[TRANS] 120214 Hayato Blog Update

Speculations-Let it be alone

What was Jaejoong worrying about?…It was quite a worrying tweet wasn’t it?
I am also worried but…sadly I don’t know the reason
I think at this time, people around him is holding him tightly and warming his heart (t/n: cheering him).

For all we know he probably was whining about a certain accomplishment.
If it’s like that, then let’s let him whine…those things are also important right
He had always flood us with courage… We too should hold tightly, and for a while, let’s silently watch over him.
Maybe now isn’t the time for us to pry and investigate the reason for that (reason for his tweets)

Apart from that, about yesterday’s trial, the source of speculation seems to stand alone…but the judgment didn’t seem to be okay? Kind of speculation, so it seems to stand alone but…just because of that, I would say it definitely didn’t happen.

I cannot write the content of the trial here but please do not worry.
Also, there’s a possibility that the wrong speculations carelessly propagating into a negative chain (more illogical rumors) could become a hindrance for the guy’s (JYJ) activities. Please be very careful of stories you

The best thing to do at negative rumors is ‘ignore’

Source: JYJ2011
Translation by: Helly for JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.


54 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120214 Hayato Blog Update

      • @flower @Pierrot
        Someone posted earlier that there was a hearing last Feb 14? in Japan re C-Jes, JYJ vs. Avex, SM? Perhaps he’s referring to that.
        The way i am reading this, he seems to assure us that Jae is fine “I think at this time, people around him is holding him tightly and warming his heart (t/n: cheering him).” Jae is surrounded with loving people. Hayato further expounded about Jae’s courage and strength which we should not overlook ” He had always flood us with courage… We too should hold tightly, and for a while, let’s silently watch over him.”
        Lastly he warned us not to fall into the trap of “wrong speculation”
        That we all need to be prudent on matters like this, so as not to be sources of hindrances for JYJ.
        So, let’s take heart 🙂

      • “we all need to be prudent on matters like this” – Thank you for reminding us. I think I need to be reminded regularly ^^

    • Finally someone agrees with me! leave it alone, i know that some try to defend JYJ. But why do we have to defend, that only means we’re trying to hide something, when we’re not. It gives anti’s all the more reason to hurt…

  1. gist of the story: There is an ongoing trial in Japan.. CJES versus Avex .. Avex is claiming that they still have contract with JYJ and that they are in control of their activities in Japan and not CJES.. while the other is telling that the contract is invalid already when Avex unilaterally suspended JYJ’s activities . so yeah.. not sure of the details.. this is as much as i know.. Jaejoong is worrying probably because this case will determine their future activities in Japan.. JYJ really wants to meet their Japanese fans but couldnt with all the legality issues they need to settle.. Hayato probably meant that with all the negative rumors regarding the case .. let’s ignore for a while and let the authorities handle it as well as not assume what JJ meant with his tweet.. let’s just watch him whine and release his emotions.. that fans need not to worry because there are people around Jaejoong taking care of him and giving him comfort..

    • i am wondering

      remeber the false report in a Japaneses newspaper that reported negatively about JYJ, could hayato mean such rumors could have a negative effect in the trial of JYJ , i mean Homin went into an interview on Japanese TV and praised sm treatment of them and bla blah making it look like JYJ lied about sm and baselessly sued sm could this also aid avex against JYJ ?? since it showed in media too. i mean avex is backed by sm isn’t it, making JYJ look bad in the media could have a negative effect on the trial , maybe hayato meant this . maybe this is whats worrying Jaejoong, its like hayato implied Jae is worried about the trial outcome ???

      again this dude Hayato always speaks ambiguously so i am just wondering we can’t know for sure with such tweet anyway.

      • Court case is always complicated, I dun know much about these thing, but one thing for sure is that court will base on facts, so no matter what Homin said about their “fair” treatment with SM, JYJ only needs to present their contract with SM or AVEX in court and the jury or judge will make their judgement. For the rest, let’s keep our fingers crossed, nothing much we can do, stay by their side, support and wait.

  2. Thank you hayato. Yup, JJ also a human. Feel tired and fed up are normal things to do. Me will support him always.
    Love hayato last sentence. “The best thing to do to negative rumor is ‘ignore'”
    Yup, ignore and keep spread love to others and JYJ

    • Agree~ and I also don’t think it’s ok for him to disclose too much.
      So it’s a smart move from him.
      Telling fans not to believe in rumors and just ignore.
      Whoever wanna believe will believe.

      • Is better to stay calmed and to restrain from doing assumptions because we don’t know what happened for sure.


        I like your new avatar sweetie 🙂


        Hugs you my dear 🙂

    • good advice i think. you guys always say the best things about issues too. i just nod in agreement all the way down the comments. thanks to you guys!

  3. The trial that he is referring to could be the one between Avex and CJeS. The next date for the trial is 22 March. Avex is suing for loss of income from the money to be made from JYJ concerts. CJeS countered that Avex made so much money from the CDs and DVDs sold from the boys’ activities but did not give a cent to the boys. I think CJeS has been asked to submit an account of the amount earned from the boys’ concerts in Japan last year before the next trial date.
    This is what I gathered from twitter this morning. Perhaps the Japanese fans who have knowledge of the trial can verify this.

  4. cant say anything but whatever will happen next i never ever regret being a part from this family .. JYJ Family … they already give me a lot of happiness in my life … whatever the result next it wouldnt change my love for the J, the Y and the J … love u Jaejoong

  5. yeah the best thing is to ignore and maybe to have a short term memory system for a while…to forget something when it becomes unbearable..it is a luxury to certain people who think too much and feel too much or in other word a”sensitive” kinda person.it is not wrong to be so,but it will be harder on stormy days.

    I have B blood type,maybe thats what helps me in many ways..heehh…and i love Jae because he is such a baby..he’s cute but mature in many ways.

    • I don’t think Jae is the type to be sensitive and be dark and stormy. He has been bearing incredible difficulty over the last few years and always going forward positively and with courage. I wish I could be as strong as he is. Though he is much younger than me, I am always feeling he is more mature than I am, forgiving and loving and not looking down.

  6. I appreciate Hayatosan’s idea about dealing with rumors, not just in this case, but in general. It seems to be the new strategy by the JYJ haters, a continuous stream of bad rumors. As fans we should focus on positive things and not be disturbed by the dogs barking.

    • well said, lets shower JYJ with good vibes, and ignore the barkings until they lost their voices/until they realize they are barking in the wrong tree.

      • @Lisa and @withjyj
        I totally agree with you here – “ignore the barkings until they lost their voices/until they realize they are barking in the wrong tree.”

  7. don’t quite understand…im dumb T_T
    but if its about rumors..i guess ignorance is bliss 🙂
    i’ll always stand by JJ and JYJ. They’re live underneath my heart

  8. I always ignore the negative rumors about JYJ because I love them, trust them and keep the faith. I will be with JYJ and Jaejoong in every situation.
    Jaejoong, please be strong. Fighting!!!

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  10. Yes, it is fruitless to worry about rumors. But one thing I always try and keep in mind… JYJ has an incredible team of lawyers. This firm, Sejong has represented them well. I don’t know any of the facts surrouding this case in Japan with Avex, just the same information as everyone else. What I am reminded of is this…the attorneys are skilled at what they do. They certainly expect Avex to have a reputable firm represent them. Lawsuits are always back and forth claims. But I doubt seriously if Sejong would have attempted to move this situation along if they didn’t feel they had a good shot at prevailing.

    As to rumors that make it sound as if things are not going well. Please keep in mind the source.

    • @BAF
      I absolutely agree with you!
      “As to rumors that make it sound as if things are not going well. Please keep in mind the source.”
      The best is to wait for the official announcements for either JYJ, C-Jes or their lawyers, PERIOD!
      Meanwhile let’s continue giving love and warmth to our hardworking JYJ!

  11. I’m with Hayato-San, @anva, and @lisa Let’s just ignore all these rumors and continue to support JYJ; they have enough on their plates right now; they don’t need a lot of senseless distractions.

  12. Hi @jyj1214, sorry cuz JYJ story such angsty movie without end. Gosh, if i stand on their position, i’ll lose my breath and give up. Thanks GOD they have family, “real” friends, and fans who always support them, including me. JYJFIGHTING!!!

  13. Thanks Hayato san for being a great friend to JYJ, also Helly for the translation.
    I’ve learnt & still learning not to act as a detective to analyze the meaning/imply any assumptions on JYJ’s tweets.
    If JYJ could/wish to share, they will make it understandable. For things that they need to let go of their emotions but couldn’t/not able to share much or things that they do not wish to disclose. like most JYJ fans, I will reasuming my love, my trust when they need strength or assurance. Send them encouragement words when they are down/disappointed, share their happiness when they are joyful/happy, support them in petitions & others etc.
    As JYJ fan, there are many things we want to do/give for them. Instead of speculating/probe on their tweets, there are many ways we can channel our positive “Fighting” cheers to them by learning to cast our trust our 3 talented & extremely wise JYJ & ignore those rumors. give them supports when support are needed. Walk with them in this journey, grow with them to build protective shields for JYJ & establish a stronger family bonds with them & pray for them.
    Not to forget, they have been in Entertainment Industry for long & overcoming many obstacles/issues. They know the rules of this industry much better than us. Believe in them, their judgements, wisdoms & decisions.

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