[PICS] 120219 Yoochun filming “Rooftop Prince” Drama

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Credit: @sarakxiah + @oppanezip + @_R_AN
Shared by: JYJ3


32 thoughts on “[PICS] 120219 Yoochun filming “Rooftop Prince” Drama

  1. Gosh..I’m in a dilemma now.
    Part of me wanna see more pics of the making of RTP but..
    another part of me is worry that it might spoil the drama 😦 ^^
    Don’t you think?
    But again, if you don’t see them here..you’ll get to see them elsewhere. So…

    That aside..my prince in a convenience store 😀 ..interesting.
    March please come sooner~!

    • me too, make viewers not to interest in the drama??? I’m worried so much, don’t you think?
      or we’re JYJers maybe only follow their step but viewers like ajumas they don’t
      before SKKS filming, I’ve no ideas who PYC is, so I didn’t interest his news, even though his fans posted pic or video about his filming SKKS, I’ve no idea or bothers to look at
      but now the situation’s different because he’s everywhere (his popularity). So it’s natural they know who PYC’s. So I just worry about that
      Like you, I really wanna see him filming, but still don’t want to spoil the drama, and also hope his fans will stop taking and posting those pics (although I really wanna see it) so pathetic, poor me!
      do you think production of this drama still wanna promote their drama so they didn’t do anything to stop it

      • It seems like there are so much more people going to his film locations foir Rooftop as compared to when he was shooting SKKS and Miss Ripley.

      • I’m not sure it’s more or less compared to filming SKKS, but when I watched SKKS & MR behind the scene, I saw there’re so many Japanese fans coming filming site to support him (Jfans love our YC from DB5K time). Even SKKS filming time, YC’d a small fan meeting with J fans.

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