[ANNOUNCEMENT] About JYJ3 Email Address


Dear Readers,

We are informing you that JYJ3 is changing their email addresses. Please take note:

1) jyj3official@yahoo.com will be to contact JYJ3 Lead Admin (Mia)

2) jyj3tips@yahoo.com will be opened to receive news, pictures, videos, fanarts, etc. everything that you want to share in JYJ3.
Our Current Admins (Ces, Rainbow, Arika, JYJreborn, Estelgrace and Mia) will be in charge to attend these requests.

Thanks for your attention

JYJ3 Team


31 thoughts on “[ANNOUNCEMENT] About JYJ3 Email Address

  1. Admins, you are incredible, really, all the time that you pass collecting photos, reading information, selecting, is amazing all your works, we are very thankful at you, please keep doing the best, like always, that this web is so solicited because you do a great job!!
    thank so much and blessing to all

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