[NEWS] 120219 JYJ appeared in ‘Ojakyo Brothers’ – ‘Hot topic’ even though just the name was mentioned


Group JYJ appeared in KBS drama ‘Ojakyo Brothers’, which has become hot topic.

In the latest episode of ‘Ojakyo Brothers’ aired on Feb 19, big sister Kim Minsook (Jeon Miseon) asked the wife of 2nd brother Choi Suyoung (Choi Jungyoon) who was working for a broadcast station, “How is the JYJ’s signed CD that I asked you last time? Our Hana is waiting.”

Actually, just the name JYJ was mentioned (not JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) but via SNS, fans expressed their happiness, “JYJ appeared in ‘Ojakyo Brothers’.”

Netizens commented, “I want JYJ’s signed CD”, “JYJ was mentioned in ‘Ojakyo Brothers’? I think the script-writer is a fan”, “My envy exploded”…

Source: Nate
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27 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120219 JYJ appeared in ‘Ojakyo Brothers’ – ‘Hot topic’ even though just the name was mentioned

  1. OMG just mention the name JYJ make a hot topic .. so how if they really2 appear in TV ????? singing and dancing .. with all of their charisma, cuteness, sexiness, and handsomeness??? please tell me ……………..

  2. I heard ojakyo brother is a good drama..
    Uah.. I’ll watch it..
    Uhm JYJ mentioned in that drama?
    Is this a sign JYJ can perform on TV? Promote their song?
    Oh I hope :3
    Yeah I want JYJ’s signed CD too xD
    Or can I have JYJ in person? :p

  3. Hahahahaha.. SK Citizen truly love JYJ so damn much..

    If only the ‘invicible hand from someone’ cockblocking their activity, they’ll conquer SK in no time..

    What if JYJ really appear as a trio in a drama?? What would it be? Hmmm..

    • I can only say, poor the film crew. they would have trouble because there will be crowds in large numbers in each filming set, and don’t forget the shouts of the fans .. lol

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