[NEWS] 120220 During JYJ’s ‘The Day’ advance sale, 110,000 simultaneous access crashed server. ‘Dignity has been proven’

There had been an advance sale of ‘The Day,’ which only screens at Lotte Cinema theaters, on the website of Lotte Cinema on the 20th at 1pm. The advance sale was only for 8 screenings with JYJ’s stage greetings.

The website, however, crashed down as soon as the sale had begun and Lotte Cinema tweeted on twitter “Lotte cinema is under restoration of the site of Lotte Cinema because around 110,000 people accessed at the same time. We apologize for the inconvenience and we will try our best to restore the site.”

This documentary film includes JYJ’s daily life, dreams and other honest life stories. It was supposed to be aired on QTV, but it had been cancelled. Later, it was planned to be screened at CGV but CGV informed the cancellation. Finally, Lotte Cinema confirmed screening of the film.

The documentary film ‘The Day’ will be screened 1-2 times per day from February 23rd to 26th at 8 theaters in Seoul, 5 theaters in Gyeonggi-do, 4 theaters in Gyeongsang-do, 1 in each Choongchung-do and Jeolla-do.

JYJ will attend stage greetings on 23rd for 8 screenings. The advance sale for other normal screenings will begin at 4pm on 20th.

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-No infringement of copyright intended. 
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Source: TV Report
Translated by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by: JYJ3


79 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120220 During JYJ’s ‘The Day’ advance sale, 110,000 simultaneous access crashed server. ‘Dignity has been proven’

  1. Ohhhh yea!!
    DIGNITY is the WORD!!!
    JYJ is made up of class, poise, humility and respectability!
    When will the muggles finally realize this?
    It is taking them far to long to acknowledge the power of JYJ.
    Hurry up and WAKE UP you muggles you!!

  2. Either way you look at it..WIN-WIN for Lotte and CJeS/JYJ. No win for SoMeone and a company called…CJ-CGV. The people have spoken – GET USED TO IT! 🙂

  3. Wow……Awesome!!!
    I bet the idiot CGV is counting their loss now. Or maybe they are counting the money the need to get from their evil supplier… LOL

  4. Congrats SK fans at last u’ll be able to watch Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu on the Big Screen. *envious to the max of SK fans huhuhu*

      • @kris @puti hahahaha that’s the best reaction towards all this happiness for JYJ’ers, to SK fans you all deserved to have the pleasurable screening of these boys in ur Big Screen since they are there in SK, unlike us we will enlighten ourselves with any good news from them time to time:)

  5. dignity…..the right word for it ^^
    totally win-win solution for Lotte and C-Jes/JYJ
    to Someone, are u ever learn from any previous incident ? meh..i guess not and never want do that rite ? because if u do that and that’s mean that u admit that u already lose
    is my words too much ? 😀 😀

  6. music to my ears..
    oh CGV, you have a chance to feel the touch of Midas JYJ…
    ignorant doesnt always the sole reason for failure, stupidity n cowardice are..
    eat that CGV and SME!

  7. hhahahahh… take That CGV…..
    JYJ didnt need you….

    Korean Fans Fighting….
    they didnt Know.. how much cassiopea in Korea….

  8. Congratulations to all the fans who manage to get a ticket for any of the 8 screenings with JYJ’s stage greetings.
    I think some fans are getting multiple tickets, if I’m in SK, once is not enough.

  9. yea……! congrats lotte…hopefully u can start counting the huge amount of moner coming your way. congratz korean fans u are great. keep supporting our lovely boys. envy i’m not in korea.

  10. aha ha ha ha ha…*jaejoong’s laugh*
    eukyang kyang kyang.. *junsu’s laugh*
    hahahahaha…*yoochun’s laugh*
    WKA KA KA KA KA KA…<— that's me laughing and show my middle finger to cgv & haters!! karma's a bitch! big time!!!


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  12. “JYJ will attend stage greetings on 23rd for 8 screenings.”
    this means JYJ will present at the theater 8 times on 23rd ???

    how wonderful to watch JYJ’s film altogether on the big screen with all JYJ fans at the same time, just imagine I feel love it ^^
    Korean fans, you are lucky & I envy you guys so so much …please enjoy a lot ^^

  13. “JYJ’s ‘The Day’ advance sale, 110,000 simultaneous access crashed server.’”
    This is the JYJ effect!…never ever underestimate the popularity of JYJ!
    CGV , if only U made the smart move by supporting JYJ then all these
    money wud hv been yours…hv deep regrets?…crying big buckets?
    …Well its TOO LATE now!!

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