[PICS] 120219 Fan Support for Yoochun: Rooftop Prince


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[PICS + INFO] Japanese Fans support to JYJ through Hummer Limo Ad

To send our love – Wrapping advertisement vehicles operation announcement 

Today, ‘JYJ’s Wrapping Advertisement (Ad-wrap) Vehicles’ project will take place inTokyo.

The vehicle’s routes are places which has connection to the 3 members as seen in 3Voices.

As for more specific route in regards of what time and where, due to possible hindrance operation, currently cannot be disclose yet.

But, we would try as possible to announce the information somehow.

If, anyone saw the vehicle today, please take a picture and send it to the 3 member’s Twitter.

‘We will wait forever for JYJ’s Japan activities’  Let’s send our warm message from Japanese fans together with a lot of people.

This is the schedule evening route of the ad-wrap vehichle.
14:30~14:50  Harajuku(Stop for 20min)
14:50~15:50  Shibuya(Stop for 30min)
15:50~16:30  Roppongi (Stop for 20min)
16:30~17:30  Tokyo Tower (Stop for 30min)
18;00  Schedule end


JYJ’s Hummer Limo Ad in Tokyo: “We support JYJ’s activities in Japan. We’re waiting for the day your singing be heard all over Japan.” (Trans by: sapphieblue)

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[INFO + FAN PROJECT] The Story behind KBS Arabic and JYJ’s Arab Fans

KBS have Arabic Radio Station, they do Interviews with KPOP bands in Arabic, and we asked KBS to make an interview with JYJ

KBS Arabic told  JYJ that they have alot of arab fans and that they are famous over here
then KBS  said to us they  will do an interview with JYJ and that we should send gifts and messages for JYJ to support them

After 3 days they told us that JYJ asked for delay because they were Too busy
so KBS promised us to have the interview after their World Tour (Asia and North America Tour)

When JYJ’s Tour finished we asked KBS about the Interview but they didn’t answer us
We called them Again and asked where is JYJ’s interview?
They said that the interview is canceled  and didn’t give us any reasons or details about the cancellation.

This is the Scan of the Article delayed:


After KBS canceled the interview we couldn’t send our Fangifts  or even show JYJ our Fan Project
but now we are sending messages to CJES about the Fangifts and we hope they will give it to JYJ ^^

This is our Fan Project and Fan gifts for JYJ

[PROJECT] JYJ Arab Fans release the first Arabic Magazine about JYJ 

Thee magazine express our love for JYJ , we design all the pages about them and about us (arab fans ) 
 we send in the magazine message to them hoping they can success in their life ❤


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