JYJ3 Team



Dear readers,

As you know JYJ3 is a new Fansite that started its activities since January 2nd, 2011. I was running alone the blog by two months and I was blessed by the support of many people, majorly JYJ’s fans who choose our site to obtain constant updates of our favorite and talented JYJ. I must confess It wasn’t an easy job, but what started as a hobby become in something more important, one place for JYJ’s fans, where JYJ’s fans can find the freedom of speech that you can’t find in other sites.

Now after all the effort I’m happy to know JYJ3 is growing so fast. We have a very hardworking JYJ3 Team who joined to our Family.

Let’s continue supporting Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^

And as always thanks for your attention and support,

Mia (@visualshock33)



Dear JYJ Family & visitors of JYJ3,

Hello everyone~! This is RainbowkJJ, you all can call me Rainbow (∩_∩) I’m born on 15-July-1986. A cancer baby~ ^^

I’m pleased and honoured to be part of JYJ3 team. Together, we’ll build a bigger, stronger, harmonious place/family for all JYJ fans.

I had been fan of our boys since they debut. Was once an admin of 2 chinese fans sites — EyesOnHero and TVXQLover. I’m also the founder of JYJ SG Family — SGMiracleStars.

Being an admin is quite a tough, tiring job but there’re lots of things to learn. But it’s a joy to see our viewers encourageous & lovely comments. I’m glad and willing to take up this challenging job for our beloved boys, JYJ, and helps more people to know & love JYJ more.

My vision for JYJ3 is to provide the most timely, accurate, complete information of JYJ to all JYJ fans worldwide.

We, JYJ fans, must get stronger. Let’s hold hands and climb all mountains with JYJ. We’ll see rainbow after stormy days. Let’s work hard together, my beloved JYJ family and JYJ.


RainbowKJJ o(^▽^)o



Dear JYJ fans and visitors,

Hello, I am Arika Djae and I have been a JYJ fan since 2010. I’m really happy to become part of JYJ3. It is very exciting to be part of a community that wants to show support to JYJ as to appreciate their talents and puts in non-stop effort in entertaining their fans. I’m also the founder/admin of JYJ Family Malaysia ^^

JYJ3 is really growing so fast. Thank you so much to all JYJ fans/family for supporting JYJ3 and our beloved JYJ. Also, thank you to all JYJ3 Team for all the hardwork. Love you guys ^^ I hope 2012 will be a better year for JYJ and also JYJ3 ❤

Hopefully, JYJ3 can be useful for JYJ’s fans to learn updated information and current activities of JYJ. We are so honored to show continuous support for JYJ’s endowments in the entertainment world.

Thank you for all the support. Lets spread JYJ Love ^_^




Hello everyone!

This is Ces (@ceskjj). I am glad to be a part of JYJ3, a site that is truly dedicated in supporting JYJ.

I hope that all of you, my fellow JYJ fans, will consider this site as your home where you can find all the latest news and information about our beloved trio – Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.

Let’s continue to love, support and fight for JYJ!



Hannah / Pear (Korean Translator)—

Dear all JYJ and JYJ3 lovers,

I would like to introduce myself as a part of JYJ3 team. You can call me Hannah (my English name) or Pear (my nickname).

As you might know, I have been helping JYJ3 in translating Korean to English for awhile now. Actually, neither Korean nor English is my native language, so please understand and feel free to correct any mistake I may make.

I feel honored that my still-limited language skills can be useful for JYJ fandom, and that I can be part of such amazing team. And I truly hope that JYJ3 will receive much more love from readers as it’s a place for JYJ fans, for those who support JYJ’s group activities as well as members’ individual projects.

Thank you always for your concern and support,

Hannah / Pear


DoctorJaee (Korean Translator)—

Hello JYJ family!
This is DoctorJaee/Yule and I’m a Korean translator for JYJ3. I’m really glad to be a part of this site and to be able to share some of my love for JYJ with all of you. Being in this fandom can be hard and tiring at times, but I always take faith in the fact that I am supporting and loving three of the most talented artists and that also that I am among one of the most supportive fanbases there is.
I look forward to getting to know the members of the JYJ family better, so feel free to talk to me whether it be on twitter or on this site. I am glad that all of you are here to stand by JYJ as they continue to grow as artists and people.
Thank you all for loving, protecting, and supporting JYJ!



Shermin (Korean and Chinese Translator)

Hi everyone!

I am honored to be a part of the JYJ3 team as this website is probably one of the fastest and biggest English JYJ news provider. I have been supporting the boys ever since they were in TVXQ! but it was this site that made me want to contribute to the international JYJ fandom. Translating Korean and Chinese articles is a joy for me and I hope that you will enjoy reading them as well.

Thank you for your support.

Shermin (@shermscircus)


Helly (Japanese Translator)—

Hello JYJers~

I’m Helly

Japanese is my second language, so pardon me if you think I’m not doing a good job translating-do tell me okay~!

I’ve been a fan since JYJ started and I’ve always been in love with the three of them *I think some of you may know that I have a bias but that aside….I love them with all my heart*

Let’s all be friends here and I would love to make JYJer friends in my country too-Malaysia…so if there’s any do poke me on twitter kay~



Hazy (Graphic Designer)—

Holly (Web Designer and Supporter


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