[INFO] C-Jes foreigner registration for foreigners who live in South Korea

INFO : This is the registration for foreigners who live in Korea and get alien ID only!

Pictures were resized to fit JYJ3 screen. Click on pics to view in full resolution.


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19 thoughts on “[INFO] C-Jes foreigner registration for foreigners who live in South Korea

      • I think they do know that JYJ are loved by the international fans…i guess it’s the procedure that they are trying to figure out…sigh…wish that they can work it out soon….please please please….the international fans really really need this.

  1. chin up, ladies. we’re one step closer! first koreans only, now korean residents, next step THE WORLD!
    … just dun hold your breaths ^^

    • All Korean residents have always been able to register. This time it’s just a separate form to make it easier for the system to accommodate the different number formats & databases used by the government for citizens and foreign residents. ^^

      Didn’t mean to burst your bubble. 😦 But I have faith international registrations will come eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  2. it’ll happen i am sure they are working on all the legal etc. details. we do want them to be careful and do things when they cannot be messed with by those who shall remain so. we do want it to work when they are able to open it to all so let’s be patient. they are aware of the love jyj has from so many people! but darn it, i want it now!

  3. Sorry for asking…but, what can I do once I registrate myself on this page (in the future, since I am an international fan)? I’m not familiar with these fan registration pages? Thanx in advance for explaining (^_^)/
    P.S. Perhaps there is no international registration possible yet, because the page is “only” in korean? #justthinking

  4. Agh, clearly need to step up my Korean classes as I don’t know how to enter my address in Hangul on the foreigner page. Will try to get that within this week and then report back on the membership.

    • Oh man, if you have a Korean person who can help you, I recommend it. Most Korean sites have this special way you have to look up your address on the site, to ensure proper formatting. The first time you do it it’s really confusing, and having a Korean be right there with you while you try to do it would be a huge help!

    • It’s not a guise. This is how most Korean webpages are. ^_^ There is often foreign registration, but it usually means foreigners within Korea. Two different systems are usually required to accommodate differences in the way foreigners’ ID numbers are formatted, and the fact they pull data from different government databases. So don’t worry, C-JeS wasn’t trying to mislead anyone and probably didn’t realize it would be confusing to most people outside Korea! (Not that that’s any consolation…)

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