[PICS] 120218 Rooftop Prince Yoochun









Credit: JYJ Daum Telzone
Shared by: JYJ3


59 thoughts on “[PICS] 120218 Rooftop Prince Yoochun

    • @pian *hugs*
      I’m so with you~!!!
      The 2nd pic…oh my..
      ee..may I bring him home. I promise I’ll shower him with all my love..kkeke~
      This one is just toooooooo A.DO.RA.BLE~!!!
      ❤❤❤ that Chunexpression~!!
      Am loving those Chunfingers too..hihi~
      Even the fingers are beautiful, kyah~~~


    • Both 1st n 2nd photo..

      That costume n those chun-faces???? Kyaaaa… too hard to resist!!!

      I love yoochun… what can i do to get this man?? tell me pls..

  1. WOW~!!!
    *shocked to silence*
    O.O O_O O.O O_O O.O
    *keeps staring*

    THANK YOU so much our lovely adminnies..you are the best~!!! *bigbighuggles*

      • at times, im really very convinced that he is not human…
        like he is from somewhere else sent here … like an angel in disguise… LOL..

        he is dangerous… please.. dont let yourself be captivated by him or else.. theres no way of returning back… forever be falling inlove…

      • @hya u shuld hv warned earlier abt him not being a human coz im in “deep trouble” right now, he has taken my conciousness day and night…….*feel like am returning to my teenage years, having crush for the first time*

      • *nod nod*

        The right concern u raised here… But guess what?? It is too late.. Most of the Chunsas who were diverted to JYJ3 are those at the critical stage… If not they will stll be going out with some other guys in real life~~~~ *poor chunsas* 😀

      • @umeira

        Hi 5….

        Ok, seriously, sometimes i feel so embarrassed of myself that i am crying, smiling, being jealous (time to time), kissing the computer screen, jumping in my room, giggling onself in front of many ppl and doing many more crazy stuffs because of a guy i have never met in real life and who doesnt know my existance… Sometimes i think of myself “Is it only me?? am I crazy?? whats wrong with me??” … I dont know, it is very weird… I feel like i am so in love but the problem is that i dont even know that guy in person and he doesnt even know me… (T_T) so sad~~~ But will keep on loving him.. 😛

      • Kyah~!!! @Nandar twinnie~!!! ))) ))) *biggianthugs*

        Are you still outside now? hihi~
        Are you “talking” to your phone, again? 😛
        I’ve missed you so muchie~!!!

      • @umeira
        It’s ok *hugs*
        *sigh* another victim found..kkeke~
        But you’ll be ok..so long you get your regular dose of Chunawesomeness..
        you can get them easily here at JYJ3..hihi~

        Look..it’s all your fault..you should’ve warn her earlier..lol~

      • to all:
        OMY!!!.. we, chunsas are crazy!!!!!! hahaha….

        indeed, its my fault! i should’ve warned all of you that he is DANGEROUS!…..**sigh.. hahaha

        agree!. HE is our personal brand of heroin… We are thirsty for his blood…(and now, i became the dangerous one.lol)

    • @anvs

      exactly!! so i m not e only one who thought Yc was born for cameras??? He is so confortable in front of cameras.. look at all his dramas, shows n dvds…

      • @anva
        A Chunsa-party?! 😀 Me want~!!!
        But where’s my twinnie? also @gigi @putrihs and my other lovely Chunsas *pouts*
        It’s all Chunnie and adminnie’s fault.
        Too much Chunawesomeness to handle at one time..all must’ve fainted..


      • OO..they are all faint? ( talk behind their back)…LOL its mean we are the strongest one in here…..we are deserve the award ..* bring chunnie to my home****—****

      • OPPPP…did I pretend to forget about this? *innocent face*….when dont have all chunsas here..its a good time..we need to talk about that..which days in the week do you want??kakkaka

  2. I’m Freezing at the first time i see the 1 pic, Just freeze. I almost forget to breath..
    Oh Park Yoochun u make me feels like in heaven just by looking your super gorgeous expressionsss

    • @super-kenya
      Just want you to know..I love your ava..hihi~
      I see Chunlashes.
      You are not alone..I was shocked to silence when I first saw this set, seriously.
      So clear and so gorgeous..so Chun.
      So near..like he’s sitting right in front of you.. 😀

  3. I just got here… and omo… the pics literally left me breathless!! So proud to be a Chunsa! I miss the ‘bowing-to-Chun-Mama’ party above with the rest of the chunsas… *aarrggghhh….
    PYC = Perfection, Yummy-licious & CUUUUUUTTTEEEE!

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