[NEWS] 120210 JYJ’s Park Yoochun Naked Video Blackmail Rumor Cleared. Formal Action Taken Against Misleading Data Shown on TV

On the 9th, Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Court 1 disclosed information about Ms. A, a women who was informally charged for threatening to use naked pictures of Mr B, a member of a popular male idol group, for blackmail purposes.

According to prosecutors, Ms. A blackmailed Mr. B and his agency last October by threatening to reveal naked pictures of Mr. B unless she was given 1 billion won.

Ms. A stated that she had naked pictures and videos of Mr. B that she made 4 to 5 years ago while they were dating and threatened to use them against him.

Rumors of Mr. B being a popular idol actor spread across the internet.

In particular, reports came out on JBTC cable tv channel which showed blurred pictures of Park Yoochun and JYJ in conjunction with the news, misleading people to think that he was the idol involvedContinue reading


[INFO] More About The Dramatic Story of Arabs Fans and KBS

KBS often does an Arabic interview with popular Kpop groups in order to help the Arabs show their love and support for their favorite band. Arab JYJ fans have been requesting JYJ members in an Arabic interview since 2010. Last May (2011), KBS Arabic section finally announced a JYJ Arabic interview. BUT KBS clarrified that it won’t happen until JYJ are back from their world tour (based on the leader’s request JJ), meanwhile Arabs can prepare their audio files (messages), gifts and anything they want to send before the interview. The news brought tears in our eyes from the happiness. We couldnt believe that our dream is being fulfilled.

Arab fans prepared many projects like videos and magazines, bought gifts and some fans had already SENT their gifts. One day, KBS wrote on its wall asking JYJ Arab Fans to STOP sending gifts. I was surprised since JYJ were on their LAST concert in the world tour and that they will be back soon so WHY STOP sending gifts?? Anyway, we followed their request and just focused on projects. JYJ finished their world tour and returned back to Korea. ALL Arabs now were waiting for the DATE of the interview to be officially released.

In the beginning of June 2011, KBS released a statement DELAYING the interview for an undefined date. I don’t know how to explain this, but imagine how hard Arabs worked for 2 months and all of a sudden news like this are published. I can never explain the sorrow that struck our hearts at the time. Many Arabs wrote to KBS and asked why? (Although many of us had already guessed, SM) KBS replied via phone “SM has nothing to do with it, KBS Arabic is seperate from the rest of the channel” thats what a fan told us when she called KBS.

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