baby-ish face for the role, i mean a Tod with baby buffy face wouldn’t look so scary when the scene demands a scary look right . and it would also make sexy seductive difficult too. so i understand why he wanted to put away those fat baby cheeks : ( he looks gorgeous but the current weight is kinda worrisome a bit. anyway hope he is fine, how are u by the way hon ^^ hope ur fine and doing well intoxicated baby : ) am fine ^-^

  5. I hope this was just for the role as Death. I mean, you can’t look sexy and healty when you’re playing lord of the dead, can you? 😛 Hope he starts eating helthy again afterwards. Health+ happiness is all I want for them. If they are healthy and happy then I can sleep well at night 🙂

  6. actually Junsu is already thin in his debut era….

    he gain weight in Banjun drama, then slim again ….so i don’t think his current weight is shocking

  7. Junsu is just so profesional, i understand why did he decide to lose weigh, he just wanted to fit his character perfectly. I will always respect&support his decissions, as long as Junsu maintains his health i wont be worried.
    For me Junsu has always been a sexy&handsome guy, no matter his weight, but actually he looks so hot as Tod in Elisabeth, so thiny Junsu is fine for me xD

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  9. Well now, let’s see. If the chicken diet didn’t kill Rain, I’m guessing it won’t kill Junsu. When I saw how much weight Rain lost, I was a bit astounded. Then I saw “Ninja Assassin” and understood why they had him lose the weight. And we all know he bounced back after that! 🙂

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