[TWITTER] 120219 Junsu Twitter Update

[TRANS] Yoon Youngsik to Junsu: Cool XiahTod~~ Now we could stand together in 1 stage. You have worked hard today

Junsu to Yoon Youngsik: I really liked that hyung^^ Good night


[TRANS] Junsu: Noona, you have also worked hard^^ (in reply to …ㅠ–ㅠ…)
[TRANS] Junsu: We actors’ condition is always unstable but noona seem to be always that perfect~ You have my respect! You have worked hard, please rest well~^^

[TRANS] Junsu: People who are asking why I haven’t slept yet and what I am doing at this hour, why aren’t you not sleeping….ㅜ

[TRANS] Junsu: It’s because I don’t have to perform tomorrow………. Ha ha ha


[TRANS] Mr.Egg to Junsu: You worry about that too? Have fun with hyung! It’s morning here! Let’s meet ㅋㅋㅋ 😉

Junsu to Mr.Egg: OK~

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: The Little Pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3.net


38 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120219 Junsu Twitter Update

      • : ( i always tweet him pictures but he don’t reply to me : (
        and i missed him last night i didn’t know he stayed up, damn how could i make him notice : ( i send him pretty good pics too : (

      • @pierrot
        I feel for you…our unrequited love is so sad, haha…I think we’re all masochists to love a guy who doesn’t even know we exists.
        Did you get my comment the last time on GAPP? I went to ‘smell Su’ and I asked you if you did too. 😉

  1. ok his cute side just beamed thru again with these tweets! he is like a kid with a lollypop and a day off! it’s because he can be happy with nothing cause he just is! i love him so!

      • Was taeyeon actually there? Awkward, wasn’t she and junsu linked together before in a dating scandal? Also…she’s SM affiliated…

      • @All

        Again… I’m going to say this. This is how rumors are spread. When you repeat things over and over that have no basis in fact rumors spread.
        Now somehow you’re (@Nina) speculating and connecting Junsu’s performance with a silly rumor.

        And @Chihiro you bring the rumor and repeat it here asking for confirmation?

        Have we learned nothing over the past 3 days over the Youchun rumors?

        Let’s not do this again.

      • tsk Ock Joohyun and SNSD have been really close since years ago. Every time Ock Joohyun has a new musical, she always invites SNSD members to come. There is no big deal about it. People should stop making accusations saying Junsu looked so different in this show, he seemed sad blah blah blah. Please, he looks the same to me. No differences at all.

      • Why would Junsu be upset that Taeyeon came to their show? One would think after knowing these three wonderful human beings called JYJ, that one would know that they wouldn’t stoop to SM’s tactics. That is, begrudging people for being friends with SM people the way SM doesn’t like any of their people to come in close proximity with JYJ.

      • @justjyj
        chill out. It was an honest question, and its all over twitter. If I as a jyj fan can’t ask about something jyj related on a jyj fansite, ottoke?
        it is also on a different level to the yoochun rumor which was clearly of malicious in intent.

      • Uhm.. excuse me.. What’s taeyeon and junsu relationship? are they dating so that junsu felt uneasy?
        What kind of scandal that Junsu had before?

        Some one.. can you tell me?

      • i’m not sure we should discuss about this.. beside junsu-taeyang “relationship rumor” it’s similiar with Jaejoong-Jessica rumors, media only got some photos like they’re eat or walking together.. but nothing is true about that. I think SM deliberately create a scenario about the rumors of a relationship like that to lift the name of SNSD, because they had just made their debut. maybe another sisters in here can explain more, but i think we should stop talk about the old rumor. :))

      • @nina
        ‘Joohyuniee the one who invited taeyeon is that why the TT
        She knows that junsu is upset
        Maybe that is why junsu reacted on her tweet’

        Perhaps you should not talk as if you were stating facts, e.g. ‘She knows that Junsu is upset’…when it’s just the product of your own imagination.

        Copying what I said in another post:
        ‘Yeah, I dun like SNSD or any SM groups, so frankly this TaeSu shipping really irritates me. Esp when it’s juz pple’s baseless speculation n digging up old, stale issues. Please leave Su alone. Besides, I’m a possessive fangirl so it’s too cruel to imagine him with any girl…i only approve of YooSu n JaeSu, lol…’

        I think it’s pointless and damaging to fan the flames of old rumours, and worse, claiming they might have affected something happening in the present (e.g. Su’s emotions during the performance). What good does this crap do for Su?

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