[VIDEO] SBS K-STAR News related to Jaejoong

Jaejoong’s Fanmeet in Turkey

Hairless Idol, Kim Jaejoong XD

Credit: KStar News via jaejoong860126 
Shared by: JYJ3


52 thoughts on “[VIDEO] SBS K-STAR News related to Jaejoong

    • Junsu doesn’t have much armpit hair either, he isn’t totally hairless there but i saw it , he has very little armpit hair , i love Junsu’s armpits : P

  1. I forget where I read this but it went something like:

    Jaejoong: I wish I had more armpit hair

    Junsu: I wish I have more hair on my body… T-T


  2. Can someone translate what they are saying????????? xD

    I remember I also heard this before, JJ was complaining cause he has the least hairrrr and that he tried shaving his armpit wishing hair to grow heavy….LoOoOoOoL !!!

    Well to be honest, I can see cultural difference even in this tiny matter !!! In korea, people tell me men with a lot of armpit hair are seen as more masculine and manlyyy while they must shave their arm and leg hair cause its is seen as “Not Clean” xD this is the TOTAL difference in my cutltue, here men with a lot of armpit hair are considered unclean and disgusting while arm and leg hair can NOT be shaved everrrr cause its a proof of how manly you are…..HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! I dont know why I mention this, but I want to know is it only my cutlure or what xD

    Anyway, I really dont like men with armpit hair so PLZ JJ dont try making it grow heavey, keep it this wayyyy :D:D

  3. news once talked about Junsu’s butt : P

    Junsu has very little armpit hair its barely there u could mistake him for being hairless too but if u look real well u can see his armpit hair : ) i want to kiss Junsu’s armpits : P i want to kiss his butt too : P did i just say butt kiss no no i didn’t i said kiss butt there’s a difference : P again Junsu makes me a weird person ^^ why am i happy about it : ? cause its Junsu that why ^^ “nods happily “

  4. [Humor me w/ this one, ne?]

    This just in: Kim JaeJoong, the famous artist from JYJ, just ate plum gem…. and when he went to the bathroom…he pooped fresh ripe plums…cleaned ready to be sold in the highest end supermarkets…This is smth that should not be easily overlooked because there are already millions of pre-orders from around the world. So, for the next year or so, his diet with only consist of…plum gem. The demand is higher than the supply, so factories from around the world are hard at work to send plum gem to the prestigious artist.

    So, hairless idol is yesterday’s news…

  5. this reminds me of a clip i saw one time, well i actually watched ALL of their clips over and over, but this one particular clip showed how they pasted big white cotton balls under Jae’s arms cuz he didn’t have any hair there and i totally lost it!!! it was the funniest clip i ever saw!!! ^_~

    my Chunnie has the biggest armpits i’ve ever seen!!! when they were bowing after their concert, and he hadda sleeveless JYJ T-shirt on, i almost fell off my chair ~~ his hairy arm pits R HUGE!!! ^_~ BUT I LOVE HIM MADLY ANYWAY!!! ^_~

  6. I would have love to be at that meeting when deciding what topic to cover in the entertainment segment of the show. If this made the cut what didn’t!?!

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