[PIC] 120218 JYJ’s “The Day” Poster by Lotte Cinema



Credit: Lotte Cinema + onzzz16
Shared by: JYJ3


46 thoughts on “[PIC] 120218 JYJ’s “The Day” Poster by Lotte Cinema

    • 🙂 Ok, tell us how you really feel. LOL

      Yes, this is Lady Karma doing her thing. She will not be denied. Bow to you my Lady. In your infinite wisdom, you cause things to happen WHEN they should, and HOW they should happen. Can we say, certain unnamed companies are again receiving the short end of the stick. All that bad publicity and, all the while JYJ continue rising to the top. YES!

  1. Good Sunday morning everyone! This is a good reason to celebrate, CHEERS!
    Seeing this poster—-THANK GOD!
    Thank you ADMIN – Mia and compnay, you never get tired to always indulge us – BOW!
    Thank you Lotte Cinema – for always keeping their faith in JYJ – BOW!

  2. this is great!! thank u lotte for sticking with jyj for so long. i always want to go to a lotte store after see the cf with jyj and other artists im so loving you, i think its called.

  3. Alright!!!! “The Day” will see the bright lights after all, i am beside myself ‘Hip Hip Hooray thanks Lotte for this wonderful happenings. jyj is making strides and when one door closes another door will open.

  4. why only simple picture but look so beautiful in my eyes?? …every little thing the boys have to work and get very hard.i feel so happy for them and JYJ fans ^^!

    • @Anva: anvaaaa.. hug!! last night zan using ur ava as her dp on twitter, and now u use the same picture.. whether this coincidence or you lend avatar to each other? o_O

  5. Now my desire to be in Korea is getting bigger *sigh*
    How I wish I be at Korea this time, so I cud watch The Day… TT___TT
    Thank you Lotte cinema!!

  6. Just watching the poster makes my heart flutter, how much more if I could watch them moving on that super wide screen (compared to my monitor) with all that high tech audio/visual effects!
    Hope this will become a blockbuster then they will have the JYJ Worldwide Concert The Movie and more….

  7. I’m happy for JYJ, their non stop effort fighting for their rights has pay bit by bit, hopefully 2012 will be more prosperous and happiness for these beautiful boys *alwz see them as boys in my eyes, big boys though:)*

  8. I am so happy for JYJ!!!!!!!! A big thank you goes out to Lotte for support JYJ and C-Jes for always fighting hard for JYJ!!!!!!! I love the poster so creative. I so wish I could see this movie.

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