[HQ PIC] JYJ “The Day” Documentary Poster


Credit: DNBN
Shared by: JYJ3


40 thoughts on “[HQ PIC] JYJ “The Day” Documentary Poster

      • well,she did no harm in here, and she’s a frequent visitor in this site. when she did nothing bad why so hate her just because of her name?
        u could be wrong if you think she’s a VIP.
        you want to hate? hate the one who said that words.
        don’t spread anger in this site..

      • Just because some VIPs said that does not mean all are like that. Don’t be so prejudiced. The internet is a free place. Be nice. You wouldn’t want them to think us JYJer’s are haters. 😉

      • @Orion
        I think there are a lot of VIPs who are JYJFans at the same time so relax .
        VieVIP is not responsible of those other VIPs words and action.

      • I know @VieVIP from one of Indonesian KPop fansite. and she always support JYJ 🙂
        some of VIP Indonesia is JYJ stand 🙂
        The real fact is there is Indonesian ELF who want to play Indonesian JYJ fans and Indonesian VIP agains each other.
        I also like BB 😉

  1. … and i’m waiting the news that reported that ALL THE TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT.
    and then i will smirked evilly n rub the news to CGV n SME.
    yeah (*practised smirked evilly in the mirror*)

    • I too believe in smirking. It will be fun to smirk at the knowledge the TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT! Got to start practicing so my smirk is first class! 🙂

    • Website crashed and tickets went on sale about a half-hour late. It was a horrible, horrible mess. I got nothing but errors for an entire hour and have no ticket. I can’t imagine there are any left, since the entire thing is locked up on me.

      By the way, there’s only a total of 8 showings, which will make Lotte Cinemas no more money than they’d get from 8 other sold out movies. They’re not really making a ton of money off this so there’s really nothing to rub in CGV’s face. It’s a success, yes, but it’s not a loss for CGV, who will just sell out 8 other movie showings.

      It’s only a few hundred tickets. While we should be proud, it’s really nothing to brag about. So I’d ask you to refrain from getting real cocky about it. Let’s be happy but not jerks. Any other idol’s movie would do the same.

      • Completely agree with you. The boys are humble so we fans have to remember to be humble too. There is nothing to “brag about” or “to rub to anyone face”. We should just be proud of their accomplishement and support them 🙂 Hopefully Lotte can provide more dates not so they can make more money but so more fans can see them. With the cockblocking the biggest obstacle is to meet the fans. The boys are really affected by that and want to meet the fans in any way they can.

      • @The Day

        What an interesting comment from a JYJ fan? because you use words like “cocky” “jerks” to refer to the other posters and you want to make sure everyone understands “it’s nothing to brag about.”

        Well, first I don’t think that this was ever about making a “ton of money” for the parties involved from the very beginning. JYJ had said from the beginning they wanted to give the fans a gift for Valentines day. So I think it was more about giving the fans an opportunity to see them since they are still banded from SK music shows… which I’m sure you know.

        But the VICTORY here is about the fact that they found a way to get past yet ANOTHER OBSTACLE placed in their path as they simply try to connect with their fans.

        I’d venture to say that the mere fact that JYJ/CJES found a way to get the project shown to the fans after the WAY it was cancelled by CGV… well that is worth bragging about… 🙂

      • Your first paragraph underlines something I see as a real problem here. Some of you are so paranoid that everyone who comes here is out to get you that you don’t even let people speak freely without assuming the worst of them. I’ve seen the crazies come here for the primary purpose of crapping on JYJ & JYJ fans, so I understand the paranoia to a certain degree, but the result is some of you are incredibly closed-minded. Not everyone talks exactly the same way you do, so it may not be of value for you to attach an inordinate amount of meaning to every little word and turn of phrase, especially at a site where a significant number of people aren’t even native speakers of English. I’m not saying this to defend myself; I sincerely want you to open your mind a little bit and get off your hair trigger. I’ve watched you react this way to a lot of people, with what I’m sure were good intents, but… 😦

        Anyway, aside from that issue I actually agree with and very much appreciate everything you said. Yes, this situation is a victory. But that’s not what my comment was about. I was trying to caution people from getting carried away and overly cocky, because I see it happen here all the time, sometimes even based on totally erroneous information or assumptions. It makes JYJ and JYJ fans look bad, and most importantly, it undermines our credibility. If you are confident of your personal righteousness then you, personally, can disregard what I say, but don’t imply I’m some kind of anti and, again, please self-examine to see if your righteousness crosses the line into self-righteousness. That’s all I’m asking. It’s something each of us, including me, need to do on a regular basis if we want this fandom to stay vital and relevant able to be of any use to JYJ.

        If you wanna win an internet fight, I don’t care. Attack all you want, hopefully realizing it’s all for naught because I am not your enemy. Hopefully someone somewhere gets something out of my comment, in addition to all the other comments here. 🙂

      • @The Day

        OMO… Turns out JYJ fans didn’t need to do any bragging because the MEDIA OUTLET – TV Reports is doing it for us…. 😉
        Check out this post..

        LOL Yes see NOW I am being a “cocky jerk”…. I accept the label, and beg your forgiveness…… 🙂

      • Trust me, I’m thrilled with the outcome, especially with the press picking it up too!

        It’s not quite the same as rubbing it in someone’s face and truly acting cocky, though. 🙂 That’s all I was saying is hey, let’s remain at least a tad humble so as not to make even more people hate us. 🙂

      • @The Day

        One of the reasons this site became a haven for many was the fact that we could have discussions. The beauty of this site use to be that everyone could express a view that may have differed from someone but we did so respectfully of each other so that we could still continue to have future discussions.
        My response to you was not an attack…my initial paragraph was more of a way to say choose our words carefully.
        As to my personal righteousness well I guess I am confident. Because I was not attempting to label you or bring you down or censure your comments. I responded to your post calmly by addressing your points and then I explained why I disagreed.
        That’s a discussion. Not an attack or an attempt to win an internet war or to label you as the enemy.
        You’ll see I’ve attempted to lighten the mood with another post.. about the media bragging about JYJ which I followed with a little joke.

      • actually, i dont talk about money here. what i mean was that even without CGV, JYJ could sold out their ticktes. despite it wont be aired in major cinemas like CGV.
        a success doesnt always meant money. but i believe the sold out tickets will show them that they could bask n have a oppurtunity to feel JYJ popularity.
        just look at AVEX when JYJ done their charity concert, it doesnt make any money for JYJ since its for charity. but what AVEX afraid, i believe what the succes JYJ shown to the people of Japan that despite everything, JYJ still n will always be popular.
        and thats why i said ‘SOLD OUT’ would rub CGV’s face as they tried to made JYJ face another failed since QTV., but turns out, not only they failed, but these turns out to be a very successful moment in which i believe, people n media will talked about it n keep mentioning CGV and QTV. beside, in bussiness, a loss of a chance to gain some profit moreover publicity, still counted as a loss.
        and, no, i wont say it just “It’s only a few hundred tickets.” as you said it. coz for those “a few hundred tickets.” Cjes, JYJ and fans made it happen. so i wont belittle it.
        and no, i dont be a ‘cocky’ or ‘jerks’ as you nicely said. i am proud of my boys, and just like a proud fan i will brag it like proud mama brag about their sons accomplished despite all the blockage they face. just like i am n keep bragging about JYJ concerts in Europe despite many people bellittled it by saying. ‘its only a few thousand’ people who came.

  2. JYJ turns to be movie actors !
    I can’t imagine watching them on big screen, it must be a breathtaking experience after all these years just watching them on my TV screen and computer monitor.
    Awesome poster, Jae’s eyes …

    • I believe the limited showings is because of the short time frame in which this was organized. The theaters already had agreements to do X number of showings of other films, so The Day had to be squeezed in. I, too, hope more showings and locations can be added, even later in time. As was commented above, it really is a victory the logistics of this could be worked out! 🙂

    • @lili (from http://www.twitlonger.com/show/g10u3c)
      *The advance sale was only for 8 screenings with JYJ’s stage greetings.
      *The documentary film ‘The Day’ will be screened 1-2 times per day from February 23rd to 26th at 8 theaters in Seoul, 5 theaters in Gyeonggi-do, 4 theaters in Gyeongsang-do, 1 in each Choongchung-do and Jeolla-do.
      JYJ will attend stage greetings on 23rd for 8 screenings. The advance sale for other normal screenings will begin at 4pm on 20th.

  3. Salute, for JYJ hard work, tears, anger, Bitter moment of Life and friendship to reach “The Day”. The day, when JYJ reborn and struggle take a breath until they can stand on their own feeds. Just like nowdays.

  4. I love the posters. It’s from COO DVD right? can somebody share the picture without all those wordings? I forgot where I save it somewhere.. Congratulations JYJ!!
    They look hot!! btw ^^

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