[TRANS] 120218 Interview With LEVAY



Credit: xiah-sshi
Shared by: JYJ3


25 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120218 Interview With LEVAY

    • You bet!!! XiahTod is Smoking, from Mr Levay’s own lips Junsu is perfect and passionate in executing the character To the teeth. What an Excellent Artist Sovereign Junsu is.

  1. Thank you Mr. Sylvester Levay, for you have confirm my inner intuitions, about this vibrant Singer, passionate Artist for me he has something we call ‘IT”. Junsu’s mannerism looks like a Regency Time Gentleman, and a well groom Lord and Sovereign full of love to top it all. He is not afraid to embrace people, places and cultures. Please let this vibrant Mozart Junsu visit Wien Austria to see the birth place of his idol Amadeus Mozart and i will be thrill and happy for this journey.
    Sovereign Junsu Fighting

  2. I cant wait to hear Mr. Levay impression after watch XiahTod on the real stage!! Believe me, Junsu is even a lot of better now than his mozart! days. I even read ellisabeth staff account ’bout how two other tods called Junsu ‘seonsangnim’ :’)

    Junsu is my bias, xiahzart is decent but i have to say that i was not that impressed. But, when i watched ToH’s fancam, i was pleasantly suprised by how much junsu improved. And by watching the Eli rehearsal i was convinced that our Junsu only can get better and better!!! i know he will be BIG in korean musical world.

    • @juliang
      “xiahzart is decent but I have to say that I was not that impressed”
      Hello fellow xiahpwa! 🙂 did u mean his performance in original Mozart run? I hv not watched fancams of that. I watched musical concert DVD n i thot he was fantastic. The emcee in musical concert (e actor who played Mozart’s dad) did say that Su’s singing had improved since Mozart.

  3. i love how all these important people seems so ‘in love’ with our boys. like JiSung who seems to like Jae and still in contact with him. Chun who seems even many of senior actor/actress who play with him like him n still in touch with him (he even supposed to be in a show about Kim Kap SU who playes his father in skks and senior actress Choi Myung Gil who played as his step mother in Ms Ripley have keep in touch with him. he even still called them mother and father). and Su even likes by Sekine in Japan, and Levay too. our boys didnt just like by their collegues, but also by their senior. this is really warm my heart =)

  4. i think Mr Levay know about Junsu’s situation since he said Junsu’s situation is similar to Mozart’s the all who bullied JYJ should be ashamed to create such a situation now known to a big famous guy like Mr.Levay but i am happy he knows and supports Junsu i bet he is the one who aided in casting Junsu in Elizabeth i had a feeling he would since the Junsu Mozart concert with Levay and friends, i mean he didn’t just stop at Mozart he made music especially for Junsu and appeared in Junsu’s musical concert . he definitely deliberately meant to support Junsu he didn’t have to go to Junsu’s musical concert to personally direct the music, they could just play it but no Mr. Levay went live and stood with Junsu even composed a song for him, he so supports him and so knows about his situation meaning he knows there are forces that bully and stand in the face of Junsu’s career. just like mozart. if u knew about mozart then u’d know about that priest dude or bishop or close to that and he used to mistreat mozart ordering him around like a slave telling him what to compose and do, so mozart got fed up and quit working for him so the bishop dude said to mozart that he would never be able to succeed anywhere ells anymore and that he would make sure mozart never performs again using his power and connections to ban mozart . blah blah i know i went off topic : D

  5. Sometimes I am in utter awe at the gravity of the situation…….
    If you REALLY think about it… this is THE Sylvester Levay!
    And he is praising Junsu so much!
    He sees the potential and the commitment and the REAL talent Junsu possesses.
    This is not some fluffy person from the entertainment world.. this one of THE most respected writer/composer/artist the musical industry.. Levay is one of the greats!
    And to have him loving Junsu so much gives me so much joy and pride to be a fan!

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  7. Comments like these from Sylvester Levay are the reason people should always be their honest selves, true to who they are. That honesty comes through in every way. Junsu shows he is a fine human being, loaded with tons of talent. Must be a hard pill for SoMeone to swallow. 🙂 Just imagine all the worldwide contacts this man has. Hmmmmmm.

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