120219 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

Figaro ~~~

The wrath of Death…

“Whatever” is an old joke, stemmed back from when Junsu was on X-Man.

Credit: macros by JYJ3


255 thoughts on “120219 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

  1. WTH! Now they’re starting to target Junsu?
    “they imitate junsu’s voice calling sasaeng names on the taxi sasaengs and record it on tape and publicize it” via 6002yuchin

    • well i’m not surprise at all something like this gonna be happen now or later so like i said before if our boys keep move on and not effected with all of the rumor that they spread then they gonna targeted one by one of our boys
      first Jae, if i correct there are someone who ask me when they targeted Jae, my answer is when Jae successful to be a director, there are rumor spread that Mr J sue Mr K about the contract or something like that, i need search it again because it was really been happen almost 2 years ago maybe my sisters or brothers in here can help to found it, then several days ago there are many rumor about our Yoochun came out now our Junsu so like i said again i’m not surprise

      • yeah among them, Yoochun rumor really the most worst
        and it’s bring a high tension in JYJ3 for almost 2 days in row

      • @ pian
        indeed Yoochun ah ~ his drama news has a lot of hate now … it’s like they couldn’t wait for something like this to happen .

      • people will lave hate comment in his drama Article that have nothing to do with the drama because now they think his fare game

      • @meme & JYJ
        So true. Those people are exalting right now from so much hate of YC.
        So long as the Korean fans support him, I’m not that worried about his upcoming drama. It’s the international fans that are alarming. We’ll just have to wait for the results of the investigation.

      • @miaw
        I heard some antis now even accuse jyj3 of fabricating the YC incident. Haters will always be haters. I don’t even read those hurtful comments in Youtube and twitter anymore. But worst are those chunsas saying YC really hit the girl and still claim that they’re still a fan. They can’t even give YC the benefit of the doubt.

      • well every one must be have their own doubt in their heart but it’s their own decision to choose believe what they see through their eyes and heard by other people said to them or believe what their heart said to them
        to be honest i really don’t care with all of their said because it’s not gonna effected my heart to our boys, not because i’m blind or any thing about the rumor but because i believe to the God power. All of us can believe what our own opinion through what we see through the video or heard from other people and say everything what we want but the one that knew about all of these not only people who involve in that incident but don’t forget also there are God who knew everything that happen in that time, u can fooled a people with a words or some fake video or rumor but not God. When times come, every lies that spread about our boys gonna be revealed one by one and no one can stopped it So that’s why i only gonna keep support and love the boys.

      • @miaw Exactly~ People can speculate and say whatever they want to say but only God who knew everything…So yeah I believe only time will tell the truth. But also, even if he did hit that girl I believe he had a reason for his action and I think he’s a human and he has so many feelings like us,so we can’t expect him to be perfect because nobody is perfect. I know fans always want to their idol has a good attitude but once again idol is a human,too. But for this case, I’m not going to say that the rumor is true.

      • And I’m not going to say he has a bad attitude…
        I believe in Yoochun so we should always support and love him!

      • @love@mjjeje
        According to chinese fans who witnessed the incident, that girl kept on bad-mouthing and hitting YC that time. So YC was the aggrieved party.

      • @pian Yeah…I think so, Yoochun was aggrieved party. My sis also watched the video and she said that the girl hitting Yoochun.

      • Is this the video footage that cleared YC? The poster did a good job slowing it down and used different contrasts…

      • @Jvermeer
        Yes. That’s why Chinese fans are now wondering how could international fans buy this sh**. Chinese fans already said that YC was the victim here. He held her hand because the girl kept on hitting him.

      • Hm before PYC rumors (old rumor of course) JJ old rumor already surfacing first (It’s in the gaps before but admins deleted it. -i guess 2 or three weeks ago-Thank God admin really fast!! So dont bother to find it..^_*…For sure it’s not about the Mr J and Mr K old rumor/case….)…..So it’s actually JJ old rumor first and then YooChun….And now i heard they try to bring the last J- Junsu……**Sighed**….

    • Are these people too bored with their idols? why do they have much time for JYJ, do they think that if JYJ is going down, people will start buying their idols’ album or they just want to get even …poor people, they should just engage their time making fanmade calendars, videos, fanarts or anything which has a positive feeling.

      • maybe yes, they are really bored to their idols who always do same thing every time, not like our boys who rarely came out in TV broadcast but always bring unexpected event that bring us to the proudness *shrug*
        at least that was my thought

      • @kris
        Because they’re envious of the good publicity the 3 are getting. They’re immature or they’r really just sick in the head.

    • wonder why always waste their time doing those useless things? dun they have life? why dun spend their time doing something better? maybe charity? hmmm

      • @pian *sigh* pathetic life. i guess people are just so afraid cos JYJ are growing..to be honest, i dun wanna be harsh but doing all these nonsense only give their fanbase a bad name..
        rumours are started by haters,spread by jealousy and believed by idiots.. 🙂

    • @pian Thank you for the reply ^^ I was looking into their accounts, but it’s all in Korean. Sadly, I don’t understand. Is there a translation somewhere? :$

    • is it me or what happen with this “stupid” fans O_O
      are they all korean fans or international fans?how old?and why they’re want to destroy JYJ? since when?i know they are hotels but how many are they?

  2. Hello to Everyone…just want to share a few thoughts to ponder…have a great day, afternoon, or evening. 🙂

    Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

    All that truly matters in the end is that you loved and were loved in return.

    Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

    The best is yet to come.

    No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

    Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.

    If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

    Yield and be humble.

    Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.

  3. dropping by just wanna say hi and happy weekend to all JYJ’ers here, may today and the rest of the week will be filled with lots of love and happiness esp from JYJ themselves:) btw JS macros above shown how he has transformed from a cute boy to a handsome and sexy man:)

  4. ROFLMAO at the macros!!

    RE: the fake vid claiming Chunnie hit a fan – as was proven in the previous gapp through the showing of the whole uncut video, Chunnie was hit by a saseng & he was defending himself from her when he knocked her hand away. I understand those of you who don’t feel comfortable condoning what looked to be like violence on Chun’s part simply because he’s an idol. I do not advocate condoning violence simply because someone is famous either. But please remember that the guys are surrounded by many forces trying to drag them down & destroy them, not just SM & Avex, but the seeming hordes of anti fans too, all of whom have repeatedly proven they are happy to stoop to the lowest, vilest tricks & lies to achieve their goal. So please let this be a lesson to everyone not to jump to conclusions & play judge, jury & executioner, condemning someone before we have the whole truth. It’s not just JYJ who are facing these bullies, but us fans too. & the people who faked that vid & spread those rumours easily manipulated many fans into believing their lies, & thus to criticising Chunnie, & in some cases attacking him, for something he hadn’t done, & some fans perhaps even leaving the fandom.

    Our guys aren’t perfect, & only a delusional teenager or fool expects them to be. They are real live human beings who make mistakes, who get tired, grumpy, angry, frustrated, lonely, etc. But they are also fighting to survive in an environment where their smallest mistake will be gleefully jumped on by anti’s & SM to be used against them. So let’s not give either SM or the anti’s even more ammunition by panicking, questioning, doubting & jumping to conclusions on any & every rumour/video/picture that pops out of the woodwork, without giving the guys the benefit of the doubt, & without questioning the validity of the rumour. Here at JYJ3 we pride ourselves on having some insight into, & knowledge & understanding of who Jae, Chunnie & Junsu are as people. So the next time sh*t like this hits the fan (& we all know it will, esp after the successful fuss & fury the Chun vid caused), please look into your own hearts & remember why you love JYJ in the first place. Some fans prided themselves on not blindly loving & keeping faith in their idol because of the “evidence” they were seeing – only to blindly believe that “evidence” & doubt, question & condemn Chunnie instead. That “evidence” has been proven to be a lie. See how easily tricked, manipulated & fooled you were? & how quick you were to throw away your love & faith in Chunnie & throw him to the wolves? Being a fan doesn’t mean blindly worshipping someone & closing your eyes to any sins they commit. But loving someone does mean believing in them, supporting them & giving them the benefit of the doubt when others cast aspersions.

    As JYJ fans, let’s ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH in Jaejoong, Chunnie & Junsu.

    (Sorry for the preachy rant. I’m disappointed in the fans who questioned & deserted Chunnie so quickly & so easily.)

      • @Sapphire
        Well said, dear. Another lesson learned–especially for those who so readily doubted Yoochun. I hope that we all will keep this one closely in our hearts for future reference because the antis will try to strike again. We all must especially be more vigilant about these so called fan-cams, for they can be so easily manipulated. Everyone, please don’t let this incident drives a wedge between some of us, for this is one of the antis’ goals. The fans at this site are so united in our support for JYJ, pretty amazing when one considers the breath of our diversity. JYJ family, let’s keep this going.^____^

    • @sapphire
      Thanks for this timely reminder. It sad to know how the very people who claim to love and support you could turn their backs on you so quickly. I hope fans will not be so quick to judge and point fingers, but be more discerning about what they read, hear and see.

    • I think those who leave him easily are not actually his fans aka not a part of JYJ family.they treat us as family rite so family members dont do such thing as leaving another member just because of a rumour,sorry to those who judge him wrongly and think bad bout him.the least you can do is try to find the truth,but for me since i rarely make mistakes in judging a person’s characteristics,i believe he will never do such thing to a stranger without any reason and they will never treat a woman like that unless they re being provoke.

      if you re hit by a stranger,of course you will try to defend yourself right?who wouldnt do so.maybe you will hit back so that person will stop hurting you.thats a normal reaction as a human being.

      • Heh Chunnie is not my bias but since i love his hyung, i love him too,as much as his hyung loves him..we ve come this far..i will never trust anyone except them..lets just ignore those people….forget about them

    • Well said! Just because they are called “idols” does not mean that they are actually “gods” in any way or form. That also means that we don’t blindly worship them as “gods” ,whereby when we come to realize that our gods aren’t perfect, we desert.They are humans, with FEELINGS and imperfections just like us.

      And you’ll think that after this fiasco, fans will wise up and not do a repeat of what just happened. But no. You’ll see that when another bad rumor sufface against the boys, some fans will again desert them without giving them the benefit of a doubt. Again and again.I guess this is also a method of weeding out the disloyal fans from the loyal ones.
      Those who left Chun were never his fan to begin with. Maybe they were toying with the idea of becoming his fan, but they were never actually his fan. Some were also looking for a way to desert JYJ, and this seem like the perfect time.
      Suffering makes us stronger not weaker. So JYJ and JYJ’FANS Fighting!!!

      • When the break up happened I was quite sad but in a way happy as JYJ were the main members that I liked in the group. Naturally I followed them and I am so happy to be their fan!!

        JYJ and JYJ’ers/fans Fighting!!!
        “I’ll always support JYJ 100% no matter what!” That is my MOTTO 🙂 🙂

    • @sapphire
      Bravo to you!
      You said it well girl.
      As fans, we should hear it straight from the official announcements of JYJ or their representatives first, before reacting, after all, we chose to have faith in them.
      Through tweets, JYJ would always find a way to communicate with us…so let this issue die a natural death…as it already did several years ago..and MOVE ON!

    • oh sis,then can you explain that toward this dude in here?
      his words keep on playing in head that it make me want to vomit and stress becoz worried about chunnie…
      and maybe some evidence please?? becoz his post showing a very clear evidence and his blog is…well kinda well known among the international fans..or at least the newbie in Kpop..


      sure,hater will always be hater..but the thing is, he’s not an anti. just a blogger who love sensational news..and we don’t want this blogger sharing the wrong info to the newbie who love JYJ

      thx,and sorry for the double link. i post one in the bottom, it’s becoz i didn’t read yours :DD


    • @Sapphire
      ” So please let this be a lesson to everyone not to jump to conclusions & play judge, jury & executioner, condemning someone before we have the whole truth. It’s not just JYJ who are facing these bullies, but us fans too.”

      Thank you, Sapphire, the voice of reason. I appreciate having your comments here. this has been a terribly frustrating time for many of us, we have felt overwhelmed with comments and commenters who seemingly bought that video, grabbed it and were prepared to run with it – all over Yuchun’s good name and his momentum in the filming of
      his new drama. WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT SM WAS HOPING FOR. It was a painful time. I don’t want to comment on it further because to do so supports SM’s agenda for the destruction of JYJ.

      As time goes on and none of their previous efforts to end the career of JYJ have borne fruit, they have become more and more overt. The surfacing of this video after 3 years, with NO details, no explanations of where it came from, where it occurred, who took the video, who was the alleged victim etc etc etc is proof positive of that.

  5. copied from another post
    “Sorry, to bring this up here, but I have to correct this. She didn’t just touch his face, she hit him across the face, with enough force to turn his face to the left, and create a sound. She was reaching up to do it again, so he grabbed her wrist, but since her hand was by her head, it looked like he grabbed her hair.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, I was one of the people that were ready to crucify him at first. Then it came out that the video was a rumor that had already been dismissed in 2009, as fake.

    It did seem strange that both spread fancams were 17s and 19s each, when usually fancams are long and filled with tedious Kpop fan nonsense (sorry Kpop fans). Plus, the continued protest from the Korean fandoms that the story just wasn’t true.

    Finally, I showed the video to someone who knows about videos and has nothing to do with Kpop, and he said from the direction of the hands, the girl hit the guy. And looking at the contrast in the video, it is unclear if the guy held her head, while trying to grab her hands to stop her.

    Sorry, for the long post. Just adding my 2 cents. I do feel bad, because I fell for the initial rumor, and contributed to the unjustly smearing of Yoochun.”

    • @Li San
      Hi, i admire you for your courage to admit your hasty judgment, and for your humility to seek forgiveness…who am i not to forgive your my dear….we are all humans, just like JYJ also, we are prone to commit mistakes. No one is infallible… What is important now is that we move one, learn from this lesson – to not react immediately, have faith in JYJ, and wait for them to make an official statement – because i am sure they will, because they care so much for us- their fans…
      So, take heart.

  6. Somebody with a LJ a/c with access to omona account needs to get that video of anti hitting yoochun on there and make a post

    we need to clear things up

  7. Yoochun’s innocence

    i just wanted to thank Kris i saw the tweet pic and i just followed the name

    here watch the video if this is really Yoochun i am not sure really about the person but look he is getting hit first he got hit first

    when someone hits u , u raise ur hand to protect urself, yoochun did not hit the girl , his sudden reaction was due to being hit first.

    i never mean to hit anyone who tries to hug me , but when i am surprised i do shove and my arm accidentally flails so my hand could hit the face or neck or which part my hand comes in contact with by accident due to my height and the person in front of me.

    he got hit he tried to cover himself by not letting the hand touch his face and because he is tall and it happened sudenly he was surprised. if its really yoochun in the vid or not, even if he’s a staff member then this person was being abused by the antifan .

    but i am wondering if she was a staff member or an anti fan , personally all i know is there is a hand hitting the guy in the vid first and his reaction was self protection. not to hit but to stop the hand and because is was sudden surprise the hand out of reflex flailed. what would ur reaction be when someone tries to hit ur face or already hit it.




    i might be stupid for saying this but i think an anti made use of this footage, she probably didn’t realize the details that slow motion provides, maybe the woman is a staff member who slapped Yoochun , its a big possibility the guy in the vid is really is Yoochun, thought its not really clear. anyway it seemed like the guy’s arm moved suddenly , i believe this is the reflex due to the sudden hand raising to hit his face so yeah it raised suddenly too. anyway in the end it was a rumor after all.

    sorry i bought it up again but i am very satisfied after seeing this vid cause it throws off haters and anti’s claim a 100% girls we have proof. if anyone says anything give them the link and am sure they’d shut up about it. show this to Japanese fans too who knows maybe the rumor reached over there too.

    Yoochun is innocent.

    JYJ needs strong fans, be strong JYJ fans don’t let antis or whoever push u around or shake ur faith. be vicious against those who are viscous against our boys.

  8. Thank you admin for Junsu’s macros! 🙂

    As for all of the stuff regarding Yoochun etc I am just going to ignore it as I’ve had enough of it.
    As long as we support him and JYJ, that’s all that matters to me.

    All the anti’s, haters etc can just go and take a hike and fall down a mountain and never be seen again!!

  9. good morning jyj fams….

    those antis/haters attitude is making me sick…. if they don’t like jyj, so live with it…don’t make hateful comments or videos…
    just wanna share this for those antis/haters…

    I’ve learned about leadership a few months ago..there’s an interesting topic about positive and negative energy a.k.a good and bad things… if you keep doing positive things (good things) you’ll get reward…and it’s a good one for your life (but not just one…maybe plenty)…in the other hand…if you keep doing or spreading negative things (bad things) you’ll get nothing but miserable life…it’s similar things with “karma” … I’m practicing it now…you may believe it or not…but it’s true…. if you keep doing good things in your daily life, good things will happen to you… it’s happen in my life 🙂
    if antis/haters keep hating JYJ, it’s their choices…. I believe they don’t live in a peaceful….

    I’m truly sorry, this one is for Indonesian fans only (hello there my sisters):
    “ibaratnya: orang yg bersikap buruk thd JYJ, pasti hidupnya gak tenang…karna setiap saat disumpahin ma orang lain…hihihihihi…”

    If we as JYJ fans loves JYJ so much…that’s because of this:

    Love doesn’t ask why
    It speaks from the heart
    And never explains
    Don’t you know that
    Love doesn’t think twice
    It can come all at once
    Or whisper from a distance
    (taken from Celine Dion: Love Doesn’t Ask Why)

    God Bless Us and love you all

  10. actually i don’t want to continue this sh*t..but seems like some people can’t get over it. i’m lost words coz this dude is good with words and with my limited english (and limited acces to net since i OL by phone) i can’t say anything and i felt like exploding..
    you guys should read this..

    hope some people can explain to him or just…i dunno..my heart hurt and i can’t think clearly..becoz..at some point he has the truth, but then again..i can’t imagine if what he said come to reality. chun will go doom…
    the word already make cringe D:

    • ..i can’t imagine if what he said come to reality. chun will go doom…
      Oh really, how can that 17 sec. piece of garbage bring Yoochun to doom? I think you just underestimate Park Yoochun. The antis might be jumping of excitement when they found that video as if whey won a lottery, thinking that thru that video they can bring YC and JYJ down. I can assure you, no matter how they manipulate and SCREAM to the whole world that YC is a violent man/ woman beater and whatever term they could come up, Park Yoochun and JYJ will NEVER GO DOWN, that’s a given, that’s a FACT. You should know since I believe you’re a old fan, but if you have a doubt, you might not know JYJ very well. To be a fan, I think it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been, you may be a new or an old fan, what matters is how far do you know and believe in them. This is not playing “deaf and blind” but how do you see things in different angles with reason, we should always take into account the “how” and “why” .
      Let’s just leave those haters play with their garbage alone, we have a lot of precious things to attend to.

      • i know dbsk since 2007, so i’m quite and old fan. and i love them 5 just like a family to me.

        okay maybe i’m just got worried a bit too much, i’m quite depressed right now and doesnt think clearly. and with the pov of an outsider, it freaks me out. how can’t i? he gave some solid evidence. and the case was like 3 years ago and i vaguely remember what’s going on (@sapphire gave some explanation and i feel stupid becoz i didn’t dig up that case enough years ago. just remember some acc of confession or something) then i remember of some case (i dunno, i kept on remembering kangin’s case or daesung, though dae was lucky enough allowed to return to ent industry).

        you know,with JyJ situation right now, if chun disappear, i don’t want to imagine jj and su’s feeling. it’s too hurting for me…

        but i forget one thing, it’s k-fans who be the judge of the idol’s fate. not i-fans.
        if they love these idol enough,they will survive, if not, you know what happen. (but i believe their fanbase in korea is very strong *crossfinger*)
        so basically my worry was not baseless.

        i just fear for the worst. and based from my personal experience, i prefer imagining the worst then feel happy with the result, rather than the opposite. (just like be4 the disbanding of db5k, i kept imagine the good thing like, ah,no way they’ll disband, they’re good friends,they are close, they have the bond unlike another band. the result? i didn’t have appetite for a few days as i went emo and tried not to cry everytime i see their picture and listened their songs. their effect to me is that much..) TT.TT

        @anva and @OnlyJYJ thanks for the words, *bear hugs, snatching @kris too*

    • @yukasato…Hugs….No ..YC is not going down, JYJ are not going down, dear! I understand you are worry for the boys, me either …but this is not happen as long they have you and lot of JYJ fan out there love and support them, damage are already got some but let you know K-fan and C-fan they don’t have effect, I-fan are so far they did good job to clear it up..those haters always haters…some fans still confuse they have place to looking information, who are not bother, we dont need to bother about this we dont mind too because for long run soon or later they will drop on the middle of the hard road…that why dont worry too much …he will ok, JYJ will ok ^_____^

  11. @yukasato
    People will get over this issue once we stop talking about it. The problem is the more we analyze and talk about this, it gets bigger than it actually is and more attention gets drawn to it. There’s no point reasoning to those who have set their minds on hating Chun, they were probably never fans in the first place. I believe Chun is not going to go down because of this. For the few who doubt him, lots more believe and will continue to support him, so no worries 🙂

  12. hepi besday to dear shermin…..may u have a long bless life …
    my gift 4 your besday is u can have YC n JS ( i give my permission to date them ) but not JJ ( its a no-no )
    may gog bless u…amin

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