[PICS] 120219 Fan Support for Yoochun: Rooftop Prince










Source: 6002nanal
Shared by: JYJ3


90 thoughts on “[PICS] 120219 Fan Support for Yoochun: Rooftop Prince

  1. Oh this is Wonderful!
    Look at the beautiful table settings!
    Fans are simply AWESOME!
    I’m sure the crew absolutely loved it having filmed in the cold weather!
    So thoughtful of the fans, Chunnie must be so proud!

      • This fan support is combination from 3 YC Korean fansites.
        One of it is 6002nanal which is granny fansite kekeke.
        Awesome grannies Chunsas ^^~

      • @gigikusakit
        Huh? 6002nanal is granny? I thought they’re noona fans. I love their taste. So cute. They know how to accessorize YC. 🙂

      • @pian
        See..there’s a reason why I gave our lovely @gigi the p.a. title..lol~

        “6002nanal which is granny fansite”
        Omo..really?!! So our Chun has now conquered the grannies as well.
        Haters, hear that. Don’t come near our Chun. Coz grannies are fearless.
        Hey..at least the grannies that I know are fearless. Hahaha~

      • @pian
        “They know how to accessorize YC”
        LOL. These noonas, ahjummas and grannies Chunsas sure have great taste.
        They accessorize YC to look like a cute lil’ puppy whom everybody wants to huggles..kkeke~

        Look up there..Chun’s wrapped with the dalmation blanket like a baby. So kawaiiii~!
        Kyah~ must be freezing in SK now.
        Take care baby~!!!

      • @pian @bubbly

        Chun has conquered ahjumma, ahjussi, kiddoes, noona, teenager and now grannies too.
        Our PYC charms are irresistible~

        I wonder whose heart he will conquer next ? Kekeke.
        And the grannies maybe accessorize Chun like their own grandson xD


      • @pian
        SKKS -> ahjummas and peers conquered.
        Ms Ripley -> grannies conquered.
        Next…Rooftop Prince -> dongsaengs conquered.

        Ok..the last one..that’s in my wish list..kkeke~~
        Rooftop Prince fighting~!!!
        Park Yoochun and team fighting~!!!

      • @gigi
        Ahjusshi..talk about ahjusshi..
        The writer-ssi of this drama..
        I think he’s one of the victim of Chuncharms.
        Too bad the article posted here a few days ago was kinda lost in translation and ended up turning him into a bad person.
        I believe he’s got that lil’ Chunsa in him..hahaha~

        Writer-ssi fighting~!!!
        Rooftop Prince fighting~!!!
        And of course my Chun fighting~!!!


      • @gigikusakit @pian
        Hi, thanks for all your inputs. I am so happy that Chun is enjoying the warm support from his loyal fans of different stages- even the grannies? wow!
        those dalmatian earmuffs and blanket reminds me of Junsu’s pants and slippers too…and who can forget Jae’s leopard pajama?
        Hehe, the boys always have something in common huh…great JYJ fandom!
        Happy Monday to all of you 🙂

    • Chunsa’s don’t kill me, but can I please platonically snuggle with Chunnie in his dalmatian blanket for a little while? Partly cause my feet are cold, & partly cause I want to give him lots of hugs after all the furore of the last few days.

      • It’s okay with me. He’s just like a little brother to me. I just don’t know if the others will approve. 🙂

      • @Sapphire
        Ok..that is if you lemme join you 🙂 hahaha~
        But seriously, may I? pleassseeee~!!!!!!! *puppyeyes*
        Of course..the more love for our Chun the better..hihi~ *hugs*

      • @bubbly

        I’ll “platonically” snuggle with Chun, turning a polite blind eye while you snuggle with Chun less platonically!!!! Does that sound good?! Just get ready to run for your life when @Nandar gets to this post!!! LOL

      • @bubbly Sapphire

        so this is what u guys are planing behind my back??? Grrrrrr…. 😀

        Watch out girls~~~~ i always come to JYJ3 and read the posts… I am quite busy these days till end of may i guess… I wont really have time to comment a lot… If i have time, i will reply ur posts…


  2. Awesome!
    Thank you for your support kfans. Thanks a lot.
    Chunnie must be happy ^^

    And I spott Chun eating with his manager on the diff room, daebak.

      • @bubbly
        Lol bubbly deari *hug*
        Chun hate stalker the most. I prefer to become his angel fans kekekeke..or lover? *get bricked*


      • @gigi~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I’ve missed you so much our lovely p.a. *bighugs*
        angel fan ->> approved.
        lover ->> NO WAY~!!!


      • @bubbly

        Why?? Chun need lover to make him feel warm in the winter. Lol.

        Aaahh..Chun with dalmantion blanket just beyond cuteness!!! I can’t stop staring at the picture <33

      • @gigi
        A lover for Chun is a great idea.. 🙂
        you know..to keep him warm..and feed him well..
        and make sure NOBODY bullies him.
        Here’s the deal..I’ll be his lover..you be the angel..ok?
        Hey..that’s a fair deal. Not everybody can be angels.


      • @pian

        ””6002nanal and blessing yuchun are VERY protective of him.”” ~ I didnt know about 6002nanal.. But i am sure BY ahjumas are very protetective of him and love YC in the right way.. So far i know, they spend their money wisely like, doing donation, giving (necessary) presents to crews, giving nice presents to YC… Not like some young fans in Korea who will always crowd in front of the place and stalk all the time and can even kill a person for their beloved idol.. I mean their love to their idol is huge but they dont know how to show it… Cuz they are too young, i guess..

  3. this fans are great!! just remember song joongki said he love yooochun because of fans gift too…
    p/s: thanks for giving him that cute earmuff and blanket… his cuter percentage rise higher than 200% because of those thing^^

  4. JYJ fans are truly amazing and dae-to-the-bak and I am always blown away by their unwavering and loving support for the boys. I only started to follow JYJ since Aug 2010 while watching SKKS and wow! this must be the longest roller-coaster ride that I have ever taken in my life. It is like good news followed by bad news followed by good news etc every other week or so but I’ve loved every minute of it and I am in for the long haul.
    The enemies must have thought that it will be quite easy to dispose of 3 boys and their agency by blocking their every move. What they did not bargain for is the staunch and fiercely loyal JYJ army who is ever ready to take them on in the battlefield (and at the same time ensuring that the boys are well-fed and well protected!)
    I am drooling at all the food……!

    • @jyjpathfinder
      Love your post~! Well said.
      Except this:
      “It is like good news followed by bad news followed by good news etc every other week or so but I’ve loved every minute of it and I am in for the long haul.”
      So true. But you say you’ve loved every minute of it..but if given a choice..
      I would want more good news than bad news..haha~

  5. Antis should learn from this lovely fans.
    Instead of spending their time crackin’ their heads to come up with evil plans (fm Plan A..to B..to C..and so on) to bring our boyz down, they should spend their time doing somethin’ meaningful like this to show their love to those that they support, lol~

    Chunsas have got great taste~! 😀

    So..the dalmation blanket and earmuffs are from his fans..awww..
    and he is keeping them close to him during his filming almost all the time.
    How sweet~!!!

  6. This’s called the love of the true fans
    Look at those gifts we know how much Chunsas love him
    I wonder those gifts from K fans right? I think international fans project’s not ready
    I hope this project will be successful as a plan
    For this time, our YC really needs our supports as Chunsas

  7. wooow!! So much love and support for his majesty. The fans are awesome, they make sure prince chunnie and the staff are warm and well fed.. Thank you guys!!

  8. I’m relieved and so glad to see so much support for Chun from K-fans. These are all from K-fans right? Looks like the K-fandom was not the least bit affected by the recent drama. So no worries everyone, I’m sure Rooftop Prince will be a success 🙂

    • @OnlyJYJ
      Apparently the K-fandom is not so much bothered or affected.
      It’s more the I-fandom that’s making a big hoo-ha out of nothin’.

      • @pian
        Yup…Korean fans are really daebak.
        I hope they get to pool all their evidences to help clear YC’s name~!
        He deserves this much from his fans.

    • @pian @bubbly
      I’m glad to know 🙂 I’m quite confident of the K-fans’ commitment to Chun and JYJ, probably the antis know that as well, maybe that’s why the videos are targeted at I-fans, since this didn’t even cause a stir in Korea media?

      • Exactly. It did not cause a stir in Korea and in China. Fans who witnessed the whole thing belong to these 2 fandoms which speaks volumes, right? They witnessed the whole thing and said YC’s innocent. Chinese fans are at awe at how international fans could fall for this trick.

      • Thanks for the info. I-fans are very important to JYJ, since they are not free to promote in Korea, their support is very crucial at this point. Let’s hope this incident blows over soon, and that I-fans can see tell the truth from the lies.

  9. i think now i i know the reason why jyj’s fans gifts are always luxurious, because most of them are adults. you know adults work to earn money and they can spend it in whatever they want. that’s why they always give the best gifts for JYJ ^^

  10. whoaaa … so touched … Chunnie look … how so many people love you and always support you … so .. stay strong and spirit ….
    bravo Chunnie fans … proud of you ..

  11. This is a version MIB drinking from a bottle. So smexy. I think the alien will kidnap him if they saw this video. Am I the only thinking that he getting more gorgeous these day …. just want to die

  12. I still hope iFandom will support him no matter what the rumor’s. Haters are just haters and no matter what they do we can’t control it, so only way can help him is to support and love him more. That’s the true iFan need to do now

    I hope Chunsas will go to this site to support him to finish PARK YUCHUN INTERNATIONAL FANS SUPPORT PROJECT

  13. I never stop being amazed again and again how fans can be that supportive, caring and sweet to their idol. I mean my idol age has been long gone (i.e. I used to be head over heels over some guy that I’m aware that I can never meet but keep wishing that that would happen some day, did this and that to show my love but well…). I hope Yoochun feels the warmth and he will do his best for this drama. I have a feeling that it would be a big stepping stone for him career-wise if it turns out to be a great drama series. SKKS was awesome but just the beginning, Miss Ripley was a transition (I heard his performance was good too, I can’t say anything since I haven’t watched it yet) and ‘this’ should be the time for a big achievement. Fighting!!

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